Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Going Snowboarding!!!

Hey guys,

I'm going out of town to do some Snowboarding somewhere where I won't be stalked.

So I'll be out of contact from today until Tuesday...

That means no email, no phone no nothing :)

This will be my first vacation in awhile and I plan to enjoy it :)

Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cutting Space Demo

Hey guys,

Here's another video on how to get closer to girls as you're talking to them without freaking them out.

It's all in the footwork, so watch as I school some young'ens like Olajuwon schooled Kobe over Summer.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Rules Of Touching Video

Hey guys,

Here's a clip from the last bootcamp where I share some touching stuff.


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Friday, January 22, 2010

" You Want It To Be One Way, But It's The Other Way.."

I love this scene, reminds me of many community guys...

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Sports Stuff!!!

First a question,

Frank Mir is

A. The UFC Heavyweight Champion
B. The Best trash Talker alive
C. An Amazing Human Being.

The answer is C.

Amazing Human Being Frank Mir(Who is SOOO on the juice) fights Shane Carwin soon for the right to fight Brock Lesnar again and defeat him due to chemical enhancements. I personally believe all athletes should be on the juice to entertain me more....

Also here's a list of Brett Favre's 5 Biggest Playoff meltdowns leading up to hopefully another one this weekend VS The Saints.

Favre Sucks Balls In The Playoffs

That is All.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Replay Link for Last Night's Call

Hey guys,

We had a great turnout of over 250 people on the conference call last night with Inner Game Guru Carlos Xuma.

It was a great call where we covered a ton of info from Inner game to "bringing out the Badboy side of your personality."

Be sure to check out the replay Here in order to hear it for yourself.

And be sure to hit me up with comments.

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Inner Game Teleseminar This Wednesday

I've got some exciting news for you:

This Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 7PM EST, my friend, Carlos Xuma
has agreed to do a one-time only Secrets of Inner Game teleseminar
just for you.

If you're not familiar with Carlos Xuma, he's been known for quite a
few years now as Being THE #1 authority on Inner Game in the entire

In this teleseminar, I'm going to grill Carlos and make sure he
reveals his BEST inner game secrets. I'm talking about
practical stuffthat you can use immediately.

This call is going to be a packed with high value content, so you're
going to want to make sure you take a lot of notes.

Here are just a few things you'll discover on the teleseminar:

- How the "inner game" of dating REALLY works -and why most guys
fail at getting "confident" with women!

- How to live the "Alpha Lifestyle" - what it is, and why it's your
key to success with women.

- Ever felt like women "own" you when you approach them? Carlos will
give you 3 ways to get over your "approach anxiety" - with no pain
or tears!

- How the "Bad Boy" gets women, and what you don't know about his
secret methods that could make you a rock star in your social and
dating life...

When you get your inner game handled, all the other techniques and
strategies become effortless and you'll be getting A LOT more girls
in your life that's for sure.

There's no need to register for this special teleseminar, here are
your access details:

Phone #: 619-684-9024

Passcode: 577602# (remember to press the #!)

Webcast link: Webcast

See you on the call!

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Friday, January 15, 2010

5 Ways To Avoid Post Bootcamp Problems

Hey Guys,

This is cherry picked from a mailbag I wrote a few days ago.

Here's my five best proven strategies
for avoiding the post bootcamp struggles that
await most guys who take a one time bootcamp
as opposed to a year long program like my own

First you have to understand the phenomenon
known as “ Workshop High”. What happens is,
because you have invested a lot of time, energy,
travel and money into getting the most out of
your bootcamp, you have a lot invested in doing
well there. Additionally during the in field sessions
you have the accountability and extra boost of motivation
that comes form having a coach push you.

Because of this most students actually tend to
“overperform” on bootcamps. That’s why a
student can get laid during a program but actually
go home without any increased level in his ability
to approach, date and seduce new women.

So to avoid this you need to do a few things.

