Friday, March 30, 2007

The new love of my life

Is not a girl....

It's my Insect long board skateboard. It's literally the most fun thing i have bought myself in years!

It's basically like snow boarding on ground, as it's UBER responsive. I have not been this happy with a purchase since... I don't even know I'd say my first pair of designer jeans, but that's probably not right either.

The skateboard has made all the most mundane tasks more fun as I can skate to do them. Going to the gym, going to the MM office, going to the bank, picking up dry cleaning, going to Baja Fresh... all now way more fun.

Long live the Skateboard!


Thursday, March 29, 2007


Beliefs are the core of inner game. What you believe and who you believe yourself to be, are the building blocks of who you convey yourself to be to women. Beliefs are dangerous. People kill for them, people die for them. They are much harder to change than ideas. Ideas are much more fluid, while making an idea a belief, makes you solidify your stance on it.

This is all important when it comes to meeting women. Having negative beliefs about yourself, and your success with women will derail your game no matter how many tactics and techniques you have. If you actually believe that you are not worthy of being with an attractive women, your mind will do anything that it can to sabotage you. No matter how much you want it. Because beliefs adn desires are not necessarily in line. You can have all the desire in the world to get better at this, but if you don't believe that you have the ability to get better at this, you are right.

There was a great NIKE comercial a few years ago that had a high school football scene and ended with a voice over saying " The man who says he can and the man who says he can't are both right. Which one are you?" That's the essence of belief and confidence.

Beliefs do not necessarily have to be true to be beneficial. For example Mystery constantly talks about how he can go 5 for 5. He can't. No one can. And this is no slight at Erik's game as he is amazing in field. However it is an impossibility to be able to get any girl you approach. There are so many variables that are outside of the control of a PUA. She could get back together with her BF, she could be leaving tomor back to somewhere half way across the world, she could be happily married when you approach. So there is no way that anyone can guarantee that they can go 5 for 5 EVERY time. Sometimes I have gone 5 for 5, but it is not something that happens all the time for anyone including celebrities.

That said, the belief that he can go 5F5 helps his inner game and confidence, as he has actually convinced himself that he can go 5F5. Craig from DYD has a similar belief, that it's always on. This can be directly contradicted by reality, like the time in vegas he had a girl throw a drink on him and then was making out with her later... His belief led him to staying in the set even when all the information he had screamed to contrary. But these beliefs, despite being incorrect are helpful.

The same thing works in reverse, if you have a great skillset, but you think that every set is going to be mean to you, or that every girl will flake, or that you will be rejected, you are well on your way to that outcome. This goes beyond teh power of positive thinking and encompasses so much of your internal talk.

You need to instantly become aware of negative beliefs.

What beliefs are you holding onto that may not be helpful?

David D in his "On being a Man" program talks about the reason you are not successful. And how everyone has something that they use to comfort themselves for being unsuccessful with women. The reasons can vary from being too short, too old, not cool enough, too much of a dork, too ugly, too poor... etc. But we hold onto these excuses, when really NONE of that matters for attracting and dating the women you are attracted to. Yes you do need to be well-groomed and maximizing your ptential, which is why i spend the last day of bootcamp doing fashion/style analysises and telling the guys what i think they should be trying to convey physically, but there are no barriers based on age or anything like that. In fact David D suggests using the reason as a flase disqualifier. Like "It would never work out between us, because I'm short and overcompensate by acting arrogant and you are ...."

You also cannot prove most beliefs about yourself. For example, if I want to convince myself that i am unsuccessful with women, I can look at a lot of incidents that happened before I was in the community. But if I want to believe I am successful with women, I ca find a lot of evidence for that too... So there is no reality, it's simply the version fo reality that is most helpful for us to achieve our goals. Beliefs can be used to make life better or worse.

I'd like everyone to take some time now and write down 10 reasons that you think you are unsuccessful with women, and then write down.

A: How can I change this?
B: Has there been a time when this isn't true?
C: What would life be like if this wasn't true.

Actually do this...

I'll wait.....................................................................................................................................................................................

Ok back, isn't it interesting that there have been times when all of those beliefs have been FALSE, and you have succeeded, or at least had a good interaction. That means that it is possible and the only things limiting you are inside your head.

Thoughts can be like viruses and we can get caught up in the idea that we are some how less than we need to be, when in fact we are all we need to be and more... We just need to convince ourselves.

The most important sticking points that you will ever have to fight with, are internal. And the first step to fixing your beliefs is recognizing which negative beliefs you have and then working on them.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

End of an average night...

I went out to a strip club in the ghetto with RAHN our former instructor.

I HATE going to strip clubs. I really hate going to strip clubs at the end of the month, that's when EVERY fucking stripper opens with " Would you like a dnace and when you try to break the customer frame just up and leaves. Because they have BILLS to pay and no matter how interesting a guy you are. She's got her mind on her money and her money on her mind. We roll up and I blow my introduce myself to the manager ploy. But I get his name "Josh". This is super valuable information I also know his friend Tim. Who I should have said was my friend as he wasn't there that night. Instead I make a rookie mistake and name my friend without her asking who he was. That's the first mistake I make in the set I number closed.

Then we sit and we get approached and I just wasn't feeling the girls there. Either they were flat chested or ugly or Eastern European. Nothing against the culture, but the girls that strip don't understand english as well and thus they cut off the gaming. Faster the older ones just can't cope. they are like social robots. "would you like a dance" " you so sexy " " you like that " ... done.

So I blow sets of left and right. I'm really suprised we were still getting approached.

Then she approaches she's tall 5'10 she tells me... I turn her program off and she sits. I hit some pre-selection, I make her laugh. We are not going to get along. I slap her hand. The waitresses come in to cockblock. "no I don't want to help her out by buying her a drink. "I'm not a customer I'm friends with Josh". she stays. Big sign she stays through two blown off drink requests. On the second i tell her she can run along and make money. She stays again. It's on. Rahn bails, cause his vagina hurt or something and I have to justify staying and my friend leaving. It's cool I tell him I'll see him in a minute. Then I stay another 5 after I get her number.

She did however tell me she was going to ask Josh about me, which may kill my game ... We'll find out.

She just texted back...


Monday, March 26, 2007

Las Vegas

I love las vegas.

