Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quick Note...

Hey guys,
I’m about to go meet the12M2M guysfor their in field training, but I wanted to give you a quick Sinn’s Inner Circle update:

It looks like the Natural Attraction teleseminar I have scheduled for next Thursday is going to be booked solid. If you ordered your Sinn’s Inner Circle introductory package by midnight, last night, your in.
On Monday, I’ll be sending out an email with a special email address to send your questions to.

Reminder: if you haven’t ordered your introductory package yet, please do so now as the site is going down midnight, Sunday.
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Friday, January 30, 2009

Back To Vegas...

What's up guys!

So I'm in Vegas again, and I don't really feel like I'm back.

Or maybe I feel like I never left, can't tell anymore...

I'm super excited for this bootcamp as it will be the last one I do until June. As well as the last bootcamp for the first session of 12M2M.

I created a challenge within the three groups to see which group could get the most approaches done over the weekend per group. Group A is in the lead right now with 13.5 aproached per student. But hopefully group C will be able to beat that this weekend.

It also happens to be Super Bowl weekend as well, which means that I get to lose a lot of money on prop bets. I'll have my official guide to the Super Bowl and Prop Bets up on the the sports blog which you can find in the resource page.

Next week I'll have a bunch of cool articles coming for you guys. I've finished Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead in the last couple of weeks and I'll be posting what I got out of Ayn Rand's writings and how I think that can be applied to game. I definitely don't think you need to read almost 2000 pages of classical writing flavored with Objectivist thinking to get the value out of Rand. Honestly I didn't feel I got much out of either book, that I hadn't already learned. I'll also be starting my next overall series of articles on stereotypes of guys who attract women. The first one is going to be on shady hustlers and how they get girls. This is the category most promoters and "producers" fit into. This guy tells women whatever they want to hear to get them into bed. I'll detail the pros and cons of this approach next week. I also have a couple of other cool things up my sleeve and possibly another audio mailbag.

So I'm psyched, this year is going to be really exciting for me! I'll even be leaving Dallas in about a month to go somewhere much warmer, but I'll talk about that when it gets closer as well. Hopefully 2009 will be the best year so far for all of you guys(and girls) reading this as well. I implore all of you to start working towards the life of your dreams this year. You have to start sometime and now is as good as any.



P.S. I got quite a few emails with people asking me if they were one of the 212 people to order the Sinn’s Inner Circle Intro package. Apparently our server crashed for about 10 minutes yesterday when I first announced the link and everything got out of control. Because of this technical mishap, I’m going to keep the site up until Midnight, Sunday and then I’ll take it down. I figured that’s the fair thing to do. You can get your package at

P.P.S. Because of the technical malfunction, as long as you grab your package by Midnight TONIGHT, you can still get in on the Natural Attraction teleseminar I’m doing next week.

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56 Minutes to Go!

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You MUST have Quicktime to listen to the Audio Mailbag!

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I posted the link to the audio mailbag here yesterday (Here)

Then I got a ton of emails and comments from guys asking why it wasn't working.

You need Quicktime to listen to the audio mailbag, you can get quicktime free with a google search.



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Free 40+ Minute Inner Game Audio Mailbag!!!

Hey guys,

As you may remember a few days ago I sent out an email containing the Ultimate Secret To Inner Game.

In that email I urged every guy who has questions about stepping up, and being a man to email me. The response was AMAZING! I got close to 200 questions.

I sorted them each of them myself, and then I sat down and recorded myself answering the best of the questions as if it were asked by a student in front of me.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Natural Attraction Part 2-The Characteristics

Welcome back,

Yesterday I broke down the process of attraction, as well as what it means to be natural. Today I want to jump into some more specifics by filling you guys in on the 4 characteristics to Natural Attraction.

One quick thing I want to mention, is that Attraction also has 5 frames that define the phase as well. I did a video on these 5 frames that you can find somewhere on my Youtube pageHere.

Now let's get into the characteristics of Natural Attraction. I spent a good deal of time going over routine after routine, reading EVERY pickup E-book, Archive, and product out there to come up with this system. This system is the result of almost 3 years of field time since I dropped my reliance on canned material as well. It all boils down to 4 characteristics we want to convey and the mechanisms we can use to convey them.

The 4 Characteristics are:

1. Confidence. Confidence is a huge thing, but until now NO ONE in the community has attempted to define it. Confidence has a lot of qualities to it. The most important one is being non-reactive. On the DVD I define what it means to be unreactive. I'll give you a hint for now, unreactiveness is a combination of two qualites. The first is your ability to be internally validated. The other you'll have to wait for the DVD for :) I also give the best definition of confidence I have ever heard, and teach you practical real ways to come across more confident. If you've ever wondered how to " fake it till you make it" this is how.

2. Interesting. Being interesting is one of the most important factors to attraction. This is why I've always had a problem with companies that teach guys to attract women, without teaching them how to be interesting. You can have the best body language in the world, be confident, well dressed, and good looking, but if you can't hold an engaging conversation, you're not going to be able to consistently pick up beautiful women. I'll give you guys a little peak into being interesting. One of the best ways to be interesting, is to teach the woman something she can either use to impress others, or even better something she didn't know about herself. This is where techniques like warm and cold reading come into play. These techniques along with about 10-15 more, make you interesting. You'll see that most of the community's routines and canned scripts are little more than interesting information repackaged for mass consumption.

3. Fun. I always say fun is the ultimate attraction switch. But some guys out there still don't know what makes an interaction fun for women. Fun is fully definable. Fun is a surplus of positive emotions. The more good emotions you make a woman feel, the more fun you are. Humor is one of the biggest tools for conveying fun. Whether or not you want to believe it, I have NEVER met a guy who was great with women who wasn't funny. If you want to get better results with women, you HAVE to be able to make them laugh consistently. If you need help with this, you can take Improv classes, watch more stand up comedy or just try to make more jokes in day to day life. Another major tenet of fun has to deal with the idea of self amusement. In the DVD I break down self amusement to the 9th degree. If you've always been the type of guy who didn't know how to relax and have fun, this section is a must watch for you. There's quite a few other ways to convey that you're having fun and help women enjoy their interactions with you. But I cannot overestimate how much having fun helps with picking up girls.

4. Masculine. Masculinity is a huge factor in attracting women. As we talked about last time, attraction works on the idea of tension. The tension should ideally be created by the opposition of polarities. You are masculine and she is feminine. You have to understand what characteristics are masculine. There are quite a few of them ranging from dominance, and maturity, to the ability to lead. Furthermore by figuring out and playing the masculine polarity role in the interaction, you lead the girl into playing a submissive feminine role. All of this is like rocketfuel for seduction as roles provide the building blocks for frames. Another thing that's important in regards to masculinity is learning what it means to be a man in today's society and how the roles of men and women have evolved over the past three hundred years. Coming to grips with both the bad and good aspects of being a man is a huge blindspot for most guys. By learning about how to be a successful, purpose-driven, mature, dominant man you fix an area of your inner psychology. Which will then lead to better communications and subcommunications with women.

So now you get an idea of the type of things we want to convey. In the program I go through specific ways to convey these characteristics. I also give examples of community material and why it works according to these four characteristics.

Take for example Mystery's idea that being a protector of loved ones is an attraction switch. If you look at telling a story about protecting your friends and loved ones, what does it convey about you? It says you are responsible, you are able to empathize with others, you are unafraid to put yourself in trouble for people you care about,and about 20 other things. But mostly it says you are a mature person. The one definition of maturity that came up over and over in books like "Iron John" or "Fire In The Belly" was putting the good of others and society before yourself. So you could say demonstrating you're a protector is actually demonstrating the quality of maturity which is a sign of masculinity. But it's only one aspect. There are at least 20 other ways one could convey maturity and masculinity from your opinions on things to demonstrating patience and calmness in the face of pressure. Natural Attraction allows you to demonstrate all those things without the need for canned lines and routines. By learning what type of man women naturally respond to, you can learn to work, toward becoming that type of man.

Be sure to be watching the blog and the mailbox tomorrow when I'll be giving you guys a special gift as well as a chance to get your own copy of the Natural Attraction DVD FREE!!

Same Sinn time, Same Sinn station,


Monday, January 26, 2009

Natural Attraction Part 1- What is Natural Attraction?

What's up guys?

Today I have the first part of my two part series on Natural Attraction.

In the first part of this series, we're going to define Natural Attraction and the attraction process. In the conclusion tomorrow, I'll be showing you guys how to convey Naturally Attractive characteristics.

As with anything I teach, I always strive to define it first. Furthermore to define Natural Attraction, we first have to answer two other questions that often confound newly minted PUAs. Namely, what is attraction? And, what does it mean to be natural?

First let's define attraction. Many people have incorrect definitions of attraction. This can be dangerous, because definitions affect any course of study. So, first we have to ask what is attraction? The first thing you have to understand about attraction, is that it is first and foremost a feeling. Being that it's a feeling, it is transient, fleeting and can be created or destroyed at ANY time. Secondly the feeling of attraction is the feeling of being drawn to something or someone.

In order to fully understand Natural Attraction, you need to differentiate between the 3 types of attraction. In the upcoming Natural Attraction DVD I'll expand on this further, but for now, you guys should all understand that there are three different types of attraction; Sexual, Value based and Attention based. Being able to differentiate between the three, helps you to know what you need to communicate to move forward.

