Monday, March 31, 2008

Houston lair talk

Hey guys,

We set the lair talk location for Houston this weekend.

It's going to be at

Comfort Suites Galleria
6221 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77057

You can sign up by going Here

The mini-seminar is going to feature a talk by me on inner game and a talk by El Topo about advanced body language. You also get a free 15 minute phone consultation after the seminar.

It starts at 5PM Sat and goes till around 7 though we usually end up going later.

You can buy tickets for $55 at the door.

I've got some new things to add to this talk so I'm excited to do it!


Sinnterview Pt 2

The second part of my Pick-up Podcast went up today.

Check it outHere


Friday, March 28, 2008

Latest Video Blog!!!!!

Interview on The Seduction Chronicles

Hey guys,

I did an interview with Donovan over at The Attraction Chronicles.

Check it out Here

I'm going to be writing a weekly column over there EVERY Friday so be sure to bookmark that page and check me out on Fridays.



Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weekly Mailbag # 1

This email came from Blog reader MMAPUA

Yo sinn,

I don't know if you actually read this but anyway.

During your interview at pick-up podcast you talked about your reaction to negative people.
well I've got the same thing, basically I can't stand them.
but the question is should you leave them or try to help them become more possitive?
you being a person that says he loves teaches I assume you do the latter.

another thing you mentioned was that some time ago you got your personal validation from picking up women.
and now you get it from teaching other guys how to pick up women, basically.
but why is teaching more fulfilling than picking up women?
maybe this is something strictly related to you and not general for all guys per se.
but I'm just wondering could it be that having sex is just that much of a primary need that it won't be enough fulfilment for anybody?

it would be cool if you let me know your thoughts on this.



My answer:

Well MMA,

I always try to help people through their negativity. But I'm human and have limits to my patience. I tried with one friend for over a year and when I finally told him all the things I saw him doing, he got mad at me, called me a "dick" for saying these things to him and we stopped talking. The point being you can't help someone change when they don't WANT to change. That's one of the reasons I am not accepting all the offers for one on ones that are coming in or even bootcamps. I don't want to work with everyone. I only want to work with people who are willing to go as far as they can to get the changes they want in their lives. No tourists or guys wanting a fantasy camp. Thanks :)

As for the old fulfillment through sex question, sex is not by itself going to make you happier. But the ability to always have women in your life can do wonders. I personally remember the feeling of not being able to get ANY girls interested in me. It really felt almost like I was invisible and remains one of the worst things I've ever felt. But I never have to worry about that again. Which is nice. And is something that EVERY guy out there can have. I was talking to Zuzu on the way back from the airport after my flight was canceled. I was explaining to him how I set up my date to be the same every time. He thought it was brilliant, but it was just more elaboration on something I had taught him in bootcamp a year ago. I teach everything I did to get good. Most guys just don't follow it . If you follow a successful game plan and take the right actions at the right time without making excuses, success is almost guaranteed.

You asked why teaching is more fulfilling than picking up girls, and I think it relates to the idea of giving back. Call it adding value or anything else, but the idea that helping others and adding value to their lives is all that matters really resonates with me. I've been to the other side, where everything is just about yourself and how much sex you can have and brag to the internet about, and while fun it left me in a bad place. It may just be coincidence, but the more I try to help others the better my life keeps getting..

The last thing you asked related to sex being too much of a primary need to be fufilling to anyone. I think the idea of looking to get fulfilment anywhere but internally is fundamentally flawed. As my great friend TD once wrote men are responsible for generating their own emotional state. Fulfilment is a part of that. Your source of fulfilment needs to be related to your values, ideas, and personal code of conduct. I think David Deida said in The Way of the Superior Man that if you want the purpose of your life to be bangin as man chicks as possible, fine just be upfront with yourself. I think that just sex can be validating especially when it's with a particularly beautiful and interesting woman... and the it is the one thing we HAVE to do to keep our species around so there's that too:)
But it will never be enough validation, the same way that nothing will be enough validation until you come to a place where you have an inner peace about the world and your place in it. True fulfilment comes from recognizing the inherent impermanence of life and discovering that we are all we ever need and more.That sounded disturbingly new age-y so I think we'll end on that note.

If you guys have any questions don't hesitate to send them to Sinnstravel at I'll pick the email of the week and answer it on here or in a video.

