Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions!!!

Hey guys,

Here's my annual list of stuff I probably won't get through all of.Then next year I'll be able to look back at how accurate past me was about future me.

Here's my resolutions:

1. I resolve to quit smoking cigarettes for good on my Birthday. The last two years will then be referred to as my "early 20s angst filled cigarette days." For about a month I was counting down the days. Though I should add that I am down to 1-2 cigarettes per night I go out drinking. And zero, when I'm sober.

2. I will start and maintain a sports blog. I'll link to it when it's created. I spend way too much time reading and thinking about sports and like writing about it enough that I should do it more.

3. I'll finish the entire 12 Cities in 12 Months tour and book on time. I know there will be 3 weekends/Thurs/Mons used up in June for bootcamps, unless the bootcamps are done in one of the 12 cities... So as long as it's completed within 3 weeks of the year, I should be good. It's gonna be hard to do all the writing for that and the business stuff. I can already tell...

4. Work on Same night Threesomes. I've seen a bunch of really cool stuff happen lately and I want to start working on a body of informationand structure for going out and taking home two sets for threesomes. I've already got a good outline on the waypoints that need to happen, and frames to set...

5. Do Yoga and boxing once a week each. I really like switching up the different ways I exercise and both of these are great. The cool thing about this combo is that it covers both masculine and feminine polarities. The boxing is great for getting that good focused, aggressive, masculine, dominance. Yoga is good for being centered, letting go, relaxing, getting into flow and state. I've done that a few times since getting home and I feel really good internally, very balanced.

6. Read more literature. I read a good amount of self help, sports stuff, and research stuff. I'd like to read more literature. I'm reading Atlas Shrugged now, which I realize is a very self help way of sliding into classic literature, but I digress. So I'll be reading more regular books.

7. Create a work/life/game schedule that works more efficiently. Right now there's so much work to do with keeping everything updated, creating content for 12 Months to Mastery, doing long term business stuff etc... I want to have set work hours, set time for reading and research, set time for working out, set days for gaming, girls in rotation, and time to relax. I need way more structure at this point to get everything done and have a life.

8. Learn all the words to Trapped in The Closet chapters 13-25. The drama gets deeper the further we go with Trapped in The Closet. Though I will say calling AIDS a package is weird...

Allright that's probably enough.

Let's see what you guys resolutions are...


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The last 5 and a half weeks Part 4- What Kind Of Asshole Drives a Yellow Porsche

I had a date last night where I royally fucked things up... I'll actually be breaking the date down for the guys on my email list, so if you haven't signed up and want to read a live breakdown of what not to do on dates go HERE and sign up.

All right back to the Australia adventure. When last we left I was thankfully leaving the Gold Coast and streaking towards Sydney, schnitzel and of course weed. When we left on Sunday Moxie had called his friend P. His friend P actually turned out to be an AWESOME guy. Like one of the coolest most down to earth people I've met. he's going to be splitting a place in Whistler with Moxie and I next November. He also had the weed. If you read my adventures in Cairns you'd know we'd been looking for weeks... Literally to no avail. Add to that being away from home for almost a month, living out of a suitcase, eating bad for you food, swapping germs with random club girls every night and it's not a pretty picture. So props to P for the assist there.

The next day we had to walk all around Sydney to find a seminar venue, The Sheraton by the park wanted 26,000 for the day. Whew.

Earlier when I was in the Gold Coast I had met some people who tape seminars to produce products. Because of the exchange rate and their very reasonable rates, it would never be cheaper to film products. Plus I have a strong base of readership over in Australia. So I decided to try to find a room in Sydney to film 4 different programs:

1. Day Game- This was by far the best taping of day game. Combined with the Q and A stuff and "extras" we recorded, this is gonna be a great product and finally reveal all my day time tricks and tips.
2. The 4 Steps of Natural Attraction- This is a brand new program I'd only been teaching to small groups in different lairs. I break down all the tactics and techniques down to the essential traits that cause attraction.
3. Same Night Lays- This was a really good taping with a special section on In Venue Lays and some racy stories from the last few months.
4. Breakthrough Comfort- This is the way to get out of the friendship zone and make women fall in love with you. There's a new 3 part system and overall frame introduced in this taping.

We ended up getting a great room and a great turnout. There were over 50 men and women there the first night and almost 30 there the next. The filming went really well, but really long. We filmed from 6 PM to 3:45 AM then came back and did it again from 11 AM to 1:45 AM.

The filming did not go off seamlessly as I had to throw a kid out of the seminar on the second day. The first day his friend and he had been giggling all day and passing notes and drawings. The second day he was drawing on the board during breaks and messing with the AV system. Finally his cell phone goes off in during filming and I tossed him out. He apologized at the next break and hung around outside the seminar room for the rest of the day... As in I didn't let him back in, he hung around the lobby of a hotel for about 6 hours.

My opinion is if the seminars are free, you have a responsibility to be respectful. I actually spent money to bring those seminars to the guys down there. So there's no tolerance for disrespect for myself or the other guys who are giving up their time to be there and actually want to learn.

Thursday I had a chill day where I didn't do much of anything. I relaxed after the huge work days.

Fri and Sat and Sun Moxie had a bootcamp. So I hung out with P and some other people I had met while I was down there until mercifully my Australia trip ended last Monday.

And all of that leads me to the title of this entry.

Moxie has a friend, who is the BIGGEST asshole in the entire world. His name is Rob. Now the funny thing about Rob is that he is a really cool guy. He's fun to be around, he's fun. I actually liked hanging out with him in Sydney. But for the first 20 minutes I met him, I wanted to stab his face off with a screwdriver. See Rob shows love to people by being a cunt. He will agitate, insult, harass, and generally belittle everything and everyone. It's just his nature. And he's not a bad guy in nature. He's not a good person by any stretch of the imagination, but those in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Now the funny thing about Rob is that he drives ... That's right a Yellow Porsche. So if you've ever seen a Yellow Porsche sitting somewhere, or wondered who that guy in his yellow porsche was, now we know. An asshole. And if you're in Sydney maybe the world's biggest asshole...

I'm sure there's more from OZ I'll remember in chunks but that's all for now folks,


Monday, December 29, 2008

My Christmas Gift to Myself( Warning this is a sports column)

I got myself an NBA Ticket broadband membership when I got back from Australia and have been enjoying 3-4 NBA games a day since then. I have learned a few things that I want to blog about.