Ok, now that we've defined attraction, we need to figure out what it means to be natural.

When it comes to approaching women, there is a natural way to do it as well as a synthetic way. The synthetic way consists of pre-planning routines, physical escalations, soundbites, grounding sequences, etc. This is something you do, as opposed to something you are. It consists of consciously manipulating the way you come across in order to be attractive. In essence it's being a method actor. I did this for almost 3 years. Unlike guys like TD, I'm not here to tell you this style of game doesn't work. I got laid a lot, by very hot girls. I also felt like I was tricking girls, and manipulating girls who didn't like me into bed.

The natural way of approaching women, has to do less with pre-planning and scripting, and more to do with understanding the process of attraction and how to bring out the authentic parts of your personality that girls will be attracted to. This is what it means to make game a part of who you are, as opposed to being something you do.

In order to make the transition to Natural Game, you have to start internally. Once you have established a healthy set of beliefs, worked on becoming a more positive person, learned to identify and work on your insecurities, etc... Then you have to start learning how the process of attraction works.

Attraction works mainly on the idea of creating and then ultimately releasing sexual tension. Think of attracting a woman as emotional foreplay. You are teasing and arousing her and then not letting her get any completion. This is why tactics and techniques like Cocky and Funny answers, barriers, disqualifiers, Push/Pulls, Teasing, Confusion game, work so well in the attraction phase.

To take it a step further, you have to understand the overall structure of the attraction phase. Mystery inadvertently defined the attraction phase when he wrote down his groundbreaking discoveries on qualification. Mystery introduced a model for qualification known as Bait-Hook-Reel-Release. This model effectively describes the entire attraction phase.

No matter what you are doing in attraction, you have to bait the girl(s) interest. Once you've got their interest you have to reel them in with emotional stimulation, or value. Once they're reeled in a little bit you release to continue to build sexual tension, then bait them again to move forward. All of this generates compliance, momentum and investment. Whether you're using routines or going natural... Attraction will ALWAYS follow this structure. This structure allows us to manufacture sexual tension at will.

That's gonna wrap it up for today. Be sure to be back tomor when I'll reveal the first two characteristics we need to convey in order to build attraction.

See ya back here tomor!


Friday, January 23, 2009

The Men of Sex And The City-Part 5: Mr Big

Writing this article was kind of the whole idea behind this series. Of all the characters I've ever seen on TV, no one comes closer to a guy who actually gets girls in the real world than Mr Big. From the way he ignores tests and questions he doesn't want to answer to the quality of his answers. The writers created one of the coolest most realistic bachelor characters ever seen on TV.

Let's start at the beginning. Until the last episode of the series on HBO you never find out Big's real name. I think this is an important part of his mystique. Mr Big the character was designed to be cooler, suaver, and bigger than other guys Carrie dates, for a reason. He symbolizes what Candace Bushnell the writer of SATC the book wanted her men to be. Obviously SATC is semi-autobiographical, and I make that assumption having not researched anything the writers have said but looking at the fact that both Carrie Bradshaw and Candace Bushnell are CBs and they both wrote and lived in NY in the approximate same time frames. The reason this is important, is because it shows us that Mr Big is the epitome of what a reformed party girl expected her dream guy to be like. It's because of this that Big becomes more important than the other characters. Because much like John Galt in Atlas Shrugged, he's the writer's ideal of the perfect man.

Carrie and Big meet on a street initially, then keep running into each other randomly at events in NY's see and be seen scene. Finally they make a time and a place to run into each other on purpose. Big specifically keeps it vague here. Which leads Carrie and Co pontificate on whether it's a date or not since he called it a "drink thing." There's a good lesson there! Keep things ambiguous early on. Women are what I like to call meaning-makers. That means that they always want to try to figure out what things mean. If you say something that is easily interpreted, the discussion about you doesn't last long. If you say something vague, you become the topic of discussion for half an hour...Confusion is one of the most relevant emotions when it comes to attraction. If you can can confuse a girl ( not weird them out) they'll invest more in the interaction and the more they invest the more committed they become.

Mr Big already has a reputation,in fact Carrie first describes him like this " Mr Big, major tycoon, major dreamboat, and majorly out of my league." And this creates another piece of the puzzle when it comes to attraction. Bragging Rights. The fact that her promiscuous friend Samantha strikes out when she tries to pick him up helps. There is an overlooked reason why girls have sex with celebrities, athletes, members of entourages and well known bachelors. It's bragging rights. The same way that guys like to brag about banging a "10", girls want to brag about landing a guy who seems out of their league. Or that they beat another girl to get. Remember girls compete much more covertly than men who are allowed to compete overtly.

Last blog post, I had mentioned Toecutter's 3 Leagues theory. This is where it applies. Basically ( And again I'll apologize to TC for mangling his eloquent theory) There are three things you have to do to get a girl. The first is that you have to show her that you're out of her league. For a long time the community thought that the only way to do this was through negs. Turns out there are a lot of Natural Attraction ways to establish that you're out of a girls league. The second thing you have to do is show her that she actually is in your league. This is where qualification and seeing and appreciating the girl for who she is comes into play. And lastly you have to show her that both of you are out of everyone else's league. This relates to the idea of conspiracy one of the best ways to build a connection with a girl quickly. The three leagues theory is a great overall guideline for the process of picking up a girl. Mr Big shows up out of Carrie's league. He also socially proofs himself when he introduces Carrie to a Supermodel friend of his at a Fashion Show. He shows Carrie that she's in his league with the way he flirts with her and asks her out. He even leaves his friend at a brunch place to suggest a date with just the two of them. And finally he shows her that they're out of everyone else's league throughout the whole 6 seasons of the show as both of them value their connection even when they're "just friends."

Mr Big is a master at ignoring things that don't help him. Whether it's his reaction to Carrie blurting out "I love you.", or her prying about where the relationship is going, or why she can't keep stuff at his place. This is probably the number 1 rule of pickup and dealing with women in general. Ignore things that can't help you. If it's not useful don't react to it. If it's really important to her, she'll keep bringing it up. But if it's just some passing thought that isn't that important, but could start an argument, let it go.

The second thing Big does is he perfectly embodies the way to pass congruence tests. One of my favorites comes in Season 2 when Carrie says "You're very arrogant." and He replies "I thought that's what you liked about me." Or when she asks him what he thinks about Soulmates and he replies " I like the word soul and I like the word mate, other than that. I have no idea." Another good one that I've subsequently stolen and used on many girls happens on their first date when Carrie shows up wearing what is affectionately referred to as " The Naked Dress". Big looks her up and down confidently. Which if done right can be a huge turn on for a girl. I myself, make it a habit to get caught checking out every girl I'm out with. Big looks at the dress and goes " Interesting dress." To which Carrie replies " Meaning?" and Big responds instantly " Interesting dress." In natural attraction you rely less on scripts and more on general principles. Big always follows the correct principles. He never argues, he always agrees, or repeats himself confidently letting his subcommunications do the rest. He also exaggerates and turns things around on Carrie all the time. All these tehcniques are things I teach when I teach natural attraction.

Another thing Big does well is demonstrate he understands Carrie better than she knows herself. Showing an ability to understand women and more importantly the particular woman you're talking to is huge. In my new system of attraction I teach something called a 1 plus 1 model, which is designed to help you understand the girl in front of you by looking at her body language, fashion choices, facial expressions, actions, group of friends and more. It's super key to demonstrate this ASAP. It's different than demonstrating that you're "preselected" this is more about showing you get how girls think. The subtler you can be the better. There's a great example of this where Mr Big tells Carrie she's never been in love during their initial car ride meeting. He also uses some great examples of bait and grounding.

The last thing I want to talk about that Big does is using barriers. One of the biggest misconceptions early on in the community, was that you have to lower a woman's self esteem to get them to chase you. That's incorrect. However establishing barriers that can or would prevent you from being interested in, or getting together with the girl is hugely powerful. This is what sexual tension is made of. When there is no actual barrier, creating one adds sexual tension where otherwise there would only be release. As men we don't quite understand this. Anticipation and pursuit are an important part of sex for most women.

Big continually establishes barriers from other women, to business calls, to refusing to introduce her to his mother. There are all sorts of challenges for Carrie to overcome. Which again proves that the more a girl invests in your relationship be it physically, emotionally, sexually, financially, or other, the more interested she becomes.

A lot of guys biggest problem is that they are too easy, they're too eager to let the girl have her way. Which ultimately is not what she wants.

In a complete over-generalization I would say that women want to be challenged and pushed to a higher level by men they believe are out of their league or different in a positive way. They want to fight to win the man over. But they have to work for it because a victory over a weak opponent leaves them feeling hollow and unfulfilled. Ultimately though they want to play the role of seductress, but can only let themselves do that with a man they feel is a worthy enough prize. Basically women want to star in their own romance novels.

This back and forth "fighting" is called sexual tension. You have to master this skill of play fighting with women in order to become a prize worthy of winning. Mr Big was Carrie's big prize. That's why the show ends when he tells her she's the one. She finally won. It took her 6 years and two other major relationships but she finally got her prize.

