Saturday, June 30, 2007

Obey the Suit

Savoy showed me this a few years ago. It's still awesome!

You must OBEY the suit!

Live blogging from Chicago Part Deux

Future is teaching story-telling now. Story-telling is one of the BEST ways to captivate a group, and relate our life experiences to others in an interesting way. We do a story-telling exercise in the bootcamp where every student gets a personalized story...

Generally the stories are pretty fucking interesting, which always makes me wonder why guys can't understand the things that they should talk to women about. If you have told a story once, and people (Read wome) have found it interesting, chances are very high that the next women you tell it to, will think it's interesting as well. In fact everyone has stories that they tell over and over again. My dad always tells the saame stories. So does EVERY natural you will ever meet. It's normal and natural.

Even more important than the story being interesting to the audience, is the story being interesting to yourself. Enthusiasm is contagious. The more into the story you are, the better the reaction you are going to get. Make sure that any story you tell is something YOU want to talk about. Rather than something that you think women will want to hear.


Live blogging from Chicago

Right now Future and I are talking about the attraction switches, specifically the ability to emote. That means that all of your actions are driven by your emotions. you are not logically manipulating to get reactions. You are following your emotional circuitry. Furthermore you need to demostrate to her that you have FULLY functioning emotional circuitry. that means that you don't have weird emotional reactions.

For example if you I am gaming a girl, and she says " I think you are kinda cute" and I respond with " Fuck You, you fucking whore!!!" I have just demonstrated malfunctioning emotional circuitry, which may lead her to endanger herself if she continues to interact with me. In fact, wehave to PROVE definetively that our emotional circuitry has driven us to be Pre-selected by women, a leader of men, and a protector of loved ones.

Now we've moved onto to the ability to affect her emotionally. Most guys are way too boring and don't give women a RANGE of emotions, DHVs are not a range of emotions. They are a specific attractive quality, but the ability to lead a woman on an emotional roller coaster is a DHV in and of itself.

El Topo is siting in a weird position with his arms above his head like he's drawing a bow, and Da Hunter is MIA as he is trying to get his new Iphone to work...

Also Forum admin Vapor has stopped by to help us out, and it's good to finally put a face to the online handle...

More to come....

Friday, June 29, 2007

Are you an "Agenda guy"?

Almost every community guy I have met over the past 4 years, has fit into the category of "Agenda guy". That means that instead of kicking back, and relaxing when we run into each other at a bar or club, they pump me for free advice. It means that every time Im talking, they interrupt it with a question about THEIR game. It means that every time that I talk to a girl, they hover and try to overhear the magical incantations I use to get them attracted to me.

The truth is, if you can't vibe and chill with a guy, how in the world are you going to do it with a girl? If I can tell you have an agenda when you're talking to me, then a girl can certainly tell you have an agenda when you're talking to her. And since in a social interaction in a bar, club or the street can have only so many possible agendas, then she can tell you must want sex. And guess what? The hungry don't get fed. The more it seems like you are leaning and trying to get something from her, the more she is going to deny you. The more she is going to see you as low value. Because a guy that has women in his life, doesn't have to try so hard because he has girls in his life and access to sex. A guy who's trying this hard, probably goes home at the end of the night and humps the arm of his favorite jacket.

Agenda guys extend to other walks of life as well, think used car salesmen, But the point of this post, is to get you thinking about whether or not you are an agenda guy and if you are, Un-fuck that part of yourself and stop trying to get something for nothing. Focus on adding value and helping the other person. Become a go-giver.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lack of updates to come explained now....

So I've had the strip club waitress over the last 2 nights ending last night with us staying up all night... I'm sooo gone it's not even funny. She's coming over again tonight. I've never met anyone I could talk to for this long and not get bored of.

Ok enough mushy stuff. Point being I fixed every mistake I made with HBperfect. And I'm very happy about that. I also have documented the whole thing and am debating whether or not to post about it. It's a systematic break down of advanced comfort, but also compromises my private life and IMO undermines the quality of connection I feel for this girl.

I know everyone will post comments telling me to post it. Save them. i'll make the decision on my own and if I get so many as 1 comment asking for it I will NEVER post it anywhere. This is an issue I need to make a decision on alone. I've shared a lot of myself with the community and lost HBperfect because of bootcamps, so I will not ever feel indebted. On the other hand I do pride myself on my ability to teach and this report is a magnificent breakdown. I also will probably not post it publicly on the chance that she may somehow find it. So lounge members it may be your lucky day.... And no this isn't marketing for some product either.. It's just me putting my thoughts down on a subject because well it's my blog.