Don't worry i will re-start the Sports Blog this year it'll be in my NY resolutions post I put up in a few days.

But for today dear reader, I present the 5 things I've learned since getting NBA TV Broadband.

1. Blackouts make no sense. I had the Lakers Hornets Game blocked out- Understandable as it's on TNT. But sometimes random Kings games get blacked out or The Thunder at the Wizards. I don't get it, but I don't like it NBA TV should have everything including the games on other networks. Lame.

2. Lebron actually looks like he cares on defense. Not only is he playing hard, he's frighteningly good for how little coaching he's probably had.

I was talking to my Friend Ron the other day and I had a theory about guys like Lebron and Kobe and to a lesser degree Garnett. Because they became famous so young, they go crazy like child stars. They never have solid careers. Kobe had the sidekick thing and being evil, Mcgrady had the whole never winning a first round series thing(ongoing), Garnett was afraid of the big moment(somewhat ongoing). Much akin to the pregnancies, bad marriages, bad albums or movies and eventually turning to Skinemax of child stars. But that's not my theory it just makes sense. My theory is the reason why they go crazy is because they get everything they want. Lebron James probably hasn't had anyone say no to him about anything since he was like 13... So you then want more and more and you never get satisfaction(like Mick Jagger sang about) and you eventually go nuts

I really hope Lebron doesn't go nuts, because watching him take over games DEFENSIVELY is insane. Last night I watched him force the ball away from Dwayne Wade and into 3 straight turnovers with the Cavs down 6 and 5 or so minutes to go. He smothered Wade. The first possesion he switched onto Wade, Wade backed up and hit a jumper. Then 3 straight turnovers keyed by lebron erasing Dwayne from the court. It was suffocating. I remember last year he switched onto Kobe and kept Kobe from beating them. But this year he's taking the best scorer on the other team and making them disappear in the fourth. They can't beat him off the dribble, he's too big and strong to not make it through a pick, scary.

And then on the other side of the court he's just as explosive. Last 5 minutes of a game he creates points EVERY time down court. He killed the Heat last night with a layup, an assist to West in the corner for a 3, and two free throws. This was while he guarded Wade at the other end.

It's crazy to nitpick anything in Lebron's game when he's already so great at age 24. But... For him to take reach his potential(The unquestioned greatest basketball player of all time),he needs to stop taking so many threes and get a post up game. He's done it defensively, he's already there, not the best defender in the league, but a top 3 Forward who understands how to play good defense. He'll only get better with coaching. For a little while, I saw Lebron playing at the Power Forward spot and posting up, something that would make him unguardable. If he just adds a drop step or spin move and a fadeaway jumper, it's over for the league. If he develops a variety of post moves like MJ had or Kevin Mchale, or Olajuwon, he scores 50 a game easily. End of rant about Lebron it's just cool to see him care about basketball.

3. The Rockets are never going to be healthy. EVER. They're just built of glass. Plus I think Tmac has officially reached the Jermaine O'Neal stage of his career. All those guys from the 1996-98 draft class are starting to show signs of slowing down. Even Kobe. He couldn't really take over at will against either The Celtics or Warriors. Even Stu the decidely homer announcer noticed Kobe's noticable lack of arch on his shot after a quick start against the Warriors.

4. The Suns Can't beat the Spurs. They can't do it. This time they lose at the buzzer by leaving the best three point shooter in the league open to double Tony Parker. Last year in the playoffs Duncan makes a 3. The year before that Nash splits open his nose in one game and Amare gets suspended for getting off the bench in another... Everytime there's a chance for Phoenix to win, the Spurs crush their spirit. At this point the mental and physical tolls have mounted for The Suns and I can confidently predict the Nash led Suns will not ever beat The Spurs in a playoff series.

5. The Hornets aren't that good. I liked the Hornets a lot starting out this year. It felt like James Posey was the missing piece. But this team can't really stop anybody, and they have trouble scoring against elite defenses that contain Chris Paul's penetration like the Lakers did. I think They need to change something in NO. I'm not sure what, but it sure looks like they need a rougher rugged player. Someone like a Carlos Boozer. I don't think anyone like that is really on the market though. If The Suns decide to blow things up in the next few years, I'd kill to see Amare with CP3.

I also think that so far the 5 best players in the league are:

1. Lebron James. Hands down the best, right now. His physicality is unmatched by anyone other than a young Shaq. He's a beast at both ends of the court, and steps up huge when it matters most. He's officially seized the crown from Kobe in his 6th season.

2. Kobe Bryant. I always try to be brutually honest about players and until late last year Kobe was the best player in the league. Even though I hated him. I'm actually sad to see the less dominant Kobe. The Kobe who misses shots and I'm not surprised. The guy who doesn't get on those NBA jam like rolls. He's way less fun to watch and you're still never gonna convince me he's a good guy. No matter how many low top sneakers he makes.

3. Dwayne Wade. I'm giving Kobe the respect vote at # 2 because I know he is coasting somewhat this year. Though he looked unable to take over two very close games. The only time Wade can't take over a game is when Lebron's on him. Wade is the only player I've ever seen who looks Jordanesque. The slice and dice moves into the lane, the will to keep driving, getting up and knocking down free throws in close games, the competitiveness. This year his defense is off the charts as he's was averaging close to 3 blocks a game for awhile. He's spectacular. Just not able to match Lebron physically. I'd kill for a close Heat/Lakers game in the 4th quarter.

4. Chris Paul. I think he needs to be able to take over more consistently. He's a little more Magic Johnson than Isiah Thomas in crunchtime and I'd like to see him become an end of game killer. He's super fun to watch though. A little bit of a defensive liability though even though he gets a ton of steals. Doesn't scare you when he has the ball the way Lebron, Kobe and Wade do. Not even as much as this next guy...

5. Brandon Roy. He's spectacular. Over the first 30 games of the season he's scored 52, hit back to back game winners against Houston, and averaged 36.7 for a week for a 19-10 Portland team. Portland is shaping up to be a superteam. If Greg Oden can get to 70% of what people want him to be in a few years that team will be stocked. It's weird he's the 5th best player in the league but Paul Pierce started out of the gate way too slowly this year.

Allright next time it'll be in the sports blog...


Mailbag Question-critique a routine stack...

Hey guys,

I’m looking around my place in the aftermath of another crazy night out and I don’t feel like dealing cleaning that up with a stick and a rag… SO I thought I’d do a mailbag.

Today’s email comes from a member of my year long coaching program 12 Months to Mastery. We were rescheduling phone consultations around the holidays and he had an extra question.

“Also, do you have time to look over my routine stack if I send it to you?
I was looking over the sticking point process and realized I need to be
doing things consistently to get accurate results. So I made a new stack
that hopefully will keep my sets consistent. It's pretty basic, I just
want to make sure I have the approriate material to start with and that
the sequencing is correct.



No problem Q. I don’t espouse a particular philosophy on the use of routines. I think they’re helpful, but they can cause you to develop bad habits because you become reliant on routines. I also don’t think you HAVE to use routines to get girls. But they are an effective strategy and should be recognized as such. So let’s take a look at the stack:

Routine Stack Working Model

Opener: (Select one) [Kino Ping] (Smile & Be loud!)
1. You guys seem cool…So I had to come over and say hello……
2. You guys seem fun……I had to come say hello.
3. I was sooo going to wear that tonite.
4. Sincere compliment…….(Default)
This section is good because it has a variety of openers. I personally believe you should have between 1-5 openers you like at any given times. Some openers work better in specific situations like approaching mixed groups or seated groups. It’s also good that he mentions to kino ping or touch on the opener. You want to break that touch barrier immediately. He also mentions smiling and being loud, if you can do just those two it will make a big difference in how many groups will talk to you.
The problem with this section is that it doesn’t have any different types of openers. Every opener on the list is a direct opener. This means it’s an opener that states interest in meeting the girl or group. You want to have both indirect and direct openers in the arsenal so that you can approach all different scenarios. Here I’d add an indirect risk opener like Brad P’s Horsegirl or The Don and I’s Child support opener. I’d also add a regular opinion opener like one of my favorite openers the “Died in your Arms Tonight “ Opener it goes like this:
Hey guys, help me win a free drink from my friends. You know that song “Died in Your Arms Tonight?” You know who sings that song? My friends say it’s Journey but I know it’s Cutting Crew. So all you guys have to do is wave over there while I say Cutting Crew. Cool?
Negs / Teases:
Yep….You guys are definitely the coolest girls I have met….In the last 30 seconds.
You guys are totally adorable…..You’re like my little sisters…..I’m going to put you in my pocket and adopt you as my new little sisters….Wait a minute….You guys are potty trained right?
Ok these teases are a little… weak. You need some teases that either sexualize the interaction, or paint her as a little bit dorky. These are friendly and bantery but not good this early in the interaction.
Instead I say use teases like
“ I don’t know who your last boyfriend was, but he did not spank you enough.”
“ You should really run away, I’m a horrible person. I make up for it by being somewhat charming but do yourself a favor and run along. Plus I’m really bad in bed ☺”
But it is the right idea to have a few default teases ready for when girls get bratty, or when there is an obvious lack of social tension or attraction( AkA the “polite” response). Teasing is a major part of game, as it passively sets the frame that you are cooler than the girl. If you tease a girl and she laughs, the frame has been set.
Time Constraint / Transitionary Compliment:
You guys are fun though…….I gotta get going soon but……
I don’t recommend using time constraints unless you are using them as part of a push pull, or as a tease. If the girl says something I can misinterpret as creepy, I’ll often look at my arm and say “ look at the time, I have to go feed my cat…They can be helpful in seated groups though, because it’s awkward to just go up to a group and grab a seat with them.
No real problem with always using a time constraint, but don’t feel you always have to do it either.
Just out of curiosity…..How do you guys know each other?
- Waypoint for lock-in
Here you’re using a social question as a transition. You can do this if you got attraction off the opener. If you haven’t gotten attraction yet, then you’ll just be boring the girls with that question. There’s a ton of ways to transition from observations, to phrasal transitions like “ It’s just like when” or “that reminds me of”. You can also just start talking about whatever your next subject is.
It’s good that you have a default way of transitioning set up before hand though. Next time just make it something you can use regardless of whether they’re attracted.
Attraction: (Watch for IOI’s)
You guys look like you are……. (Cold Read)
Are you guys adventurous? (Qualification Ping)
I know everybody asks you this but…..What do you do for work? (What do you do routine)
I’m sorry…..What did you say your name(s) was? (Bad with names routine)
DHV Story : Melrose story / Hole in jeans / Bench press /South Beach (Only as needed)
IVD: Murder Mystery routine or dollar bill routine (Only as needed)
Hmmm…. You pick interesting fingers to wear your rings on…. (Rings Routine) (Mini-Isolate)
- Waypoint for move and / or isolation.
In your attraction section, you seem to be very focused on cold reading with the “you guys look like” mini cold read, followed up by the work routine. In fact this whole style is very low key. This stuff is great for singles and low stimulus environments like lounges, coffeeshops etc… Not great for bars and clubs IME. You might want to make the rings something you use EVERY time. I still use that as a default transition. You also have some DHV stories you tell if needed. DHV stories are kinda relics at this point, the only stories you really need are your life story and a few short funny ones that happen to mention a girlfriend ☺ You don’t have any push/pulls, you don’t have any statements of intent, you don’t do any pacing of the current situation or framing. You’re also not that emotionally engaging. I would throw in a quick past adventures projection early on like the Spanish Chambermaid routine here:
“ You know Sally here is being shy because this is the first time we’ve seen each other since “the incident.” What happened was when Sally went vacationing in Spain last year we had a little fling. And I don’t usually tell people all of our business up front but I cheated on her. Yeah, but I added it up statistically and I made the right choice, it was my only chance to ever sleep with a Spanish Chambermaid and I had to take it. I’m sorry I hurt you… But you did cheat on me with the pool boy first….”
And yes I totally stole the idea from that episode of Seinfeld where George goes off sex and becomes super smart. Geoff formerly of RSD was the first guy I saw use past adventures projections like that one.
Overall I think you need more fun and playfulness in the attraction phase. You’ve got the intriguing/interesting side down and the masculine side down but you need more playfulness and fun.
Qualification & Framing: (Waypoint for isolation.)
Do you believe in Love at first sight? (Love at first sight Short pattern)
You look like you are XYZ nationality….. (Nationality qualification routine)
“ I’d be lying if I didn’t say you were a beautiful girl….But I don’t mean anything by it.”
I wonder what (target’s name) was like when she was seven? (When you were 7 routine)