I couldn't live here for more than a couple of months, but it's awesome in short bursts.

A successful program and making $250 at blackjack make me happy.

It was actually a lot of fun hanging out with El Topo again, I taught him a few months back in Pho and he's really gotten his game up. He had 2 day2s and got laid while we were out here. He's going to be good.

Da Hunter was out too and he's really good also. Overall we've got a high level of instructor talent that we are training right now.

I did however lose my phone so that put a small damper on the weekend, but I can live without a phone for a few days, it might even be a welcome break.

I'll try to post more tonight when I am relaxing and getting ready for bed. But my flight is now boarding.


Thursday, March 22, 2007


Here's an article that will be in the upcoming routines book...

This article's purpose is to explain how and when to use role-playing, and a couple of examples and reasons why it works.

First off, we need to explain what role-playing is. Role-playing is the act of playfully giving girls roles and/or giving yourself a role and acting them out in an interaction.

Role-playing is an example of leading a woman on an emotional journey, which is the first of MY attraction switches, to go with the main 3. RPing first and foremost brings girls out of the here and now. It is important to distinguish ourselves from other guys by getting out of the here and now. By telling agirl you are going to dress her up as an angel, etc.. you stop her from thinking about how she's getting hit on in a bar.

The next important part of rping is that it allows her to take on a role and do things she may not have done with out the role. An example of this is the stripper names routine which allows you to both walk away from her and her to chase you and ask you for your name.

Rping also pumps buying temperature. This means that the more emotional a girl gets, the more open to escalation she becomes. So if you can get a girl laughing really hard, she becomes less logical and thus easier to game. Logic is your enemy so the more that you can disengage her logical mind by getting her to think about a ridiculous situation the less inclined to be logical she will become. Because after all you're not really going to dress her up in a toga and take her to Greece.

Now that we know what we are trying to do with role-playing, where does it fit into a set?

Well like a butter knife, the role-playing concept has quite a few uses.

First you can use it as a transition from an opener into a normal conversation.

You can use it in attraction to add some more emotion to a staling set or to put BT before you try to move or escalate.

You can use it on the phone as call back humor.

You can use it in the bed room, but that's an entirely different post....

Finally in the spirit of generosity I will give you guys some role-plays that you can use tonight.

1: You know what I'm going to do with you guys? I'm going to dress you guys up like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and we are gonna go run around the bar making sure everyone is behaving. You're gonna be Donatello, cause you're the leader. You're gonna be Leonardo because you seem like the coolest. You're Micheangelo because you're totally the life of the party. And you're gonna be Raphael because you're totally the fiesty one.

2. I am going to take you on a romantic date... to the Sizzler. And you can order anything on the menu. Even the $6 dollar steak.

3. I'm going to get you guys a bunch of wigs and shiny clothes and we are gonna have our own American Idol contest right here. And the winner gets to hang out with me all night!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Blades of Glory looks awesome..

It's the new male figure skating movie with Will Ferrel.

I'm trying to come up with a scenario in which this will not be hilarious and I got nothing. I haven't been this excited for a comedy since the Borat movie.


Getting your eye brows waxed sucks...

I just got mauled by my eye brow waxing lady and it made me think that as much work and emotional pain that we go through as guys, girls go through just as much work and PHYSICAL pain in living up to the modern standards of beauty.

They have to wax or shave their legs and bikini areas, they have to get their hair done, they have to tan etc.. That's a ton of work so we have absolutely no right to be grudge women for making us work so hard to learn this stuff.

Anyway I'm going to now moisturize my eye brows and hope they stop being so fucking red soon...



Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stupidest song ever...

Pink has a new song called "U and Ur hand".

It's basically about how she doesn't want anyone to talk to her or try to buy her drinks and how she would just prefer the money....

It's stuff like this and those Fergie songs that encourage bad female behavior. There should be universal standards of behavior and not being blatently rude when someone is talking to you should be one of them. It is flattering to be hit on no matter what and women should be reprimanded for being rude. Even when the guy is creepy.

UGH I'm annoyed....

Here's the retarded lyrics...

U + Ur Hand lyrics

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh
Check it out
Going out
On the late night
Looking tight
Feeling nice
It's a **** fight
I can tell
I just know
That it's going down
At the door we don't wait cause we know them
At the bar six shots just beginning
That's when dick head put his hands on me
But you see

I'm not here for your entertainment
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
Cause you know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh
Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh

I'm drunk
I don't give a ***k
Wanna dance
By myself
Guess you're outta luck
Don't touch
Back up
I'm not the one
Buh bye
Listen up it's just not happening
You can say what you want to your boyfriends
Just let me have my fun tonight

I'm not here for your entertainment
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
Cause you know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh oh
Break break
Break it down

In the corner with your boys you bet up five bucks
To get at the girl that just walked in but she thinks you suck
We didn't get all dressed up just for you to see
So quit spilling your drinks on me yeah

You know who you are
High fivin, talkin ****, but you're going home alone arentcha?

Cause I'm not here for your entertainment
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
Just stop and take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
Cause you know it's over
Know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight
It's just you and your hand

I'm not here for your entertainment
No no no
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
Just take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
Cause you know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight
Yeah oh

What's worst about this is that Pink actually always seemed like the type of girl I like, until now...


What do you guys want to read about

I want to make sure that the articles I write are about the stuff you guys are interested in.

So I will now take suggestions for my next big article...


Friday, March 16, 2007

Live blogging of the NCAAs

Does anyone remeber that cheesy Saturday morning show about a basketball team with reggie theus as the coach?

Well Theus now actually coaches a college team, how awesome is that?

His team is currently down 5 to the Durant-ettes.

Durant needs to take over and put this game out of reach... That's something Kobe, MJ, Wade, and Arenas all do. Everytime I've ever watched any of those guys in a 5 point game they take over and put it out of reach.

Durant just got fouled. At least he's trying to get the ball. I hope Greg Oden and Lebron are watching this. This is what star players do in close games, they put them out of reach. It's not time to coast.

ARGH I just got switched over to Purdue/Arizona a comfortable 5 point lead for the Boiler Makers... Now it's 7.. in a second it will be 8...

And there's no Durant.