So I won't be updating much over the next few days, unless the hotel room in Chi has internet then I'll do a live blog while Future teaches...

I'm in Chi tomor for the lair talk then the bootcamp then Breakthrough motherfucking comfort. Then I'm back home to relax and start working on some more money making ventures outside of PU, edit the Day game product which will be a 5 DVD product that will be really fucking cool.My video editor has made several movies that have been to sundance and the quality will be amazing. I'll also get to continue to deal with my car situation.. YAY!!

What else? Real World las vegas Reunited sucks my balls.. It's terrible and seems like it's a bunch of people pretending that they're having fun when really it's obvious that outside of Frank and Steven NOBODY likes each other on this show. It's just MTV's flailing last ditch attempt to ressurect the dead not dying Real World franchise. Lame.

Finally Future will have a phone soon and we can resume our ambiguously gay talks on the phone instead of me trying to catch him on SKYPE.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

lair talk part deux

The topic will be sticking points.

I try not to overhype stuff, so here's the idea.

You guys roll in tell me, Topo, and Future your sticking points, and we'll give you some suggestions...


All free.


Lair Talk on June 28th!

June 28th 6-8 PM

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites – Downtown Chicago 506 West Harrison Street Chicago, IL 60607

In the Monroe room.

See ya there.


Monday, June 25, 2007

The path to Mastery. Re-post of my first article for Warrior-King

Every year millions of people around the globe, make New Year’s resolutions. They resolve to “get in shape” or “start saving for retirement”. We figure that we can just flip a switch on the first of the year and all of a sudden, we will have the self-discipline that seems to have evaded us for the rest of our lives.

The truth is, that personal change and self-improvement, is a process. We are all works in progress. David Deida in “ The way of the Superior Man” talks about giving up the need for completion. In my mind, this is one of the first steps on the road to personal mastery. You must give up the need for instant gratification. To truly give up the urge for instant gratification, we must first examine what causes us to desire it.

Instant gratification, or “The quick fix” is a test. It tests the strength of your resolve, and the content of your character. It is easy to look for the magic pill. It is also immature and na├»ve. I see this all the time with guys who I work with at The Mystery Method programs. Guys focus on the routines or lines to say to women, while neglecting everything else. Why is this? Because it’s easy. It’s easier to believe that you can learn the right lines or “gambits” and get the girl.

This thinking pervades every area of life. It’s the reason that pyramid schemes exist. It’s the reason that the South Beach diet became popular. People are always seeking the easy way out.

Well the truth is, there is no easy way to get lasting results. The path to mastery is long and treacherous. The life of your dreams will not be waiting for you on a bed of goose down pillows. It will be hidden and guarded and you will have to TAKE it.

Joseph Campbell talks about the Hero’s Journey, the process of self-actualization that the protagonist of any story has to go through in order to succeed. Self-actualization is the instinctual need of humans to make the most of their abilities, and strives to be the best they can. This is what life is about. The constant struggle to reach our peak potential and get all we can out of every minute of life.

There are three major areas that you will be focusing on in order to achieve personal mastery. They are Health, Wealth and Relationships. Additionally, there are inner and outer elements to each of these areas.

Health in the outer sense is physical health. How healthy, energetic and fit you are. Health in the inner sense refers to your mental health. How disciplined you are, how healthy your beliefs are, and how positive you are.
Wealth in the outer sense relates to your finances and how well you can make and save money.

Wealth in the inner sense relates to the quality of your life. How much enjoyment do you get out of life? After all you can’t bring money with you.
Relationships in the outer sense refer to your relationships with other. Not just romantically, but also in terms of contacts and increasing your sphere of influence.
Relationships in the inner sense refer to the most important relationship in your life. Your relationship with yourself.

So now that we have defined the areas that we must master to become self actualized, we can talk about the some of the roadblocks that we will encounter on the road to self-actualization.

