Saturday, January 17, 2009

Can You Really Seduce A Stranger in 6 Minutes?

Hey guys,

Wanted to drop you a quick line today to talk about what's possible.

When I first got started in The Secret Underground Internet Seduction Community, I thought it was really difficult just to start a conversation with a stranger. Well 6 years later things are a little different, and I want to share this story from Vegas with everyone, not to brag, but to show you that ANYTHING is possible. Even consistent 6 minute seductions.

As many of you may know, I made the horrible decision to stay in Vegas for 4 days in between my first two 12 Months To Mastery bootcamps.(To learn why this was a bad idea check out my blog post on The Vegas Tipping point at ) Well Tuesday night Priest and I decided to hit the best party in town. Pure at Caesar's Palace. At Pure I did a number of approaches and nothing was going that well. Priest and I had a 2 set going but my girl was being way too ADD and she wasn't hot enough to get away with it :) So at around 2:30, I decide if we're going to keep gaming, we should be gaming at our hotel.

That's lesson number 1 for those of you looking to get laid fast! Know your logistics and keep them as favorable as possible. It's much harder to pull a girl from a club to a different hotel. If you can just go up an elevator, the pull becomes much easier.

So we head back to The Hard Rock. The Circle Bar was actually fairly lively for a Tuesday at 3 AM. There were a few sets and I start to look for girls who look bored, sexual, or like they want to trade up. Girls often settle for guys earlier in the night and then decide they don't like them later on. I want to find those girls. What I do to find these girls is make a rotation of the bar. However, you don't want it to look like you're "on the prowl" so you have to make a confused face like you're looking for a friend of yours. This is key to retaining social value.

The next part of super fast lays, is eye contact. You want to make searing, burning eye contact with as many girls as possible. Just make sure you still keep a smile on your face. You're looking for one of two responses. You want to approach girls who quickly break eye contact by looking down. This is a sign of sexual submission. Or you want to find girls who look away and then look back. There was a group of 3 hotties and as I was walking by, the blonde looked at me and then looked back as I walked by. I take an extra step, check my phone just cause I'm procrastinating and walk over.

I want to mention the next key point for super fast lays. Fashion and stereotyping. I was wearing a black pinstriped blazer with zippers all over it. Under that I had on a T-shirt I found in Australia with Sienna Miller flipping the bird topless, a pair of True Religion distressed jeans and my old school New Rocks. There's nothing spectacular about the outfit but it stands out without being weird. As usual I was the best dressed guy in the venue and the girls notice. If you don't get stared at or opened because of your fashion, you're doing something wrong. There are tons of great resources out there from, to There's no excuse for bad style, or not having an overall theme/stereotype to your look. Gone are the days when we can pretend fashion and presentation doesn't matter to getting laid. It does matter, and it's fully within your control.

After the eye contact I walked back over and said "hi" the girl immediately started telling me that she worked as a cocktail waitress at Treasure Island, she never goes out, and she's only here cause her brother's girlfriend(The Asian girl to her left) dragged her out. This is what's known as her qualifying herself to me off the opener. I now know she's attracted, it's 3 AM and she's with her brother's girlfriend. All signs are go, for the 10 minute lay. Then she asks me if I'm gay.

I get the gay thing once or twice a week, it's not a horrible problem as it allows me to escalate super fast. I say " I'm not gay and I'll prove it. Close your eyes." and then I kiss her. She practically sucks my face off. So I decide it's super on, and I'm gonna go for the 5 minute pull. I say " What are you guys up to right now?" She responds that they're waiting for her brother. I say "cool, shit I forgot my cigarettes upstairs. I'm gonna go get them." She starts to freak out her that I'm leaving, which is exactly what I wanted. this is a very subtle use of a take-away. Here I use it to gain emotional momentum to get her to come upstairs with me. She says " no, don't go! We'll get one down here." I say " Naw I only smoke Marlboro's, come upstairs with me to grab em. We'll be back before your brother gets here." She asks her friends if they're cool with that and away we go. Here, I just create some excuse for plausible deniability. As you can see it wasn't even that good of an excuse. But it worked.

Meet to elevator 3 minutes.