Arizona misses a 3... 55 seconds to go and I am cursing CBS to the Gods...

Plus this game doesn't matter because the winner plays top seed Florida. Neither of these also rans are even going to get within 20.... I should bet on Florida in the second round... Note Florida has not played there gimme game yet against the 16 seed, but a 16 has NEVER beaten a 1 so it's a gimme and I have already moved Florida on. If Kansas was any indicator they should win by 40... That's always the most interesting part of the first seed, first round. Who wins by the most? Kansas beat Niagra 107-67 so the bar is currently 40 points. I'd take the under for Florida as they have a tendency to just coast. Even coasting they will still beat Jackson State by 25...

I am looking for something to slit my wrists as I am being forced to watch purdue win by 8... and Lute Olsen is fouling. You're not coming back Lute, schedule your tee time.

This has turned into a free throw shooting contest.... and Arizona is pressing... I mean I like the effort, but Jesus Christ!

Yet another free throw on a "hold"

Arizona misses a lay up and fouls... Mentally I am shooting daggers into Lute Olsen's projected image on my TV. In HD so it should be hurting him. Less than this loss, but he feels it.

Texas is still up 5 with a minute and a half so that's probably over too... and I miss seeing Durant in the first round for more than about 5 minutes... They really need a better system than just switching in and out of games on CBS. Can't they sell ESPN the rights to a couple of games the way the NFL does. Do I really need to buy a package to watch the good first round games?

Thank god the Purdue game is over.

Back to Texas... Durant makes a free throw. and it's pretty much over Texas by 9.

54.1 down by 9 Reggie Theus suddenly realizes this isn't a TV show and there is no miracle comeback... I wonder what that feels like coming from a scripted show. Is Reggie confused when he loses? Does he blame the writers? I would.

Durant has 25 despite not having any plays seemingly being run for him. He also resembles a spider with his super long arms... no wonder he blocks so many shots he can practically block them from half court. The aanouncer just reminds me that Durant scored 25 in the first half against Kansas a # 1 seed and my personal pick to win it all.

10 point lead 29 seconds it's over, over, over.

Durant handles the ball pretty well. Not point guard well, but close at 6'9.

DJ Augustin looks like he would rob you at a nightclub. Or have an entourage. Can you have an entourage in college? They'd be an unpaid entourage, but I'd imagine that Kevin Durant and Greg Oden's friends get laid. I know in high school friends of big time players get scholarships to entice the big time guy to come...

It's over and we go to the annoying " There are over 380,000 NCAA athletes and just about all of them are going pro in something other than sports" commercials. At least it's not the Melloncamp "Our Country" Chevy ads....

Such a bad first round. I can never figure if it's always a bad first round and I just forget about that during the year, or if this year's actually is this bad... Just speaking by the numbers the only upsets have been 9 seeds over 8 seeds which is hardly an upset...

No I don't want to run down these shitty games Greg Gumbel...

All right I'm done blogging for now. Maybe I'll restart when the last games start.


Is Rick Barnes retarded????

You have the BEST scorer in all of college basketball, maybe one of the best scorers in college of all time and he's not touching the ball i a 3 point game in the first round of the NCAAs.... is Rick Barnes trying to get fired? Is he retarded? Has anyone ever heard him talk? Does he sometimes get confused and forget Kevin Durant is on his team?

I need an answer to this....

Good game here in Va Tech Vs Illinois... down to the wire now 37.7 left. Illinois misses twice... and now fouls Va tech. they miss the first free throw hit the second. 2 point game. 17 to go. I love March Madness.

WOW missed three the guy rebounds it and gets fouled in a scramble for the ball....

This guy misses and then they rebound and the guy gets tied up possesion arrow VA Tech... Game over.

Can't say Illinois didn't have a shot here... They got outscored 12-0 in the last few minutes.

Best game I've watched so far.



I've been doing a lot of reading on inner psychology and spirituality recently and I have noticed something that has reduced my approach anxiety like 90%.

The idea is that of surrendering to the moment.

I never really bought into the idea that approach anxiety and LMR are hardwired, my thinking behind this is two-fold through experience rather than theorizing.

1. After you have done three or so approaches in a night the AA is gone. I have also met guys like Debonair Dave who don't have approach anxiety.

2. I have had a lot of lays upwards of 20 with no LMR within an hour or 2... So how can this hard wired thinking pattern be turned off this many times?

So I've been actively looking at the reasons behind both of these created phenomenas...

Back to surrendering... to me approach anxiety has alwasy felt like a fight between wanting to get the girl and wanting to avoid embarassment(that was a couple years ago) or avoid having to do a lot of work. So there were clearly two conflicting drives.

So in reading The Power of Now Eckhart Tolle talks about letting go of both the past and the future and focusing purely on the present. This piece of advice in of of itself reduced my approach anxiety, because if you truly do let go of past thinking, it doesn't allow you to think about past failures, or your lack of success with women or reasons from before not to approach the set, because that is not occuring here and now. Here and now you have nothing. In a bar or club or on the street.. or wherever you ay want to do an approach you only have the present. Nothing else matters. Her reaction is in the future, so there is no reason to worry about that either. When you go in the field you need to be hyper focues on the present. Don't think follow the strongest desire you have.

If you are reading this, then the strongest desire you have is to meet and fuck new women. Don't be ashamed of this desire. It's the only desire that keeps us as a species surviving. A lot of guys hide their desires,( A quick caveat obviously you don't approach a girl and ask her if she wants to fuck that's not showing you're desires, it's just showing your lack of social intuition) But what I mean is don't hide your desires internally. It is a vital step in becoming a man to come to grips with the dark sides of your desires. Mainly your desires to fuck, kill, and dominate. These are natural human emotions that have shaped the world, in a way they are the only desires that actually matter.

The second part of my technique is to surrender to your desires. Stop fighting them... Accept that you feel Approach Anxiety at the same time you feel the desire to approach, stop trying to feel more confident or stronger, or more prepared, and start focusing on what you WANT to do right now. In this moment when you see that girl, what do you most want to do... That won't land you in jail.

All that in fighting in your mind that clutter has NOTHING to do with reality. The present is all you have and as was said in Fight Club " This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time". You can't do anything to change the past and the way to changing the future will occur in the present.

