Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Review of The PUA summit plus bonus vid of Brad P and I

So this past weekend I was speaking at the PUA summit with mixed emotions. I was excited to get to talk to a big group of people because I really do believe in the value of what I teach, but I was also a little worried about how weird the crowd was going to be. Any time you get a bunch of unsocially calibrated guys ( as I was so no judgement) together it has the potential for weirdness and discomfort. Luckily the weekend was a lot of fun.
The last thing I posted was the LR from Wed night at Bar Marmont. I actually ended up pulling another three set from there on Sat night. I took them back to Savoy’s place but rushed the pull as I opened her at about 1:00 AM. It turns out I had opened her sister and her friends earlier by singing Leona Lewis’ “ Bleeding Love” loudly. I was actually out with Moxie’s bootcamp and they watched the pull go down. It was hilarious because Moxie handcuffs his students if they don’t lock in in the first minute of the set. So we were getting pretty rowdy in there… And somewhere in there I picked up a girl.
But before that even happened it started with Thursday and Moxie and I making a pilgrimage to get the milanesa tacos from El Indio in Northridge. I first discovered these delectabls when my friends Ron and Gabe were in a fraternity at CSUN. We got recommended to the place once and it was nauseating except for some reason Ron liked it and eventually persuaded us to try these breaded steak tacos. I have since introduced CJ to them who was suitably annoyed when I texted him to tell him were eating them and throwing one away for the absentee pirate king.
We ended up at Beauty bar for a bit that night and then we headed to Savoy’s to play some Madden Wii. I lost as I could figure out any of the controls. Though I did annoy Savoy by picking the chragers. So there’s that ☺
Then Friday I sat in on a bit of Moxie’s lecture had sex with the girl from Wed night again, ran some errands and picked up some new clothes. I got a few new shirts but generally was less than impressed with the LA fashion scene. Especially on Melrose. I get it Affliction shirts are “in” because everyone wants to pretend their ultimate fighters, because one time they spent all day watching an Ultimate Fighter marathon on the Versus channel. And I understand that Phoenixes represent overcoming and such.. but enough with the phoenix, the skulls, and the Fleur De Lis… I get it, you’re conflicted and there’s problems of religious symbolism that cause you great consternation but I’d like to stop having it shoved at me when I’m trying to purchase clothing to make women like me :P

Fri night we ended up bouncing around to a lot of bars at which point I got ridiculously drunk(with a bit of help from Savoy) and ended up passing out back at our lovely motel around 4 AM when I knew I had to be up to support AFC Adam on his talk. So I wake up, hung over and head down to the summit. I meet up with Kurgen who if you guys don’t know about him is a guy I NEVER thought would get good. He’s also over 40 and Asian so he’s not one of those guys who you can say succeeds because of his looks or natural advantages. His story is actually pretty funny.

About three years ago Fastlife, Matador and myself used to go out in Orange County. We’d go to this ridiculously hard 18 and under club and to an the Skybar of Orange County for those of you who go out down there. Now bear in mind this was right before or right after the game had come out. SO there weren’t a lot of PUAs. We NEVER ran into guys. Except for this one guy. Back then Kurgen dressed terribly he looked like an old guy trying to look young. And he had taken 2 bootcamps with a different company that teaches more of a party style of game. Not the right combination. Plus he had some issues with touching and teasing girls. Plus his routines sounded like bad acting. We tried to give him some advice here or there and he never took it, but he kept going out. Then finally about two years ago, he started to get better. He even told Fastlife about how he started to tease and touch and we were both like “ DUH”. But he really got better fast once he changed his style to reflect his age a bit and he added teasing and touching. He got good enough that I asked him to help me format the routine stacks recently. The reason I did this was that he broke all his routines into micro pieces and learned them with the touching points and everything in order to internalize the attitudes etc… So now he’s helping me to break up routine stacks into digestable pieces that make sense and accomplish a certain amount of objectives. But I digress. The point of the story was that Fastlife and I had frequent conversations about how he was never going to get better and he was still able to by taking the steps on his own and staying committed.

But he and I ended up at the summit and the first person I saw was Zan. He happened to be in LA and stopped by with the guy who wrote the upcoming community movie. I think it’s called Rules of The Game or something similar. I caught up with Zan and we made plans to catch up and talk about some of the ideas I have. Then I saw AFC Adam and his girlfriend. It’s always great to see Adam as he’s one of the coolest most fun to be around people I’ve ever met. I also got to catch up with some other guys I’ve met over the years. A bunch of former students were there so it was cool to see where they are now as opposed to where they were the last time I saw them. The summit was held in the Rennasaince Hotel which is always a great choice, we filmed the Savoy, The Don and I filmed the classroom segments of the Dr Phil show in a room across the way from where we were now. When I got there Savoy wasn’t even on stage yet so the event like most summits was running a bit late. It was good to see Vince Kelvin and Johnny Wolf again as well. It seems like the crew they were working with was a bit larger than I thought it was going to be. I was busy catching up with Zan while Savoy was speaking but I came back in the room in time to hear Adam mention that I was in the crowd. Always appreciate the shout outs ☺ Adam’s speech was great. Very informative and funny his method of breaking rapport to build attraction and using PROVEN psychological techniques such as social proof and operant conditioning is pretty interesting. Personally Adam has some of the most ridiculous attraction game I’ve ever seen. And is super normal while doing it. His speech included a look at a NEVER to be publicly shared video that more than proves his level of skill or any questions about his abilities…
After Adam talked I bounced with Kurgen to work on breaking down the routine stack process and we made some great headway towards our new attraction model ebook being ready as well. Plus I got to eat Carney’s which is another one of my favorite places to eat in LA. As I’ve mentioned before one of my rules in life is that hot dog is never a bad choice. It’s hard to find a better hot dog than Carney’s including Pink’s.
That night ended in the previously mentioned pull and LMR combination.

Sunday I wake up at 10 AM and have to be on stage at 11:30. I grab a quick shower, wake moxilicious up and head down to the seminar room. I walk in as David Wygant is on stage and I keep waiting for him to scream " RESPECT THE COCK!!!" He kinda reminds me of Mark Wahlberg in The Departed. He tells us he spent all night having sex with his girlfriend and is on two hours sleep. He mentions girls being horny and going home to masturbate while thinking about guys who approach them. But he spends most of his time dissing routines. Which is hilarious because my talk is on finding your voice in set through the use of routines. I tell this to Torres Adam's girlfriend and she's amused as well. After the talk I tell Johnny Wolf what I'm talking about and he looks visibly nervous.

I get on stage and nail my talk. I covered a lot about being willing to be different, putting your core personality on the line, and using good routines as opposed to bad ones. This doesn't mean other people's routines, it means having good answers to the questions that come up every set, etc... I also notice that I swear more than any other guru I've ever heard. I'd think it was nervous energy but I swear more than any person I know also...

After my speech I'm mobbed by a bunch of people including Sean Messenger who tells me he's really proud of my growth since the last time we saw each other. Coming from Sean that means a lot. I talk to students and end up giving everyone a free phone consultation. that's something I've been doing for everyone who comes and hears me talk at a lair meeting or a summit, whatever. I want to spend 1 minutes talking to you and seeing where you are and what things can be done to help you get to the next level.