Thanks to MMA PUA and Best,


El Topo is coming to Houston

Hey guys,

I just got done talking to El Topo and he's agreed to come to Houston as well and participate in the lair talk I'm already doing next Fri night.

Sign up here


There's also two spots left in the personalized bootcamp Topo and I'll be running Thurs-Sat. This is the second run of these new bootcamps, which include a fashion makeover, routine stack, and personalized exercises, routines and overall strategies for getting the life of your dreams. If you're interested in one of those spots email me.

Hope to meet a bunch of cool guys at the lair talk.



Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another review from Orlando

This one is from a member named Nektar

I’ll add my review to this thread.

First, you guys already know my high opinion of El Topo’s teaching ability, and I believe you got to experience that at the lair talk and REDstack seminar, so I won’t repeat what I’ve already said about him…bottom line, the products he puts together are solid.

One of the reasons why I decided to take a 1x1 with El-T was through word of mouth, basically a lot of PUAs who I know are good recommended the guy. The same can be said of Sinn – his reputation for teaching is among the best in the community. With that said, I decided to take his Breakthrough Comfort seminar.

In my opinion, one of the shortcomings in the Lovesystems bootcamp is that it focuses too much on attraction, leaving comfort on the backburner (at least in my July 2007 bootcamp). Breakthrough Comfort provided a very thorough review of deep comfort game, which is one aspect of game that a lot of guys (myself obviously included) don’t really understand.

I’m glad that a lot of the “newer” guys in the lair had the chance to take the REDstack seminar, SNL seminar and/or Breakthrough Comfort…this stuff is going to move us more in the direction of “real” game, rather than dancing monkey entertainment bullshit.


Hey guys,

I just did my first interview after leaving TMM. It was with A.J and Jordan over at Pick-Up Podcast.

You can check it out Here

We discuss my new take on teaching and the future of what I hope to bring to this industry.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My lists

Hey guys,

I posted a week or so ago hat I was going to build my own custom stack rom scratch. Similar to what Jerry Seinfeld did in the movie Comedian. So I’m treating myself like a student and filling out all the information that I ask students to supply for me.

Without further ado,

My lists:
10 things I am interested in talking about:
1. Writing, both good writing in books, movies, and TV but my own writing.
2. R Kelly. Including but not limited to Trapped in the closet and the musical I’m writing where he and Mr Biggs fight over women over the span of time as a an analogy to the futility of existence.
3. Female Psychology
4. Fashion
5. Sports
6. Art especially Impressionism
7. Music especially song writing and lyrics
8. Philosophy on life
9. Why I love animals
10. Comedy and performance art

10 things I screen for in women
1. Sense of humor
2. Good fashion sense
3. Graceful
4. Sexually aggressive
5. Physical
6. Outgoing
7. Not jealous
8. Not dramatic
9. Smart
10. Passionate
10 Qualities I want women to know about me:
1. I’m funny
2. I’m smart
3. I understand women
4. I’m good in bed
5. I’m fun
6. I love women
7. I’m not intimidated by anyone
8. I treat everyone exactly the same
9. I’m honest
10. I like to fuck

So those are my lists. I actually threw a couple pretty difficult things to deal with in there to challenge myself to come up with a stack that includes R Kelly and the fact that I want girls to know that I’m down for the “ All Night Long…

Tomor I’ll post my profile that I request from guys as well.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Lair guidelines

Hey guys,

I’m sitting here in the Orlando airport with the slowest internet connection ever, but that doesn’t stop me from bringing the heat…

I just finished doing a couple of programs for the guys in the TOP lair. Props to Zuzu for setting everything up! It was good to meet some of the guys down there. Zuzu runs a tight ship. It’s probably the best lair I’ve ever been to, and I asked Zuzu how he was able to keep the level of discussion so high. He said that running the lair came down to three things:
1. Make guys post 3 field reports a month. This is a GREAT idea! This forces everyone on the board to actually like go out and talk to girls. It also will quickly separate the KJs who will then be banned. I think this should be adapted by every board out there.
2. Once every three months there is a lair event. Zuzu runs what he calls an approach-a-thon where the guys meet up in a high traffic area of town and try to do as many approaches as possible. This is a great fun way to get guys to meet each other. That way the guys who get along can start to wing together and the other guys at least put names to faces. One of the funniest moments of the weekend was my continued inability to process why there wasn’t a prize for the winner. That’s just me being way too competitive though ☺
3. Moderate the bullshit off the board. I know it’s America and everyone has the right to say whatever they want. But the truth is a lair is only as good as the content on it’s board or email list. If that stuff sucks then better guys get bored and stop reading/posting. I don’t think in any way Zuzu censors anything but he does keep pointless threads and questions that have already been answered a bazillion times off the boards.