So after you have come to the realization that the present is all we have, and surrender the fight amongst your emotions, you gain the power to approach almost without fear.

The final step to AA reduction in my mind is to let go of your outcome, this falls in line with the other areas of thinking in terms of any outcome occuring in the future and thus being completely unimportant at the time...

Tony Robbins calls acting in the moment getting out of your head into your heart. I think it's more about gaining an element of control over yourself and not letting thinking or "the mind" to get in the way of action. Actions are what produce results not thinking. Thinking without acting has never produced anything. Even philosophy lead to the action of writing which is what produced the records of these thoughts.

So how do you actually start on the road to getting out of your head and acting?

The first step is to become aware of what you are feeling at any given moment. Reducing the amount of white noise in your head by sutting off the deductive thought process and focusing on body sensations. What do you feel right now from your head to your toes? Feel that and then slowly start taking assesment of your mood.

When you can start to identify your mood through feeling, rather than thinking, you are on your way to being fully present in the moment which allows you to act without filtering.


El pollo Loco is awesome

I have officially un-retired my old strategy for eating healthy, instead of actually cooking chicken, I will buy 7 pieces of EPL every couple of days and eat that re-heated. Along with rice, beans and tortillas it eats like a meal.

I did this for like a month and then got bored of chicken, but I also gained quite a bit of muscle...

Feeling pretty good right now, but I felt the same way when I landed in OZ and now I'm waiting for the crash to hit. I am prepared with Diet Coke and the NCAA tournament, I should really be going to the gym, but I'm not sure as I tweaked my back in OZ and it's hurting a bit. Maybe I'll just go light, I really should work out...

Allright off to the Gym with me...


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Soo tired...

The battle to stay awake rages on.... I'm laying bed waiting for my fb to get off and now I'm watching Sex in The City and fighting my best to keep my eyes open... I have now been up from 9:30 Am Thurs in Sydney until now 5:30 on Thurs in LA.

Soo sleepy... I'm going to have to call HB AZ and see if she is coming out to LA this weekend. I would love to figure out a way to get her and HB perfect on the same day. That would be my two best looking girls on the same day... Hmmm


Prepping explained and More random crap I wrote on the plane..

One Night Stand game:

One night stand game relies on early sexual framing, introduction of a jealousy thread and seeding the bounce. Logistics also become more important though not a make or break situation.


How can we prep girls to be ready for our sexual advances and our escalations without triggering ASD?

Jokes- Sexual Jokes can start prepping a girl to get ready for our advances.But these jokes need to be focused more on the two of us getting together for sex rather than just being purely sexual. Stuff like Nick's telling girls he's going to fuck them in the ass when they are getting bratty.

Actual preps like "I'm trying so hard not kiss you right now" or I'm trying to get in your pants following a compliment or a neg.

Seeding bounces and time bridges are another way of prepping, except they prep for dates or at least second venues rather than pulling straight to the seduction location.

Sensual preps like I miss the way you smell can work over the phone.

" I really want to" preps can also work to a degree as long as you stay away from overly vulgar and sexual ones like I really want to fuck you in the ass. Something along the lines of I really want to hold you or be naked with you is good.

Where else can we prep? We can prep private conversations, bounces, dates and getting back to your place by overselling. Having something to show her that you sell as the second coming of god.

Frames to set for one night stands and faster escalations:

Sexually aggressive: has to be a cold read routine like the ring fingers as you can't tell a girl she is sexually aggressive. Sexual predators routine. Setting the frame (Jokingly) that she is trying to pick you up and that she's trying to get in your pants.

Non-Judgemental: This can just be thrown out as a qualifier. " You know what i like about you is that you seem like you are really non-judgemental. I feel like I can be me around you. You don't seem like the type of person who judges others or cares what other people think." Non-judgemental about sex would also be good. But you would have to be careful that it doesn't seem like you are implying that she is a slut.

Makes her own decisions:
" You seem like the type of person who makes her own decisions. the type of person who if it feel right to you now you do it. You don't worry about what other people think of you."

Adventurous and willing to try new things.

Goes after what she wants:
This could easily be framed around what she would do if there was no chance of failure. If she's going after it then you reward her and tell her how much you respect people who go after the people and things that they want. you could even then throw in a story about how you planned to make friends with a minor celebrity and you did or met an ex at a bar because she was the life of the party and you were determined to meet her. You relate it to meeting people.

Here you can talk about how when you hit on the right subject her eyes light up and you can tell that she is a deeply passionate person.

You can also frame for flakiness by telling her how responsible and down to earth and honest she seems.

Then qualifying just means that we deliver an IOI based on that personality trait so we give her the approval to continue being that way. In fact you could even incorporate a push/pull into it by then challenging her to be more of that trait.

" You know what I like about you? You seem like the type of person who goes after what she wants like if there was something you wanted you'd go do it.

I really like that because I feel like life is short and you have to go after what you want to have the type of life you want or be the type of person you want to be.


"But I wonder if you go after what you want even when other people tell you not to or that it's not the socially acceptable thing to do."

Value sub-communications...

Value sub-communications.

There are several layers of communication that are happening simultaneously.

The major three tracks of communication in any given social interaction( In terms of TMM atleast) are phases of the emotional progression model


Kino escalation or advancing touch(Which is the most important)

And the punishment/reward sub-routine. The punishment/reward sub routine has a couple of different applications depending on where you are in the phases. In attraction we punish by negging. Whereas in comfort we punish by using freeze-ous and inserting pregnant pauses into the conversation.

Well another major way that people communicate is through thin-slicing as Malcom Gladwell called in in the book “ Blink”. Basically we stereotype others based on the behaviors that we have seen in the past filtered through our experience.

That’s why when you break eye contact down, wave your hands around a lot when you talk, speak too quickly, or rock from foot to foot while talking to a girl, they respond badly. The reason being that you have sub-communicated lower value.

When two people interact and one person is nervous the other assumes that they want something from them. If someone wants something from you they are inherently lower value. They lump you in with tge last guy who approached them who moved his hands a lot and spoke quietly and those guys typically were weird BOOM you are now classified as weird.

This directly contrasts with making strong eye contact, speaking loudly and clearly, taking up wnough but not too much space, etc. Which all convey higher status.