One of the first roadblocks on the way to becoming your best self, is negative thinking. Negative thinking is one of the most dangerous and addictive roadblocks we can encounter. Your brain is addicted to the states of mind that you are in most of the time. So if you are constantly in a negative state of mind, you will find that even when good things happen, you look for the negative. Ask yourself right now; do you always look for the positive? Or do you allow yourself to wallow in self-indulgent negativity. The truth is that a positive attitude will help you in all aspects of your life. A positive attitude is the emotional equivalent of big muscles. Having big muscles, telegraphs that you are able to survive and are healthy. A positive attitude shows that you are most likely successful, as you don’t have the veil of negativity that would suggest that you have had past failures.

The first step to becoming a more positive person is to become aware of all the negative thoughts you have as you go about your day. For the next 7 days, I challenge all of you reading this to record EVERY negative thought you have. Carry a pen and pad if you need to. That’s step one. Next I want you to reframe every negative thought. Reframing is simply the act of changing the focus of the thought. So instead of focusing on what sucks right now, you should instead ask yourself ‘ what’s great about right now?” Do this for 7 straight days and see if there’s a change in your disposition.

One of the next roadblocks on the way to mastery is a lack of vision. In order to get the life of your dreams, you need to give a concrete idea of EXACTLY what the ideal life would look like.

It reminds me of a scene from Alice in Wonderland. In the book Alice falls down the Rabbit hole. And she comes to a fork in the road. She starts crying and stands there until the Rabbit comes hopping along. He asks her why she’s crying. She replies that she doesn’t know which side of the fork to take. The rabbit in his infinite rabbit wisdom asks her where she’s trying to go. When it dawns on Alice that she doesn’t know where she’s trying to go. To which the rabbit tells her, that if she doesn’t know where she’s trying to go, then any road will take her there.

I want all of you to take a few minutes right now and write down an idealized version of what you would like your life to look like, focusing on Health, Wealth and Relationships. Try to make your goals as realistic as possible, but don’t be afraid to dream big.

The last roadblock, I want to address today, is attempting to do too much at once. It’s like when I was a personal trainer. Every year, we would get guys and girls showing up in January and killing themselves in work-outs. I’m talking a full hour of cardio on level 10, after an hour of overtraining with weights. Invariably they would just burn themselves out and quit. The same thing can happen with self improvement. You want to make sure that as you go about improving yourself, you break things into small easily manageable tasks.

The way I like to do it, is to set daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals. That way you can small chunk things. The best way to get lasting change is to make a never ending small series of changes.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate that this article is not a complete guide, to personal mastery. Rather it is an overview of the road to mastery and the major road blocks that you will encounter in the beginning. Next month we will delve more deeply into getting started on the road to building an ideal life.


Next month, I will be writing about the Warrior's Journey and how you can initiate yourself into mature manhood.

To sign up go Here

Post block...

I have no idea what to write about, so here's what's been going on in Sinn land....

My M3 is constantly in the shop and may be a lemon. This is awesome... I love having to get a lawyer to write letters. It makes my day. I also really love watching other M3s that actually work drive by.

I've had sex with 5 new girls in the last 15 days including a BJ that doesn't count from another girl... I forgot how tiring back to backs can be. As after I hung out with one of my FBs yesterday, i kicked her out to go on a date with another girl who i ended up closing.. I wanted to kick the second gril out to booty call winghouse gir, but fell asleep.

I have my first date with the waitress from the strip club tonight. We're going to a premiere of a movie a friend of mine worked on. I told her to wear a skirt and she has agreed. Here I will avoid my mistake with HB perfect of not trying to have sex with her as soon as possible. The best way to start a relationship is by having sex as soon as you can. Before you have sex with a girl, she will come up with a million reasons not to sleep with you. After she has sex with you, she will come up with a million reasons why she did it.

I'm actually excited to be doing a bootcamp this weekend with Future, it's been a while since we did the program in SF together and I actually almost missed bootcamps in the past couple of weeks without one. My life for so long has been bootcamp, that I alost don't know what to do with myself on weekends I don't have them...

I really like one of my new FBs. She's a former model who does photography now, and she's awesome. She does not have big boobs though, which makes me sad... But she brought me Diet Coke yesterday and she's really adventurous...

It's pouring rain right now and that's always fun. Especially in June.

I love DVR!!! It's officially the coolest thing in the world that I can come home at 4 Am and have shows I like to watch waiting for me. it also has allowed me to stop satying around the house to watch PTI and ATH daily.