1. Pay attention to the processes. Especially the way you mentally prepare yourself for going out and doing approaches at night. Make sure you pay attention to the first few approaches versus the last few. You should notice it was WAY easier to approach the 4th girl than the 1st and that by the time you did 5-6 approaches you didn’t even worry about it. This is how it’s going to feel every time.

2. Don’t be fooled by early success. Sometimes students ask me if they should stay in an interaction as long as possible or keep approaching. I always say keep approaching. You don’t want to have 1 great 2 hour conversation on a bootcamp with a girl who lives in a different city than you do. You do want to get used to a variety of reactions and learn what a good set is versus a bad one.

3. Pay attention to the way girls are reacting to you. This is uber important. You want to know what it felt like, and looked like when an instructor tekks you, you creeped a girl out or didn’t make a move soon enough. I always say, “the girls are the real instructors.” Meaning that the best feedback you’re going to get is from the girls reactions.

4. Make sure you don’t “ take time off to integrate all this stuff”. This is one of the biggest reasons that guys crash after bootcamp. Instead of getting out there and seeing how this stuff works in the real world, they decide to take a week or two break to re-read their notes or study. The momentum you get from a bootcamp is one of your biggest assets in terms of changing your life. Make sure you keep going out. Especially on the Sunday night when you’re tired and it would be easy to stay in your hotel room and sleep.

5. Understand that there is an ebb and flow to pickup. You won’t always be on and you won’t always be off. So understanding the ups and downs of the process helps. The guys who expect to get a phone number every approach after bootcamp; fail.

All right I hope that helps Jason and any other
guys out there wondering what to do after a
bootcamp. Although the best thing to do is
enroll in a year long program with follow
up like 12M2M.

Hope that helps you guys,

JS- The King Of Content

PS: If you want to get new up to date
information on pickup and dating every
month be sure to join Sinn’s Inner Circle.
Sign up at SIC

Spot On Review Of Up In The Air

Wish I wrote this.

Will Leitch of Deadspin on Up In The Air.

Up In The Air

Couldn't agree more with his take.

Thanks @JasonWhitlock fot the link.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where Are All The Sinns Of Attraction Products???

Hey guys,

With all the new attention I've had from being voted the World's best PUA, I've been getting an influx of people asking where they can get our products.

Since We don't have a one stop shop page with all of our products listed, I wanted to make a post today to direct you guys out there.

1. Our flagship product that explains what I teach and provides the basis for all of my material is our Natural Attraction DVD. In it I break down the four factors for Natural Attraction, as well as giving great examples of how to demonstrate each trait. You can get it for only $30

2. Every Month I release a new Sinn's Inner Circle. This includes a CD of the month featuring myself talking about a specific subject related to game, as well as a newsletter with 100% different content from the CD on lifestyle, inner psychology and skillsets. You can get a free trial to Sinn's Inner Circle at Sinn's Inner Circle

3. The Flake Elimination Toolkit, is a great product that focuses on eliminating flaking entirely. This includes real life transcipts of texts I've sent to women that led to dates and sex. You can get that here: Flake Elimination

4. The Day Game Course is our most well known and well reviewed product. It inlcudes a full DVD of in field footage, 5 DVDs of a $1000 per person seminar recording, 10 CDs, a full manual, bonus CDs on Instant Dates, TroubleShooting and much, much more. Get it today at Get Day Game

5. Advanced Strategies For Sexualized Comfort is one of our more popular products. It features a full CD overview of my exclusive Breakthrough Comfort process which has been described as backwards engineered love. It also includes a CD on Sexual Framing and a CD of my personal favorite routines to use for sexualizing an interaction with a woman. Get it at Sexualize Comfort

6. Lastly we have the first product I ever created; The Lay Reports book. The LR book features LRs and breakdowns by myself and some of the World's best PUAs including multiple entires by my # 1, 2 and 3 PUAS of the year Captain Jack, AFC Adam and Brad P. Get this product and step right inside the heads of 13 of the World's best PUAs. You can find it at Lay Reports Book

Hope that helps you guys,


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Podcast

A short review of the important things of the 2000s.