If you look at any well written relationship driven show, be it The Office or Californication. The sexual tension comes from barriers. That's why negs work, because they create a barrier of disinterest. But it's a fake barrier. You're not really disinterested. In Natural Attraction, I teach ways to create barriers while still displaying interest in the girl. This leads to natural chemistry and compatability much faster.

That's going to wrap up the 5 part series on The Men Of Sex And The City, hopefully everyone enjoyed reading these as much as I liked writing them. My next big piece will come Monday when I'll be giving you guys a primer on my Natural Attraction system. You won't want to miss that!


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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Men of Sex And The City-Part 4: Richard Wright

Welcome back to the blog that has it all, intrigue, danger, sex appeal, and of course references to a late 90s show of almost entirely female viewership.

Today we're going to be talking about Richard Wright and The Universal Relationship Proposition.

Back when Toecutter and I met in 2005 in Montreal, I was already a big fan of his. I'd read his archive and his book, and found his stuff infinitely more useful and intelligent than most. What I didn't realize until I met him was how much thought he puts into everything. From the food he eats, to his ideas about women. It was then that he told me two theories that I put into use in my own game and my teaching. The first was his leagues theory, I'll talk about that some other time, as it's irrelevant here. The second, was his idea that women put men into 4 major categories.

Here's the four categories briefly,paraphrased liberally from TC's much better explanation:

1. No way. This guy is "creepy", "shady" "weird", "gross","desperate" etc... This is a guy she blows off with minimal politeness.
2. Average guy. She'll be polite to this guy, but she's not attracted and wants to get away eventually to have fun.
3. The One Night Stand. This guy is attractive but only for one night. He may be outside of who she sees herself with, or she may be horny, on the rebound, etc and have lower standards.
4. The Universal Relationship Proposition. This is the guy with whom she'll accept any kind of relationship, just to be around him. She'll try for more exclusivity and commitment as this guy is someone she wants to be around. In Atlas Shrugged this is the relationship dynamic between Dagny and Rearden, D'Anconia, and Galt. Whether you believe it's the highest appreciation of your values in a member of the opposite sex or you just think girls chase guys for value. This is the guy girls chase.

The URP is also what Samantha Jones the promiscuous one on Sex And The City saw Richard Wright as. Richard is described as a very successful and charismatic man. He appears on the covers of magazine as a hotel magnate. Samantha tells him off and gets a job doing his PR. They start sleeping together and Samantha tries to keep it all to work,and sex. At first. But she finds herself wanting more and more. This is the power of unavailability. I'm not promoting being unavailable for the sake of creating more attraction, while you sit at home alone jacking it and eating pizza. Instead I'm suggesting that you actually get busy doing something that has nothing to do with picking up girls. Maybe you've always wanted to write a novel. Start writing every day. Maybe you've always wanted to learn a language or run a marathon, now's the time! The more of a life you have, the easier it is not to be needy. It's much easier to keep from calling girls too much, when your alternative option for that evening is not a night of "solo sarging". And yes, I'm telling everyone who doesn't have one to get a life!

To his credit Richard does tell Samantha he's not the monogamous type. You can tell girls you're not looking for a relationship. This is part of the power of the community to me. You don't have to pretend that you are faithful to a girl you're not faithful to. I'm a big believer in doing rather than saying, but when push comes to shove, I always tell girls I'm not looking to jump into a relationship or be monogamous. Remember lying to girls about what you want in a relationship, just to get in their pants will almost always backfire! Trust me, I used to do it :)

Richard also pulls out the moves of seduction. He pursues Samantha in a romantic way only AFTER he's slept with her. This is key, girls do like romantic things, but only AFTER they've slept with you. In the beginning it comes off needy, weak and places you int the provider frame. But once you've slept with her, you can do sweet, romantic things for girls like rooftop swimming and champagne :) Just don't do too early.

Ultimately though Richard made a mistake that many guys in the community often make. They tell girls they're monogamous and then they fuck around on the side. It's a really bad idea. First it causes drama. As someone who has had to deal with some weird annoying situations because he was dishonest about how many girls I was seeing, don't do it! You don't want to deal with broken windows, guys trying to kick your ass, girls throwing drinks on you, or in my and Richard Wright's case girls papering your neighborhood with signs that you're a player. If you tell a girl you're monogamous, you need to be monogamous. Or don't commit. It's not that hard. You just have to be honest. One of the GREATEST things I've learned in the community is that you don't have to pretend to be a girl's BF to get her in bed and keep her there. Richard doesn't do this, and Samantha walks in on him going down on another girl. They break up.

Unfortunately much like in the real world, people on Sex and The City rarely stay broken up. After Samantha throws a drink in his face,and papers his neighborhood. She takes Richard back. But she's now paranoid about Richard cheating. This why cheating is a problem. Emotional integrity,and honesty are major parts of both attraction and connection. You have to do what you say you're going to do or you break trust and you compromise your emotional integrity. After trust is broken a relationship can't stand. And so Samantha breaks up with him before she can get too badly hurt. Which is a good idea for both parties. If you see a likely situation where you might get emotionally wrecked, it's not a bad idea to get out of that situation. You don't have to go through a lot of emotional pain unnecessarily. It's not a part of the relationship cycle.

So ultimately all of the good of Richard Wright is undone by his breach of trust. That's actually a good lesson. When it comes to women, you can lie your way into their pants. You can say you're a movie producer, or a rock star, or a millionaire. You can tell women you're going to whisk them away on a vacation to the caymen islands. Or tell them you're going to be getting a house in Hibiscus Island or a Ferrari. But ultimately when you lie to women, you will eventually get caught, and you will have to deal with the consequences. Furthermore, you don't need to lie to girls to get them into bed or a variety of different kinds of relationships.

Tomorrow we'll be wrapping up with a breakdown of Mr Big. Mr Big is like the poster child for Natural Attraction, so stay tuned for that.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Men of Sex And The City-Part 3: Trey Mcdougal

SO this took a really long time to get up today, because I spent most of my day trying and failing to record a decent video blog... Annoying. I have a new found respect for actors...

Anywho, back to SATC.

The next guy we're going to talk about is a guy with a ton of inner psychology issues. As well as psychological impotency. That's right Dr Trey Mcdougal.The Mcdougals being the type of people with a lot of roman numerals after their names. And yes they are from connecticut.They also produced a son with a ton of sexual anxiety and issues around sex. I personally believe through my work with thousands of guys that the average guy has WAY more sexual issues than the average girl. Let's learn about a few.

The reason Trey is able to get Charlotte comes down to stereotyping. He's what girls call "good on paper guys." He's a good looking DR from an upper class family with a lot of history and tradition. He's everything women say they want. However Charlotte soon learns that what women say they want and what they actually want are two very separate things.Something we learn very early on in the community. Remember guys sometimes girls fall victim to guys who aren't as cool as they appear. I know cause I used to be one of them and hurt more than a few girls.

The first thing that hurts Trey is the fact that he's easily manipulated. His mother Bunny is able to get him to eat different food and decorate his apartment with stufed Mallards. Charlotte gets him to marry her by her proposing and him saying "allrighty". Making decisions and being certain about things is a major factor in attraction. As David Deida writes women are attracted to men that are rocks during their emotional storms. You have to be certain. I even think one of Zan's original quotes that I loved was " I may be wrong but I am never in doubt!" These are words to live by! In fact certainty is also a major tenet of congruence. My favorite story of all time ( Which I tell in this video clipHere) happened because I was certain that the girl was going to sleep with me. Trey lacks all certainty. He's kind of a wimp, and no amount of value can hide that.

The second thing Trey has going against him is because he's such a wimp and Charlotte is crazy, they don't sleep together until the night before the wedding. When Trey can't get it up. That's right he's psychologically impotent. As opposed to the impotency being physical. The reason behind this, appears to be a Madonna/Whore complex later as Charlotte catches Trey jacking it to an issue of Juggs late at night. They try couples counseling where Trey is too uptight to talk about sex in front of a therapist. This is another lesson, the more comfortable you get with sex, the more women will want to sleep with you. You have to(And we have to as a society IMO) let go of sexual judgment. In order to be super successful with women you have to understand that sex isn't that big of a deal, people all want more sex than they're getting, and there's nothing wrong with sex simply for the sake of sex. It's huge.I get laid a fair amount just off having and expressing these beliefs to women. But you can't fake it. Girls can smell it when it's fake. You have to actually let go of judging people for their sexcapades. Even if you think "they're wrong" or "gross." No one believes in wrong and right more than me, but as long as things are between two consenting adults, and no one's getting hurt emotionally or physically...Enjoy.

Trey like 70% of guys has a little too much Madonna/Whore complex going on. He wants to have a chaste, pure wife and have dirty sexual playthings to take care of his unclean desires.

Many men are ashamed of their sexual impulses and urges. They think they should be above them or that getting pleasure from sex is somehow wrong. If you have issues like this you need to work on them!! You need to learn that there is nothing wrong with your sexual desires(again as long as no one's getting hurt) and you've been taught that urges that are perfectly natural and normal are dirty and wrong. It's not your fault!!

Educate yourself on sex and evolutionary biology. I particularly enjoyed Sperm Wars, The Guide To Getting it on, 9 and a half weeks, My Secret Garden. A lot of these books are hard to read if you're still putting women into categories like "whore" and "nice girl" The truth is each woman is both a Madonna and a Whore depending on the situation and the guy. Believe me I had more sexual anxiety than anyone. I have some stories that are humiliating... But I learned both through first hand and textbook education. And you can too!

If you guys have questions on SA and other male sexuality issues hit me up at Sinn at Sinnsofattraction... and if as many guys as I imagine are out there with weird sex questions, email me and if I've gone through it I'll give you what I did to get over it.I know,these kinda issues which can be embarrassing are DEVASTATING to your dating life.

Ultimately Trey and Charlotte's relationship ends. It ends, because after they work through the impotency issue Charlotte wants a baby and can't get pregnant. Then Trey decided he didn't want to adopt and again we get a case of mismatched wants and needs in a relationship.

This is a huge thing people overlook when they fall in love.

I'm not saying that you should be inflexible or never change but BOTH parties in a relationship need to be aware of what they need to be happy. The most important person in every relationship is you. And I think every girl should think that way too. You have to make sure you're getting what you want and need or you should move on. No one is perfect and you really have to figure out what kind of crazy you can tolerate, and what things you can't be ok with. This includes the level of openness of the relationship.

When priorities change or aren't in line, the end of a relationship isn't necessarily a bad thing. Staying in a relationship that's wrong for you or doesn't make you happier than if you were out of it is stupid. No matter how bad you feel like it will be without that person, you'll survive. And probably find someone whose better for you
As Charlotte did.

Tomorrow we'll be discussing Millionaire Playboy Richard Wright and Toecutter's idea of The Universal relationship proposition.


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As an effort to get my teaching out to more guys who need help meeting women, I have joined

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Tip of The Day # 1: Never Discuss The Number...

What's up guys,

Today i want to start a new feature, where I give simple quick hit advice on dating and pick up.

We're starting off with something that makes a lot of common sense, but I see many guys messing up. That is asking or caring about how many guys a girl has slept with. A lot of guys suffer from Madonna/Whore complexes and thus want to justify that they are with a pure chaste girl. Personally I'd rather sleep with a girl whose slept with a lot of guys as she's more likely to be good in bed, but I digress.

The point is there's no good that can come from that kind of questioning for either of you. Now sometimes women will bring this up to me. Personally, since I'm well into triple figures I probably need to avoid that question as well. What I do is explain that there's no answer that's going to make either of us happy, and what's happened in the past is in the past. That works pretty consistently.

The next time you feel like asking a girl this or curiosity is just getting the better of you, remember what curiosity did to the cat...


Monday, January 19, 2009

The Men of Sex And The City-Part 2: Aidan Shaw

Happy Monday Morning to all of you out there, especially the haters :)

I'm really happy that this five part series is being so well received by everyone. One little nit picky thing. The title of the show is Sex And The City, not Sex In The City, not Sex On The City. Sex And The City or SATC.

Ok, now let's move on to the next guy from the show we can learn from; Aidan Shaw.

Aidan first meets Aidan in Season 3 episode 35: No Ifs, Ands or Butts. She goes down to his furniture store to meet him after seeing an article on him in the paper. Aidan's first plus is that he is somewhat aristic as well as able to do things with his hands. Both of these traits are attractive to women. Anything you can show a girl that conveys that you see the world in a creative,artistic way is a positive. In fact, it's something everyone should try to do. this doesn't mean you have to go out and buy a paint by numbers set or learn the guitar. Instead it means that you need to figure out how you can bring creativity and beauty to the mundane things in your life. As some of the routine stacks I've been making recently can attest to, you can make anything sound artsy, even computer programming. It's also very masculine to be able to fix things around the house or create things with your bare hands. Masculinity is one of the 4 cornerstones of my new model for Natural Attraction.

Aidan's second big plus comes when he tells Carrie he can't date a smoker. Here he demonstrates personal boundaries and standards. Instead of being taken aback by a somewhat unreasonable request, Carrie tries to quit smoking cold turkey. This demonstrates the incredible power of setting boundaries and having rules. One of the things I always do with women is give them my rules. Now granted, some of these are made up as I go along, but for the most part they are things I won't tolerate on a date, a one night stand or a relationship. Guys often wonder why jerks get women. The reason is NOT that the jerk's rude, anti-social behavior is attractive, it's that jerks and naturals tend to be selfish and impose their own rules, standards and values on an interaction with women. Aidan does this here and if you've ever come off "too nice" you need to do the same,

Aidan also controls the pace of physical escalation. In fact there's a whole episode where Carrie freaks out because Aidan hasn't tried to sleep with her after 3 whole dates. Now while my own dating philosophy is diametrically opposed to waiting for sex. The reason being that until sex happens, I truly do believe you're dealing with a girl's representative, not her. But Aidan decides he wants to wait because he's sick of being single and things don't seem to work for him when he rushes. It's super important that you take control of physical escalation. Even if you're making girls wait. As men we are responsible for any steps forward, as well as the pacing, and timing of any escalation.

Unfortunately Aidan has one BIG problem. Pun intended. Because like Steve he pushes the relationship faster than it's ready to go. Carrie ends up having a 3 week affair with Mr Big. It's even foreshadowed in the show when Aidan asks Carrie to meet his parents and Carrie realizes that she's acting aloof and Aidan is acting like she did with Big. Women are not attracted to needy men, even if they really like them. This is why taking your time in a relationship is the BEST advice I could give guys out there. Don't be in too big of a rush to hit any milestones. Your relationships will go better when the girl is pushing things forward. It's our job to push things forward physically and then to keep seeing the girl casually until she wants to make things more serious. Remember what we obtain too easily, we esteem too lightly.

This all boils to a head at Charlotte's first wedding and Carrie and Aidan break up for the first time. But it won't be the last...

After cheating on him and breaking his heart once, Carrie decides she wants Aidan back. It all starts because of a bar named Scout that Aidan co-owns with the subject of our first breakdown Steve. How they met and decided to go into business together, never really gets discussed. Anyway Carrie arranges a group date so that Miranda can be her saftey net. After the date and Aidan telling her he can't be in a relationship with her again. He takes her back. The lesson here is to stick to your intuition about women. If a girl hurts you really badly once, chances are she will do it again down the line. A lot of guys get trapped by their own emotions into thinking that they belong with one girl, or that eventually their girlfriend or wife will change. The unfortunate truth is that you can't change people until they're ready to change.

Immediately after they're back together Mr Big calls while they're having sex. Awkward. Then Aidan blows Carrie off to "hang out with the guys". Carrie shows up to surprise him, only to find him flirting with a waitress at the bar. This is a stupid thing Aidan does. If you're in a relationship or on a date and a girl does something you don't like, don't punish her by flirting with other girls. It just looks petty. Instead actaully talk about what's bothering you. One of the reasons I never seem to have problems managing between 3-10 girls all the time, is that I talk about the problems I have with girls when I have them. I don't let things fester. I'm a big believer in openness and honesty with women. Not playing stupid games to make them feel bad.

The final death knoll for Aidan and Carrie comes later, starting in Episode 60 where Carrie finds her building going co-op. Aidan offers to buy the place and move in and when he does Carrie finds a very ugly engagement ring. This leads her to very sanely vomit. One of the reasons I love SATC, is scenes like that one. Carrie is the first heroine of a TV show who isn't perfect. In fact Carrie may be the most realistic woman on TV. Except for the fact that she never exercises during any of the 6 seasons and has a 6 pack... Point is most women have weird emotional reactions like this, from time to time. It's not crazy it's just women :) Again Aidan makes the mistake of pushing things forward, just because. Eventually Carrie actually says yes to the engagement. And that's where Aidan gets the final wound of the series.

This happens in Episode 63. After a charity fundraiser, Aidan tries to get Carrie to marry him that night. Because he says " He wants the whole world to know she's his." Carrie realizes that he still doesn't trust her and he realizes that she doesn't want to get married. This is actually one of the more realistic breakups on TV. There wasn't some crazy lover running in making some grand romantic gesture, there wasn't a "break" or a lack of love. It was simply two people who weren't right for each other. Which is what usually happens in real life. Even if people are in love. That's one of the things that the world doesn't like to talk about. The idea that even if you're good with women, or attractive, or smart, charming and all around amazing like myself :) You're not always going to be right for the person you're dating, meeting in a bar or sleeping with. And that's ok. There's something like 6 billion people on Earth there's more than enough people you can be happy with to try to make things work with someone you're not happy with. And that's the lesson of Aidan Shaw.

Next time, we'll be talking about Trey Mcdougal and male sexual issues.


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Bad Dates- Warning This Is A Rant!

I've been bottling up this rant since Tuesday when I went on probably the worst date ever. I had been on a really bad date before I left for Australia with this girl who measured the salt content of food for a living. I had thought that was bad. Until Tues.

This girl barely spoke, tried to be cocky everytime I teased her, seemed like she wasn't paying attention when I was talking, didn't understand anything and was a bad kisser... It was like torture.

Midway through I actually downloaded and used an Iphone app that lets you call yourself.

I ended a date that started at 6PM at 8PM and then went out with another girl I'm already seeing... Fuck.

It really reminded me that dating is a skill in and of itself and just because a girl's been on a lot of dates doesn't mean that she's going to be interesting or good on them. Furthermore when guys who are pussies take girls like this out(she models at car shows like Tila Tequila used to), they let them act badly and continue to dote on them. I called her on it repeatedly and then faked a phone call to get away. Overall it's just amazing that a girl with this personality ever gets a second date Never underestimate the power of male sexual desperation, I guess...


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Can You Really Seduce A Stranger in 6 Minutes?

Hey guys,

Wanted to drop you a quick line today to talk about what's possible.

When I first got started in The Secret Underground Internet Seduction Community, I thought it was really difficult just to start a conversation with a stranger. Well 6 years later things are a little different, and I want to share this story from Vegas with everyone, not to brag, but to show you that ANYTHING is possible. Even consistent 6 minute seductions.

As many of you may know, I made the horrible decision to stay in Vegas for 4 days in between my first two 12 Months To Mastery bootcamps.(To learn why this was a bad idea check out my blog post on The Vegas Tipping point at ) Well Tuesday night Priest and I decided to hit the best party in town. Pure at Caesar's Palace. At Pure I did a number of approaches and nothing was going that well. Priest and I had a 2 set going but my girl was being way too ADD and she wasn't hot enough to get away with it :) So at around 2:30, I decide if we're going to keep gaming, we should be gaming at our hotel.

That's lesson number 1 for those of you looking to get laid fast! Know your logistics and keep them as favorable as possible. It's much harder to pull a girl from a club to a different hotel. If you can just go up an elevator, the pull becomes much easier.

So we head back to The Hard Rock. The Circle Bar was actually fairly lively for a Tuesday at 3 AM. There were a few sets and I start to look for girls who look bored, sexual, or like they want to trade up. Girls often settle for guys earlier in the night and then decide they don't like them later on. I want to find those girls. What I do to find these girls is make a rotation of the bar. However, you don't want it to look like you're "on the prowl" so you have to make a confused face like you're looking for a friend of yours. This is key to retaining social value.

The next part of super fast lays, is eye contact. You want to make searing, burning eye contact with as many girls as possible. Just make sure you still keep a smile on your face. You're looking for one of two responses. You want to approach girls who quickly break eye contact by looking down. This is a sign of sexual submission. Or you want to find girls who look away and then look back. There was a group of 3 hotties and as I was walking by, the blonde looked at me and then looked back as I walked by. I take an extra step, check my phone just cause I'm procrastinating and walk over.

I want to mention the next key point for super fast lays. Fashion and stereotyping. I was wearing a black pinstriped blazer with zippers all over it. Under that I had on a T-shirt I found in Australia with Sienna Miller flipping the bird topless, a pair of True Religion distressed jeans and my old school New Rocks. There's nothing spectacular about the outfit but it stands out without being weird. As usual I was the best dressed guy in the venue and the girls notice. If you don't get stared at or opened because of your fashion, you're doing something wrong. There are tons of great resources out there from, to There's no excuse for bad style, or not having an overall theme/stereotype to your look. Gone are the days when we can pretend fashion and presentation doesn't matter to getting laid. It does matter, and it's fully within your control.

After the eye contact I walked back over and said "hi" the girl immediately started telling me that she worked as a cocktail waitress at Treasure Island, she never goes out, and she's only here cause her brother's girlfriend(The Asian girl to her left) dragged her out. This is what's known as her qualifying herself to me off the opener. I now know she's attracted, it's 3 AM and she's with her brother's girlfriend. All signs are go, for the 10 minute lay. Then she asks me if I'm gay.

I get the gay thing once or twice a week, it's not a horrible problem as it allows me to escalate super fast. I say " I'm not gay and I'll prove it. Close your eyes." and then I kiss her. She practically sucks my face off. So I decide it's super on, and I'm gonna go for the 5 minute pull. I say " What are you guys up to right now?" She responds that they're waiting for her brother. I say "cool, shit I forgot my cigarettes upstairs. I'm gonna go get them." She starts to freak out her that I'm leaving, which is exactly what I wanted. this is a very subtle use of a take-away. Here I use it to gain emotional momentum to get her to come upstairs with me. She says " no, don't go! We'll get one down here." I say " Naw I only smoke Marlboro's, come upstairs with me to grab em. We'll be back before your brother gets here." She asks her friends if they're cool with that and away we go. Here, I just create some excuse for plausible deniability. As you can see it wasn't even that good of an excuse. But it worked.

Meet to elevator 3 minutes.

In the Elevator I ramp arousal. This is another key to quickies. I slam the girl against the wall, makeout with her and feel her up. Then as soon as we get to floor 4, I walk out of the elevator fast. This is a HUGE sexual push/pull. She gets aroused and starts to feel good and then it's gone. We get into the room and I throw her on the bed and pin her arms above her head. I go for the boobs then she says " When are you gonna fuck me? Before or after we smoke a cigarette? I laugh and we have sex. I look at the clock as I'm inside her and it's literally 6 minutes from when I checked my phone before going into the set.

I never would have imagined this was possible 6 years ago. But these situations happen to me all the time now. And they can happen to you too. The lesson to take out of this is not just controlling logistics in your favor, using eye contact to screen approaches, or ramping arousal as you're pulling. The real idea is that results like this are possible. A lot of times we read things like the "7 hour rule" or a girl tells us she doesn't sleep with guys right away and we get discouraged. The truth is seductions like this happen all over the world EVERY night of the week. It's just up to you to get out there and make it happen.

Til next time,



I got way more offended at someone daring to compare MJ to Kobe than at the same guy telling me I knew nothing about basketball.

I'll take knowing nothing about ball, but I know my MJ.

And if I were the anonymous poster I'd be worried about ducking lightning for speaking ill of the G.O.A.T.

Just saying...

Avoid metal poles Anonymous.


By the way if you want to leave sports comments they're better on my SPORTS blog

Here I have a new post up on the title games this weekend.

No, you're just an Idiot!

So I got this comment on my vicious and correct post about Kobe a few days ago.

"Dude. You know absolutely nothing about real basketball. You're just finding excuses to hate on Kobe because you hate Kobe.

If Kobe takes a shot while being double-teamed and he misses, everyone brands him as a selfish player. "Why didn't he pass to an open Trevor Ariza?!" And if he makes it, people like you would still be crying, "What a horrible shot! Trevor was open; why didn't he pass? He's so selfish!"

It's your frame of mind to hate on the dude no matter what. Kobe is the best. Look at the level of shooting guards Michael Jordan played against. Name five guys of similar caliber as MJ that played a similar position as him while he played in his prime. Looking up names on Google? Still can't find those names, I bet. Now look at the caliber of players Kobe goes up against night in and night out. Almost every team in the NBA has a high scoring shooting guard now who are better and more physical. Kobe's better than MJ. Get over it."

Well allow me to retort.

Off the top of my head I've got Joe Dumars, Clyde Drexler, Sydney Moncrief(The 2nd Best perimeter defender of all time after MJ) Dennis Johnson(probably 3rd best) Reggie Miller, The Boston Strangler Andrew Toney, Byron Scott, An injury free Ron Harper, Derek Harper in Dallas, Kiki Vandwheghe in Denver(who once scored 56 points in a game). And that's just shooting guards. You add in that Jordan played and dominated the unquestionable golden era of NBA hoops, by winning the MVP, All Star game MVP, scoring title, and defensive player of the year in 87-88 while Bird, Magic, Isiah, Wilkins, Olajuwon, Ewing, were all in or near their primes, and I think the case for Kobe playing in a more difficult era evaporates.

I will now be writing and posting a definitive article on why MJ is a gazillion times better with Kobe. Hint it will start with the fact that MJ was never blown out in a deciding FINALS game by 39 pts. Especially not by a team led by such front runners as Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. Also included in there will be the idea that MJ was 6-0 in finals appearences while Kobe is 3-2.

Don't worry the storm is coming moron.


Erika's very woo woo blog.

Hey guys,

Since I met Erika in real life and she's a very nice young lady, I'll be adding her blog to my blogroll.

Her stuff is very mystical and woo woo but there's some very solid advice in there...

Check it out Here


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The Men of Sex And The City-Part 1: Steve Brady

Hey guys,

As many people know I watch a lot of Sex and The City.I also consider my blog here sort of a male Sex And The City type column but that's a whole nother issue. I think it's a great look into female psychology (Especially the season Carrie cheats on Aidan with Mr Big) as well as one of the better written shows in recent memory. Another thing it does is present a bunch of different archetypes of men that are successful with women.

Ultimately the show captures attraction and relationships in a way very few TV shows or movies ever have. There's some element of romantic comedy bullshit in there, but the flirting scenes are right on.

So how does this help you get laid?

Well I'll be taking each of the main male characters off SATC and breaking down what they did right and wrong through their relationships.

We're going to work our way backwards from the guy who would be least successful in real life to the guy who would be most successful. So much like how Bill Simmons calculated Jimmy Chitwood's real life stats in Hoosiers, I'll be breaking why each male lead from the show would be good with girls based on evidence contained throughout the seasons. We're not counting the movie, cause I'm not sure I like it yet...

We kick today off with Miranda Hobbs' Baby daddy and ultimately husband: Steve Brady.

Steve Brady works in a bar. This is his first major plus. As a whole the more social of a job you work, the more you get laid. We even see this later on when Miranda and Steve are discussing their "number." His is actually higher than hers (Which was like 70 something,not unusual for a 35 year old who goes out a lot) and he said " I'm a bartender and I'm cute." I always recommend younger guys getting into the scene; get a job as a waiter or bartender. You'll learn social skills and get laid very easily.

When Steve meets Miranda she repeatedly blows him off. He even comps her wine to get her to stay. Eventually he jokes his way past her defenses and she stays the whole night at the bar. They go home, have sex and in the morning Miranda kicks him out assuming it was a one night stand. She does make plans with him again but gives him the wrong time she and the girls are meeting. He realizes it's a fake time and gets the real time. Steve does a great job of what's called plowing in the scene. Plowing is not always the right idea, but oftentimes you will get a neutral or negative reaction to your approach. The skill to turn that around is called game. It always perplexes me when students shut up in sets that are going really badly. The worse it's going the more you need to plow to try to turn it around. There is no way to get better at cold approach without talking to a lot of people who are either disinterested or only mildly interested in what you have to say for the first 3-5 minutes. Persistence will get you a long way with women. He does however fail to qualify her for anything unique about herself that would make her want to see him again. HE runs too much attraction material in nerd speak.

After Steve and Miranda start dating they realize there's a problem in their mismatched schedules. Steve works until 4 AM at the bar and Miranda has to be up early to be a lawyer. Here Steve made a mistake in his screening phase. When you are looking for a long term relationship it's very important that the two of you have similar schedules. If you're going to bed at 10PM every night and you're girlfriend is a stripper, there will be problems. Steve showed a lack of foresight here when he became interested in Miranda. It's important that YOU know what types of schedules will fit your life. Only you know when you have to be in bed, and what type of life you want to live. When you get into a longer term relationship, look for someone with a similar lifestyle. This was done on the show to prove the old adage "opposites attract" unfortunately in real life they may attract, but they don't stay attracted unless there's some commonalities somewhere else.

Steve eventually pushes Miranda to let move in to her place. This is a bad idea. First of all if you are going to live with a girl it should probably be your place. Secondly it's always a bad idea to be the person pushing the relationship forward. As Men we are expected to keep relationships as casual as possible as long as possible. It's much less attractive to women when men become needy. When you are in a long term relationship, even if it's great, take your time. You don't want to be the one suggesting things like exclusivity, vacations together, or moving in together, too soon. All of those things can happen in time, but you want the girl to bring the ideas up first. Let your girlfriend wonder these kinds of things, not you.

Miranda dumps Steve after this and he mopes around trying to get back together with her and telling her he's in love with her for awhile. The lesson here is after a breakup move on. Even if you think she's the one, even if you're dying inside, move on. Don't call, dont text, don't email, don't poke them on facebook. For a little while, directly after the breakup, you need time away from that person. Especially if you did the breaking up. Our brains are funny in that we will only remember the good parts of a relationship immediately after it. And all of those feelings, and emotions, and memories and nostalgia can convince you that something was right when it wasn't. Right after a break up you always want to put some distance between you and the ex. It's also NEVER attractive to tell a girl whose broken up with you how much you mean to her. That's the emotional equivalent of begging.

Eventually though Steve moves on and gets a new Girlfriend and Miranda realizes she is really in love with him and they get married with their born out of wedlock child. This part is pure Hollywood. In real life this relationship dies the day he moves out. Sorry Steve, you were just a little too needy and boring. You felt like because Miranda had higher social status and made more money there was a value differential. Then you tried too hard to make a relationship work with an emotionally unavailable women. Then you pushed for a move in hoping that it would save the relationship, and ultimately you got ball cancer and knocked this girl up. Then she came around and you lived happily ever after... Only on TV :)

Next time I'll be talking about Carrie Bradshaw's ex Fiancee Aidan Shaw.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kobe Juggles his Balls too Early

In continuing my public trend of hating on Kobe Bryant, I'll post this sports column on the regular blog.

Last night with 12 seconds left in a 108-109 game with his team trailing the Spurs in San Antonio Kobe Bryant hit a huge 3 from the left wing. He then ruined my favorite sports dance of the last 10 years. The dance he ruined was his interpretation of Sam Cassel's big balls dance. You know the one where he cradles what would be humongous testicles.

You can watch the clip Here it's about 25 seconds in.

The problem with young master Kobe's premature celebration was that there were still 12 seconds on the clock so Derek Fisher assumed that since he fouled Chris Quinn in the final seconds the other night in Miami he could do the same to Mason. After all this is the same Fisher who once had time to catch, turn, and shoot in 0.4 seconds, as well as the same Fisher who landed ON Brent Barry last year in the final seconds. This year; no dice. He over played Mason, Mason spun, nailed a mid range J and got sent to the line for the winning points.

Then Kobe does the most cowardly disgusting thing a so called "go to guy" can do in the waning seconds. He passes out of a double team to Trevor Ariza. I'm sorry but there's no way D-Wade gives that ball up, or Lebron or Pierce. You're down one, drive against the double team and hit the mid range shot. Kobe is soo anxious to show us that he's playing the "right" way that he actually almost always ends up making a mistake. Either he shoots when he should pass or he passes when he should shoot. He needs to get it through his head that he will NEVER win most fans back, he's never going to be mentioned as anything other than the 2nd best shooting guard of all time (a horrible insult to Jerry West BTW) and he will always be feared not loved. Bill Simmons wrote years ago that he should embrace the dark side and become a bad guy. I'm not willing to go that far, but I will offer this. It's obvious Kobe doesn't care about anyone other than himself. So his selfless play is actually the ultimate form of selfishness. He's not doing it because he believes in team basketball (anyone who watched him 05-06 knows that's not true) he's not doing it because he thinks it gives him the best chance to win. No, he's playing neutered like he has this year because he thinks it's what people want to see. The worst part is that we gave him that idea and an MVP award last year.

Nothing has changed with Kobe, he's still the most petulant, angry, sociopathic athlete of the 21st century. He just has better teammates now and has realized that if he says the right things, and doesn't shoot as much people, like him more. The problem is that it suppresses the thing about Kobe that makes him special. His killer instinct. The Kobe of 05-06 calmly drains a 19 footer over the double team and then glares at teammates and Spurs alike. The thing that makes Kobe special is his unique ability to tune everything out EXCEPT the game. Specifically except the guy he's guarding and being guarded by. Kobe was the first person to play a video game in real life. Remember the 63 in 3 quarters against the Grizzlies? Or the 81 against the Raptors? He did things people only did in video games because he didn't care if his teammates stood around while he went 1 on 5 successfully. But when he gets criticized as he has been for the last few years for not winning or playing the "right" way he goes into pout mode. Like in Phoenix or Sacramento a few years ago when in deciding playoff games he took one shot in the first or second half. Now he's gotten too smart to pout so he does something even more disgusting, he passes the game winning shot to teammates unworthy of it. This is not like Lebron passing up the layup to throw the ball to Gooden in the corner. Lebron actually is an unselfish player who thinks pass before shoot. He also destroyed the Pistons with 48 very selfish and needed points in game 5 of that series. No Kobe is just trying to make a point. And he's selfish enough to lose a game to do it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Posts on The Sports Blog

Hey guys,

I'm updating the sports blog every Mon-Wed-Fri so be sure to stop by and check it out as I'll be trying to keep the sports stuff off this blog as much as possible.

Here's the link TrashTalk

Hit me up with Comments over there.


The Vegas Tipping Point

Hey guys,

I want to talk about the Vegas Tipping Point. I'm not sure if this is an original thought or I stole it from Bill Simmons, but I believe Vegas has a shelf life of 48-72 hours. By the by I was just in vegas for 12 days. Not as bad as the several weeks I spent there back in late 05 but I digress. My cycle in Vegas goes something like this.

Thursday Night: Yeah Vegas!!!! I wanna drink, gamble, smoke cigarettes, see boobs, and eat horrible food. I also want to hit on as many girls as possible.

Friday Morning: Jesus I feel like death, oh well let's get a buffet lunch and lounge around til it's time to start drinking. Yeah Vegas!

Saturday Morning: Kill me, I can't believe I have to party for another night. Oh well I get to go home tomorrow at least.

Sunday Morning: Get me out of here so I can lay down and drink a tall glass of milk in a very dark room.

Add in the fact that I have to teach bootcamp until Sunday night and often have to stay until Mon morning and you can see why that cycle 4 times in 12 days is evil. I hit the tipping point of wanting to go home Monday morning when Entropy and Doc left. I should have gone home as well but had the genius idea to save a couple hundred bucks and stay in Vegas for 4 days rather than buy extra plane tickets. I was wrong. So very wrong. I did get a 6 minute lay with a cocktail waitress on Tues night and we made some good contacts, but I hate Vegas now. I never want to go back and I go back in 17 days...

This time though I'm flying in early Fri morning and leaving Sunday afternoon. This time I will obey the Tipping point.

My dad used to tell me Vegas was only for 24-48 hours. Now I understand why.

I really don't understand what it is, but my guess is it's a combination of lack of sleep, constant stimulation, everything bad in the world all available in one place, no nature, and 02 being pumped into you at all times.

Bad times my friends, bad times indeed.

As a final illustration of my point I'll offer Entropy's last night. We were all too tired to go clubbing, so we drank in my room instead. Myself, Priest and Entropy drank two and a half bottles of vodka and a handle of Jack Daniels. Then at 3:30 AM we decided it's a good idea to go gambling. Since I always lose at the Hard Rock where we were staying, we go to Wild Bill's across the street. I then proceed to break my "no trips to an ATM while gambling" rule lose a lot of money and drink more. We then ate nachos and potato skins. This was a "chill" night in Vegas. Entropy was still drunk when he got on a plane 3 hours later.

I stayed for 9 more days of shit like that.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winner of The Free 60 Minute Phone Consultation

The winning testimonial came in From Seth D.

Hit me up to schedule your consultation Seth.

Here was his experience, in his own words...

Before I begin, allow me to ask, what is the goal of the game?

The answer, my child: to get laid.

Let me tell you a story about how I met Sinn. Last summer I went to the Under 21 Convention in Orlando Florida. At night, we all went out to the local bars and clubs. And, at 1:30am, I ran into Sinn, drunk off his ass. I was flailing that night - practically none of my sets were hooking at all, it was a bad night. So I come up to Sinn and ask him for free help.

Me "Dude. Help. Please."
Sinn "I'd love to but I'm drunk off my ass, I wouldn't be able to give you any good advice"
Me "Please. Ill do anything you tell me to, even for your own amusement"
Sinn "Ok, jump across that table and slide onto the couch where that guy is talking to the girl"
and then Sinn does a quick demo, like the live-action hero that he is.

So I think, "1.....2....FUCK IT" and then jump across the table, slide onto the couch, and then start yammering constantly about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I talk to the girl about how I am a jumper, and I jump, and I was recruited for the US Olympic Jumping team, blah blah blah. The girl is loving it and the guy is rendered speechless because of my high energy. I go on with this nonsense for about a minute. Then I mention that I'm in town and on vacation so I guess I'm gonna go find some girls to sleep with.

Girl: What, you don't want to sleep with me?
Me: I didn't realize you were interested
Girl: I am.
Me: Let's go.
Girl, to the other guy she was talking to: Okay we're going now.

And we leave the venue, the guy follows and at the door I break the news to him that she meant that me and her were leaving. Oh, sorry
The girl thanks me for saving her
As I leave Sinn gives me an air high-five and a wink.

We walk back to my hotel and she takes off my belt, puts music from my laptop on and ties me to the bedpost and proceeds to fuck me. Awesome. She was very dominating...

Total time from meet to sex:
-1 minute opener
-30 seconds smalltalk about me being on vacation
-8 minute walk to hotel
9 minutes 30 seconds!

All because of Sinn...and it was all cuz of some quick free advice. WOW, Wow, Wow. I love you buddy.

(I honestly can't imagine how much value you would get out of spending an entire NIGHT hanging out with him SOBER, learning game and chilling. Jeezz. I got laid in under ten minutes off of some wisdom he gave me when he was DRUNK. That's how much the guy knows about game, his competency shines through even when he's completely intoxicated.)


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Learn From My Mistakes-The Conclusion

Hey guys,

Welcome back to the last part of the first Learn From My Mistakes feature in the newsletter. Next week I'll be breaking down a success I had in Las Vegas that went from meet to lay in 6 minutes.

But before we get to that, when we last left off Miss Newsie Hat had just turned up at my place and we headed upstairs to "get my wallet." I grabbed the wallet and I brought her to my favorite bar in Dallas. We grabbed a seat in the corner and I made sure that she was seated next to me as opposed to across from me. This is a crucial part of escalation on dates. You can't escalate across a table.

The conversation was great and sexually charged. Here's where I made my first mistake. This is actually something I do quite frequently when my game goes wrong. I got too caught up in how much fun I was having and I missed the opportunity to take her back to my place.

Next to us was a loud obnoxious group of Dallasites. As MNH was coming back from the bathroom, the girls started saying something obnoxious. Finally one of them told her to go masterbate. We then decided to move. The move put us into a booth, but I made sure we sat on the same side. Here's where I made my next mistake.

I mismanaged the clock. She had told me earlier that she had to take her mom to the airport the next morning. I didn't suggest going back to my place until around 12:45. Because I waited too long, she had to think about it, and I encountered some resistance to the suggestion. She told me she couldn't, so I responded by saying she could only stay for 1 episode. And would be home by 1:30. I always want to hold back the false time constraint to use it to overcome objections.

On the walk to my apartment, I pushed her against the wall in the elevator and made out with her. As soon as the door opened, I walked away... I always do this. It's just a really good way to start arousal and sexual teasing. I always want to leave the girl wanting a little more. This creates room for escalation. I imagine it's like being a coquette. A tease. I control the level of escalation until the girl asks for more.

I make sure to take my time putting on an episode of It's Always Sunny. Then I sit a fair distance away from her. I always want to test to see how much she wants to touch. She moves closer to me and we start making out more. I start going up her shirt and she stops me. She tells me I'm just like every other guy... I tell her I've made no secret of the fact I want to fuck her, but if she's uncomfortable we should just stop. Here's another mistake. I forgot to inoculate last minute resistance. I have a whole theme I talk about that explains LMR in a really clever way. I didn't do this because, I was having too much fun. It also means that I didn't do enough qualification. I did a lot of telling her she's cute and adorable and sexy, but the rest of my compliments were generic. I was really attracted to this girl because I felt like she was very innocent yet naughty... It's a hot combination, and I let it throw me off. You always need solid reasons you like her besides her looks.

Finally she decides to leave and I go for one last chance. This is something that I DON"T recommend for most guys. It's very dominant and aggressive and can definitely backfire if it's done the wrong way. You also have to be super cognizant about the girl's reaction. If she's not into it , STOP immediately. What I did was grab her very firmly by the wrist, push her against the wall hard and pinned her arms behind her back while kissing her. Then I physically lifted her up and brought her into the bedroom, where we fooled around and I could not get past the panties.

Overall I made a couple of different mistakes in a few key areas. The first one was timing. There is a rhythm to social interactions, especially when it comes to escalation. I should have built less sexual tension and spent more time pushing forward. The second mistake was mismanaging the clock. I should have remembered what she had said earlier and gotten her back to my place before midnight. And lastly I had an uneven pacing to my escalation. It was unpredictable but did not have an overall upward arching trend. It also mixed a lot of different sexual fantasies with the dominance and tenderness at different times.

None of these were fatal errors though and she did end up spending the night, I just realized it wasn't gonna happen tonight. Once you get the feeling it's not going to happen, just stop. Because all you're going to do if you keep pushing it is freak her out. Then she'll stop returning calls and texts. Trust me I've probably lost girls in bed over 100 times. Don't do "freezeouts", actually stop and just cuddle her. Oftentimes you'll have sex with her in the morning.

I texted her the next day but I was heading out to Vegas for the first bootcamp of 12 Months to Mastery. Things have escalated nicely on the phone and she's planning to pick me up at the airport when I get home Monday. I'll post about what happens on our second date next week sometime.

Talk to you guys soon,


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kobe Does It Again

Just to remind everyone how dangerous he is with the game in his hands, Kobe hit a jumper with 3 seconds to beat the Pacers last night.

I mentioned last post that some players you just expect to make the shot when it matters. Kobe always makes them. Almost defiantly. Jordan was great for his ability to excel when everyone wanted him to. Even in Cleveland where he was hated and halted the most underrated almost dynasty of all time. Seriously check the 88-93 Cavs out sometime. He still was expected to be the hero for his own team.

Kobe doesn't have that. Kobe thrives on people wanting him to fail. He thrives on being told he's not as good. He's slipping, he's no longer better than Lebron. Or Pierce is more clutch. The more people want him to fail the more he succeeds. That's why Lakers fans should pray that somehow Boston rights the ship or Cleveland comes into the finals favored. Cause Kobe can't be the favorite. He needs the hate, and the jeers and the boos to lift himself to the top. The more he gets that, the more he can whip himself into a ferver, the better he is.

He's not a hero, he's an anti-hero.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


So one of the readers wrote in yesterday bringing up the absurd notion that Paul Pierce is a better player than Lebron James. The reader cited last year's Celtics-Cavs game 7 and the "battle" between Lebron and Pierce. For those who missed it Lebron had 48, Pierce had 44 but the Celtics prevailed. The reason the Celtics won was that they had a better team and Lebron ran out of gas. Lebron proclaimed it a classic. I can remember 30 more exciting games in the last 16 years. The reader said that because Pierce's team won he was the superior player. I disagree.

Pierce played with Kevin Garnett who is a first ballot hall of famer despite his questionability in the clutch. And yes I just made that up. KG sucks in the clutch. No matter what Simmons says or one shot he made in Atlanta, he chokes. He's the Peyton manning of the NBA. But he's better than the second best player on the Cavs then Boobie Gibson. Even now KG is better than anyone on the Cavs that doesn't wear # 23. Pierce also played with borderline hall of famer Ray Allen, and up and comer Rajon Rondo. His team was better and even though Lebron scored 4 more points he won the game. If all other things are equal ( I.E The Cavs and Celts as a team both score 60 pts) Lebron's team would have won by 4.