This qualification sequence needs a ton of work. There’s no small hoops. You need small hoops to build momentum so you need a small qualifier like “ are you adventurous or spontaneous.” You ping early on with a small hoop, but you want to use another one to build momentum for your medium hoop(What nationality are you?) and you need another medium hoop before your large hoop. You also want to soften the hoop by taking out the part where you tell her you don’t mean anything by her being beautiful. Instead say “ but there are a lot of beautiful girls here, what makes you special?”
It’s good that you have more than one piece of qualification material, but you want to stick to the format of two small hoops, two medium hoops and one large hoop. Also I’m not sure why you stuck Toecutter’s Love at first sight pattern in qualification. This piece fits in to either attraction as a transition or into comfort, as an escalation. You should also insert some quirkier things that YOU specifically want in a girl. Everyone should make a list of the 10 nonphysical qualities they want in a woman and use those qualities as their qualifiers. Trust me this makes life and game much easier.
Sexual Framing
You know, you’re kinda throwing me a little bit… (As needed) (Good Girl Face routine)
You know, you SEEM interesting….. In college I studied Psychology and one of the first things they taught us was the Strawberry Fields Test (Strawberry Fields Routine)

Non Judgemental frame / cold read (Not finished yet, will add in later if needed)
You certainly want to add more to the sexual framing stuff, you need things like discretion, Independence, decisiveness, etc… You also want to throw in physical stuff like biting your lip at her, triangular gazing and verbal escalations like “ If nobody was here right now, I’d bend you over this table and take care of business.”
It’s good that you’re recognizing the need for certain sexual accelerators though…

Grounding / DHV:
With me, it’s interesting…….Like I how I grew up_________ I always did_______ and it pushed me to do _________(ambition story).

Comfort: (Select as needed)
1. Heart Melter
2. First Kiss
3. Cosmo
4. Cube
5. Kiss Close
You also need more of a plan for comfort besides just a few routines and a kiss close. You need to have contingencies in place for getting her to give you her phone number and or leave the venue with you and get back to your place. You need to have a plan for the date and a story to seed it to get her excited to go on it. You also need to have a way of escalating things sexually and logistically. You want to have a list of things you’re interested that you want her to know about, as well as a few ways of getting to know her at a deeper level and determine compatability.

Overall I’d say this stack has a lot of good structure, but could use some refinement in the actual material being used. It could also probably use a bit more emotional stimulation and interactivity throughout the stack.

Hope that helps everyone out there, if you guys have questions about routines in general, specific routines or routine stacks, email me at

Til next time,


Saturday, December 27, 2008

5 Typical things women say to men and what they mean.

Hey guys,

I often say that women give the best pick up advice, as long as you don’t listen to what they tell you to do. Women give their advice through their reactions. They also give their advice to you through what they say, you just have to know how to translate it.

So today in part one of my 3 part series on “Speaking Womanese” we’re going to look at some typical things women say when meeting new men, and what they actually mean.

1. “ I have a boyfriend”.

This particular phrase can mean a variety of things based on when and how it is brought up in the conversation. The first realization you have to make about girls telling you they have boyfriends, is that it’s not always true. Often times the girl will say she has a boyfriend just to avoid having to be rude or waste her time entertaining a guy she’s not interested in all night. Women will also say things like “we’re lesbians” or “we’re together” to get rid of you in a socially acceptable way.

If a woman tells you she has a boyfriend REALLY early on in the conversation (like in the first 3 minutes or less) she really means “I’m not interested in you romantically”. Women hate social awkwardness, so if she’s really not into the conversation and she can tell you’re hitting on her, saying she has a boyfriend is a nice friendly way out of the discomfort.

If a woman tells you she has a boyfriend when you are trying to escalate the interaction(by getting a phone number or trying to get her to leave with you) it generally means one of two things. Either she has let the interaction go further than she intended and she wants to let you know you don’t have a chance. Or she is trying to let you know that this may be a one time thing.

If a woman casually mentions a boyfriend by saying something like “my boyfriend and I” or “we like to..” then she is generally just letting you know the situation but may still be open to escalating the interaction. At which point it becomes an issue of morality outside the scope of this newsletter ☺

2. “We’re not having sex tonight!”

If a woman tells you she’s not going to have sex with you, she’s already thinking about it. Women throw up the “we’re not having sex tonight.” objection because they realize that things are starting to heat up between the two of you. They do this because they have to be able to maintain plausible deniability. Maintaining plausible deniability means that you always take responsibility for escalation. This goes for everything from making the first approach, to giving her an excuse she can tell her friends about why she left the club with you. Everything is your responsibility. The girl has to be able to explain to her friends that she wasn’t going back to your place to get fucked senseless. She was going over to save some money on drinks “or “ have a nightcap before she headed home.” But then “one thing led to another…”

So when she says “we’re not having sex tonight” she means “ I want you to convince me that there won’t be any consequences for me if I have sex with you tonight.” This is where showing a girl that you don’t kiss and tell is crucial. You have to show the girl that you are not going to hurt her reputation or lose respect for her if she sleeps with you.

If a woman tells you she’s not having sex with you tonight, you should always respond “ I was just about to tell you the same thing.” Ideally though you want to tell the girl that you’re not having sex with her first. I always treat that statement like the finish line of a race you want to get to first.

3. “ I don’t (kiss, have sex, have a threesome with midgets) on the (first night, first date, 3rd date).

When a woman gives you a rule like “ I don’t kiss on the first date.” Or “ I don’t have sex until the 3rd date.” She is sending a clear message. She is not sure about you. She doesn’t necessarily know if she sees you in her life long term or if you’re just some guy she’ll go on a couple of dates with and forget. So because of this she’s starting to lay down rules. Now some girls actually do have rules about their dating lives, but most don’t. Most women simply go with what’s bringing in the most good emotions. If she’s starting to get all logical she’s not that into you…

If a woman says something like this, it’s a great opportunity to inject some humor and flip the script on the girl. If a girl ever gives me a rule, I just respond “ Cool is that you’re only rule or do you have more before I get to tell you mine?” Now sometimes she’ll have some more rules, but once she’s done I’ll give her a ridiculous list of rules that I have until she’s laughing so hard she’s forgotten what we were talking about. The more random and funny the better. Some of my favorites are enforcing a casual dress Fridays where she’s not allowed to wear pants, reminding her that Tuesday is “Feed Jon Grapes and Fan him day” and more.

4. “ You’re a (jerk, player, asshole)

When a woman playfully insults you or accuses you of being a jerk, player, dirty old man, whatever… she’s actually saying “ I’m kinda attracted to you and I want to see if you’re really cool, or pretending.” Because men can lie, women have to have a way of figuring out which guys are actually cool, and which guys are faking it. So when you are getting attraction from girls early on, they will often “test” you.

The best way to deal with tests from women is to agree and exaggerate. What most guys do wrong is they disagree and then try to show a girl how they’re not a jerk or a player. This is bad because it sets an underlying theme of you trying to live up to her expectations instead of vice versa. So instead you always agree when a woman accuses or insults you. Then you exaggerate the comment to absurdity. So for example if a girl accuses you of being a player, you can say “ Yeah I’m actually pretty booked up right now but I can slot you in next Thursday if you promise to be good. “ or “ Yeah, I was actually recently voted the 6th biggest player in a mid major city by people magazine.”

5. “Let’s Just be Friends.”

When a girl you’ve just met tells you that she just wants to be friends, what she really means is that she’s not interested in you at all. Most people, especially attractive women don’t make friends from failed pickup attempts. The fact that she’s suggesting being friends means that she’s not interested in you romantically. Plus she’s worried that you’re expecting something more. If a girl tells you she just wants to be friends you’re pretty much out of luck. In rare circumstances you can escape the friend zone, but you are officially out of the “Ultimate Relationship Proposition” category. So if you actually do want to be friends with her(without it being part of a long term seduction plan) then continue to get her phone number and try to hang out with her. Just be sure to mention that you are only trying to be her friend, lest she suspect you’re trying to get in her pants. It also may be a good idea to hang out with her in a mixed group of your friends and her friends. This will help it feel less like a date the first couple of times you guys hang out. Female friends are a huge blessing. I highly recommend that everyone reading this makes friends with at least 5 women you’re interested in.

Ok, so that sums up what women really mean when they say things like “ we’re not having sex tonight” or “ Let’s Just Be Friends.” Next time I’m going to be breaking down how women communicate using body language, eye contact and spatial relevance.

Till next time,


Friday, December 26, 2008

The last 5 and a half weeks Part 3-The Gold Coast

I hope everyone reading today had a great Christmas!

Anyhow, I'm very fascinated by the response my posts are prompting in the comments. I would clarify a few things. First of all obviously not all Australians are racist, unfriendly and rude. Just the majority of them I have met in bars, clubs, and on the street. This includes both men and women. Most conversations I had with strangers included them using racial remarks or slurs. Super consistently. In fact most people I brought this up to, agreed with me wholeheartedly. I'm not using this as some reason the US or another country is better, I'm simply stating my experience with a country. I more than anyone realize the US has problems and I'm not here to get into arguments about who has a better country or who's more evil. I'm just relating my experiences as they happened...

Ok so now that we have the legal disclaimer out of the way, we can get back to the trip. We weren't flying straight from Cairns to the airport, the plan was to fly to Brisbane and rent a car there to drive the 90 minutes to The Gold Coast. Specifically Surfer's Paradise. Now unfortunately when we arrived there was a big storm that had just hit Brisbane. In fact we were warned that if we rented a car today, we may have to pay for hail damage... SO we decided to take a bus instead.

The bus ride was kind of annoying because Moxie and I were having a rather "blue" discussion as we're apt to have over 2 hours through really bad traffic. Now we weren't being loud or obnoxious but this couple kept gasping and looking back frequently. They also made comments to the woman sitting in front of me. This really annoyed me, but I realized there wasn't much I could do but ignore it or make it much much much more socially awkward for the remainder of a long trip.

Finally we arrived at Sweater's house. Sweater is not what you expect from the description in The Game. He looks much younger and full of life, and he dresses really well know. Overall he's one of the most positive genuine people I've met through this whole scene. That night we decided to go to dinner at a place called Melba's. Here's where I noticed something weird. there were a TON of high school age looking punk kids walking around. For some reason I've developed a 45 year old's distaste for high school kids. I feel like channeling my inner Al Bundy everytime I see a group of high schoolers :) Turns out I'd stumbled into something called "schoolies."

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with Schoolies, allow me to introduce it. Schoolies is a celebration for all the kids graduating from high school. It stretches for weeks as the newly turned 18 year olds are let loose over the whole city. Kinda like a plague. Or an infestation. It also doubles as a chance for every lame guy over 25 to come down to the gold coast to try to bang an 18 year old. These guys are affectionately referred to as "toolies". I had unknowingly become a toolie... Now personally I believe that NO ONE is datable before 25. Myself included :) You're just no emotionally settled enough to be in a solid relationship. Plus the urge to get out there and see what else is around is too strong. So hitting on 18 year olds, not really my thang. But it sounded cool in theory so we did end up out on Schoolies more nights than I'd have liked. But not every night as we had to start an intensive 8 day marketing bootcamp

That started the day after we got to Surfers. At 8 AM. I thought they had gotten rid of 8 A.M when I left college. Apparently it's still a really real hour of the day and one that comes way too quickly if you were out the night before. This led to me being a combination of my three least favorite states. Hungry, Tired, and Cold. The seminar room was freezing and I had to go out and have a sandwich and a cigarette to get back to neutral. It also didn't help that we were 2 minutes late the first day and there was a sign that said "no one comes in or out until our first break at 10:10." So we stayed away for the first 2 hours.

The seminar had a lot of interesting information, but ultimately was more for business consulting than actual business building. But I got a few ideas for systematizing some of the day to day work I have around here now.

We actually went out and had to practice cold calling and walking in to businesses to try to sell them consulting. That was nerve wracking. It's way harder to approach a business, get through the secretaries, and workers to a business owner, and then convince them to set up an appointment than it is to pick up a girl. Way more stressful, way less comfortable. For me at least... I would rather do 10 thousand more approaches in ridiculous low probability situations than have to get out the phone book and call more businesses. I just really don't enjoy selling or see myself as a salesperson. I'm more of a creative person, or at least I like to think I am :) But I still did the cold calls and walk ins and did allright. I figured the best way to do walk ins was to seem like an interested customer and then topsy turvy those motherfuckers. Act like you weren't trying to sell them as opposed to walking in and asking for a business owner.