I grab a quick lunch with Moxie and then head in to watch Brad P speak. As regular readers of my blog are well aware I'm a big fan of Brad's. His talk started out with his standard stuff about social anxiety and developing balls. I frequently point students in the direction of his social anxiety exercises and do myself on a fairly regular basis. He also told some funny stories about how he infiltrated or one of those file sharing networks and did a poll o how much guys were getting laid. It revealed that most of them were virgins or had been with less than ten women despite having access to EVERY product. This was actually one of the better talks I've seen Brad give as he later took questions and revealed some great tactics or handling shit tests. I even got on stage with im and did an exercise on absuridfing shit tests. You can see the video here:

Then he wrapped up and he and I did an interview about the summit, having balls, making things sexual etc, etc... Not sure when the videos are gonna be up but I'll post them as they get up. The guys filming the interviews liked the way I interviw Brad enough to do an interview with me, Adam, and Torres, and Sean Messenger. Fun times. I like interviewing people.

I also got to see Mehow for the first time in a long time. I was really happy about that because I wanted a chance to apologize for all the aggression towards him last year that was pretty unwarranted. He took it really graciously and I had a really good talk with him and look forward to seeing him again. I also saw his presentation and really loved the way he broke down live pick ups in real time. Apparently he did a demo on some girls he brought with him too but I didn't see it. I'm very interested to see what new technology will bring to ways of learning pick up. The last person I met was Don Diego Garcia from Stylelife who has a really different image to what I was expecting and seemed like a nice guy. We should be doing an interview soon for Style life so look for that.

I finally got a call from Moxie about coming to pick him up from his bootcamp and had to leave a bit early but overall I thought the summit was a great success and I'm excited to see what happens next year with it. I'll post the videos as I find them.


Friday, May 23, 2008

LR Little Miss Insecure from a night out with J. Moxie

This is actually from Wednesday night. The second night of my hanging out with J. Moxie. We started off by grabbing a hot dog at Carney’s which is one of the things I actually really like about LA. As well as one of my rules of life which is that hot dog is never a bad choice. Seriously how often do you regret eating a hot dog even if it’s from 7-11. From Carney’s we went to the lovely Saddle Ranch. That’s def not on my list of things that I like about LA. Saddle Ranch is actually one of the only venues I have ever seen that was killed by the community. On any given weekend you have 3 or 4 bootcamps being run and an additional group of about 10 guys who took workshops and never bothered to figure out anywhere else to go. It licks Satan’s anus not to put tooo fine a point upon it. After about ten minutes of wanting to bang my head against something or light myself on fire, we bounce to the next place. The Standard. It was a weeknight so it was dead. Like five people in the whole place dead. Then we bounced to some bar that I was at with HB perfect on her birthday but can never remember the name of the place… I open a stripper at the bar by talking about my manliest of drink choices. It’s always funny when I order my uber masculine vodka and diet Cokes. She was super up front about being a stripper and I was starting to gain traction but I didn’t lock in fast enough and she was friends with the bartender so I had to do some take-aways and then finally ran out of steam completely. J Moxie was gaming up a black girl on the dance floor by spanking her with a rose. There’s also an older lady dressed in all red. See through red. Her nipples were literally the size of quarters. There was also a woman who was wearing a jumpsuit of some sort with her boy shorts hanging out of it. Apparently this bar is non-officially sponsoring an ugly person lingerie show…

We bounce finally to an upscale hotel bar and there’s a decent amount of hot girls ut the sets are pretty badly logisticized. The first girl I notice has (Shockingly) huge boobs and is seated in a mixed five set with three girls and two guys. I walk past the set to see what else is in there. Thee were some community guys out and some weirdos as well who were wearing pink psycho sunglasses that looked like they came out of the mutants in The Dark Knight Returns. I decide I’m going to open the 5 set before we leave so I walk over and notice that she’s creeped out by the one of the guys in the set. So I open while he’s distracted by saying that her facial expressions are priceless, and that watching that guy freak her out has been the highlight of my night so far. The set opens really well and I start talking to her friend on the left who was actually a super hot stripper. I ran rings on fingers and then just started talking about myself and what I’m doing in Hollywood. Especially how much I dislike Hollywood. She’s not believing anything and constantly keeps asking me if I’m really what I say I am, if I really like her etc.. Normally this would annoy me but with my recent focus on LSE girls I instead decide to just comfort her and let her know that I do actually like her. Which I did. She’s really funny and vulgar and should win a prize for eing the first person ( who isn’t English) to use cunt before me in a set. Kudos majorly… She and her dad cowrote a book which is pretty interesting and now works for a major production company. She also has a kid. Oen thing I really learned from El Topo and CJ was how to use women having kids as a major way to hook into comfort. The part of them that is a mother cannot coexist with a part of them that is a club girl at the same time. So by engaging the mother part of her you by default disengage the part of her that would have a “ Bitch shield” if you like to think in those terms.
The stripper girl leaves and it turns out that her and the two guys just met my girl and her friend. The girl’s friend excuses herself to et a drink and is gone for like 30 minutes only to re-emerge with a French guy. He’s totally harmless so I just ignore him for now. I run strawberry fields on her and she starts giving me major sexual iois. She’s a bit older so I got to set up frames that she was at her sexual peak and trying to take advantage of me. She mentions that she has a sort of boyfriend she still fucks and that she’s on her rag so we can’t have sex that night… This would be a recurring them. This is one of my newer concepts I’ve been teaching to guys on bootcamps and one on ones as well as in SNLs. The idea is prompting and passing sexual shit tests. This relates to doing and saying things to provoke women to tell you things like “ We’re not sleeping together etc.. and then passing it with a set structure for sexual escalation. This girl probably told me she wasn’t going to fuck me or blow me about 15 times.
Around 12:30 the girl’s friend and the French guy invite us to go back to the Mondrian and have some wine. I decide that at 12:30 it’s too late to keep doing more sets and pass up this opportunity. I head back to the Mondrian with the group and when we get up there my girl tells me that her friend is a golddigger. But the French guy CANNOT escalate. The friend was even saying things like “ That bed looks comfortable.” I tell my girl about all the things I’m going to do to her and finally we decide to go back to her house. To “cuddle”. She goes to the bathroom and tells me that she’s at the end of her period… Which means it’s time to fuck and we do…

The weird thing is that after sex she freaks out when we’re talking about how her kid lives with his dad and he’s not learning the right things. It actually made me feel weird that I had created this much intimacy or she’s crazy but I prefer my explanation of intimacy as it makes me look better : )


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Night one with Moxilicious J Moxie.

Moxie ad I headed out last night with the full intention of workshopping each other in the things both of us are good at. The night ended up being pretty fun.

It started when we went to the hipster bar. I used to live right around the corner from all of the bars I was at yesterday and even though I've been out of LA for only a year it feels like a lifetime ago. I'm always genuinely surprised how fast LA changes. One of my favorite places to go out burned down( Apparently only last week) Geisha House has a completely different wall theme. My old Apt building actually has a gym and restaurant in it now, and more. I always think I'm going to miss LA when I'm back and I NEVER do. Ever. Ever... I hate it as a city with the upmost. Ok back on topic.