But the bigger issue IMHO is anyone who realistically compared Lebron/Pierce to Bird/Nique. Bird/Nique literally decided the fate of that game and who went to the NBA finals. Into the final minute. Nique and Bird both looked fate in the eye and Nique blinked first. Bird scored 20 points in the final quarter alone. Neither Pierce nor Lebron came close to that. The teams were tied with 5:57 left when Bird scored 11 points after that. Dominique purposely missed a free throw with a second left to try to tip it in and win...

Dominique scored 47 points on 23 shots. Dominique Wilkins is never remember properly for the brillant scorer he was. He didn't do a whole lot of rebounding or defending, but only Jordan scored better than Wilkins in his prime. He's another one of those guys who would average 50 a game with the new hand check rules. The reason Dominique isn't celebrated is the inescapable fact that he never won a championship and was incredibly one dimensional. What's missing if you only look at those two factors was a brillant scorer, who consistently stepped his game up in the biggest spots against the best opponents. He saved his best games for when he got to play Jordan or Bird. Even the Pistons and Isiah got a few 50 point games. Wilkins never folded in the clutch, he just wasn't on good enough teams to compensate for his many deficiencies as a superstar. Still without a doubt one of the 50 best players of all time. In fact I'd love to figure out where Nique sits among the best pure scorers of all time. Jordan would be first. 1984-85 Bernard King would be second. Kobe third, and who else... That's a whole column in and of itself.

But the real story of Bird/Wilkins 88 was Larry Bird. Larry always stepped up in big situations. He was an invincible man who only got better as it mattered most. Larry Bird took over this game. Going into the last 5 minutes of the game he had 23 pts. 15 heading into the 4th. Then he hit backbreaker after backbreaker until with 1:57 he nailed a killer 3 over Nique himself. The game remained close until the final seconds but it remained close with the Celtics ahead everytime. Larry and Nique stared down fate and greatness and a trip to the finals. And Larry Bird didn't blink. That's why he's revered. Because guys like him and Jordan and Magic, and even Tim Duncan always came through when it counted. You just expected it after awhile. And more importantly so did the other team. That's what makes someone a crunch time killer. When Lebron gets the ball with less than 10 seconds down one now... You expect him to make the play but you don't know it's gonna happen. Bird made you know. That's what made Bird an all time great and that's what made 1988 better than 2008.


Real life example of avoiding a flake

Hey guys,

Today I’m back with the second part of the text message/date fuck up report odyssey. Try saying that 5 times fast…

We left with me calling Miss Newsie Hat to set up the date. When I called I followed my basic phone game structure, and set up a date for drinks the next night.

So she calls me the next day and tells me that she forgot she had plans with a friend of hers who’s only in town for a few days. I call her and tell her it’s no big deal and we can totally reschedule. The key with handling flakes like this one is being completely unreactive, but letting the girl know you do like her and want to see her.

She then texts me:

MNH: I don’t know if we are going now.

Sinn: Well if you’re not I want to see you!

This is a big statement of intent! I’m letting her know I want to see her. There’s a major difference between wanting to see a girl and needing a girl to feel better about yourself. I never worry about being try hard or needy, I worry about getting girls on dates.

MNH: Ok we’re not gonna do it tonight.

Sinn: Ok , so you wanna collect your cookies? Or trade your cookies for an adult libation…

This is callback humor, earlier we had made a bet about what some stupid movie was about. She won. I love making bets with girls that lead to dates. I learned this technique from the TV show “Seinfeld.” I had bet her a batch of homemade cookies.

MNH: Yes. Let’s make it cocktails. I’m not a huge cookie person.

Sinn: Cool meet me at X bar at 8:30.

This is what you have to do when setting up a date over text. You must send a direct command at some point to get her to commit.

MNH: What happened to you going to Y bar?

I had told her I was meeting other friends later that night. I did this to social proof myself so it didn’t look like I would be sitting at home alone if she flaked.

Sinn: I’d rather see you. Plus if you’re as cool as you seem, we might be able to do “the plan”

Again more callback humor, this refers to how I seed my date by saying I have a crazy fun plan but need an awesome girl to do it with.

MNH: I’m definitely down for the plan but it will have to be another night. I have to take my mom to the airport really early in the morning.

Now some people would see this as a problem. I just assume it’s true and that she’ll stay as late as she’s having fun. So I don’t argue or bring too much attention to it.

Sinn: Just a quick drink then…

I could have added more humor here by saying something like “ WE’ll see how you do after the half hour evaluation.”

MNH: Sure can we do 9?

Sinn: Sounds good, call me when you’re outside X bar.

X bar happens to be in my apartment building. So instead of telling her to meet me at my place, which she could object to, I have her meet me somewhere more innocuous sounding.

So now she shows up. I always pretend to “forget my wallet” so we have to go back up into my apartment where she can get comfortable. On the date I made 3 major mistakes which lead to her spending the night, but not consummating the relationship ☺

I’ll tell you guys all about the mistakes I made and how to avoid them next time.


PS- 2 guys got laid at the first 12 Months to Mastery Bootcamp last weekend in Vegas. Stay tuned to the list and the blog for updates on everyone in the program!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Defending Brandon Roy

o I got a lot of comments on my last blog post where I said Brandon Roy was the 5th best player in the league. Some people pointed out Tim Duncan, some Paul Pierce, some even said Manu Ginobli and Rip Hamilton.

None of them are as good or important to their team right now than Brandon Roy. Duncan probably comes the closest, but he's not asked to do as much as consistently. The Spurs system and defense, does most of the heavy lifting. Though I must say the Tim Duncan/Shaq debate for most dominant player of the 2000s is a good one. I'd go with Shaq when he was really on. But that rarely happened, so I'd take drafting Duncan over drafting Shaq in both of their respective primes. Unfortunately he's obviously on the downside of his career. Brandon Roy is asked to do more, and plays at a higher level overall(Though he's nowhere near the defender Duncan is) for a longer amount of time. In 2009 I'd rather have Brandon Roy on my team than Tim Duncan.

Paul Pierce started the season shooting in the 30s, sorry accuracy counts. He's also obviously conserving his energy for the postseason. I will say that the three guys I trust most when the game is on the line are Lebron, Kobe and Pierce in some order. I'd probably go Kobe first, Lebron second and Pierce third. I hate saying I'd take Kobe first for anything, but he's a killer. A sociopathic killer...

Ginobli is great but missed a large percent of the first quarter of the season. He's also been rusty as his 14.4 points per game indicate. He's not there this year. Yet. Manu last year was the clutchest guy in the nba statistically speaking. I love his funky slicing drives to the basket, I think he's probably the third or fourth best finisher in the league and he's got the best bald spot in sports. I'd still rather have Brandon Roy.

The only one who comes close to Roy's value was someone no one even mentioned. Dwight Howard. He's huge, he's athletic, he's better on the defensive end, but... He's got no offensive game outside of a hideous jump hook, dunks, and offensive rebounds. He's also Shaq like in the one place no one wants to be like Shaq. The free throw line. I wouldn't say he's soft, but he's a really nice guy. Like David Robinson nice.

Let's look at the numbers to see just how well Roy is playing. He's hit two game winners. Three if you count the one that should have won the Rockets game. He averaged over 36 pts a game for over a week. Including the second highest scoring outburst this year. He's averaging 23pts a game on 47% from the field, 36% from 3 and 84% from the line for a true shooting percentage of 55% for a guard. That's almost Nash like. He's also averaging over 5 assists a game as he acts as both Portland's table setter and go to guy. A role only Chris Paul plays better.

Overall The Blazers are overachieving for a reason and it's not Greg Oden. To say he's not one of the 5 best players playing this year is ignorant.'


Anyway I'll have my sports posts all together on my Sports Blog TrashTalk. Please don't mention game at all over there. Thanks.

Links Bitches!

I was on The Barry Kirkey Show today!

Here's what we discussed from the REV31 site:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

* Sinn, of Sinns of Attraction hangs out
* The Rev31 Forums are out-of-control
* Tyler's movement and radical beliefs are catching on left and right
* Thundercat leaves me a voicemail
* Sinn hasn't heard Mr. Right interviewing Johnny Soporno (Ep.115)
* The Rewind: Fuck You Clips
* Stephane Hemon says sorry to Rev31
* The "Real" Sin
* The movie, The Wrestler - Mickey Rourke
* Mr. Right is granted to ask one question to The "Not Real" Sinn
* Almond Hydro/I'm A Gonna Hydro

Check Out Barry's awesome show at or follow this link to hear my episode.Barry's Show

Also check out Doc Holliday's EXCELLENT blog for his recap of what happened in vegas. Check out Doc at

I really like Doc a lot, he's got great game, looks like a little kid, and is one of the most unique people I've ever met. I remember meeting him years ago at a day game seminar, and the strides he's made are amazing. He's also really fun to hang out with and a great teacher.

As for me I'm still in Vegas today on day 6. I'm actually somewhat into a normal routine as I've worked out the last two days and worked about 8 hours each of the last two days. I'll write up my 6 minute lay from last night, but it was pretty weird. There are soo many pretty girls in Vegas it's ridiculous, so of course I have developed two fatty cold sores. Right before the AVNs and my next bootcamp. If I had a Myspace, my status right now would read right now Jon is frantically applying DMSO cream to his lip.

Stay tuned for updates and hopefully my lay report from meeting Lisa Ann :)