I got 2 new pairs of New Rocks today which brings my total up to about 12 I think. I stopped wearing them for awhile as I was trying to become more natural, but now that I have realized that being a natural is not as good as being a good PUA, I've brought back the New Rocks and revisited peacocking. I'll write an article about revisiting peacocking once I test it a little bit more. Possibly this weekend in Chicago.

I'm getting the video edited for the day game program and I will be posting the first article i wrote for the Warrior King Society later today...



Friday, June 22, 2007

Fidelio and Twitchy's account of Wednes events

Good friends Twitchy and Fidelio decided to give their side of the story from my epic drinking night Wed. It includes some CJ game highlisghts too.

Here's CJ's take CJ

Here's Fidelio's Fidelio

And Twitchy Twitchy

I'm not living this one down for awhile...


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Great Post on Sean Newman's blog

Here's a great post by Sean Newman of PU101 check it out.



20 drinks last night = death this morning

So I woke up in my own puke....

That's a great way to start the day. Hopefully god thinks I have paid my penance now after cleaning the puke off myself and CJ's couch and rug. Last night was a great illustration of my life.

I went to a strip club with CJ. We wanted to get there at 4 to cement our degenerate status, but by the time we got done with all the shit we both had to do, it was 8. We rolled in to see a collection of mutants on stage. But there was a 10 waitress. I had my sunglasses on in the club as I decided that it's a really powerful way to break rapport. Especially since my bro Future got uncomfortable when I wouldn't take them off while we were at lunch in SF a few weeks ago. As part of my attempting to be more responsible, I bought a $ 400 dollar pair of Gucci's. I figure if I can't keep my sunglasses, then I can't handle a lot of responsibilty. And it's stupid to avoid having something I want because I don't think I can keep them. So I start to game the waitress. It's super on, then she has to go attend to other customers. But she comes back and I # close her with a solid time bridge. And I remember to correct the mistakes I made with HB perfect. this girl will be my next girlfriend.

Then I head to the infamous X bar with CJ where I receive a text from Savoy saying he's at 8 drinks. Which was impressive considering it was 9PM in LA. I start to drink. Heavily. I end up at 20 drinks before getting kicked out.

So all in all hot girl who is in the begginning stages of falling in love with me and 20 drinks = Sinn.

Plus being like Tupac:)


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cursed night


CJ and I were in a set tonight that was SOO ON. Until my girl went to the bathroom and got jumped by another girl, who kicked her in the face and ripped her shirt. Police were flagged down and all chances of getting laid were flushed down the toilet as god decided I was going to be stuck at 4 new lays in the last week and would not be allowed to go back to back...


This was literally a freak occurance. How often does shit like that happen? One in a trillion times? This ranks up there with the girl who flew across the country to spend the weekend with me only to get her period as she got there, the knife fight that broke out at the San Diego bootcamp in June 05 and I don't even know...

CJ and I ruled the club tonight too. This was god's revenge. But we will not be thwarted. We have sold out to the PUA lifestyle and we shall get our commupence.



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One on Ones

So as many of you may have heard, i no longer do one on ones...

The reason is that with the amount of bootcamps I do, its really hard to have time off and when I do get it I don't want to have to do a one on one. So I stopped doing them a few months ago.

But we still get a lot of requests for me to do them, so I wanted to officially announce that I no longer am availble for them.

That's the bad news. The good news is that my wing El Topo is availible for them in the Southwest area.

El Topo is the newest addition to the TMM team after I taught him in Phoenix last Oct, he winged with CJ and a bunch of other guys in the Dallas community. Then when I moved over here CJ, I and the Topo have been going out every night. He's made amazing progress over the last few months and has been racking up results. Including an amazing streak of 4 new girls in 9 days. So I highly reccomend him if you want a one on one in the Southwest.

To book a one on one call Jeremy @ the TMM office (323) 836-0150


Monday, June 18, 2007

Be like Tupac Or WWTD Or Contrast is attractive.

As long time readers of this blog probably know, I am a big rap fan. As anyone who has met me knows, I'm also a big fan of talking about who's the best. Now I am one hundred percent convinced that Big L was the greatest commercial style rapper of all time, and that Atmosphere is probably the best lyricist of all time. However EVERY rapfan I know including hardcore hip hop heads who rail against the atrocities of what i lovingly refer to as "number rap"( meaning they talk about how many inches their rims are, how big their guns are, how many hos they fuck etc... you know numbers) lists Tupac as their favorite rapper. Not who they think is the best, but their favorite. He's even one of my favorites.