We were at the hipster bar and there was a guy who looked exactly like Brad P but older, and the bartender looked exactly like MaryJasian Future's ex whatever... So Moxie was working on his low energy game and chatted a quick set before we took off to the next venue. Here's where the night got really interesting as Moxie picked out the three most fucked up sets with the three hottest girls at the bar. The first one was a one guy two girl set and I opened it and got attraction really fast and then tried to add too much value to the set which is a mistake I sometimes make with hotter girls. It comes from all those years of basic MM training he ideas of high value and expecting that I need to DO something to get attraction from super hotties. Instead of playing my game I default to something that is less useful for me. It does work well but for my personality, etc... Not so much. That ste is a blow out. The next set is also a blowout as it's an 8 set with 5 guys and 2 girls and I get caught up talking to the guys. Finally I have to approach a set with the hottest girl in the bar and some really good looking guy at a table. I'm hating moxie at this point.

I open it, start teasing her about being tall. Tell her we're not going to get along and that this guy obviously doesn't spank her enough. At this point she is all over me, pulling me in, etc... I find out that the guy is actually her personal assistant and she runs a clothing line designing lingerie. It's really on. She's flustered and goes to the bathroom but asks me to stay and talk to her assistant. I decline and go rejoin Moxie at our table to drink some beer and eat some wings. Later she comes back and Moxie tells me she's eye fucking me. I made the mistake of playing too much value game with her too but was able to correct it when I went back in and I started to run my sexual frames. Then she tells me that she has a live in boyfriend she doesn't have sex with and actually occasionally fucks her assistant but tonight she's trying to hook him up with the our waitress. She's trying to hook him up by doing massive amounts of shots. I wasn't touching enough and I had to keep doing take aways as she, the assistant and the waitress do about 9 shots in 15 minutes. I help Moxilicious work some sets with an english girl. I re-open a group from the smoking patio inside, smoke a cigarette and do a couple other things on my five or so take aways and I bounce between this girl and the rest of the bar. Finally I get her to turn her body completely towards me and start holding her hands. We make out and Moxie # closes the assistant as I # close the hottie, The assistant was completely unaffected by my being there the entire time. In fact he told Moxie that she was his wing and that they have threesomes with chicks they pick up in bars. Weird. He was like an uber natural though. We're supposed to hang with him tonight at some party...

Then we hit up a few other sets, and bounced to a couple of different venues before ending up at Tiny's. Tiny's used to be a regular part of my date in LA. The reason it's DISGUSTING. It literally has velvet paintings of naked women and clowns, and I feel like there should be syringes in the drinks. Still shots are puzzlingly $ 9... Moxie jumps into a three set with a dude who looks like he has aids. He pulls the obstacle over. I had to make sure it actually was the girl he didn't wanted so I just asked if she was cool. If he says she is she's not the target... I tell her I like her dress. One of the things CJ has been saying for a long time is the importance of recognizing a girl's self esteem level. In my new model, there are two parts to the interaction. Where you are and where she is. A lot of other systems put a focus on doing the same thing every time regardless of the type of women and expect results. I think you have to meet them where they are at. Which I think ironically enoygh I have only ever heard RJ say... But this girl was clearly LSE and needed a compliment. Sometimes you gotta compliment. Like sometimes you gotta race :) We start making out and then the bar closes. We go outside and I've got my girl ready to pull. But we need a little more time. It turns out the girls know the guys closing the bar and get invited back in which leaves Moxie and to celebrate a fun night of pushing each others' sticking points.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

El Topo's Text Game

This was posted on ET's blog but got largely ignored. I think it's gold. And not just because I'm mentioned in it. As someone who's seen ET's text game in person and the girls responses in real time he's good. He even helped me with some texting stuff in Orlando to get this girl to pick me up from the airport. Serious shit.

Check it...

The Text Game Part one.

This is one long post so I am breaking it down in a few parts.
I will get the rest of the posts up in the next few days.

Texting is something that about a year ago I realized the community didn’t have a lot of solid info on.

Now like all things, there is a lot of info on it, but not a lot of it I found was really useful.
There were some routines to get a response form someone, but none that built beyond that.
There are a lot of dynamics to text game, and I am known for the fairly aggressive style, but I practice a bunch of different forms and have friends who have a lot of different techniques on how to text as well. Hopefully this post will shed some light on that.

I will say that a lot of us actually game with text messaging as a pretty useful tool.
So it is a Tool of Game,
you can take a lot of short cuts with use of Text and IM, and then there are some other things that you can’t really make as effective in it. A good example would be, you can get very sexual with a girl over text in a fairly quickly, but you can’t really show too much of a human side with it either. You can’t penetrate deep 'comfort' emotions in text, you are mainly dealing with surface level emotions, hence the fantasy element.

Not the only way but a way to game.

What inspired this post was a few things.

The First was that someone texted a girl I had dated, “what’s up HOOKER!”. This text was kind of a joke that actually turned into many fruitful experiences, but the thing to point out about texting in such an offensive manner is not to belittle people, but to stimulate a response and have a then door to elicit sexuality.

The Second is that a few email blasts came into my email box saying that they had the Text Message Secrets. Now there is definitely good text material out there, but the series of texts they listed in this email (that was just released last week) was pathetic. I know the guys who wrote it, and they are super PUAs, but it once again opened my eyes to how some of the stuff put out there can be complete bullshit.

And the Third thing I would have to say is that I use text a lot, my friends use text a lot. We all do it a little different, but there is definitely a theoretical formula we follow.

So let’s begin here by saying Game is communication and orchestrating it to follow the direction that you want.
You are Socially Engineering interactions with people.
That includes it all, you can do this in a very Passive way that can be very influential, and you can do it in a Manipulative way. That is up to you. Game has been used and abused like a hooker’s pussy.

So the one thing to realize about any superficial communication is that is can fit a Fantasy World or can be given an Identity or Frame or Linked to a Subpersonality.
What I mean by superficial type of communication is communication that someone’s deeper emotions are not involved.
That includes Communication in any area of Attraction. And the more distanced it is from reality the better.

This way you bypass a lot of comfort and can get to seduction a lot faster than before. This is what Captain Jack did with frames, starting them early and then have him define an out come with less emotional investment. This is what I see when I read Brad P’s LRs (good product by the way), he would make his Attraction Game very Sexual, and made it fun allowing his targets to

So in person, face to face, that is the most ‘real’ you can get with someone. And it is harder to get them to accept a fantasy role in the early stages, or harder for them to accept a subpersonality role. However, the face to face meeting is what our over all goal, it is pretty hard to stick your dick in someone without this happening.

Over the phone, this is somewhat personal but much easier for someone to jump into a subpersonality or live out some extension of themselves. The main point here, is that because there is some detachment from interacting personally people will be more willing to step outside of their identity they convey when in public.

Over Email it can totally be done, but you have got to fish for it. You can’t immediately try and turn someone into a bleeding romantic, a sexually frustrated slut, or whatever your goal is. But you can get there pretty deep, pretty quick. In fact when I first started this was a big tool of mine. Very comfort based, and I still don’t know many people that have met someone for 10 mins and carried out an email conversation with them for a few weeks and then without talking over the phone was able to close them. This I did quite a bit last year consistently.