Here it be:


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Interesting Article on What Makes Jay-Z popular

Hey here's an article link over at Esquire on a Jay-Z story that kinda meshes with something I wrote about Tupac and Contrast awhile ago.

Tupac Article I wrote a few years ago : Tupac and Contrast

Jay-Z Article in Esquire: How Jay-Z Does Business


The 5 Ways To Maximize Your Bootcamp Experience

Hey Guys,

At this point I would ONLY recommend taking a Bootcamp with Brad P, or Adam Lyons. Other people like myself and Speer do more long term things with multiple trainings which are great. But I know a lot of guys are still spending thousands of dollars to take one time only bootcamp with fuckwads who are teaching watered down versions of stuff I taught 3 years ago.

So if you feel the need to spend 3Gs to take a bootcamp with one of the big time companies with shitty instructors (RSD, the company that shall not be named,Venusian Arts etc..)

Here's a list of ways to get the most out of it:

The 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Bootcamp Experience:

1. Take Notes. Break your hand if you need to, ask your instructor to repeat things or give you more time to write. The notes are what you are paying for on your bootcamp. You should have At least 10-12 pages per day minimum. Also be sure to write down anything you don't understand to remind yourself to ask your instructor to clarify later on. You should review your notes once a month for the next 3-6 months.

2. Don’t argue, just do. Everything an instructor tells you to do should have a reason behind it. Sometimes it may be counterintuitive or not make sense to you. Don’t worry about that, instead just do what you are told. If things are not working for you tell your instructor, but be willing to try everything first.

3. Be willing to Be Honest With Yourself And Your Instructors. There are parts of your personality that are not helpful or meeting and attracting women. You have to be willing to look at yourself and how you communicate objectively without getting your feelings hurt in order to improve. Don't take anything an instructor tells you personally.

4. Be process oriented, not results oriented. Don’t worry about how any of the other students are doing, or if the instructors think you’re cool. Focus on the process of meeting girls, and the results will take care of themselves. Try to focus on the processes for going out, getting warmed up, approaching, trying to get attraction, movement, etc. Focus on specific processes that you are practicing.

5.The Comfort Zone is the enemy. Your body will try to trick you, and make you feel like you are going to die if you do something outside of it. But it is only by changing our comfort zone that we can improve our lives. You don't have to do things that are extremely outside of your comfort zone, but be willing to push yourself enough that you feel it.


Later this week I'll write about how to make sure that you are still making improvements when the workshop high wears off.


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Monday, January 11, 2010

31 Degrees in Miami this last weekend.

Ain't no punchline.

That shit was cold.

We had a bootcamp set for the weekend and the guys were great sports and we actually were able to make a lot of progress as well as giving the guys an idea about their strengths and disadvantages and what to do next.

Unfortunately the freezing rain was an issue as well as the fact that since it was Miami our hotel room didn't have heat. This is not as much fun as it sounds.

I also missed almost all of the weekend's football games though I'm glad I missed that Pats game.

Anyway shout out to the 12m2m guys in group one for having a great weekend despite the bad weather.


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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Wire is AWESOME!!!

Hey guys,

As the 00-10s wound up I was egged on by several people to watch the HBO show The Wire. So I bought myself the DVD set for Christmas and so far I'm about halfway through season 4 of 5.

The collection of characters and different wasy that they all seem to move through the parallel worlds of the Baltimore police/political scene and the dope game on the streets is pretty spectacular. You add to it that every season and episode seems to build upon something we've already seen or add a new element or dimension to an already existing character is something I've never seen a show do before to this degree.

Friends of mine have been arguing for awhile about whether The Wire or The Sopranos was the best show of the 2000s and I'm not really sure right now. Maybe I'll have to re-watch the Sopranos at some point soon to get a fresh look as I remember being more into the Sopranos, but The Wire feels like it's done a little bit better.

But I'll reserve judgement until after I finish the series.