Really makes a huge difference. The TOP lair had a bunch of cool guys who were already getting results and still committed to getting better. Including RSDnation star Ratisse and long time ASFer Nilatek. Good to put faces to those names.

Overall the weekend was great El Topo and I did a lair talk on Fri night and then Saturday I sat in on ET’s red stack seminar which was the shit. His stacks are soo different it’s almost revolutionary. Then I taught SNLs.

Sunday I taught Breakthrough Comfort and then got stuck when my connection through ATL was canceled for the second time in two weeks. Which led to me creating a new rule for life which is never have a layover in ATL.

Here’s reviews from the weekend….

I ended up going to everything. The lair talk and all three seminars. I saw a lot of value in everything. Normally I don't endorse products or anything but I have to say that I would have paid more for these. Both Sinn and el topo are really good at the way they present the material and they do their best to make sure you understand it.

For anyone that that is hesitant about taking one of these I would say go for it. With my experience level I didn't know how much I would get from these but after sitting though them all I was fairly impressed. What course(s) is going to depend on the specific goals of the pua.

SNL- I learned some new stuff from this program but the big thing it did for me is that it solidified in my mind what I was already doing. For anyone not pulling and closing on a regular basis I would highly recommend this program.

Breakthough comfort- This program literally blew me away. The information that Sinn released in this left me with chills. As he was teaching this I was having epihanies pop up in my head. Ways I could use this and how I made girls fall for me in the past. Really powerful stuff.

Red stack- This is a massive tool for anyone that wants to be able to generate a highly dynamic interaction between yourself and women. Honestly if you are not getting the results you desire in set I would give this a shot. It's cheap for $500.

These guys told me they are planning on coming back in July. I would recommend taking these.

I’m really psyched that the first weekend of programs went so well. In the future I’ll be working with the greatest collection of talent in the community including El Topo, Captain Jack, In10se, AFC Adam and many more. It’s nice to finally have control over instructor quality! Life is good.


Friday, March 21, 2008


Hey guys,

Here's the big annoucement.. As some you guys guessed I am leaving TMM. Here's my official statement.

Sinn, Love Systems, and Mystery Method Corp are proud to announce the formation of Sinn's Of Attraction an exciting new provider of dating science products and services.

In recent years, I have taken on many challenges, including becoming a top-ranked dating science practitioner and innovator. My next challenge is to start and run my own company successfully. I am doing this with the full support and encouragement of Savoy and the Love Systems team.

We retain the highest regard for each other’s teaching, products, and dating science methodology and have no business or dating science-related disputes with each other. In the future, sometimes we will develop products and services together and sometimes we will do so separately. In fact, we are currently finalizing our first joint venture, scheduled for release this summer.

For those who want to get on my mailing list to be kept up to date about my future advancements, products etc.. Fill out the email form below.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Last chance for the Orlando lair talk tomor

Just a quick bump if you guys want to come see me talk tomor in Orl.

Sign up here

If you want to show up super last minute, you can sign up at the door for $ 55.

The talk will be held at The Holiday Inn on International drive. The address is :

6515 International Dr, Orlando - (407) 351-3500

Hope to see you guys there!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Routine Stack questions...

Hey guys,

I've gotten a TON of requests for routine stacks lately so I wanted to post something that could act as a guideline for the information I need from you to give you the best stack possible.

First off I want to explain what the benefits of a routine stack are. I'm not a sales guy so I'm just going to try to explain things the best I can. Not tell you that the world will end if you don't get one. Honestly, I'm so swamped with them right now, that the last thing I need is more orders.. The reason I like doing routine stacks for guys, is that a routine stack can form the bridge between a guy being able to open to being able to keep longer sets going, get into qualification and get a better feel for the latter stages of the pick up. This also takes away one of the main things guys worry about. " What am I going to say next?" By taking the focus off of the verbal communication by having stuff you know works, you can now focus on your expressiveness, your body language, your frame control skills, isolating and handling the group, etc... You know the important stuff. The other guys who really benefit from routine stacks are guys who can get attraction, get dates, but can't seem to close. By following the frames and escalations in a more advanced routine stack, you can move things along where otherwise you might sputter doing what you think the right thing to do is... By building up different frames, I can tailor any stack to a variety of subjects from getting girls to fall in love with you, to picking up strippers, to gearing your game toward same night lays. The other benefit is that you get stuff that comes DIRECTLY from your life. Which brings us to the original purpose of this post which is to outline some ways to get the most possible out of your stack.