Over Chat or Text, what this post is about, is a really easy way to get someone to accept some passive role with you and very quickly build that momentum towards sex. The funny thing was that a lot of my friends in the community would not believe me when I would tell them about the texts that I would exchange with people. I would tell them about texts and they thought I was exaggerating. I thought this was a natural thing to do. It always made sense that you can be a totally freak over text.
I thought people did it all the time.

Then I met Levo and Doc Holiday and a few other people in the community that were doing stuff that I was doing. They were also being sexually aggressive in their Texts!
Also one of the books (Social Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman) I have always talked about as having pages and pages full of information relevant towards game mentioned a study about Instant Messenger Game.
If I wasn’t so lazy I would site the page it is on, but the general idea was that there were normal Teen/Young Adults that would have no leanings towards dysfunctional behavior, yet within minutes of Instant Messaging people they went sexual.

I just think that for guys like myself in the Community, we tend to over think how people can normally act. And escalation in Text can be normal. Now mix it with some strategy and you can make it one of your biggest weapons.

But was always doing this sort of thing naturally. I have always been some who could push things too far and recover so I did that in game and I did it in text too.

Although my PUA friends believed me in what I would text wanted to see proof. And they got it eventually.
I was with Sinn and Future in Chicago and we were finishing up workshop.
I started a text exchange with a girl and the value in this was that it was one long exchange. It didn’t happen over days, weeks, months, it went from me having her number sending a text and in an hour or so, she was masturbating (or so she said) while texting me back and forth.

The post is called “the Sexualized Text” I think I put it up in July or August of Last Year.

At this point people would constantly ask me about text, and when I was out they would ask me advice.
I would give it to them and sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn’t.
In fact one thing that Shaft says is that whenever he uses my texts, he gets no response. But what he started to point out was that there was a method to what I was doing.

Also at the time, Sinn and Future with their Break Through Comfort program had started adding a text aspect to it.
They would get girls in a whirlwind of “Hot Cold Texts”. And when we were looking at the consistencies in what we were all doing we were going “Hot Cold”

Now in this I want to breakdown a few different ways to Text.
There is stuff, I do, Sinn does, Captain Jack does, Shaft does, and little things I have picked up from other folks (PUAs and naturals).

There is a lot here, and it really is up to the other guys to breakdown their methods, I am just offering what I notice from observing these guys and how I have been able to replicate it.

Before we get to any sort of “Hot Cold”, we need to establish how we initiate the text.
It is not really an opener, but it contains the same sort of traits as an opener. Your initial text is supposed to stimulate attention back. It is supposed to elicit a response. It is not supposed to gain too much traction, mainly because it really can’t at that point. Like an opener it is just there to open communication.

You also need to realize that one of the best ways to text is text like a girl would. Careful placement of emoticons and capitalization work out well.

So here is the old standard that you can never really go wrong with when initialing text…

“Do you speak text … (name) ☺”

If you want you can be kind of quirky or funny with them, may sound stupid, but they work. Some quirkier ones might be…

“I just totally ate (or any other verb) the craziest thing, and in a really weird way it made me think of YOU! :P”

“I am sending you this text before I forget and tomorrow’s hangover kicks in, TEXT ME BACK WOMAN!”

“Right now I am in the bathroom, wondering if there is ever a beneficial way to write someone’s number on the wall. But it was awesome meeting you last night. :p”

“This is (insert name), text me something cool… ;P "

So now you have opened her up and where do you go from there?
Well what are your goals?
Are you trying to build a relationship with her? Are you trying to lay her as quick as possible? Are you trying to keep her around as a possible fuck buddy?
One thing that I am a big fan of, is that I will treat all the girls I pursue as SNLs. I want to go for the Lay as quick as possible. This is because it cuts out the completely unnecessary comfort that was once thought necessary in the community.
So what I am trying to do in my initial interactions is this-

-I am trying to split her personality. I want text to be a fantasy world with her.
-I want to gain compliance in the rhythm of how I am texting. For instance if I send texts that elicit an emotionally heated response, then I want to be the one cooling it down and turning it sexual.
-I want to get sexual. This is easier than you would think in text. I generally bait for it and it comes to the surface.
-I want them to facilitate a role, weather it is texting me back or performing some task that they are designated to they need to be dong something for me under my definition of them.
- I need to get them in an exchange that they can’t get out of. They emotionally isolate themselves with me through text, thus my interactions with them are a secret.

“Hot Cold”
This is kind of the original consistency we came up with, but it makes sense.
It is pure Attraction Game, and text is really Attraction Game that can be built into so many different realms. to sleep with you.

What this is, is simple. You send a text that carries one nice thing, and one teasing thing. This can go in further extremes, to something totally endearing and another totally repulsive. Like, “Just thinking about you ;)… would you get OUT of my HEAD!”
Why ‘Hot Cold’ works is because it gets a response and you are leading it. If you gain compliance over changing a anyone’s emotions you gain compliance over them. Humans are not logical, drama is a good thing when trying to speed along an interaction with women.
That is how Bait hook Reel Release and Push Pull work and this is push pull at its best. Here are a few examples of initial texts using “Hot Cold” in terms of an Opening Text… they do get better.
As you will see below, I have played around with putting the push before the pull and vise versa. No need to put that much thought in it. I give both examples. I think the lead out with the coldness may work better, but the main thing is that cat-like dynamic we are trying to portray.

“WTF I can’t believe you’re actually going home! I guess the after party will have to be going one without you”

“I am totally thinking about that (some detail about your interaction, like an odd article about their clothing)…You really shouldn’t tempt me creative minds can be trouble.”

“So today I totally ran into your twin! LOL! Except she was a good girl ☺!”

“You’re too much here…so what are up to tomorrow? ;P”

Now what is important here is not the examples specifically, but the nature of the dialogue. The two things at once, the beginnings of Hot Cold. The quicker you can become that guy she texts in her own world rather than that guy she texts that she politely responds to, if at all the better.

Escalating Hot Cold

Now one of the traps of any sort of Hot Cold interaction can be fucked up pretty easily.
It still works like a charm, but it can work like a charm in the wrong directions. So if you are using it to escalate than you need to know what direction you are going in. How it can go wrong is that is can add too much comfort and lead people towards relationships, and using Hot Cold to shape a relationship can be really out of control, cause if you play it how I do than you’ll frame the women to be totally dramatic.
So we want our Hot cold to go sexual and not emotional. To do that we need to start identifying their reactions and roles as sexual, this works out really well in text.

Here is a breakdown-
“Ok so you really think that!? Such a BAD girl…”
So the Cold (negative) part is “Ok so you really think that?” then the Hot (positive) part is “Such a BAD girl…”
Here her compliment is fitting her identity to be a positive one, but positive in a deviant way.
Now Game is something that is not really ‘making’ people do what they don’t want to do. Game is making the right situations come out and leading which way they grow. So we are not saying right off the bat, ‘you are a bad girl’. We are putting a very attractive stereotype out there and seeing if she accepts it. 8 out of 10 times she will.
Remember, we are just trying to help that sort of side come out of her.