So why is Tupac such a beloved figure? Because of contrast. In addition to being the face of west coast gangster rap, he was accepted to Juliard and he wrote poetry. He even changed his name to Machiavelli in a throwback to the writer of "The Prince". All of these things led to him being everyone's favorite rapper because we felt like there was more to him. It also made him attractive to woman as they felt he was more than just a thug who would fuck her and leave her there was a softer side that led him to write things like "Dear Momma".

My thinking is that everyone who is majorly charismatic, has a contrast in their personality. How this can help YOU is by reminding you to have a complete personality. A major problem that i see in most guys, is that they only have one side to them. Either they are alpha, or fun party guy, or funny guy, or cool guy. But there is not other side. In order to really hook women in, we need to show multiple facets of ourselves. One of the major attraction switches that we teach at bootcamps, is the ability to take a woman on an emotional journey. That means that we need to give her a variety of emotions, including some negative ones... In10se talks about the concept of baiting. In his post he wrote that after some intial attraction material, he will hint at a softer side, by revealing that he took his mom out on Valentine's Day or that he keeps a journal. We also teach vulnerability routines as well in order to convey that their is a part of us that can still be scared despite the outer appearence of being this forty foot tall alpha male with a HUGE cock.

Contrast also builds comfort and trust. As in attraction we need to be over the top with our DHVs, contrasting with vulnerability and weakness makes women believe our DHVS more as we are showing that we aren't always amazing which makes her believe us when we DHV. Contrast that with ALWAYS DHVing where at some point you will come across as a caricature as women will not believe anyone is that amzing or if they do believe you, they will be intimidated.

So in conclusion, be like Tupac and show more than one side of yourself when interacting with women. And if anyone ever asks you to describe Sinn say " He's kinda like Tupac."


Sunday, June 17, 2007

Grow Your Game

My buddy and fellow TMM instructor Sheriff, has started a type site for pick up called Grow Your Game. It's really cool because it allows readers like you to rate various PU articles from all the gurus and posts you guys just think are useful.

The site is at Grow Your Game

And rate my posts high :)


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Announcement, plus a bonus article: You will never be done dealing with relationships.

A lot of guys come into the community expecting to get a level of skill and
then be done with the whole " Meeting women" thing. But this is a bad way of looking at things.

In fact it is the EXACT same way of looking at things that leads people into
the community in the first place. They think that if they can just get that one special girl, then they can get married and never have to deal with rejection at all.

This is a fallacy. But (As with most things in the community) it goes deeper
than just meeting women. Like David Deida talks about in The Way Of The
Superior Man, you will never be done with anything. Everytime you
complete a task, another jumps out to take it's place. Life is a constant
challenge. Like my Dad always said when I was a kid, " Life is hard, and then you die."

So this leads us to a great freedom. We can stop trying to be finish things,
and recognize that life is a series of accomplishments and that no ONE
thing will ever lead to happiness. You will need to constantly work on your
health, wealth and relationships. And to do that you need access to
information. Information that other people may not want you to have.

So it is in that spirit that I am announcing my joining of Captain Jack in "
The Warrior King Society" a place where the best guys in the world in their
respective areas will be sharing their knowledge to help ALL of you guys to
get the best out of life. I will be contributing articles monthly on subjects as diverse as wealth building, and personal growth.I'm super excited and I hope that you will all join us as we embark on the never ending journey called LIFE.

I highly encourage all of you to check it out





I'm really sorry guys.

I've gotten over 1500 emails about the suprise. I just need to make sure everything is working properly. I promise it will happen before the end of the week. Hopefully tomor. But I'm computer illiterate and waiting for the tech people.

I'm also in the middle of 3 new girls in less than 48 hrs and I will be writing LRs for 2. One completes the churchgirl 2set with CJ. And the other was a girl El Topo layed a few weeks ago. The last is my latest experiment with Advanced Comfort who has brought presents to both of our dates... I also have another girl coming over tonight and a date with the funusual a bunch of Puas saw me pick up last Thursday...Gotta love running into other Puas...

As Brent says " My run will NEVER end"


Monday, June 11, 2007

Announcement gets delayed...

Due to some technical snafus the announcement will have to wait a day maybe two.

Don't worry it'll be worth it.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Big announcement on Mon

Make sure that you check CJ and my blogs on Monday, we are going to be announcing something HUGE.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Sooo frustrated...