1. Don't try to impress me with how much you know about game. This is really important. Because a lot of guys will send me nothing but preselection stories about ex-girlfriends, or they'll send me 8 pages of role plays they do with girls. Whether you have awesome game or you're brand new, I can make a stack that will work for you. But I need an honest assessment of where you are, so I can tell what kinda stuff will work best for you.

2. Have clearly defined goals. At the bare minimum you should know the answer to these two questions:
1. What kind of girls do you want?
2. What is your goal for every interaction?

3. Make sure that you flesh out the descriptions of the people in your life. Women are fascinated by who your friends are. You can also make any story interesting by having interesting characters.

4. Be sure to list any people, events, trips, ideas, etc.. that changed your life.

5. Include any people you really respect and admire. Who are your role models?

6. Make sure you give me a full list of where you've lived and why you moved there. That helps me from having gaps that I can't explain between stories.

7. Explain to me clearly what you want. I don't judge your goals. Whatever you want to get out of this is your business. Don't beat around the bush(Pun not intended) or be shy about wanting to get laid.

8. Explain to me what you like about your hobbies. This is a HUGE skill with women in general. One of the common compliments I get from women is about how much they like listening to me talk about things because I'm soo passionate. It's just me explaining why I like or don't like various things. If you can learn to do this you are ahead of 99% of guys. So if you like playing D and D, what do you like about it? If you like reading comic books, why do you like them. Why do you prefer one hobby to another. Etc.. This is huge.

9. Describe yourself. What do you believe in? What are your passions, What are your hopes and dreams, What are you proudest of , What makes you feel vulnerable, etc.. The better picture I get of you the more this works. Although I do a free phone consultation with these and sometimes it's more than one if I really need to figure you out.

10. Keep the lists to the number I request. I ask guys to make three lists. I'm sure I've brought these up before but they are:
1. A list of 10 things you are INTERESTED in talking about
2. A list of 10 things( Non-physical) things you want to screen girls for
3. A list of 10 qualities about yourself you want women to know

You can also use all of the above as guidelines for building your own stacks. In fact i may build myself a stack using my client guidelines and post it as I'm building and testing it out. that should give everyone a feel for the curve of integrating a stack. Plus I've been routine less for awhile and I like to switch it up. I'll post my lists in a few days and then what my response would be to someone with those lists... This is gonna be fun.

If you want to get your own routine stack you can buy one with the button below.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Girls are not always fucking with you...

I've started noticing a trend especially on the Dallas board lately of guys trying WAY too hard to be indifferent and hard to get. This stems from the constantly cultivated ideas of low self esteem preached about by certain guys in the community. These guys would have you believe that EVERY girl has a bitch shield and wants to tell you to fuck off so that she can go back to be courting by celebrities and rich guys plying her with their money. This just isn't reality.

A few years ago I made the decision that I wasn't going to rate girls anymore. The reason being that IMO the reason to rate girls was to try to figure out how they're going to behave. Well, girls who are hot can be nice pretty frequently as well as open to meeting someone cool. Key word being someone cool. You can't be cool if you constantly are thinking about how " You're a 5 and she's a 10" or if you think you have to constantly tease a girl even when she's sucking your dick...

The other thing that guys don't seem to get is the power of the female sex drive... Go out and look at the girls who are out. Really watch them. They are almost always looking around. Esp the hot ones. Because they want to get laid. They want guys who approach them and be fun and cool, and sexy. It just doesn't happen so they have to forgo their emotions and focus on the logic of what they are getting from most of these other guys. In fact the female sex drive is well documented but most guys in the community would rather read " The Selfish Gene" or " Red Queen". One of the major points of community classics like " My Secret Garden" or " Sperm Wars" is that women chase sex as much as men do. They are not trying to deflect sex, they are trying to get it.