It's interesting that in door to door selling like this, it starts off indirect and then becomes very direct at the closing time. Whereas if you're very direct off the bat you get a lot of rejection upfront(especially when you ask for a business owner and the store has a no soliciting sign) but if you get through and they're interested it's easier to make appointments. Anyway back to the direct versus indirect thought. In pickup the idea of indirect versus direct is simply semantics. It's not that you have to be indirect to start a conversation easier. It's that you have to establish social comfort first. The underlying meaning behind indirect openers is that you are fun and social. But what's actually happening is that by having a 30-45 second conversation about a box or whether or not drunk I love Yous count, you establish social comfort. The person or group of people have become comfortable talking to you because they have done it for a long enough period without you weirding them out that they're willing to listen more to you. This doesn't happen when most guys approach, because most guys will open with something like "What's Up?" and instantly force the girl to carry the conversation, which is way too much work for a girl to do right away for a guy she's not attracted to. Social Comfort is the first of 3 types of comfort that are happening all throughout the interaction. The other two types of comfort are rapport and sexual. Rapport based comfort is what is genuinely accepted as comfort in the community and includes commonalities, dates and phone game, intimacy(in to me I see :) vulnerability, conspriacy, "we like each other" vibe, comfortable touching, and much much more. Sexual comfort is comfort with physicality, and sexual esalations in general. I'll post much more about all this soon enough. AFC Adam was a huge help with all of this stuff and was the first to point out starting in comfort to me.

Anyway there were two notable nights in the Gold Coast, the first happened at a club called twenty one where I talked myself in for free because of my shark tattoo. One of the most annoyin things about this trip were the multiple bars and clubs that would not allow me in because of my "visible tattoo. I actually had to wear long sleeves. I rolled them up once and a bouncer warned me that Iw ould be kicked out if I did that again... But I digress... So we were at Twenty One on Moxie's birthday when Moxie opened a 4 set of two guys and two smoking hot girls. I started talking to one of them while ignoring the extremely LARGE police inspector who had been hitting on her for hours. She was really into me right away, which I attribute to having cooler clothes than everyone else in there and not being afraid of her because she's hot. So we were talking and then I noticed she had huge x scars on both of her wrists. She had obviously tried to kill herself at some point. So I brought it up. As someone who's tried to kill themselves I pretty much always bring stuff like this up when I see it. Just because I understand the headspace. We talked about both of our suicide attempts and we were about to kiss when...Her friend passed out drunk. They both said they took pills, but her friend was out. We tried giving her water the works, nada. My girl was freaking out and trying to figure out where to take her and how to get her there. The passed out girl finally wakes up and now wants to dance, but my girl has already called their friend to come pick her up. Now an interesting side note about Surfer's Paradise: Places are open until 5 but you can't come in or even back in after 3. They call it lockout. By this point Moxie had bounced leaving me with the fucked up girl, my girl who is near hysterics and two dudes. Plus now it's 2:45 so I have a choice to make. Try to bang my girl after the friend gets picked up or go find new girls with Moxie before lockout. I realized I'd probably end up locked out with those two dudes and my girl and have to deal with a really awkward situation, so I bailed. I don't regret it, much...

The second notable night happened when we met one of the coolest guys ever. He's a friend of Sweater's, and one of the best guys I;ve seen with women. He's mostly into strippers and waitresses, but the night after we all hung out he pulled some girl into the bathroom of a club using some of my stuff. He ended up getting kicked out cause he took her to the women's room instead of the men's. Anyway he came out for Moxie's real birthday celebration and brought two smoking hot Swedish waitresses. He's so cool, but I couldn't figure out what he was doing, besides being fun. He makes a ton of game related mistakes yet gets better results than almost anyone else I've ever seen. I think he's real proof that fun is the ultimate attraction switch. Fun being a high form of positive emotional stimulation. As long as the girls are experiencing good emotions they stay. This guy's the Greek King of good emotions.

So that's all the fun stuff from the Gold Coast there's probably a bit more that happened including Moxie and I eating ourselves to death in Souvlaki but we'll leave that till next time. Where we'll pick up back in Sydney.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The last 5 and a half weeks Part 2-Cairns

So late Sunday night after a stuffing of duck with some students and Moxie, we head to the airport. Again Australian airports are ridiculously easy to get through. We met a dude who was backpacking around from Germany and he ended up staying at the same hostel we stayed at most of the week.

On the flight, I was dying. Way too much MSG in the duck, I was sick and just wanted to sleep. I hadn't gotten more than about 3 hours sleep since I arrived. Plus the night before because the girl stayed over, I got none... So I was in some kinda food related coma when we finally arrived. The guy we were going to be inspecting property with was there to pick us up even though it was well after midnight. We drove for almost 45 minutes to get to the resort we were going to be staying at. On the way I saw the biggest snake I'd ever seen crossing the road. Moxie told me that being Australian means that snakes and other deadly shit don't really freak you out. I'm freaked out by snakes, cause they're freaky.

The resort was really nice and we stayed there for two days before we headed into the city to stay at a hostel and hang out in the backpacker scene. Backpacker scenes generally have a more relaxed vibe and most of the gaming happens during the day. If you're going out to work cold approach, the backpacking scene is not the best place to go. People meet in the common areas like the pool, cafeteria or eating areas and lounges, then go out together and end up hooking up.

We decide to get a meal and are on our way to a 6 dollar steak at PJ O'Briens or something of that elk, when we decide to stop by a Greek place and check out the menu. We decide on the feast. It was delicious, I actually did not have a bad meal the entire time I was in Australia. One of the bright spots to the trip for sure.

During dinner Moxie suggested a drinking contest. Now those of you who are regular readers of these pages know my tolerance for alcohol. Moxie's tolerance for alcohol is fairly low. Some would say he's a bitch about his shit alcohol wise... Not that I ever would :) So we decide to start drinking in one of the 3-5 bars everyone goes to in Cairns(Also can't pronounce that) and the drinking begins... I start us off with two Vodka/Diet Cokes and two shots of Jager. Moxie followed this up by asking the bartender to make us two of the most delicious shots she can think of. This girl was clearly a man-hater, because she made us four shots of Green Chartruse,Goldschlager,and Tobasco sauce. Add that to the two Vodka/Diet Coke chasers and Moxie was ready to head down for the count This was also around the time that we started talking to some Swedish girls and smoking hand rolled cigarettes they kept making...

The drinking continued from this point through the Wool Shed, and the bar at our hostel until we were finally drunk enough to try to find some weed from a shady street rat. We head back to the main drag where we encounter a scene that is half drunk people looking for Kebabs and half mating ground as EVERYONE is hitting on EVERYONE. Moxie can't speak at this point and can barely move but wants me to tell him the contest was a tie because he kept pace to 17 drinks. I reluctantly agree. Back out on the street I see an obvious Lesbian hitting on a straight girl. One of my best friends is a lesbian and I can just tell... She also looks like a shady street rat. I walk up and ask her if she knows where there's a shady park I can buy weed. She asks me if this is my girlfriend then realizes that she might be able to make money off me. She asks me if I'll give her $20 if she finds weed for us. I say I will, so she starts leading us to a cab. We drive for like $30 and 20 minutes. She keeps asking me to give her money so she can run in and get the weed. I have been fooled by that ruse before though so I stick to my bottom line " No weed, no money." Finally we pull up at this super sketchy house that has weeds as tall as lawn gnomes. She again asks me for money. I tell her I'll walk up with her. Moxie is passed out in the back so I handed the cab driver $50 and told him to wait for me with Moxie. We get out of the cab...

Now this was already a weird scene and it got weirder as the guy took awhile to answer the door. Shirtless. The guy looked like a chubbier white Australian version of Bob Marley. That's right he had dreadlocks. What he didn't have... Marijuana. The girl tries to beg him but he's seriously out. And that's when I decide it's time for her to be voted off the island. She's asking if anyone he know has weed and he says no and I start walking toward the cab. I get there before she's even started down the driveway. She sees me getting in and comes frantically running after us. But it's too late... I told the driver to drive and away we speed. I had specifically asked the street rat if she could for sure get weed, as I didn't want to go on a wild goose chase. She repeatedly said she could. To drunk Jon that added up to deserving to get left, that plus her general bad attitude and attempts at extortion...

Now even though we weren't high we were now hungry. One of the horrible things about Australia and the world outside of America in general, is the dearth of diners. In any state in the US you will always be able to find a 24 hour diner. It may be a chain like Denny's or Ihop, but it will be there. Ready to serve as an oasis on your drunken exploits. They're even open on holidays! But outside the US after a certain time, you're settling for Mcdonald's or the non union Australian equivalent of Burger King-Hungry Jack's. I'd like to know how someone goes from the king to a jack, but if it gets rid of those creepy King commercials, I'm down. So we have the cabbie drive us to Mcdonald's where we spend way too much on horrible food we spilled all over the Hostel room... Fun night.

The next few days in Cairns were fairly uneventful. We went white water rafting on the Barron river and hit on girls at night. After awhile in backpacker towns you start to feel like you know everyone especially around the hostel and you decide it's time to move on, so on that Thursday we boarded a plane for Brisbane to get to our main purpose of this trip- The Marketing Seminar with Sweater.

Til next post,


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The last 5 and a half weeks Part 1-Melbourne

Now that I'm back in the US, as well as being jetlagged and behind about 9 gazillion emails, I finally get a chance to blog about my experience in Australia. I took off for Australia around noon on the 25th of November, I was planning on a shorter trip where I was going to learn marketing from Sweater's 8 day bootcamp on it in the Gold Coast. Plus I was going to relax and enjoy the Australian summer.

One of those 2 things happened. I landed after a very stress free flight in Sydney where I have to go through customs(bonus points for the Australian airport system, much faster) then hop a plane to Melbourne(which I still can't pronounce). Finally after getting through that flight, I grab a shuttle. This would be the first of many mistakes this trip. First the shuttle doesn't show up for more than half an hour. Then they make us walk all over the airport before we both end up at the same place at the same time. Finally we get in and I'm not sure where I'm going or how to get there. Finally we figure this out and I smoothly check into my hotel. Moxie arrives a few hours later and we head out to meet Tux and Hoobie for duck. The Duck was amazing. I have never before had such great duck. It was unreal, there was a lot of it and it came in 3 separate courses. We ended up going back to the Duck place the day we left Melbourne with some students. In fact I kinda want duck now...

After duck we head to the local club at the Casino where I realize that Australian clubs and American clubs are different in two very significant ways. First Australian clubs don't feature the soft core porn grinding we call "dancing" and second people are way less friendly and open to meeting people down under. I posted about this during my last Australia trip as well when CJ and I were horrified at the responses we got when we told people we were American. That hasn't changed, it's just now I realize that Australians happen to be the rudest, most racially intolerent group of people on the planet. But don't worry we'll get back to that point. Finally Moxie and I decided to head home but first have to get the keys off Tux which leads to a whole dog and pony show as he doesn't want to help us because he's having fun standing around the club not drinking...

The next night we go to Transport Bar and I fuck some girl in her car then on Metro's bed back at the apartment. He's a little freaked out by it, but I insist that we didn't go under the covers( which was true). It's really not my fault as we generously gave Metro the big bed and myself and Moxie took the small step child beds in the other room.

The night after that I fucked this chick down by the river by Transport bar. Then back at the apartment. This time Metro pulled his girl and the two set was completed. Moxie also fucked some chick in the disabled bathroom at the bar. This was a fun night, but Metro wouldn't let me try to switch girls with him, so I went to bed a little bitter and with a girl in my whatever's smaller than a twin sized bed.

The last day in Melbourne Moxie and I did some shopping and I got some really cool shirts. Unfortunately later on this trip I saw many other dudes wearing the same t-shirts thus reducing their coolness exponentially.

During the time we were in Melbourne, we had mentioned to Tux's brother that we were headed to Cairns next. He told us he was supposed to go up there, but couldn't because of work. He also mentioned that they were interested in some properties up there in a star resort. Moxie seeing the opportunity to get us a free stay a five star place, promptly volunteered to pretend to be a "stock controller" to inspect the stock. A few phone calls were made and a guy was waiting to pick us up from the airport in Cairns.

But that's a story for next time....


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Interview With Honey and Lance

Hey guys,

Lance over at Honey and Lance emailed me to ask me a few questions about dating.

I figured I'd post them here first as they're pretty interesting questions.

Here are the questions:

1. Based on your experience, what is your perspective on modern dating
and how has it evolved in the last decade or so?

A: My experience with dating comes almost exclusively from women I've met off of cold approaches. In fact I think I can count the times I've met girls through friends on my toes and fingers. But to me dating has probably never been much different. The idea that everyone ends up with someone that is awesome and perfect for them seems much more like the extreme rather than the norm. That said, you have to date a lot of women or men to meet one you'll really be into. That's just the facts, unfortunately most people are not right for you. Even if you really want them to be. So you have to be open to the idea that to get a great relationship, you have to get out there.

As for how dating has evolved in the past few years, I think the rise of the internet and websites like Facebook, Myspace and HotorNot, has altered the dating landscape forever. You also have an increased lack of intimate communication with the almost universal adaptation of text messages. I'm curious to see how technology will continue to impact the dating landscape.

2. How has pickup affected the playing field, and do you see pickup
going mainstream any time soon?

I don't think pick up will ever truly go mainstream, because the content is too out there for most people. It's hard to explain away the manipulative aspect of changing yourself for the better to get women. Throw in the random cast of characters from a magician who dresses like the Cat in the Hat, to a 50 year old who openly talks about hypnotizing women into giving him blowjobs, and I think it's a tough sell. Hopefully the guys who are really normal and progressive in their methods will continue to come to the forefront. Because I think the perception of the community is fairly different from what I think a lot of these guys actually want.

3. Where do you see dating & courtship headed in the future, like in
10 or 20 years from now?

I don't really think dating will change much. Women and men will always find a way to get together. As for dating science, I think it will be around and advancing for as long as we continue to date. I think a lot of the techniques and tactics will evolve and a lot of what we believe to work now, will probably be revealed to be less accurate than we think. I'm excited to see where the body of knowledge is headed.

4. Do you see any evolutions or new trends emerging in dating / relationships?

I think that everyone is starting to finally realize that getting laid is not that hard, once you have a decent identity, fashion sense, and an absence of social and sexual anxiety. However after a little while that starts to become incredibly empty and that the true path to happiness and longevity in the game is finding women you're attracted to whom you have a high level of compatability with. What this means is you need to figure out who you are and what you want FIRST. I always say this to girls, but it's true the most important person in any relationship is you.

5. What's your best piece of advice for someone jumping into the
dating pool? How about looking for a healthy relationship?

For someone who's just getting into the dating scene, I'd highly recommend they check out my free ebook The Game Acceleration doctrine that you can download Here. In it, I lay down the fundamentals of how to become (for lack of a better word) a normal guy. It focuses on fashion, dealing with both sexual and social anxiety, body language, tonality and all the stuff you need to get started meeting women. If we can all agree on the idea that people can learn how to get better at dating, it's time we established what the base levels are for guys who have been anti-social for a few years.

For those who are looking for a healthy relationship, I'd reccomend getting started by figuring out what kind of girl or guy you think you'd get along with long term. This is a time to be really honest and make a list of 10 NON physical characteristics you want in a partner. Then make a seperate list of WHERE a person like that would hang out. Now you know where to start looking. Then make sure that you're open and honest about what you want early on, and treat the person the way you want your relationship to be. Don't do a ton of things early on that you won't be doing later, because then you'll see problems once the "honeymoon" period ends.

6. What's on the horizon for Sinn in 2009?

Next year, I'll be releasing 4 different products. First I'll be releasing the Day Game product in conjunction with Love Systems. This product will be everything you ever wanted to know about meeting women during the day. The next product will be a 1 hour DVD on natural attraction. In it I explain how there are underlying mechanisms that cause attraction built in to many routines, but if you can understand these mechanisms you'll never be at a loss for material ever again. I believe this is the first time anyone has actually showed you what you need to be in order to attract women naturally. Finally I'll be releasing my seminars on Same Night Lays and Breaking out of The Friend Zone.

Personally I'll be living in a different city every month starting in May. I'm writing a book called 12 Cities in 12 Months about trying to find a city to live in. I'm also going to be running my coaching program and doing one bootcamp a month in each city.

Pretty excited about that!


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free Seminars in Sydney!

Hey guys,

I'm going to be doing free seminar in Sydney on the 16th and 17th.

I will be teaching Day Game from 6-11 on Tues the 16th. Sign up HERE

As well as Same Night Lays SNL and Breakthrough Comfort Breakthrough

So what's the catch you might be asking? Well the seminar will be filmed and we will be asking for video testimonials.

Usually these seminar cost between $950 and $1770 USD but you can catch them for free if you sign up before this Saturday.

Hope to see all my Aussie readers there!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Episode 8: Come Get Your Medallion

Thank Christ it's over. I'm not even religious it's just felt like I needed to thank the J man that there were only 8 episodes.

Let's get this over with :)

We start out with Matt the septagenarian, coming back into the room as Simion talks about how he's sorry he'll have to beat his best friend in the house.

Then Mystery and the rest of the evil empire come in. Mystery is wearing some sort of jump suit that looks like an outfit a painter would wear. They get told that they will be timed on how fast they can kiss a girl. The winner gets an advantage for the final challenge.

The guys go in to Suede and immediately get into set. I'm literally cringing to death as I hear the caper opener and the baby in a corner opener. I'd like to puncture my ear drums with a screwdriver.

The guys both isolate and kiss girls in about 15 minutes which is great for them.

Simion wins the prize by a scant 20 seconds or so and gets the master bedroom. This is a huge advantage as you can't just close girls anywhere. Oh wait no I fucked two girls down by the river last weekend...

We get a nice product placement for Ashley's furniture as the guys get to go shopping for their bedrooms before they head to a big party at the house where they will have to isolate a "perfect 10" to their bedrooms. Nothing says I respect women like rating them from 1-10.

The party begins and the guys start talking to girls. Simion isolates two girls to his bedroom and tries a triple kiss which gets rejected like he drove the lane against Dwight Howard. The girls call him out and he brings them out of the room. Matt also brings tow girls back to his room and talks to them while standing as they sit on the bed. Mental note, it's not a good idea to bring two girls into your room together, as it makes it WAY harder to escalate.

Simion starts talking to a single girl while Matt talks to the friends of his asian girl. Simion brings her into his room aqnd then takes her back out. I'm bored out of my mind and wish I had weed. I look at the timer on Itunes every 30 seconds hoping it will end sooner. I'm gonna have to watch 8 episodes of It's Always Sunny after this to scorch my brain back to normal.

Simion makes out with his girl, Matt makes out with his and it's elimination time! This could not have happened fast enough.

At elimination the guys have to justify why they deserve to be the PUA. Simion makes a much better case as Matt just talks about how he hasn't yet broken through pulling the trigger. Mystery, Matador and Tara talk about how it's a priviledge to have met them. The insincerity is so thick I could cut it with a knife.

Finally Simion wins, which makes me happy as VA now has the creepiest instructor around. I fully look forward to the inevitable rape, murder and investigation.

Now if you excuse me I'm gonna scrub my eyes with bleach.


If you wanna learn how to NOT be like Simion check out The Game Acceleration Doctrine