So here are some examples of Text Exchanges Escalating Hot Cold-

PUA- “So I was just thinking…WTF did I do last night? Did I randomly text someone I shouldn’t have (don’t you hate that)…you came to mind ;) ”

Target- “LOL! No you’re safe here. No drunk texts.”

(So this is a weak response, but still a response. You want to actually get them invested, but it is your first text so no worries)

PUA- “So either you’re saving me from embarrassment or telling the truth. I like a girl that can keep a secret!”

Target- “I always tell the truth! So now you have got me wondering”

(this is a better response, she addressed both comments but still not too invested)

PUA- “Don’t press too hard WOMAN! Today has been totally crazy, I might SNAP!”

Target- “What? Snap???”

PUA- “Crazy stuff with a client of mine. But now it’s your job to make me feel better! But don’t get and crazy ideas I might not be able to handle it! ;)”

Target- “HA! ☺ Just what did you have in mind? I think I could give you a lot that you can’t handle. LOL”

PUA- “Now you’re giving me making me think of all sorts of crazy thoughts… ease up bad girl”

So what is happening here is using a hot cold dynamic to progress on in the exchange. One of the things here is that I am moving more towards a fantasy dynamic with the target and moving it to bring out a sexual subpersonality for them to fulfill.
But notice how the parts where I am saying things like, “don’t press too hard WOMAN! Today has been totally crazy, I might SNAP!”
I capitalize things like WOMAN! To get a bit of a rise out of her, and then I seed her to take on a position where I can give her a role to fulfill.

The next text I send then says, “but now it’s your job to make me feel better!”
This is something we will get into later, but it is something that Sinn does to gain compliance in a role in text to efficiently begin framing them, saves a lot of time in person with them.

The rest is still to come!

The fucked up bootcamp

Today on the drive down from Napa which included me getting us lost in Monterrey and then getting a ticket for going 85 in a 55 in the rented Grand Prix. The Ponti as I like to call it from my younger days had already saved me from a near fatal crash in the tunnel where PCH turns into the 10 freeway in Santa Monic but could not save me from my FIRST ever speeding tickets. Recently I had even been bragging about my ability to talk cops out of giving me a ticket. Then I failed at that but was polite so it didn't get worse as I think I have unpaid parking tickets... But the drive ended at a lovely Best Western. Gotta love the good life :) Bunch of meetings tomor plus hopefully I'll get to go to my favorite stores and get some much needed shopping done. Hooray!

But on this drive somewhere between some trees and some water, Moxie and I decided that we were going to bootcamp each other while we were going out. With him being super unreactive as fuck to social pressure and my mastery of technical game we can each workshop each others weaknesses. Plus we're both really fucked up. So now we have an elaborate system of punishment and reward around gaming girls. I've been plotting things to do to Moxie while he's in set to freak him out all day! It's going to be super evil. And I'm sure he'll have more fucked up shit for me to do.

I'll report back...


Monday, May 19, 2008

Where have I been?

Sorry guys another layoff as I had to move and then had no internet.

I switched buildings back home and now live in a place with a much better gym and that's about it. I stupidly decided that since I had checked out the one bedrooms with CJ awhile ago that the one bedrooms would be just as nice. They're not. My Apt now is markedly smaller and less nice. I know a little about interior design and Feng Shui and the whole thing is off. Except the view. the view is incredible and the balcony has access from my bedroom and my living room which is nice.

But when I switched, of course i didn't realize to schedule an extra week for all the installation stuff so I had to spend Tuesday sitting around my apt reading and waiting for the cable guys who don't install internet. I really don't understand AT&T if you have a home set up system for high speed internet and you have cable guys, why can't they deliver those packages. They don't even have to install it just carry them around on the trucks and give them to people who chose to get both services. Right? Am I missing something here?

Then Wed I left to meet with Moxie and a student in lovely San Fran. I really love that city but the nightlife is atrocious. No hot girls( though there were cuter ones this time :) and it wasn't very well layed out in terms of bar hopping to bars you would like to go to. Great food especially in China town. Moxie and I got Dim Sum a couple of times while there but as is becoming the theme of this trip I made us late for lunch and we had to spend 30 minutes trying to find an open restaurant. Then we ended up out in the marina where I had a couple of close lays including one that led tot his text message exhcange.

Girl: Think I'm calling it a night. When are you in LA?
Me: But I wanted to fuck you :(
Girl: Wow I guess it's out there like that. Let me see what I can do...

But alas it was not to be and the night before I had a girl trying to propsiton me through text message but my phone had died and Moxie was busy doing street sets for around an hour so I couldn't charge it until it was too late.

Sun we rented a car and headed down to Napa for a very heterosexual two days of wine tasting which is where I am writing from as we missed wine tasting because I overslept( I was getting sick last night) and now we're waiting for our dinner reservations.

Tomor we'll make the drive down to LA. I hate LA and am not looking forward to this. Except for Tito's tacos, shopping, and catching up with some old friends. I'll also be talking to some execs who may have some reality show interest from back before I left LA. We'll see my perspective on hollywood is that unti you get a check it's not real.

I have a bunch of ideas for articles and should be back to a regular posting cycle now.



Friday, May 09, 2008

Swagger- My articles


I was in Vegas last weekend with The California Pimp and his friend Big Z. Lately my interests in learning game have ventured outside of the community. I think the community is an amazing resource and has a lot of great tactics and techniques, but to truly innovate and come up with NEW information you have to be able to look at ANYONE who is successful with women and break down what they’re doing and how it works. That led us to the Cali pimp and Big Z. Seeing what these guys do with their delivery, dominance and frame control is amazing. They’re also super charismatic guys. We’re trying to organize a podcast with them sometime this week so stay tuned.
Shockingly because this never happens with me, the conversation turned to game. And Big Z had a lot of really interesting ideas and ways of thinking about things. All of which amounted to his idea of game, which he calls your swagger. Z said the first thing that you need to accept is that everybody gets rejected sometime. And that as a man you have to be able to handle rejection. I couldn’t agree with this more in fact it cracks me up when I hear any guru saying he can pick up any girl, any time, anywhere with a 100% success rate. Even Brad Pitt can’t do that. But the idea that as man you need to possess the strength of character and confidence in yourself to get rejected but not get dejected( hey that rhymes) or beat yourself up is key. John Wooden once said that he never wanted anyone looking at his locker room to be able to tell if his team won or lost a game. This is the core of being detached from the outcome. One of the biggest differences between naturals and non naturals is that naturals NEVER blame themselves for their failures. They always say something to the effect of “ she was a bitch anyway.” That attitude isn’t productive for learning but when faced with rejection you should ask yourself what you could have done differently or what you could learn from this experience. I personally feel that if you aren’t getting any rejections throughout an entire night of gaming, you’re probably not pushing the interaction far enough. This results in a rare disease called celibacy. The ability to face rejection is a key part of swagger because it gives you the ability to tell yourself that you can get rejected and still be ok.

The second part of swagger is a delusional belief in yourself and your abilities. It’s often been said that the best are crazy and delusional. This goes back to one of my key teaching concepts. Beliefs don’t need to be true to be helpful. A lot fo guys when they hear that they should act like the prize or act indifferent get fucked up because they’re true emotions are those of neediness and despair, so to act otherwise seems somehow dishonest. But the truth is it’s simply a matter of belief. Look at religion, UFOs, Magic, or anyone who thinks Leona Lewis is hot. People believe in things that can’t see or prove all the time. So it’s uber important to adopt beliefs that are helpful not necessarily true. These include the idea that people are generally friendly and open to the idea of meeting new people, that women want sex just as much if not more than men do, that you are a catch and any woman would be lucky to be with you. It can even be helpful to write down any reasons you think a woman would be lucky to be with you. Do it right now stop reading this article and write down ten qualities about yourself that women would like about you. I’ll wait….

Ok we’re back. What you believe determines so much of your abilities with women. As Robert Anton Wilson once wrote “ What the thinker thinks the prover proves”. That’s a reference to an actual phenomena that of your Reticular Activation System or RAS for short. Your RAS is tuned to find evidence to support your belifs. So if you have the belief that you suck with women, or are ugly, or not cool enough etc… Then your brain will actually find evidence to support it . If I wanted to find evidence to support the belief that I was bad with women, I could. I’ve done somewhere in the area of 10,000 sets and I’ve slept with only a few hundred girls. That’s not a huge percentage of success. But if I want to believe I’m good with women I can look at the hundreds of success or the crazy situations or super fast lays I’ve gotten or when girls flew across the country for me etc.. It’s all what you’re focused on. There was a great hyperbolic NIKE ad a few years back with a high school football team getting ready for the season or something and at the end they had a close up of the coach who said “ The Man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right. Which one are you?

Swagger is conveyed through your body language. Even pronouncing the word conjures up images of a pimped out guy walking leaned back with a cane and a fatty coat. Ok maybe that’s just me but the idea is to convey complete confidence with your body. Shoulders held high and back, walking as if your legs are swinging around a huge cock( Pretend if you’re not me ☺) walking as if to a secret beat that only you hear. Every movement is smooth and deliberate. The slower the better. One of the first rules I ever adhered to when I was learning game with my natural wing Anthony the Italian Stallion was that “Cool people NEVER run” . Imagine Jay-z or Brad Pitt running. You can’t see it because they’re high value enough that people will wait for them. That’s swagger.
Finally it’s important to develop an aura of comfort in ANY social situation. You want to learn to become TOO comfortable around women. You have to fake this until it actually becomes second nature to be comfortable around girls, or pulling girls home, isolating them, kissing them etc.. But you will never develop that comfort unless you start with it before hand. You can make the decision that no matter what lies your body is telling you, nothing bad is happening. Your body is going to lie to you. Your Anterior Cruciate Cortex is going to make you feel physical sensations that are closely related to pain. You have to ignore them. The more you ignore them the more you will progressively become desensitized to them . Ultimately that horrible stomach pain will merely be a buzzing fly in the background. And your swagger will conquor all.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

LA Pick Up Summit

The PUA Summit is coming up next month in May(23-25th to be exact). And I've been invited as one of the guest speakers! This a great way to meet 13 of the best gurus from around the world in one weekend and in one place! You can learn something from everyone and all the different methods.
There's gonna be me, AFC Adam, Brad P and more!

This is your LAST CHANCE to buy discounted PUA Summit Tickets and save $50.
Go to: for your ticket today!

I'll be giving away a free 15 minute phone consultation with me or one of my guys to everyone who attends!

When: Saturday & Sunday May 24th - May 25th
Where: Rennisance Hotel: Hollywood, CA
Cost: $199 discounted tickets
More info:

Buy your ticket today:

See you guys there!


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Review from Austin:

This review is from our student Jazzed who just came out and took SNLs, Getting started with game and Routine stack seminar

There will be more of these in Boston June 6-8th, Detroit June 13th-15th and Carolina June 27th-29th. You can sign up for Boston Here

Detroit Here

And Carolina Here

Now onto the review...


I have seen the future.

Having only been in the community since this past
December(when I had my amazing MM Boot-camp
experience!), I have worked very, very hard to improve
my Game.

I had spent hours practising routines, and researching
techniques with good success. But I never really
understood "how" they all worked? Certain techniques
always seemed like a bad fit for me?, and I struggled
at times with ideas I just didn't understand . . .that
was until this past weekend . . .

In Austin I got it!. . .Game is F-U-N!

Sinn (THE most fun guy to Game with), gave me alien
technology which immediately helped me in-field.

He also never left my side?. .I don't know how he does
it . . .lol. . .He was always there, diagnosing my
EVERY move in set. Without his help - I may never have
understood my true sticking points OR how to correct
them! Thanks bro!

I also worked with El Topo, and what he gave me was

He demonstrated in-field, how wrong my old thinking
was that Game was ALL about dominating sets and being
a spectacle of positive female attention!

He showed me how fast and deep people will connect
with you when you are a "real" person. He also had
some really creative ways to do this. These ideas
helped round out my game in a big way!

For anyone looking to go beyond a boot-camp and
actually internalize - HOW it all works, this seminar
is a for you! These concepts will allow you to better
perfect your own style and "flow".The result - WAY

I would also add that if possible, always take a
Boot-camp with other seminars. Since I took all three,
Sinn and El-Topo were able to custom fit the SNL and
Routine Stacking seminars to my exact style and
sticking points!Instead of just text book information
- they related it to REAL examples from the REAL sets
all weekend!

I now know the power of ongoing coaching and what it
can do for your Game! This is the next level!


PS:On this being a biased review. There was a BIG
negative. A 6ft 9 I may not have lost had it been
after my SNL seminar on Sunday!!! Straight torture

Here's the links again for those who have to sign up now!

Boston Here

Detroit Here

And Carolina Here


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

LR internet 10

So she got here last night and was very tired. So we came back to my place and I gave her a back massage.

One thing led to another and soon I was playing the tease, which I will write a post on ad nauseum soon. But it ended up with her giving me a little LMR until I whipped it out and then told her to play with herself until she couldn't take it anymore and begged me to fuck her.

She's one of the 5 hottest girls I've ever been with, she used to work w@ hooters and currently is a Bacardi promo girl. She's also really sweet and fun to hang out with. She's here til Thurs so I prolly won't update until after she leaves.

Hope everyone is having as much fun as we are!


Monday, May 05, 2008

In progress soon to be lay off the internet.

I've fooled around with internet game a little recently, I started off with some of Cajun's stuff off the attraction forum and then I tailored a bit and started to help out some of my friends with their profiles and messages. I have closed about 10 girls off of it in the last three months and I've met up with 12 girls off it. One of them was gross and I ditched her with the super quickness. I think internet game is retardedly easy and a monkey could get laid if he knows how to write a good profile and has a about 5 responses. I was working on a way to automate internet game with the collection of messages I have from my experiments on various websites. But i have way too much to do right now. I have been writing profiles for students and their results have been really good so far.

Now onto this particular instance

This super hot girl hit me up on Myspace with the following message:

I was looking around on this stupid (Internet Dating site) thing and i found you, but it said you hadn't been on in a while, so i looked up dallas to see if you happened to be around where i'm moving to and i found you on here! i promise i'm not a crazy stalker or anything! just thought you were very interesting!
and i'm moving to texas next month and was wondering if you were still around?

sorry if this is weird lol i just had to message you!