One of the other things to take into consideration when dealing with women is their level of self esteem. Some girls even though they are hot they don't like themselves. This is especially common among girls who work in bars and clubs and don't really do a whole lot else as they realize that they are only liked because of their looks. This leads them to take into account the horrifying realization that they are not going to be pretty forever. Imagine being treated better than everyone else for 32-35 years of your life and then being treated just like your mother was when you were growing up pretty and didn't understand why she couldn't be cool. Girls know that their time will end and they recognize that if they are ONLY appreciated for their looks ( as many girls are) then they have this ticking time bomb in their mind. They know there isn't really anything else and that eventually they'll be alone... So they have some self esteem issues.

I feel like I'm ranting now so I want to end by making the point that what we are doing is not the entire game. All of our tactics, techniques, inner revelations, etc are half the social interaction. The other half is her. How she feels about herself, how she feels about you, how she feels about sex, etc... It is possible that girls are not playing games and that they actually like you and want to go to bed with you. It happens and when it does too much game is not the answer. Game is all about making the road from meet to sex, as fun and easy as possible. Sometimes girls are ready and throwing themselves out you. You just have to have the social intelligence to see it. And the first part of that is realizing that despite what you've read on the internet, hot girls are not better than you. They're just people. A guy once wrote a post called " Be nice to girls" I think I'll end this post with a similar idea which is be nice to girls when they're being nice with you...


Monday, March 17, 2008



I wanted to write a post about the idea of sexual escalation.

There is a major difference between escalating touching and escalating the increasingly sexual nature of the interaction. In the classic MM model of seduction, a premium is placed on the idea of maintaining higher social value at the expense of direct sexualizing of the interaction. This is because guys buy into the completely bullshit idea of " The Seven Hour Rule". That some magical bell goes off in a woman's head when 420 minutes have passed and all of a sudden you guys end up in the bedroom and sex just happens. or the seduction is mutual as it's sometimes explained.

Unfortunately this just doesn't correlate to real world situations. In the real world it is very possible to have sex with women within 30 mins if you know how to recognize the signs and escalate sexually in a comfortable manner.

The key to this for me is the idea of letting the girl know you're trying to fuck her but you like her even if you guys don't have sex. My overall frame which I verbalize to women after there is a mutual attraction( Meaning that I have already gotten her attracted to me and qualified her for things other than her looks) is that I like them, they're adorable and I want to hang out with them. But I'm always going to be trying to fuck them. But even if we don't have sex it won't bother me. And this prompts congruence tests, girls will say things like " You're not going to sleep with me" or my favorite " You're not going to sleep with me tonight!". I love the second one because it assumes we're going to sleep together at some point past tonight(Passive acceptance of my frame). This is good I've induced a congruence test based on getting her into bed. If I can pass these tests, I gain value sexually. My responses are always the same " We'll see" . Then I tease her for liking me. This creates a great push/pull dynamic where I'm chasing her by trying to get her into bed and then pushing her away for liking me. Thus creating a space where only a sexual relationship can happen. Combined with sexual framing, this is lethal.

Once this frame and push/pull has been created I can now over-escalate ( By getting too sexual, Escalating too much in the venue.. etc) and blame it on her. After all I told her what was going to happen. Now I can also dismiss her and she will stay. I can say " Seriously this is sooo bad and I'm not going to stop. Do yourself a favor and don't let me undercook your muffins". It's a weird phrase which plays on confusion. And I did steal it from an Atmosphere song.

The key to avoiding being a horny guy or pushy is to constantly dismiss her. You need to make the escalation and then warn her about you. I talk about how I'm not boyfriend material and will fuck her sister, break up with her before major holidays, etc... But I am charming. I also mercilessly tease girls about how much they like me and how they are making a bad decision. But it might be bad in a good way.

This is one part of how I create a sexual interaction faster than anyone not named Captain Jack. The second part is using sexual framing to name and bring out the parts of her that want to have sex then and there, while shrinking the parts of her that are socially conditioned to not be a slut.

Hope that clears some things up for everyone.

Hit me up with Comments!


Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hey guys,

I really wanted to make the put up the post yesterday but we're delayed due to technical difficulties. Don't worry it's coming soon.



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Houston Mini-Seminar

Hey guys,

Here's the Event page for the Houston Mini-Seminar.