UGH I want to punch someone.

I can't post about why yet. But I will in detail.

If you wanna know what it's about read one of my stickied posts on the forums about bootcamps....



Thursday, June 07, 2007

Winging styles.

Ever wonder why you do better whith one wing than all your other's?

I did too. In the begginning Savoy and I winged really well together, then as I came into my own a little bit more and started to express who I was in a more personal way, my game changed and we stopped being able to wing as well.

The Don and I were able to wing together really well until I decided I wanted to focus more on same night lays.

Future and I despite being best friends, have never really winged well together. Mostly because he's way higher energy then me and we have never found a way to compensate.

But when I met Captain Jack we winged together perfectly almost immediately. Why?

Winging basically comes down to three seperate things working together. Obviously if you have game and your wing doesn't there is gonna be a problem. So this assumes you and your wings are at roughly the same level or at least that your wing isn't a loser.

The three important parts of winging are:

1. Energy Levels. You can't have a low energy guy and a high energy guy. It just becomes distracting. That's why Future and I don't wing well. You're wing should be at or a little bit lower energy than you. Also whoever has higher energy needs to open the set. A high energy wing can wreck things really fast.

2. Objectives. If your wing isn't going for same night lays and you are, there will be a conflict of interest and you will sabotage each other. One guy will push too fast the other guy will drag his feet and not escalate. This leads to more problems. Make sure that you guys both agree as to what the objective of the set is. If it's setting up dates, it's setting up dates. If it's trying to pull then both guys need to try to pull and be willing to lose the set.

3.Styles. If one guy is dressed in a couch coat, blue nails and a LED belt, and the other guy is dressed in sandals jeans and a t-shirt, the girls will probably wonder how you guys know each other and the incongruence as to why you guys are hanging out will affect the set. Make sure you and your wing dress similar and look like FRIENDS. Not like two guys who happen to be good with girls hanging out together on the prowl. Remember under the radar is good. You should just look like a bunch of cool guys who happened to start talking to them.

In conclusion a good wing can get you laid( Like Savoy and CJ have gotten me several times) and a bad wing can destroy your sets and make things not very fun.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I don't do shit.

I pulled again last night. First into the bathroom then home for like 6 rounds of "All night long".

What did I open with " You look bored while that guy is hitting on your friend." Did I run routines? no. I didn't do shit except handle logistics and be myself. The more I game, the less results I get. The more I just am the more I pull.

It reminds me of something CJ and I have been talking about for awhile. How the less effort you put in, the better results you get in set. The hottest girls we've ever pulled, came from doing the bare MINIMUM of work at each waypoint. Once you get good, stop working so hard. It's basically what Brent has been saying for years and is something Jeffy said in my favorite Jlaix story of all time.

Tenmag and I were chilling at casa de Jeffy after a program sometime last year, and Jeffy started to explain what he does now. he said " I don't do shit, I walk up, I say hey I'm Jeff. I got no job, work out, write, I'm a motivational speaker, and I'm celibate so don't get any ideas." It was hysterical. And I'm sure it worked.

So if you are an intermediate guy experiment with doing no work and see what happens. This does also take for granted that you have a personality and aren't just a routine machine.


Dealing with other guys

Fidelio has a GREAT post on his blog about dealing with other guys.

You can check it Here


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My story

By popular demand here is the story of my journey through the bizarre world of the community.

I actually found the community sometime around 98. Maybe 99, but all I did was read about it. I actually thought it was really weird. I was in high school at the time and I read all the stuff about not supplicating etc, and that was good, but too late for me to apply it in high school.

I was not good with girls, at all. I was really jealous of the guys who were and so I pretended to have a girlfriend at another school. I also had a group of friends who had a reputation for trying to get with girls and failing miserably. Looking back on high school I always thought I was mediocrely popular, but in retrospect, we were the losers at the party.

I had no sexual experiences until I was 17 and I had sex with a girl who I had met on AOL after buying the DYD e-book and practicing some of that stuff. Then I had 2 years of unintentional celibacy.