To me the best way to instantly convey higher status is to lock in. Locking in means that wherever you are, you move yourself or the girls to make sure that you are always the most comfortable person in the interaction. By leaning back against a bar and having the girls surround you, you show them that you are not going to stand around in empty space hemoraghing social value. You without saying a word show you are cool.

One of the really counter intuitive things about gaming is that in the beginning of an interaction, the person who is trying harder has less social value.

Others way to sub-communicate value are things like flash cash(Having a $100 bill wrapped around the outside of your wallet) Making her friends comfortable and liking you. One thing I have been using lately with great success is complimenting guys and obstacles when you start to lose their attention. I like to focus on things like fashion, energy or universally attractive roles(such as the mother of the group).

You can also sub-communicate value by the way you touch her. By showing her cool things on her body that feel good, like biting her neck or pulling her hair sub-communicates that we are good in bed. As can gioving a girl a slight neck massage before you kiss her….

You can sub-communicate pre-selection by spraying on girl’s perfume and then when asked what you are wearing, reply “nothing”. If you’re going to do this you want to go with something cheaper and smellier as we want them to be able to smell it. I use Love Speall by Victoria’s secret rather than Chanel # 5.

Leader of men can be sub-communicated by working mixed sets and being the leader of that group better than it can be conveyed by saying you are the leader of your tribe…

You can and should sub-communicate Willing to walk away by doing a well timed take away on a high attraction spike. The best time to walk away from a girl is when you have her laughing and touching you.

Using facial expressions is one of the best ways to sub-communicate things, it is much more powerful to Roll your eyes at a girl than it is to neg her. All communication is about reducing the signal to noise ratio and when you can make a facial expression that signifies you think she’s weird and aren’t saying anything that’s better than saying she’s weird.

You can also sub-communicate by touching a girl while you neg her. The Neg says one thing while the touch says the other. In general touch sub-communicates IOIS.

So when in field be aware of what your facial expressions, touching, and body posture is saying about you, because it can help you or hurt you.


Here's some new notes from my flight

I’m on the plane now and I can’t sleep. This sucks I took pills and nothing is happening…. GRR..

I finished up The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle which was really great, and I want to post some notes and passages that were particularly helpful and moving. So I’ll probably do that after I’m done writing this post.

While I was in Australia I read Sperm Wars, Vital Lies Simple Truths, and The Power of Now so my reading went very well down there. The next book on my list is The hero with a 1000 faces by Joseph Campbell and I want to check out The ethical slut too… But I also have some other things to read too…

I watched Stranger than Fiction and Employee of the Month so far too. Both were a lot better than I was expecting them to be. I honestly put on Employee of the Month and was expecting to be horrified, but besides a couple of corny scenes it was pretty funny and the Jessica Simpson is retardly hot… I think the three hottest girls in the world are all named Jessica. In no particular order
1. Jessica Biel
2. Jessica Simpson
3. Jessica Alba

Stranger than Fiction was interesting because I though Will Farrell was really good in a non-comedic role. And whoever the main girl was had a different type of beauty that was quite striking. She was a hundred percent not my usual type but had something about her that I really couldn’t put my finger on that was breath taking. She seemed alive, like the type of girl you want to be in a relationship with. I could imagine having walks and long meals with a girl like that… weird because it’s undefinable.

Now I am groggy from the sleeping pills and not able to sleep. Thank god for in flight entertainment.


Online shopping just cost me 500 bucks...

I found an awesome jacket and belt... Fuck. I am such a clothing whore... I need to lock my credit cards...

Luckily I have to go to the store to try on the jacket so it may not be that cool in real life. Hopefully.


Operation Stay up until 10 to avoid jet lag...

Soo tired. I have to make it until 10 PM so that I can establish a norma sleep pattern. I stayed up through the whole 13 hour flight from Sydney no sleeping at all despite sleeping pills... I wrote a couple of things I'll Post later today.

I'm going to keep a running blog of my attempts to stay up. Right now it consists of surfing the internet and watching the end of the Penn/Texas A and M game Acie Law may have the best reputation of anyone in college basketball not named Kevin Durant. Everyone talks about how clutch he is. He's currently being clutch in a cushy 10 point lead with 2 minutes to go. Not really the sweaty palms situation people are making it into.

I'll probably start Tucker max's book too in a few minutes that guy cracks me up. I also plan on doing some more online shopping, and looking through the AutoTrader to get a new car.

I'll keep up the blog process. I really don't see me leaving the house right now though.. I bought Casino Royale and I have an FB coming by in a couple hours... if I can survive post coitus I should be allright...

I'm really happy to be home, nothing like traveling to remind you how much sleeping in a good bed kicks ass.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Random notes and stuff....

Heading back to Sydney in about 15 minutes so I figured I would take the time to actually be productive and post some things that are rattling around my brain aimlessly.

I don't do email game or online game so I had thought I had messed up with my AZ girl and a few others when I wasn't getting emails back. Then today I got a flood, so that was nice. The girl in AZ is amazing,hot,smart,funny... for sure GF material. She's kinda HB perfect A.... or AZ if I want to be really lame.

The Don wants to check email so I will continue later...

Monday, March 12, 2007

Australian fashion is weird...

Went shopping today with the Don on Brunswick Street and I've started to notice trends in the aussie fashion.

1. V-neck and wide neck shirts... I'm sorry those are horrific fashion errors. They aren't cool, they aren't sexy, they just suck. There were like 3 cools shirts that I had to pass up because I don't like showing off my collar bones.

2. Horrible selection of jeans. Anywhere that Roca Wear or LRG, or LEE are considered designer should be nuked off the face of the planet.Twice. Local brand Tosuibe is also really ghetto. It's like the Broke man's True Religion except even less cool.

3. They have a lot of shirts that list places in the states kinda like those tourist shirts one would buy on Hollywood Blvd. Lame.

Overall the shopping here left a ton to be desired. And yes I did also go to Chapel Street and Turrock, which was reccomended by our DRUNK cab driver.

On the bright side I did find an Adidas shirt that says player on it and has a picture that looks EXACTLY like Toecutter. Like I swear the designer saw him on a DYD product or something. Exactly like him....