Her name

I responded with a modified version of one of Cajun's online openers:

Well I am fascinating... :)

Seriously though you had me when you're about you blurb was about a lifted truck. I'm so adopting you as my country little sister... Don't worry, we'll spend all our time together climbing trees and drinking kool-aid. Actually you seem like a pretty cool person, I'd love to get together sometime and let you cook for me haha

Her response:

well i mean, don't flatter yourself or anything ;)
two things though, i won't be adopted as anyone's little sister, thank you. and i'm the worst cook in the world. unless you're into cereal and grilled cheese.. then i'm your chef :P
sorry about the truck thing.. it's just fascinating to me lol or maybe i'm a nerd?
talk to you soon ;P

My response:

Oh you're definitely a nerd :) but you're kinda cute. For a nerd.

Gotta run... Going to Vegas.

I expect a saccharine sweet message when I check back here :)

Her response:

Hello darling! I hope your trip went wonderfully!

.... okay that's enough sweetness out of me for today.
I hope to shatter this nerd image sometime in the near future, so you can pick another adjective if you want to. :)
but it better be something nice.
Seriously though, how did it go? I've never been there, sounds too big and busy for what I'm used to. You should just come to (Where she lives), instead!
Well, i'm off to get more done to my tattoo yayyy
Hurry back!!!

My Response:

I'm gonna give you a B+ for the sweet part of the message, but until I actually get to know you off the internet... You're still a dork! A kinda cute dork, but I digress.

Tattoo eh? What did you get done?

Her response:
Oh yay, a B+! Well that was more than I expected so good! At least you think I'm "cute" lol whatever the hell that means ha. i'll add you so you can see the rest of my retarded pictures and laugh.

I pushed my date to move back a week. I'm getting a little nervous about moving all the way down there and knowing like 4 people lol I'm gonna miss my Momma :P But you seem to know your way around, so I'll be sure to ask you first!
Good luck on the rest of your adventure. I'd love to help lol but unfortunately with gas being seventy dollars a gallon and i have a 16 hour drive, I'm not much to ya.

As for my tat, I just got a long sentence going down my left side. From under my arm to the side of my hip. That one definitely didn't feel good. I just had to have a little bit filled in on it the other night, and eventually I'm going to have more shading and stars around it.. to go with the 5 stars i already have.

ps- thanks for not assuming me a total nutcase :P

My Response:

Oh man you're not rich?? Damn! You're messing up my lifelong goal of being a house husband. I could just see it now ( Cue cheesy Jeffersons style intro music) I wake up pump some iron to show the little lady what she's paying for then watch my stories and have a massage... All crushed now :(

Not only do I not think you're nuts, I might be dangerously close to developing an internet crush. Which I don't like so stop being cool!

Her response:

Ha well, I will be one of these days, so you can dance around to your Jeffersons style intro music and have all the massages you want :P And make all the movies you want! Don't give up on me so quickly!
Ooooooh somebody likes me :P (Middle school singsong tune lol)
Coming to visit me when I get down there?? :)

Here I know I've gone far enough to get her on the phone as these things can easily fizzle over Myspace messages. So I give her a reason to call me as opposed to me trying to call her. With internet stuff I always try to make them get my phone number and contact me first that way I set the frame that they are chasing me from the beginning of the interaction all the way through.

Here's my last response before getting her on the phone:

I think like would be an overstatement for now... But you're growing on me :) You could grow even more by writing me a good luck text message before my open mic tonight. My number is xxx-xxx-xxx. There's gonna be like 100 people there tonight! Nervous!!

From there I spent about 3 hours on the phone with her and exchanged a gazillion texts. She's actually a really ute, funny girl with the best accent ever. She's also smokingly hot she sent me nude pics and she's insane hot. So I convinced her to fly out( despite her being terrified of flying and only being on a plane once in her life before) here to visit me. I'm picking her up from the airport in about 2 hours and she's staying here until Thursday. I should fuck... I mean make sweet love to her tonight as I have closed every girl I've met off the internet except one and that was because I made the mistake of having her meet me out when I was already slightly intoxicated.

I'll update the rest tomor but I since I just got this text :

This is kinda exhausting! Sheesh. I can't wait for your arms to be around me! :)

I feel confident in calling the lay a la Babe Ruth.

Tune in tomor to find out:

Same Sinn time, same Sinn blog.


Balls the ultimate DHV

As I've been revamping and clarifying my cirriculum over the last few months, I've been thinking long and hard about what really gets attraction. I think a lot of the techniques in the community work for reasons other than why they are explained to work. But it wasn't until I sat in on the first couple of hours of Brad P's workshop a few weeks ago in Vegas that I realized how important just being ballsy was.

The ability to withstand social pressure and remain calm in unusual situations requires balls. It requires having the intestinal fortitude to do things that push you outside of your comfort zone and that might result in negative social feedback. Years and years ago TD said something about Erik and Neil that I've always kept in mind. He said that Erik had a blindspot to negative social feedback. Meaning that he can't see when things are going bad. I noticed this when he picked up a stripper one night after she had told me she hated him. To this day still one of the most impressive things I've seen but he couldn't tell she didn't like him at first. Neil on the other hand has an extreme sensitivity to social pressure which is why all of his stuff is about reaching the " Hook point" as quickly as possible, and avoiding bad reactions. Seeing their conflicting blindspots explains partially why they are able to work so well together. What it doesn't address is most guys. Most guys are not going to be blind to negative social feedback and if they adopt Neil's belief that they should avoid negative feedback at all costs they're gonna stop going out in the first month. A phenomena that happens pretty frequently after "Fantasy Camp" style bootcamps without follow up.

The reason I bring this up is that not enough emphasis is placed on simply having balls. In putting yourself in a situation where you might fail and pushing it as far as you can. A lot of people would say I'm a pretty ballsy guy as I do really ridiculous things in set and escalate faster and harder than almost anyone else. To me it's not a big deal because I've accepted rejection as a part of the game. As my Pimp buddy Big Zee says " Being able to handle rejection makes you a man."

So how do you develop balls? By doing shit that makes you uncomfortable. The same way that girls have comfort thresholds, guys have comfort thresholds. A few years back telling a girl I just met to get that I was gonna do horribly dirty things to her would have freaked me out. So would stopping girls on the street or interrupting girls on their cell phones in a mall. Now I think those are normal approaches( I'm brought back to reality when students refuse to do them, but to me it's easy) But the point is you have to be able to bump your own comfort thresholds back. If you are terrified of talking to a strange woman go up say hi and leave. Do that 50 times and it will be MUCH less scary then push a little bit farther until you're getting kicked out of your favorite bar in Dallas for bringing another girl into the bathroom. A lot of the time just being ballsy and willing to try something out of the ordinary is enough.

Go out and develop your balls, do something everyday that makes you feel scared socially. The more you do it the easier it gets and then you'll develop actual confidence. Confidence is the result of pushing yourself and accomplishing goals. In the book Flow the author talks about how we are not having a peak experience unless we are pushing ourselves to our limit within a task that is accomplishable. That's why I love game because you can challenge yourself with a very achievable goal. But it takes balls to achieve it.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mailbag # 2 On the topic of getting dreezed up...