During which time I met Barrie, who I dated on and off for about 3 years. We didn’t have sex though until 2005, after I was already helping on workshops and had stopped dating her. It was possibly the worst relationship of all time. We broke up and she lost her virginity to another guy after not having sex with me for the 9 months we were dating and I took her back after that… Looking back now I just think it’s hysterical, especially since she is now engaged and still calls me and wants to have sex…

So around 2003 I dropped out of my group of loser friends who’s idea of fun was playing pool and complaining about not getting girls while not approaching. Their names were Ron and Gabe. I then started to approach at the mall. I did 7 approaches a day 7 days a week from late 2003 until sometime in 2005, after I had taken a TMM program. It took me 6 months of doing approaches EVERY day to get my first lay. Her name was Katie and I met her at the Northridge mall with the Wheelchair opener. After that I started to get it. Things started to click and I could get attraction really well. I also started to get a new lay every month or so. But I had MAJOR flaking problems. So I took the DYD “ On being a man program” “Sexual Communication” there I met TD for the first time along with a couple of other guys.

Then in Oct I took a TMM program with Mystery, Savoy and Lovedrop. I learned a shitload. I had asked David D if I could intern for him and had gotten the run around, but when I asked Savoy he was only too happy to get free labor. So I started interning for the company around this time. This was back when I did recruiting for Abercrombie. So then I started to really rack up the lays. It was a combination of day game, and girls I gamed at A&F. Then I went out with Savoy a few times to do day game which led to me getting a chance to help out on a program in Dec of that year. I made it very clear that I was not an instructor, but I learned a lot again.

Then I did a few more programs helping out and had my big moment at a Vegas bootcamp, it was a mixed 4 set. I was wearing a STUPID top hat and I ended up pulling the girl up to her room and closing at the end of program. It was after this that I finally started to feel like I was good. I taught a gazillion more programs that year and ended up talking at Cliffs list. I had arrived. Then I started to build a name for myself as I had tons of great bootcamp sets. I had back to back lays in Boston, went 3 for 3 in LA… So when Mystery retired the first time from teaching workshop in 05 I was one of the first guys to teach a TMM program without Mystery and I’ve been doing that ever since. Since then I’ve taught about 100 programs, including one on ones, stripper game, and my specialty day game. I’ve also taught and mentored The Don, Future, Tenmagnet, El Topo, and others. And I guess in the process of that I’ve become accepted as one of the best in the world at this. I’ve now been with more women that I could have EVER imagined I would be with and I know that meeting women is NEVER going to be a problem for me ever again.

So that’s my story, I probably came from a lot lower of a place than most people, since I was really young without an established identity or money, or even the maturity of someone in their 30s. But I consider myself proof that if I can do this, then ANYONE can. It’s just a matter of how much you want it. And how much you’re willing to go through.


Monday, June 04, 2007

The first series of drinking with Savoy

Just wanted to document how I dominated Savoy in winning game 7 of our drinking game.

I had 18 drinks, including 2 from the hotel mini bar. It was an epic performance of Jordanesque proportions.

Final series 4-3 Sinn.

I'll keep a running tally for the rest of the year.


Self Discipline and Inner game

Self discipline, is one of the most important skills you can ever learn.

And that's exactly what it is, a skill. The major mistake most people make when they undertake this journey into community, is expecting to get it all done at once. There is no magic pill. It doesn't matter how much you read, or how often you go out, there will NEVER be instant results. Instead you see small progress a lot for a long time. Until one day you wake up and you forget what it was like to be bad with women.

But to get to that point, you have to be willing to walk through the fucking fire. Style talks about the pain period and how it separates chumps from champs, and it's so true. You have to be fucking disciplined. You have to be able to look at what you are getting (results), what you want to get(outcome) and how you can go about it (steps).

SO the first step toward self discipline IMO is to figure out HONESTLY what results you are getting now and why. When I started I hadn't had sex in a year and a half after losing my virginity.... That's about as low of a place as you can start at. Then I thought about what I wanted(or thought I wanted) and I started to go out and do approaches as I had no social circle to get laid through. I didn't even get laid for the 1st 6 months I was doing mall approaches. I had a couple of dates and LMR a few times and then i broke through and realized that I could get laid off cold approaches. That was huge. Then I had like 7 more lays in the 4 months before I took a TMM program.

But even after that I constantly monitored my SPs. I knew qualification was where I was weakest, so I revised the model to make it work better, until my qualification was the best in the community and I was able to teach about it at Cliffs List in 05. Then I went on to the next SP.

It's a constant process, but you always have the choice of doing something that will lead you coser to your goals or further away from them. Making the right choice is self discipline.