March Madness

I've been slacking on my sports coverage so for the 3 fans of sports besides myself and Savoy who read this blog here are my first overall predictions for the NCAA tourneys.

1. Florida will be in the final four. I know they looked like the 99-02 Lakers but when they turn it on(like against OSU) they blow people out.. badly. But I still don't think they are gonna repeat. I just think that their bracket with the only threat being a slumping Wisconsin team means they would have to melt down not to make the final four.

2. I really hope Texas makes the sweet 16 against UNC. Durant, Wright, Hansborough... That's a game that needs to happen. It'll also be interesting to see Durant guarded by Wright the only guy who may be freakishly athletic enough to stop him from scoring... 70. He'll still drop 35 and 15 on him. That guy's a beast. If I had the number 1 pick I'd take him over Oden any day of the week. He's 6'9 with 27 foot range. That's unreal he may be the best scorer ever by the end of the day. And he's third in the nation in rebounding and in the top 10 in blocks...

3. OSU isn't going to do anything... I don't trust that team at all. Greg Oden is a defensive prescience but has too much of that Lebron I don't want to slit the other guy's throat to win. He doesn't have a polished offensive game and Mike Conley can be stopped.. That team will flame out in the Sweet 16.

4. Don't sleep on Georgetown or UCLA. Both are WAY too consistent to get blown out or upset by a lower seed. they didn't make a ton of noise but they are both super dangerous teams no one wants to play.

5. I like Kansas. They remind me of the Pistons but I think for them to actually win it all they need Wright to step up the way Billups does in the clutch. He develops a mean streak in the first round and they become my choice.

As soon as I get internet on my computer I will post my complete brackets...


Sunday, March 11, 2007

The satisfaction of being done...

Finally done with my taching portion of the Oz tour and I am really happy with the results. Both groups of guys had a lot of potential and I think will be really good down the line.

A student today told me to remember that what I am doing is inspiring a lot of people and helping them live the lives they want. And it really meant a lot. I'm not sure if he read my last post,but that was definetly something I needed to hear.

Thanks also to everyone who posted replies to my last post it means a lot to know that I am affecting people and they are reading what I'm writing.

I'm really excited that tomor I get to be a student again as Toecutter is going to a do a best of seminar including cold reading, flirting skills and some persona development stuff he's never posted about. I know it's late, but there is still room availible Email if you want to avoid missing this. It's really exciting stuff and TC is a great speaker, very very charismatic.

I'm really glad I have a little bit of time off now. Not enough but it will do. I seriously feel like I could sleep for a week, and the bags under my eyes could hold groceries.... Fidelio Emailed me and told me to drink a red bull and quit bitching so I'm glad he cares:p

There's nothing like the feeling of bootcamp it's like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders, I know I'm probably putting too much pressure on myself, but I really do stress out on bootcamp and kill myself to make sure that everyone is getting whatever they need out of the course. Even if what they need is to sit and talk. Maybe one day I'll be able to relax during them, but I doubt it....

Anyway now I just want to relax, get drunk and enjoy tonight. I suggest everyone reading does the same.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Burned out

Tonight was a tough one....

The sets that last night flew open for the students were all of a sudden blowing them out left and right. Same Venue same crowd... no idea why the sudden change. I always feel really protective of my studenst and I have a major reputation for lecturing and yelling at girls who are rude. If any girls are reading this, SO what if some guy is attracted to you be flateered. There's no reason to be rude about it ever. Seriously just let them know that you are not interested in a polite way. There's no reason to ever tell anyone to fuck off... I had 6-8 students with me all night and I was caught in the great trap of workshop... Some of them wanted me to game, some wanted me to watch. The real value in WS in my eyes is in getting real time feedback and finding out what your individual sticking points are, so I always encourage guys to do as many sets as they can. We demo the first night and the second night I try to only wing for the guys...

I personally would much rather game than watch, but it's important to give feedback so I always have this loop running through my head... to game or watch. Tonight it got really bad as a couple students were adament to watch as I had a ton of guys in set. I don't give stock feedback, so I have to watch the entire set. So by the time I got to open my first set it was 1:30. It flew open and I was in hardcore until a winging miscue caused the obstacle to drag away.. Oh well I'm so exhausted now that it wouldn't matter the idea of talking anymore is slightly less attractive than having my head stuck into a bear trap.

I really need a break... I literally cannot keep this pace up. I have 11 days off including a 14 hour flight and trying to recover from jet lag before my next program in Vegas which is followed up on the Mon by Day game and that Fri starts my LA program than I think I have 2 weeks until London. I may have to cancel London or die...whichever is easier. I'm finding myself getting more and more annoyed with bars and clubs and gaming and I'd love to take a month off and sit on a beach with HBperfect. But it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I never got into this to be a guru or a teacher, it just kind of happened and as much as I LOVE the satisfaction I get from seeing guys get it(like late tonight) it's rapidly getting balanced out by how much I hate gaming. I am literally bored to death of my own small talk and have no interest in almost anything ANYONE I meet. Guy or girl has to say at this point. I almost miss my days working at Abercrombie where at least I could be anti-social and I could leave it at home for the day.

The pressure of always being on and having to game at the drop of a hat is getting to me. I'm not just a gaming robot and there are some nights where I don't want to. It's not even the students. For the most part I'd say 99% of the students are amazing but I put the pressure on myself. If I am in the airport and there's a hot girl I feel guilt if I don't game her. It's retarded and I do it to myself, but that's the way I got good. The major reason I think I got to be good is because I forced myself to game when I was sick and tired, and hating it. Because I was determined to get this skillset. But now that I have it I literally don't know how to turn it off. It's a compulsion, when I am doing my job and watching the studnets in the back of my mind it's there telling me that I'm just using that as an excuse for my approach anxiety... It never goes away. And right now I've lost the desire. The hunger that made me take huge sets and go into retarded situations is gone...

And then when I do game on WS I have 12 guys standing around watching and when a girl tries to bounce me, I can't because I can't leave the guys. SO it's really game until the guys see what you can do but forego your results which are the very reason you are gaming in the first place. My job forces me to game for other guys approval that I'm good rather than for my own sex life and I think that's why the drive is fading. I think what's the point if it's on and I can pull I still have to debrief 12 guys in front of her which will creep her out to the same degree that throwing a batch of spiders in her hair would... I'm not in this for guys approavl, I'm in this for the women and WS is directly and adversely affecting the outcome... and when every weekend is a workshop, well the desire to game starts to fade real fast.

I really need a break ASAP. And I don't think it's going to come, so instead I need to dig down deep again for the next month and make it happen, because I will not lower the quality of my programs. I have done fifty some programs without Mystery plus another 40 so with him and I have had 1 refund request. And the guy tried to schedule a phone consult afterward which led me to believe that he planned it all along. I can't let this affect my teahcing even if it means pushing myself to exhaustion and sacrificing every set I talk to.. I owe that to my students. And really every time I get emails from guys who I have helped, it is all worth. It's just hard to look back 4 years and remember that I WAS that student and if not for Mystery,Savoy, and some others who pushed themselves to help me, I 'd still be in a horrible horrible place. And Every weekend I'm helping bring guys out of those places. I truly do believe the community saved my life and I think that it has the potential to save a lot of others as well. I can't lose sight of that in my selfish whining.... Ok end of rant. I really just needed to get a lot of shit off my chest and I figure the blog is as good a place and anywhere.

Thanks for listening.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Book Review: King,Warrior,Magician,Lover

I finished this book a couple of days ago and I have been debating how to review it.

I enjoyed 90% of this book, as I thought the definitions of boy thinking versus man thinking were priceless, but at times it did tend to drift over into too much "energy" talk for my liking.

The most interesting part of the book, was the definitions of both the positive masculine polarities(King,etc) and then their "shadow incarnations such as the tyrant, the hero,etc..

My major problem with this book, was that it could have been a really powerful way of identifying yourself with the masculine energy that you are most in line with. That way you could figure out ways to bring yourself in line with either the King, Warrior... and focus on moving your life toward the energy you are most similar too. Instead Robert Moore the author focused instead on making the point that all of these energies exist inside each of us as well as their shadow incarnations and we should focus on moving into the positive sides of all of them. In this way it felt like a bad tarot reading, where a one size fits all cold read is thrown at us.

Overall I enjoyed the book and the exercises on self dialogue( The idea of sitting down and talking to yourself through writing form to see what perversions of the energies are invading your life and causing you problems) were really good. As where the idea of acting as if.

Acting as if means that you act in the manner you would were you channeling the full power of one of the energies. I relate this to pick up in acting as if you are confident and acting as if the girls want you to approach them, kiss them etc...

Overall I enjoyed the book and learned a lot from it. I just think that they could have knocked one out of the park and instead had to settle for a double, good but not a must read.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Blending attraction and qualification for Same night lays

New model:

My new method of blending qualification and attraction takes 4 phases.

1. Framing: Here we will frame her into behaving the way we want her to. For example, the reason that we no longer call girls powderpuff girls is because calling a girl a powderpuff girls causes her to act more ADD and like a powder puff girl. instead we want to tell a girl she is classy, and intelligent. That way she will act more classy and intelligent. We can also frame girls as sexual etc.. using something like Captain Jack's version of the Strawberry Fields. The basic idea of framing is that through telling a girl how she is, she will then act accordingly.

2. Qualifying her for being the way you have framed her to be. Here's where after telling a girl i met in Sydney a few days ago that she was very independent and did whatever she wanted to do regardless of what others thought of it. I then tell her that I like that and it's rare to have that quality at her age(19). We want to qualify the girl for being these qualities so that she gets rewarded for being independent, sexual, etc...

3. Prepping: Prepping is an idea I got from Future to make sure that you keep things in the right frame. The idea is that you let her know that you are trying to get in her pants or will be trying to kiss her, bounce her etc...

4. Finally you need to release as needed. Especially after you build the emotional tension of giving her huge IOIS for the way you have framed her as being.

This has been responsible for 2 lays in the last week. As well as three pulls by CJ.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One time one day seminar with Toecutter in Melbourne

So I hinted at this the other day, but I have finally confirmed that on Mon the 12th of March in Melbourne, myself and Toecutter Aka Vision from " The Game" will be putting on a special one day seminar on attraction with a focus on Cold Reading.

Cold reading is the ancient art of telling people truisms about themselves that seem to reveal a greater understanding of the other person. Cold reading is one of the best ways to simultaneously build attraction and comfort. If you are looking for a way to make sure a woman remebers you as the most profound person she has ever met, this seminar is for you.

If the seminar was on cold reading alone, it would be worth the price, but I have convinced TC to go over some of his other ways to build attraction that he hasn't revealed publicy before. Some of the stuff he has said he is going to be talking about is of great interest to advanced guys like myself and The Don who will both be attending.

I first found out about Toecutter and his palm reading from Savoy who posted a lay report on the old lounge about using it in San Diego. In fact my version of the Cube which frequently makes girls cry and everyone from Mystery on agreed was a killer killer comfort routine was based largely on TC's palm reading. In fact if enough guys ask, I will even teach my version of teh cube at this seminar. Something I haven't been teaching in regular bootcamps for about 3 months simply in the interest of time.

Well after a lot of convincing Toecutter has decided to stage a special one day seminar, on both cold reading and other attraction generating techniques. I will be watching with great interest at this rare oppurtunity to learn from one of the best guys in the game.

The seminar will run from 12-5 and cost $ 950, be aware that space will be limited to between 12 and 15 people so it will be very much on a first come first serve basis. If you have already taken a bootcamp and act quickly discounts may be availible.

No hype, no bullshit, just one of the guys I have learned a ton from teaching some of his best stuff for attraction.

I can't remember the last time I was excited to watch someone else teach.

For more info or to sign up email

See you guys there.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Dealing with Approach Anxiety.....

I have noticed that a lot of guys out there have some damn near un-tameable AA, so to help with that I want to introduce a rule that really helped me when I was starting. I think I learned this from Lance from PU101, but I may be wrong.

The idea is First set on the right. As soon as you get into your venue you open the first set on the right. It might be all guys, all girls or mixed, it doesn't matter. The idea is the sooner you open the sooner you start getting yourself into that talkative state that you need for pick up.

So when you go out tonight.... First set on the right.