Can't wait to see you guys there!


Monday, March 10, 2008

Huge announcement on Sat the 15th.

Make sure to watch this space and the attraction forum on the 15th for a huge update about me.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Ass cup of destiny!!!!

I'll probably write a longer post about sexual escalation at some point this week, but for now I want to add a small piece that I've been using when it's on.

It is the Ass Cup of Destiny(ACOD for short). My thinking was that there has to be a way to figure out how comfortable a girl is going to be with you putting your hands in her pants. IME that's where you're going to get your LMR when you do things in a sloppy way. I've never really gotten LMR before the pants. So I started thinking about how you could test for this in a venue, on a date or walking up to your place.

It started off with me reading a zan post about how he was talking to these two girls while he had his hands on each of their hips under their thongs. But that wasn't quite intimate enough. It hit me one night when I was on a date. It was on there was tons of sexual tension, I had set all my sexual frames and we were in the process of walking from one bar to another, when I noticed she had a much nicer ass than I had realized earlier. So i said something like " I really want to grab your ass right now" she was silent which I always assume means consent and I stuck my hand down her pants and cupped her ass. I also learned she wasn't wearing underwear at this point :)

So since it worked once I decided to add it to my game. I've now used this for the last few moths on dates and SNLS. It's a great tactic because it involves you putting your hand down her pants to get her used to it, but doesn't involve anything she can actually get mad about or turned on enough for her to lose state.

Obviously it has to be on and you have to have a sexual vibe and frames set in order for this to work. So have some common sense and don't just run around shoving your hands down random girls pants as you will get in trouble. And rightly so. So that's my idiot disclaimer. But when it's on don't be afraid to cup that ass.

Since I started this technique, I have yet to not close a girl who allowed me to cup the ass...


Friday, March 07, 2008

Orlando Lair talk

Hey guys,

I'm gonna be talking at the Orlando lair on the 21st of March.

We just created an event page for it so i wanted to post the link on my blog and let you guys have first crack at it.

Here it is

Hope to meet a bunch of you guys down there!


Thursday, March 06, 2008

How " Curb Your Enthusiasm" helps your game.

As many people know, both CJ and myself are big fans of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" as we find larry David's particular brand of asshole behavior hysterical. He also reminds both of us of Shaft except way more of an asshole.

Onto how this applies to game. As many people have no doubt read here or on CJ's blog. We believe that the number one rule of pick-up is to ignore anything that doesn't help you. However this can lead to uncomfortable silences if you don't know what to do while ignoring something.

I'll list a few of your options while ignoring things.

1. Talk louder than what's being said or done. This is an active frame control technique. Meaning that you are actively trying to shift the attention of the interaction off of what you don't want and onto your own conversational threads by simply being louder. This can come off as try hard.

2. Act like you didn't hear what was being said. This on can be highly effective. You just act as if you didn't hear what the girls just said and continue doing your thing.

3. The Larry David. The LD is a combination of entirely ignoring what the other person just said and changing the subject to something completely different. The best example comes in the pilot episode of the show where Larry is being talked to about a friend's dead someone( Mother?) and instead of answering the questions of what he was doing and what took him so long, he asks if they can believe his gum only costs 79 cents. The essence of an LD.

So when ignoring things, it can be greatly helpful to remember our bald friend Larry David and change the subject to something non-sensical.


So-Cal Lair talk details

So here's the details for all of you guys who want to come to my talk for the So-Cal lair a week from today.

You can sign up Here

I'm going to be doing an in depth discussion on inner game and some pitfalls guys can fall into over the course of their time in the community.

See ya there.


Monday, March 03, 2008

Saturday, March 01, 2008

First three lair talks are scheduled!

Hey guys,

Couple of things, first I want to thank everyone for the outpour of support for my lair talk tour idea. I really appreciate it and will try to get to EVERY lair I can. The only real issues are monetary, as I can't really afford to fly out somewhere and get a hotel for a free talk :( I'm gonna try though...

On to the announcement. The first three talks have been schedule and will be;

1. Socal Lair- March 13th.
2. Dallas- March 17th
3. TOP Lair in Orlando- March 21st.

I'll be updating later this week as to the topics of the talks. Usually i let the group pick what they want me to talk about. So if you're hitting me about a lair talk make sure to include what the group wants to hear about.

Can't wait to meet all of you guys.