Omaha PUA writes:

1. Do you drink when you sarge, if so, how do you keep a clear head
when sarging?

You seem pretty in-tune to being healthy, how do you maintain your health while
sarging and drinking?

While I appreciate the comment, I don't think my drinking, smoking, not sleeping and fucking lifestyle is particularly healthy. Awesome yes, healthy, no. But I do work out so that's something right? :) I also try to get enough sleep and eat healthy. Though traveling makes it a lot harder. I try to not drink tot he point of a hang over, but when I am hung-over I try to still get shit done, even if it's easy shit that just has to get taken care of like laundry or errands. I think the real key is in minimizing the time you lose the following day. It sucks but if you can do that drinking and you don't drink high calorie drinks. I drink Vodka and diet Coke which has like 60 calories a drink versus regular soda and juice which can be like 200 calories. I also avoid beer, and late night eating. If I drink I'll set a drink limit somewhere around 3-5 so it's not that many calories or that much alcohol.

On to the actual question, I do drink but I don't "sarge". Sarging is a term Ross Jeffries came up with based on his cat, it is the height of nerdom. Remember the vocabularly you use deines you and I am not a PUA. I'm a guy who goes out and talks to women. I'm a social guy. I don't have to put my special pink boa on to get in state to talk to a girl. I love women and enjoy talking to them. It's something I try to do as much as possible because it usually leads to sex and I like sex. A lot. Maybe too much, who knows but you guys all get to enjoy my labors :) But to think in these terms identifies you as an outsider to the world of hot girls. Being a PUA is for loser! There's only one kind of guy who gets approach anxiety before talking to a girl he's not attracted to. A PUA. People go out to party and have fun. Talking to girls is a part of that experience for me. And I think a much healthier way of looking at things. To steal a line from Rick H it's not something you do, it's something you are.

Geez I really need to answer the question, I do drink. I've detailed it many times here including many posts saying I need to stop drinking so much. I curtailed my drinking really well over the last three months or so. Plus once a month I have an ENTIRELY sober night. Just to make sure that I'm not becoming dependent on alcohol to get me in state. I think when you're learning this stuff drinking is a detriment. I didn't start drinking until I had already been in the game for like 2 years. So I learned totally sober. I think it helps to have a clear mind, plus it's SOOOO boring being sober in a club or bar that you feel WAY more compelled to approach. I actually notice now that my approach anxiety is way lower when I'm sober because I get bored faster talking to my friends and I am come up with better ways and strategies for approaching. I don't think a few drinks will ever hurt you but for the first few months I recommend staying sober or keeping it to a nice buzz. Anything else and you'll find your progress slowed pretty substantially.



Thursday, May 01, 2008

LR: Out Alone-Obstacles or Opportunities?

This girl actually just left my apt, about 20 mins ago.

Flashback to last night. Nobody wants to go out. CJ has a date, Printer flakes for no explained reason and doesn't return calls or texts. Fidelio and ET are working and then going home, Shaft is working. S0 here I am in my underwear watching the Hawks and Celts play and wondering if I should go out tonight. Add to it that in my experience Wednesday is the worst day to go out in Dallas and I don't have a car because... well because my car sucks balls. Most guys would see that as enough of a reason to stay home, smoke a bowl and play on the internet. Not me. This to me is a big difference between the guys who get massive results and the guys who just kinda struggle. CJ for awhile had no car, his daughters two weekends a month and lived at his Mom's house. yet he still got good at SNLs because he saw opportunities instead of obstacles. Most guys are too quick to make excuses as to why they can't go out or why they can't approach or why they can't try to pull etc.. There's two sides to every coin and that means that in every situation that seems to suck there's some way to improve and try to get laid. You just have to be looking for it.

Onto the LR. I decide to roll out to the bars by my house. I'm not expecting it to be a great night but I stop by the bar across the street. It's dead. The guy ET and I know who works there isn't even there so I bail and go to the sports bar across from there. The Stars are getting beaten by the Sharks yet there are no attractive hockey groupies, so I finally decide to go to my local dive. This is a place I never really go as it isn't a great placer for pick-up usually but tonight it's packed. I'm standing line for the bathroom when I hear everyone in the bar clapping and then turn to my right and see a seven foot tall drunk Dirk Nowitzki. He's so drunk he goes into the women's bathroom to piss. I text Fidelio about this and he responds " That's y they lost he's got a vagina". I go out and start opening sets.

The first set is a two set of blondes who I open with Brad P's Lesbian DTR opener. It doesn't really hook and I walk away without plowing. The next set I open I actually just want a cigarette and I ask for one but the girls don't have any. I've noticed that lately I am having way more trouble getting people to give me cigarettes. It started when I was in San Jose a couple of weeks ago, and has continued through Vegas and Dallas... Weird. Anyway I try to stack forward, but to no avail. And now I have two blowouts. I open another two set and get nowhere again when two girls who are in matching business wear walk in. They're very cute and more importantly they're the only set I haven't opened yet in the tiny shitty bar.

So I open them. There is a seat next to them at the bar so I sit down and open situationally by saying that I wish I had worn my white button down shirt too so I wasn't wrecking the sequence. They laugh and then we start talking about the drunk girl who is basically falling down and popping out of her shirt at the same time. I say we should start taking bets on what's going to happen. Her falling down is even money and her boobs popping out is 2 to 1. The target girl suggests that I go for her. I tease her and say we're not going to get along. Then I run rings on fingers and slap her hand. The obstacles boyfriend shows up and is all " Hey what's up dude!" He brought a friend or my girl but she doesn't even look up. She moved seats with the obstacle to sit next to me which I tease her for. We're both really mean and people watchers so we make fun of everyone including her best friend's BF for awhile. It turns out that they met in a sorority. Of course I tease her for that. I run Strawberry fields and she wants me to to run it on her friend. I refuse as her friend is already occupied with the BF and there's no point as I say the same thing EVERY time.

I ask her what's special about her and she tells me she's in commercial real estate. I run a role-play about her being my sugar mama and me lifting weights to show her what she's paying for. This leads into my summer of the ripped abs routine where I put her hands on my abs. TD pointed out to me that I should take more advantage of being in shape and make girls feel my muscles. I've been using this for awhile and it works really well for physical arousal.

Her friend and the boyfriend decide to leave. Earlier I had found out she drove herself so I know she can stay and she does. We have a few more drinks and play the question game. I ground my family a little bit and talk to her about what I'm writing right now. I've been doing some really good sexcalation and I eventually say something like " I wanna makeout with you in the bathroom. We get in the bathroom and I put my hands down here pants, but my friend the bartender bangs on the door and tells us we can't be in there together. I take that as an opportunity to bring her back to my place. We drive the two blocks because she doesn't wanna leave her car there. Get back to my place and all ends well.

She had a super hot body under that business wear. Huge boobs and a nice ass. The funniest part of the night was when the BF was leaving he tried a lame cockblocking attempt by telling her to use a condom and I tell her she's not getting laid. She also busted me on being out alone but I frame controlled it away by making it a joke. She even sent CJ a message from my phone calling him sexy... Sorry CJ :)

So that's 4 nights in a row of going out and pulling and 3 lays in those nights.