Framing or CJ and Sinn figure out Aussie women

One of the most frustrating things about being down here in Australia, was how the women seem to ask these polite questions, such as " where are you from" but they are not IOIs. In the states if a girl asks either of these you can with some degree of certainty assume she's interested at least in continuing the convo. Not so here.

So in order to deal with this, CJ and I came up with the idea of framing those questions as mundane and boring early on so that we can move forward around those question ladders that don't lead to comfort. We've both been saying something like this

" You know I like Australian girls, but it seems like they just ask a bunch of superficial questions. And it's not that I want to avoid those, it's just that it's not the way I like to get to know people. I think there are like three different levels that people get to know each other at, and if you just stick to the surface level stuff you'll know about people, but never actually get to know them."

This has been working wonders. But it got CJ and I thinking that we could even use more framing, and use it in all situations.

The basis for this theory is something that I noticed a long time ago and have been teaching for awhile. Namely that women seem to have much more pliable frames than guys do. I think now that I have done more research on psychological identifying, it has something to do with women's roles being less defined since the advent of feminism and the destrcution of the housewife identity. My theory is that since women became equal in all senses of the word with the feminist movement, and were no longer expected to do one certain feminine role, they have now lost sight of what roles they may be more naturally inclined to playing. Guys still have fairly defined roles and have had a much greater head start on the road of undefined roles, thus making their frames and who they think they are harder to mold.

So what this means in terms of game application, is that women will act the way you frame them. if you treat a woman like she is your girlfriend, she will be. If you treat her like you are courting her, she will make you wait longer for sex. Whereas if you treat her like she's looking to get fucked in the ass in a bathroom she will go along with that as well.

Well now CJ and I are experimenting with setting sexual frames as early on as possible. I have been framing and reframing everything women do as trying to get me into bed, and the last few night I have had EVERY girl agree and act accordingly... So there's definelty some interesting results to be had with framing.

This lead me to my next point which is about putting together framing and something I got from Future which he calls prepping. Prepping generally extends mostly to phone and text game, where you prep the girl to your physical advances, so that you dont't have those weird moments of akwardness when you don't know how expectant of kino she is going to be. So you can prep by saying something like " I am going to try to kiss you..." When I got laid a couple of night s ago here, I prepped by telling the girl I was trying to get in her pants.

My internal pickup simulator tells me that the combo of prepping and framing along with a jealousy plotline is the best and most effective way to do same night pulls.

CJ and I are probably the best guys out there at same night game, and we both think that this new system of pumping buying temperature while framing her as sexual, then doing a take away at the highest possible BT, and introducing a passive jealousy plotline( a passive J plot being one where she is not involved, meaning you don't merge the sets, she just sees you with another girl) then returning and prepping her for escalation seems to be the new best model of SNL.

I also think that you now need to move every set twice before you try to bounce to a new venue. The first move could be as simple as saying that you need to grab a drink and she should keep you company, while the second move could be a normal oversell of a routine like the cube.

I hope this makes sense to less advanced guys, but my guess is it won't either way I'm gald to get it out of my head...


I'm back....

Shit has been crazy lately, so I haven't been able to update as much as i would like to.

The Bootcamp went really really well, as one student ended up getting laid and quite a few others did really well. I saw a lot of isolations, a lot of moves and a lot of kinoing. A million percent improvement from the first night. I'm still exhausted and not sleeping well, but I hope that will end soon.

Australians really seem to have skewed notions about Americans, it's almost insulting. Every time I open a set the response is generally we don't want to insult you by thinking your American.... That's not an insult. I am proud of being American and I really wonder what Aussies are taught about us, as they seem to think that we are all Bush/War supporters. It actually borders on xenophobia and for the first time in my life I understand what people go through with racism. Really a bizarre dynamic. It's not cool and I am disappointed that any country could be so bigoted against another. And that's what it is bigotry. Even some of the students said that they can always tell who the Americans are because they are louder... Not all Americans are loud. That's the thing about stereotypes, is that the innocent suffer along with the guilty(and I put myself into the loud category) but the bottom line is that you can NEVER tell what someone is like based on the color of their skin or the country of their origin, at different points in time people have done this and it has led to among other things, slavery, Apartheid, and the holocaust. It's a flawed way of thinking, and the funny part at least to me about the Australia situation is that they still listen to our music and watch our movies, so we can't be all that bad...

Overall I am enjoying the hell out of this trip, CJ, Dr Owl and I went to the Sydney Aquarium yesterday and that was really cool. I decided that in my next life I ant to be a Seal. That's the life lay around all day on some rocks, eat some fish and get laid during mating season. I also got to figure out how I would kill sharks if they ever attacked me. You duck and stab.

The weather has been really really shitty lately which has stopped CJ and I from even having one beach day. But all that looks like it's going to change today as I am looking out the window at pure sunshine. As soon as CJ gets up... which may be never, we will head to the beach to do some snorkeling.

Today's the last day I have for awhile to enjoy myself as tomor I have day game and Fri the BC starts.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Blogging pre-in field

So I got laid last night, she wasn't anything super was CJ's set and quite suprising I ended up getting laid as she was giving major resistance to all kino pre-cavemanning her on the roof of our hotel...

CJ used the chessyiest bounce ever inviting them to see the view from our hotel's roof... it worked though.

Great group here in Sydney, I have really high expectations for all of the guys in here, and I can't remember a better dressed better looking group iof guys on a bootcamp. This is the kind of stuff that is really exciting as a teacher, as all the guys here, seem to have their shit really together. Can't wait to see how they do in field.

I'm rush, rush, rush right now, but thank god I don't have the massive jet lag I had yesterday, if I can keep my energy level up everything will be fine.. if not, actually if not isn't an option.

I got to teach a lot of new stuff out of magic bullets, which is pretty exciting as I've been holding it out to coincide with the release of the book, but I figured that since it should be out on Mon, why wait. You can pre-order Here

Also got to meet two of our mods from the TMM forum Scooby and Malibu, both really cool guys who seem like a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do in field as well. My guess is they will both be pretty good.

Overall I'm glad to finally start the gauntlet as sitting aorund yesterday, time was crawling by at a snails pace, now atleast I'm rushed and i know how to deal with rushed. I literally don't know how to relax anymore and end up sleeping...

I feel ready for the camp tonight and I'm expecting a good night.