Anyone else have Wire thoughts?

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Female PSychology rough notes

Hey guys,

I'm busy designing the new 12M2M packets for bootcamp this weekend and I figured I'd share some of my notes here.

Here's half of the notes on my female sexuality talk, I'll put the other half in an email for the guys on my list tomor. If you're NOT on my email list sign up today by going to, you'll get a free 7 part video course on opening and attraction just for joining and you'll get to see the second half of this post tomor.

Here's the outline of my talk, or half of it at least!

Female Psychology: Day 1 –Hour 2

I. The Key to understanding the relationship between evolution and attraction can be stated thusly. Women are evolutionarily programmed to seek out the sperm(and consequently man) who will offer the best chance at helping her have healthy(and sexy) sons and daughters. Subconsciously this causes women to sort men into two categories, Lovers and Providers. Furthermore the difference between a lover and a provider often comes down to the man’s ability to demonstrate dominance. Dominance is THE factor that causes attraction, as women are evolutionarily programmed to seek out dominant men. If you want to learn more about evolutionary biology I suggest The Red Queen by Matt Ridley, Sperm Wars by Robin Baker, and The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins.

II. Another factor to understand is the power of the female sex drive. Society has been set up in a way to make it seem as if men are the only gender that enjoys sex. This could not be further from the truth. Additionally women do not experience their sexual peak until the age of 32 while men experience their sexual peak at the tender age of 18. That means women are continually becoming more sexual until the age of 32. To learn more about the female sex drive check out Nancy Friday’s My Secret Garden, Erotic Surrender by Claudia Varrin and the Story Of O by Pauline Reage.

III. Triune Brain Theory

Mammalian- Wraps around Reptialian. Limbic system. Hippocampus and the amygdala. Power station of our desires and motivations. Controls bonding and complex emotions such as jealousy, envy and love.

Reptilian- In charge of fight or flight instinct and automatic functions, also helps determine hierarchies and our need to dominate and one up others.

Cerebral Cortex- Controls Logic

IV. Logic Vs Emotion

All people make emotional decisions and then come up with logical arguments to support them.

What a woman says, indicates what she logically thinks she wants. What a woman does indicates what she REALLY wants

V. Sexual Arousal

Arousal is a combination of the Limbic and Reptilian brain. There are physical things happening as a woman becomes attracted. Arousal is an autonomic function.

Arousal must have the appropriate perceptual filter on it, in order for a woman to act on it(Credit SwinngCat for the wording). Each Brain system acts as a filter; logical- “He’s my type”, Emotional(limbic) Jealousy or Compeitition. Reptilian- Fear builds arousal. Women are sexually aroused multiple times a day but are not given the right desires to act on this arousal.

VI. Attraction is the feeling of wanting someone and the compulsion to act on that desire.

Attraction is a feeling, which means that it is transient and can end at any time.

Attraction in and of itself is useless without the proper amount of investment.

This is why investment and not attraction is the secret to seducing women.

Attraction exists only as a tool to increase a woman’s amount of investment in the man.

VII. Girls just want to have FUN!

Emotional Stimulation- What you gets you the girl is one thing and one thing only, THE WAY YOU MAKE HER FEEL!

Fun is the ULTIMATE attraction switch.

The Roles Emotions have with women and pickup

Using emotions to relate, ground yourself, and establish an identity for the

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Monday, January 04, 2010

My Annual Resolutions post- Video style

Here it is,

Feel free to post your own resolutions here for accountability!

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

I'm # 1- The People Have Spoken

Hey guys,

Just checked email for the first time in the New Year, and I saw that I had been voted the # 1 PUA of 2009 by readers like you over at TSBmag.

I'm really flattered by this as I don't consider myself a PUA, let alone the best one of an entire year, but it's very nice to be voted in by all of you.

So thanks for the votes, and I promise, I'll keep doing what I've been doing, bringing the content and calling out the charlatans...

You can read the full list at:

Top 10 List


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