In the Elevator I ramp arousal. This is another key to quickies. I slam the girl against the wall, makeout with her and feel her up. Then as soon as we get to floor 4, I walk out of the elevator fast. This is a HUGE sexual push/pull. She gets aroused and starts to feel good and then it's gone. We get into the room and I throw her on the bed and pin her arms above her head. I go for the boobs then she says " When are you gonna fuck me? Before or after we smoke a cigarette? I laugh and we have sex. I look at the clock as I'm inside her and it's literally 6 minutes from when I checked my phone before going into the set.

I never would have imagined this was possible 6 years ago. But these situations happen to me all the time now. And they can happen to you too. The lesson to take out of this is not just controlling logistics in your favor, using eye contact to screen approaches, or ramping arousal as you're pulling. The real idea is that results like this are possible. A lot of times we read things like the "7 hour rule" or a girl tells us she doesn't sleep with guys right away and we get discouraged. The truth is seductions like this happen all over the world EVERY night of the week. It's just up to you to get out there and make it happen.

Til next time,



  1. That's an excellent model for fast seductions Sinn. Seriously.

    I'll fucking try it out. Gonna take some balls... but, that's what pick up is about.

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    I learned a lot from this!! Amazing stuff as usual.

  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    the response to "are you gay?" is perfect.

    What would you do if you were someone who gets asked "How old are you...!?" because you've got a baby face? My line is I usually say I'm 15 with a great fake ID, or that I'm as old as she is, etc. Curious if you have any gems.

  4. Anonymous2:02 PM

    good post... this stuff works guys..

  5. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Well dude, you this actually is not solid game you know.. anything under 7 hours is not consistent and just fools mate.

    Haha great job sinn, but you really can do this consistently? lol Imagine going out in a night with 6 lays =P


  6. Anonymous5:52 PM

    six is tough man.... not there... yet ; )

  7. Wow. How hot was the waitress on a physical attractiveness scale?

    That is pretty fast

  8. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Amazing FR, I really enjoyed it.
    The response to Gay Question... Genious. :D
    Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes from Spain.

  9. Anonymous6:12 AM

    This is Legendary.

    Captain Jack

  10. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Did you use a condom?

    and do you have a disease from all these lays...?

  11. Anonymous6:39 PM

    You're right Sinn. It takes time for people to get it (like you said, 6 years ago, it was a figment of your imagination). But once you do actually get it, it never limits what you can or can't do.

    And they way you describe this interaction sounds like this could happen to practically anyone. You didn't do anything special really. You know what you did.

    You showed up. Which is most of your success. You just happen to know a little more than the next guy ;)

    Good shit, Sinn.

  12. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Damn, that is awesome...good job man.......i've "lived" by trying to apply the 7 hr rule...very nice to know that its not necessary...i am constantly learning new things from your posts and i totally appreciate're the man

  13. Anonymous1:09 AM

    That shirts sounds awesome. I want one. Anyone know where I can find the photo online?

  14. Anonymous2:31 AM

    Regarding the STD comment, we've heard Sinn complaining about his cold sores before and I've seen them on his videos, so I guess that answers it. This risk, which I've been lucky enough to avoid, is one of the reasons why I've hung up the spurs and got into a LTR. If she bangs in 6 minutes, imagine all the dudes who have been there.

    The "game" lifestyle, while fun and intoxicating, is dangerous. STDs, alcohol, drugs, late nights, bars & clubs, etc. - not exactly a healthy lifestyle. But it sure is fun to read about!

    Another cautionary note: Running into exes, one night stands and various other chicks when a girlfriend/wife inevitably finds out about your former playa lifestyle can be very uncomfortable especially when she starts interrogating your ass.

    Actually, I would like to get Sinn's input on how to answer these questions. If you minimize it, you're a liar. If you tell the truth you're a player and a male slut and can't be trusted around women and subject to further questioning about details. If you avoid the question you are even more guilty as her imagination runs wild. Truly a no-win situation.

    Unfortunately, I have not avoided this problem. Comments?

  15. Anonymous7:36 AM

    this indeed is legendary....congrats for showing what's possible

  16. this is awesome stuff dude! I bet you didnt have to do alot of talking cause your smile and eye contact were subtle and sensual which turned her on! talk soon man! awesome stuff

  17. Just discovered your blog... In wanting to take full advantage of your Sinn-full resources, I tried to get both your "doctrine" and your "book"... but when i tried to get the book, i got an error message saying I was already part of the list and had confirmed... was that because I had signe up for the doctrine?... can I still get the book?... just tried w/ different email... got a different error message... Is the "layreport" website fucked up?

    clue me in: