Thursday, December 28, 2006

Cool Lyric ...

I love when I hear a song and finally put a lyric in context.

From Atmosphere's song Trying to find a balance

While everyone was trying to out-do the last man
I was just a ghost trying to catch some Mrs. Pac-Man
Hello ma'am, would you be interested
In some sexual positions and emotional investments
See, I'm not insane, in fact I'm kind of rational

Isn't that a great analogy for what we do as we get into the game.

You desensitize yourself to the point where you are a ghost trying to floating in and out of women's lives trying to catch something that doesn't want to be captured.

It might be a similie I'm not sure....

Here's the rest of the song lyrics. He's a great artist, if you've never listened to him download this song off Itunes....

"Trying To Find A Balance"

They love the taste of blood
Now I don't know what that means, but I know that I mean it
Maybe they're as evil as they seem
Or maybe I only look out the window when it's scenic
"Atmosphere finally made a good record."
Yeah right, that shit almost sounds convincing
The last time I felt a sinking contradictive as this
Was the last time we played a show in Cinnci'
"Get real." they tell me
If only they knew how real this life really gets
They would stop acting like a silly bitch
They would respect the cock whether or not they believed in it
Doesn't take much and that's messed up
Because these people do a lot of simple shit to impress us
While everyone was trying to out-do the last man
I was just a ghost trying to catch some Mrs. Pac-Man
Hello ma'am, would you be interested
In some sexual positions and emotional investments
See, I'm not insane, in fact I'm kind of rational
When I be askin', "Yo, where did all the passion go?"
East coast, West coast, down South, Midwest
Nowadays everybody knows how to get fresh
Somebody give me a big yes (YES!)
God Bless America, but she stole the B from "Bless" (Accept it)
Now I'm too fucked up to dance
So I'ma sit with my hand down the front of my pants
You can't achieve your goals if you don't take that chance
So go pry open that trunk and get those amps (You know!)

[Chorus x2]
In the days of Kings and Queens I was a jester
Treat me like a God, oh they treat me like a leper
You see me move back and forth between both
I'm trying to find a balance
I'm trying to build a balance

So now I keep a close eye on my pets
Because they make most of they moves off of instinct and sense
It's eat, sleep, fuck in self defense
So straight you can set your clocks and place bets
Wait, let's prey on blind, deaf, dumb, dead
Hustle, maybe a couple will love what you said
Emcees drag their feet across a big naked land
With an empty bag of seed and a fake shake of hands
Yeah I got some last words, FUCK ALL OF YA'LL!
Stop writin' raps and go play volleyball
Gotta journey the world in a hurry
Cause my attorney didn't put enough girls on the jury
Guilty of droppin' these bombs in the city
But I'm innocent, love is the motive that's why you're killin 'em
Guilty of settin' my fire in all fifty
But I'm innocent, blame it on my equilibrium

[Chorus x2]
In the days of Kings and Queens I was a jester
Treat me like a God, oh they treat me like a leper
You see me move back and forth between both
I'm trying to find a balance
I'm trying to build a balance

I gotta find my balance
I gotta find my balance

Now all my friends are famous
It's either one thing or another
They all don't know what my name is
Probably know both of my brothers
The one is a hard workin' savior
The other's a hard workin' soldier
I'm just your next door neighbor
Workin' hard at tryin' to stay sober
You wait for the car at the corner
Pretend like you know what the pot is
Won't quit till I hit California
And make you my Golden State goddess

Man I'm psyched for New Year's

Me, Tenmag,Future, Neo and Savoy will be going to the most exclusive celebrity thrown party in(Undisclosed New Year's Eve Location).

I'm flying in early and hooking up with my old LTR before she goes to work. Then Future comes in, a quick trip to the Gym for Beasting up and then the debauchery will begin. Savoy and Tenmag get in later that night.

Another girl I'm seeing has a b-day party and she'll be in a limo touring the strip clubs, she invited us along.

Can't wait!

I'm really glad that I've met so many of the really great guys in the community, and I'm lucky enough to call the best of them friends.

Ultimately I have made friends that I would lay down in traffic for and who would do the same for me. And that is the best thing I've gotten from the community. I was friends with a lot of other guys earlier in my time in the community, and some of them were crazy, some of them were drug addicts, some of them were possibly gay, some were just weirdos. And over time I got to actually know them and like them. But then I started noticing things, like flying off the handle and threatening me, or saying one thing to me about someone else and then saying something different to them in 5 minutes, Always repeating themselves and talking about outlandish plans while not being able to get themselves groceries, lying a lot of lying, and some girl stealing then impregnating, and that was enough for me. But luckily at The Mystery Method there are no people like that. Savoy,The Don,Future,Tenmag,Masters,CaptainJack, I consider these guys my friends and brothers and I'm so glad that I get to spend New year's with some of my best friends in an amazing party.

Hope everyone else makes some memories too.


My favorite Albums...

What's a blog without a list of favorite albums.

Atmosphere-The Lucy Ford LP
Kanye West-The College Drop Out
Panic at the Disco- A fever you can't sweat out
DMX- And Then there was X
Eminem-The Marshall Mather LP
Snoop Dogg-The Last Meal
Jay-z The Black Album, The Blueprint 1 &2
The Whites Stripes-first album forget the name...
Biggie: Ready to Die
Big L- Lifestylez of tha Poor and Dangerous, The Big Picture
Ludacris-Word of Mouf
R.A the Rugged Man- R.A The Rugged Man Must Die
Evanescese-First Album
My favorite song is still Broken by Seether and Amy Lee of Evanescese it really described how I felt when I broke up with my LTR of like 4 years. She was the girl who's stuck around the longest, but I knew it was over for real and then this song came on. It was depressing and I played that song over and over again until I no longer feel it. But it's still a great really moving song. I like the way the voices are so different yet you can feel the come together at the end of the song. I still get chills when I hear the opening.


Where are all the women?

I've been going out a lot recently and I can't help but wonder aloud where all the women in LA have gone.

I haven't seen a girl over a 7 in the whole week I've been home....

The Don was telling me that he was seeing really unbalanced ratios of guys to girls in NY too.

Must be the holidays.

I figure that a lot of girls get bf around the holidays to avoid being alone, but geez!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

You get out what you put in

I was watching some guys play pick up basketball at the gym today(while accomplishing project Become a Beast) and I noticed that the only real difference between guys is skill and conditioning.

That may sound like saying the only difference between me and Michael Jordan is some exercises and practice. And it's the truth.

Take away all the natural gifts people may have( or lack) and the only differences are in skills and experience.

Everything is a skill set.

You want to become faster? Start running sprints.

You want to learn to dunk(like I do) start doing plyometrics and practicing.

You want to learn to meet women? Start trying to meet women.

A journey of a thousand miles will start with a single step.

It's real easy to put things off and be lazy, but only throiugh putting in the effort, will you get the rewards that you seek.


New Opener for when you go out alone

Going out alone is great, but I know what it's like to be worried about people seeing you by yourself or asking where your friends are.

So a couple of nights ago I came up with an opener in field that had a built in reason I was alone.

" Hey guys,

How do you tell someone you're not interested wthout hurting their feelings?

Ok check this out, I came out with some friends of mine and my friend Mindy is trying to set me up with her friend, and she's cute she's just not my type.

What should i say? "

Now for the rest of the night any set they see you in, they will assume is you're friends.

Also if the set stales and you have to leave you can tell them that you'll come back and tell them what happened.



Attraction Switches

The Attraction Switches:

Originally we wanted to convey that we were the embodiment of 6 alpha characteristics. Or 5 if you’re Mystery and can’t count.

They were:

1. Confidence- not really confidence, but the illusion of confidence, we accomplish this by approaching with the 3 second rule, having good body language and escalating.

2. Smile- In a survey taken in the 70s John Eagen found that 98% of women preferred to be approached with a smile and….

3. Sense of humor. Women love funny men. The way to a woman’s heart is through making her laugh. I don’t know anyone who can consistently get girls who doesn’t make them laugh.

4. Sense of connection. A woman has to feel like there is something happening between the two of you. Call it chemistry, call it rapport, call it understanding, but there must be a sense that there is more than a physical thing happening.

5. Well Groomed. This one may seem obvious, but if I had a dollar for every BC student I’ve had who needed to get his eye brows waxed or shave his chest, I would be a VERY rich man.

6. Social Proof. People especially women tend to stereotype, so we want them to stereotype us into a role we want. That means that by simply being surrounded by women, I can become more attractive to the next woman I approach.

Well the 5 er… 6 characteristics of an alpha male, gave way to …

The Attraction Switches.

1. Pre-selected by women. A hybrid of social proof, except that in this version, we go to great lengths to make our target and her peer group, know in no uncertain terms that we have dated women of great beauty and social status. The effects of pre-selection are many, there is the social proof aspect, as well as the ability to show that since we have had beautiful women before, we are unaffected by her beauty.
2. Leader of men. Also an aspect of social proof here, but more importantly it shows the strength of character needed to inspire others to follow you. It also implies some social status as people do not follow just anyone. The idea of being a leader shows so many good things about us, that it cannot be understated.
3. Protector of loved ones. This one is important to show her, that if she were to get into a relationship with us, she would be safe. It shows also that if she were to have children with us her children would be safe as well. She has to see that you are willing to protect her, even at the expense of your own safety.
4. Willing to emote. The ability to show her the range of your emotions is very powerful. You have to demonstrate to her very clearly that you are someone who follows they’re emotions. It just so happens that you’re emotions lead you toward being pre-selected by women, a leader of men and protector of loved ones.

Now having gotten these from Mystery, I have recently begun to add a few more.

5. The willingness to walk away. In every set there is a point where you will have to show her without a doubt that you want her, but are willing to walk if she doesn’t adhere to the standards you have set for her.
6. The ability to affect her emotionally. I used to call this the ability to lead her on an emotional journey. However the more I think about it the real power of leading her on an emotional journey only works if she is emotionally affected by you. When two people interact, and one of them has an emotional reaction while the other doesn’t, the unaffected person has more social power. We don’t have weird emotional reactions to homeless people. Unless we are crazy* like a certain PUA guru who wanted to kill some homeless kids outside of yoshinoya*. So the very act of being someone who gets her to have an emotional reaction( good or bad) is attractive.
7. Identity. Who you are and what you do, can and should help your game. Every couple of bootcamps, I will have a DR or a firefighter who never tells women what they do. This is a mistake. Every Identity can be conveyed in a way that will make women more attracted to you. It all comes down to how you ground it and describe it to a woman’s model of the world.
8. Lifestyle. The type of life you live, that you would be bringing a woman into can be attractive. You should be actively conveying what she can expect if she were to become you’re girlfriend. Will she be sitting at home all the time watching you eat KFC? Or will she enter a world where she is whisked away to a cool party with awesome people. Does she enter a bottle service party where the man she desires is surrounded by other women? Or is she whisked away to the top of a mountain on an amazing hike. Where can she expect to be with you? Wealth DHVs would also fit in here.

So that's where attraction switches have come from and where we currently are, this is by no means a complete list and I would love to see you guys come up with some more suggestions.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Year's resolutions...

I know that it's not New year's yet, but I was thinking about my goals for the next year and in an exercise of discipline and accountability, I want to post them, so that you guys can kick my ass if I don't get there.

1. Become as strong as an NFL lineman. At the training combine for the NFL draft Mario Williams the # 1 pick did 25 straight reps of 225 ilbs. That's my goal. By next December I will be able to rep 225 25 straight times. This also falls under my goal of becoming a beast.

2. Be able to dunk a regulation sized basketball, on a 10 foot hoop. I've never been able to dunk, and I want to be able to do that.

3. Make 100,000 dollars from a non MM source.

4. Learn how to whup some ass. I feel like there's a part of your core level of confidence that suffers from not knowing that you can kick someone's ass. And yes it is juvenile and there are real world consequences, but there comes a point where, to hold onto your frame of what's right, you have to be willing to fight. And I have no idea how to.. So I'm learning.

5. Move out of LA. I'm so not into LA anymore, yes the weather is great and the girls are hot, but it's not for me.

6. Learn how to ride a motorcycle.

7. Design at least one of my own shirts. I've been wanting to start designing my own clothes for awhile and I need to move on getting them made.

8. Make a web site for my comedy and work on having time to get jobs.

9. Have sex with a celebrity. Preferably Lindsay Lohan. Or Jessica Biel. Or Jessica Simpson. Preferably not Kirsten Dunst.

10. Write my actual book. Not about PU. I'll post about this if there's interest, but it's a pretty cool idea that I don't want stolen.

I would love it if you guys posted comments with your goals too. That way we can all work towards them together.


Monday, December 25, 2006

Standing on the Box

Here's an article from my favorite blog on the internet.

It's written by a bouncer in NYC.

If you like the article, there's more at


I’ve found another difference between us and them. Or me and them. Or the entire free motherfucking world and them.

The difference is, we’re happy when we’re out in New York on a Saturday night. I know I would’ve been if I hadn’t handcuffed myself to the door of some garlic-infused seizure-thon on the West Side of Manhattan for the past three years. I’d be overjoyed. I mean, fuck, you’re drinking for chrissakes. To be perfectly honest, the only thing that ever meant anything to me when I did go out regularly was that feeling I’d get after a few drinks. Fuck everything else – the buzz was the only thing that mattered. For my money, there’s nothing better than walking the streets of Manhattan with half a bag on. Those moments, those nights, are all about possibility. “Into Bolivia” fade your inhibitions and your debts, and out of mothballs comes your personality.

Call it alcoholism, but as long as I’m drinking, I’m fine.

As for them, they’re miserable. You see them, Guido after Guido, walking around the club, heads hung low, muttering to themselves about how they wished they hadn’t come out. They look at me and roll their eyes and shake their heads as though I’m some sympathetic fellow traveler who’s hip to the Guido plight.

And I do comprehend things to a point. I know what a pain in the ass it is to make my way into the city from the hinterlands, because that’s what I have to do. I have to do this because the money makes it worth my while. Guidos don’t have to do this. They don’t have to make a ninety minute commute into West Chelsea in order to get shitfaced. They don’t have to change trains three times to dance like retards. It’s not necessary to pile into an IROC and pay $9 in tolls to snort coke in dirty bathrooms. All this, I’m assuming, is readily available right around the corner – on Long Island or Staten Island or in Queens.

So what the fuck is the problem?

I’ve wondered about all this, so I did what any sensible bouncer would do: I asked the nearest depressed Guido. I pulled him aside the other night and asked him what the problem was.

“Why are you always in a bad mood when you come here?” I asked. “You always seem like you’re under a lot of stress.”

I’m friendly with this one. His name is Chris and he’s from Howard Beach. I helped him out in a nasty fight once. We say hello. We “hug.” Sometimes he hands me an extra twenty when his “boy” rolls in with an expired license. Sometimes it’s more.

“Yo, it’s because I am in a bad mood.”

“Why, though? Is it this place that gets you like that? Do you have problems at work? Why are you always walking around looking like the world’s about to end?”

“Yo,” he said, “you don’t understand, bro.”

“I’m trying. I mean, we’re friends, right?”

“Yeah, man. You’re my boy!”

“So?” I asked. “Do I ever ask you any questions? Tell me what the problem is.”

“The problem is that I just got engaged, and my girl don’t know I’m here, and I got like four bitches that wanna come home with me right now.”

“That’s your problem?”

“That’s always my problem.”

“Seriously?” I asked. “You always look like you wanna kill someone because you’re worried about the women you could take home?”


“It’s that easy for you in here?”

“Yo,” he said, “I can always take someone home outta this place.”

“So why get engaged?”

“Because my girl’s a fuckin’ sweetheart, bro. I could take all these girls home and fuck ‘em in the ear and it don’t mean shit, but I can’t lose my girl.”

I shrugged. “So that’s really why you always look like that? You got no other problems pissing you off?”

“Nah, man. You know me. I got two G’s in my pocket right now. It’s always bitches makes you crazy.”

“I heard that.

Mission Failed... Culprit Alcohol.

So I did not close last night. Here's the story.

Let it never be said that I only post about my successes or brag.

She showed up to get me and we went to a grimy bar in Los Feliz, when we go there her friends were there. What she failed to let me know prior to getting there was both of her friends were dudes.

Well as anyone whose taken a bootcamp with me knows, I love mixed sets.I'm also really good at them. Because at the end of the day you can always talk to the guys about money, sports, cars, alcohol or other women.

So I win both of these guys over and they start telling me always these qualifying stories about themselves. Like how when he was a Sophmore in High school he got permission to bveat up a senior from the Principal of his private school becasue as he had warned the entire student body of earlier in the year. " You don't talk shit about my dad". Also did I know he had a degree in design and did a best selling line.But because of his good looks people at the MAGICK( Men's clothing conference in Vegas, don't ask I'm a fashion whore I've admitted it) conference thought he was a model which he then said to look at the size of his check and ask if he's a model....

Anyway did some great befriending even when her early 20s friend showed up with ANgelo who was obviously in his LATE 40s. They then asked me where there were dance clubs around here....

The girl we'll call her shorty was telling people we were together then told another of her friends she was with a guy, before telling me that she never introduces guys to friends.... Jon's relationship frame sense was abuzzing.

We bounced to a house party with 6 people. And played some drinking games and did a gift exchange. It was funny because shorty's friend kept asking people where they were from.. and I realized how bad of a conversational topic it is unless people are inetresting. Because when you have stories to spin off of boring topics you become interesting, as the question merely serves as a skeleton to begin an interesting routine. You can do the same thing with what do you do etc.. This is the way to fit routines into every day conversation. You can thank me later as that's brillant.

Anyway, I'm smashed out of my mind and can barely stand by this part of the evening and she drops me off. I had earlier told her that I had a Christmas Present for her. Which is true, I'm giving everyone a copy of the secret. And so when she drops me I incompetantly bring that up before stumbling into my house, and falling asleep until i woke up at 5 am and had to remember why the lights and TV were on.

Merry Christmas! Nothing says Christmas like waking up to a loud parade of Santa Claus impersonators. Gotta love Hollywood!

Anyway it's still on with shorty and I'm sure I will sleep with her eventually, as there were no real mistakes and her friends LOVE me. The old guy offered me representation as a comedian if I want it. All without even seeing my show. Her friend who brought the old guy AKA a gold digger, loves me because I talked to her and OG about football and gambling. My two favorite things of all time BTW. Trying to talk to me about Football betting is like talking to Bruce Lee about Martial Arts. And I won over the two actors( Both of whom Shorty has fucked/dated) by talking to them swapping bullshit stories that I just happen to know how to DHV the shit out of myself in them. Really it was a long group set and I won it. Shows that community skills can be used in other situations than cold approach. Had I been a guy who was a friend of the actors I would have done the same things. I made sure to tease the shit out of her until everyone else did too and ran the set.

Shorty is supposed to come over tonight to get her present, the drama continues.

Hope everyone on here ( I saw the reader #s. Thanks) has an amzing Christmas and New Year's and continues to enjoy and learn as much from reading this blog, as I get from writing it.



Sunday, December 24, 2006

Real weird stuff happening tonight...

I have a girl I've been pursuing for awhile we've already gone to lmr and she stayed in my bed for like 16 hours.

She's real weird though and kinda reserved. She's a sweetheart though so when I do talk to her it's really great but then she gets really flaky or I have to flake. Like she was supposed to pick me up at the airport once and my flight got delayed to the next day when she had work. And One night I had another MLTR over so I didn't call when she asked me to.

Well the last time I flaked she met a band and now she told me that she hung out with them when she flaked on me thurs. So the part of me with self esteem says " fuck her don't waste your time" when she called me tonight and wants to meet for drinks... And Jon who likes himself felt a little better.

Then Evil Jon decided that the best way to make her learn her lesson would be to go and fuck her, then not call her anymore.

So I hatched a plot, you see she has a 2 seat car. I know because I walk girls out after they spend the night because I, am classy.

Now back to my plot to bang this chick. So it's 6:30 and I decide I'm going to flake on her unless, she comes and picks me up. So I text her:

Car is being werd, can you pick me up?

And I wait.

Her response:
What time are you gonna be here?
9 ish
Call me when you get here:
What street do you live on
Me: x at x see ya then

Now I will go win over her friend, see if there is potential for a 3some, There may be as she invited me to drinks with her best friend. And she is bi. If not then I will ride home with her and calmy remind her that the last time she was over I think she left some earrings.My other LTR just left earrings here. She'll come up and I will slam her against the wall in the elevator and make out with her throw her in to bed and ....

I am now calling the shot al a Babe Ruth. I'd say my chances at having her are 1 in 2. I'm only worried about getting her into my place. If I can do that which I think I can as long as I mention the earrings on the way to the bar. Rather than at the end of the night. I also need to make sure to kino the shit out of her.

This will be interesting, there's been a major gap and power struggle where I have been chasing a lot. Everything tells me this shouldn't work. Strictly from an MM perspective but I like my odds.

I'll report tomor.


Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

If you ask Chuck Norris what time it is, he always says, "Two seconds till." After you ask, "Two seconds to what?" he roundhouse kicks you in the face.

Rather than being birthed like a normal child, Chuck Norris instead decided to punch his way out of his mother's womb. Shortly thereafter he grew a beard.

Since 1940, the year Chuck Norris was born, roundhouse kick related deaths have increased 13,000 percent.

Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts ability. Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Chuck roundhouse kicked the devil in the face and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn't stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month.

Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.

Chuck Norris is not hung like a horse... horses are hung like Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris was the fourth Wiseman. He brought baby Jesus the gift of "beard". Jesus wore it proudly to his dying day. The other Wisemen, jealous of Jesus' obvious gift favoritism, used their combined influence to have Chuck omitted from the Bible. Shortly after all three died of roundhouse kick related deaths.

To prove it isn't that big of a deal to beat cancer. Chuck Norris smoked 15 cartons of cigarettes a day for 2 years and aquired 7 different kinds of cancer only to rid them from his body by flexing for 30 minutes. Beat that, Lance Armstrong.

There are no disabled people. Only people who have met Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris does not have AIDS but he gives it to people anyway.

There is no chin behind Chuck Norris' beard. There is only another fist.

The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.

Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.

If paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beats paper, what beats all 3 at the same time? Answer: Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris drinks napalm to quell his heartburn.

A duck's quack does not echo. Chuck Norris is solely responsible for this phenomenon. When asked why he will simply stare at you, grimly.

Chuck Norris doesn't believe in Germany.

If you want a list of Chuck Norris' enemies, just check the extinct species list.

Chuck Norris has never blinked in his entire life. Never.

Chuck Norris once shot an enemy plane down with his finger, by yelling, "Bang!"

If Superman and The Flash were to race to the edge of space you know who would win? Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris does not use spell check. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford will simply change the actual spelling of it.

Help design my site and Win A free One on One.

Hey guys,

I'm gonna be moving my blog to, which is good news if you read the blog as I will be able to add a bunch more cool shit to an actual site. Think Audio and Video Field Reports, podcasts etc....

But I designed a really ghetto site using Godaddy's services.

So if you can build me a decent site ( Doesn't have to be amazing) just has to be easy to navigate and pretty. I will give you a free one on one, anywhere in the USA. I'll even pay my own travel costs. If the site really knocks my socks off, I'll give you a free one on one weekend. That's right you could get up to 3 days and 3 nights of one on one instruction for building my site. That's over a $ 4500 value.

Anyone interested email


Natural Game

There seems to be a lot of debate raging about becoming a natural, I.E a man who gets women without having any formalized education into their pursuit.

The first step to becoming a natural ( or as I would like to suggest natural as you can't change the fact that you had to learn this stuff) is to define what a natural is in respect to meeting and attracting woman.

So what is a natural?

IMO a natural is someone who has always gotten women. They may or may not be off a cold approach, but a natural has always had women in his life. A natural never had a problem getting a girlfriend or keeping her. A natural may or may not be great at cold approach. Most natruals I've met don't actually do cold approach. They approach the girls who are giving them eye contact or " approach invitations" if you're a nerd. Most naturals have very good beliefs about women's sex drive. They may be misogynistic, but they believe that women like sex. They don't place too much importance on women and when they get flaked on you never notice because they don't talk about it. When asked for advice they generally tell you to chill out or be cool.

In these respects Savoy is actually the best natural I have ever met. He had been with a TON of women before coming into the community ( I won't post the # for his privacy email him and he may share it He also had most of them from cold approach.

But now that we know an what a natural is, we have to define natural game. IMO natural game is about a couple of things:
1. First understanding the way sex and relationships start.
Well.... getting rid of the internet and a celebrity that fucks his fans. Sex and relationships usually begin with a man meeting and then pursuing a woman until she relents. Relationships also usually start before sex does. Most people meet through work, or friends, or by happening to be in the same placea at the same time with a common interest ( think college class). It's still very rare that a woman meets a man at a club and they start dating. Generally people who do this are regarded as club friends. Clubs are seen as the domain of the hook up not the relationship. So what are the elements we can agree upon about how sex and relationships start.
1. Guy meets girl ( Or guy if you're into that sorta thing Cough*Masters*Cough)
2. Girl and guy become attracted to each other
3. Guy generally wanbts to get to sex as fast as possible
4. Couple have sex based on how long it takes the girl to get comfortable with having sex.
5. Based on how long it has been and what kind of frame has already been established couple either begins a relationship, continues the relationship, or ends contact.

So you have to first be aware of what steps need to be taken in order to get a woman into you're bed and life...
1. Meeting her. There is a lot of work that goes into meeting women. This doesn't mean scouraging the clubs necessarily, it could also mean taking a class, going to a Starbucks, meeting friends of friends, using the internet.. whatever.
2. Getting her attracted to you
3. Letting her get comfortable enough to have sex
4. Managing the relationship, so that neither of you feels bad about it.

So now that we understand what we have to do, we can break it into tactics/techniques to accomplish these goals.

But naturals don't have techniques they just have goals and intents. They see a girl they want, they meet her, they try to have sex with her. Either they fail(most of the time) or they succeed.

In my mind , that makes the key to becoming natural around women, is learning what to do( The process of getting sex) then unconsciously using the skills you've developed through repetition of techniques.

That's why routines are great, not because you should talk about things that are ungeniune forever, but because they teach you how to convey personality. But where most routine guys go wrong, is that they then don't develop a personality of their own. They stay conveying Mystery's personality or mine or Future's and they never seem to be able to get over the hump. The routines are just vessels to convey that you are an alpha male character that she wants to be with. If you don't ever develop the actual traits, while you will be able to get attraction and some results, you will forever be looking through a glass ceiling.

SO it is of utmost importance that we identify who we are. And who we want to be.

What kind of guy are you?

A corporate mover and shaker?

What kind of guy do you want to be outside of your life with women?

What do you want your tombstone to read?

Look deeply at these questions, answer them and then add universally attractive layers to your personality.

Learn to be fun and funny, learn to lead groups of people to believe in you, learn to make people feel good about themselves, learn to be strong, learn to be decisive, learn to help people help themselves, learn to teach people, learn how to make people feel safe and protected, learn to show people new sides of the world and themselves, leanr to make people think, learn to see the good in everything and everyone, learn to show womnen what's awesome about your world etc..

I hope this isn't sounding like a rant, but I really want everyone to understand that ultimately becoming a natural isn't about changing who you are, it's about coming to accept who you are and getting others to accept who you are. People always talk about passion and how important it is. What is passion? It's someone embracing a quest or a hourney that they believe in and embracing their dedication to it.

To become a natural you need a passion so that getting women isn't something you have a chance to learn about.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Top 5 cities for Pick Up

A lot of guys ask me about the best cities to for lack of better wording " Pick up chicks".

So hopefully I will never have to answer that question ever again after I write this post.

1. Stockholm, Sweden. The hottest, most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. I remember distinctly being in Solidaritet, and seeing a 3 set where the first girl was the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life, until I saw the second girl who was then for 3 seconds the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life, until 3 seconds later I saw the last girl who could conservatively be called a 15. Unreal. If you are serious about beautiful women, do yourself a favor and go to Stockholm. Bring heart medication though.

2. South Beach Miami. The women in South Beach are unreal, and the best thing about it is they walk around wearing nothing, or next to nothing. I hate the weather and everything in SObe is about 4 times more expensive than everywhere else in the US
(Because they add 18% gratuity)but the women are gorgeous. Unfortunately like the next entry on our list the majority of them seem to be tourists.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada. The most beautiful women in the world all vacation in Vegas. It would be # 1 except for the fact that almost 90% of the beauties are tourists. It's also a fairly easy place to do Pick up.

4. Chicago, Illinois. A very suprising entry, but the one time I was in Chicago I met one of the hottest girls I have ever hooked up with, and did 2 other sets one of which flew accross the country to see me and the other was a makeout. I'm sure the winter sucks, but summer time in Chi has some real hotties.

5. Hollywood, California. No suprise here, except maybe that it's this low on the list. Consistently has amazingly hot women and great weather. Way too many Puas in certain spots(like saddleranch) but there's a reason the women are really hot.

Hope this helps,


Go see Casino Royale

I have seen Casino Royale twice now and it is AMAZING!

By far the best Bond movie of all time, and I'm a hard core Sean Connery fan. I literally never thought that anyone else could have played bond besides SC.. until I saw Daniel Craig.

The movie is sooo good, it very well might be the best movie I have seen this year.

There's so much cool shit in the movie that it would be hard to pick out a few things, but I will.

The first scene in black and white where Bond suprises a corrupt government official in his office is unreal. It shows the one part of Bond that has alway been missing from the other movies( even the Connery ones) James Bond is an assassin first and foremost. His job is to kill people. In all the other films, Bond has had light hearted almost jovial quality to him. Not in Casino. He quips and banters back and forth with Vesper( the female lead) but he also kills people. Violently and callously.

There is another scene with major emotional impact later in the film where Vesper has just watched Bond kill two Arms dealers from Africa and when Bond comes back from the poker game she is sitting in the shower fully clothed. It's a great illustration of a realistic reaction that a girl would have to seeing two men killed. Unlike when Denise Richards was in a Bond film a few years back and she just chilled while Pierce Brosnan was mowing people down with a machine gun.

The plot of the movie revolves not around a laser on the moon that will destroy the Earth, but on an arms dealer who lost a lot of money shorting a stock and now needs to win it back in a high stakes poker game. There are a lot of twists and turns that happen around this plot, but nothing MAJORLY unrealistsic. It also does a great job of showing how Bond came to be. Casino is supposed to be Bond's first mission and we see a lot of charactersistcs develop that fans of the franchise will recognize.

Honestly I've seen it twice and I'm going again tomor. If you find yourself with some extra time this Holiday season check out Casino Royale.


Becoming a Beast

I have recently decided that I am going to gain 20 lbs of muscle.

I used to body build fairly seriously in the early 2000s and since finding the communtiy have really let my fitness slip.

So I now am rededicated. My goal is to increase my arms to at least 18 inches (they are 15 and 3/4 now) and get to 205 while lowering my body fat from 13% to somewhere in the 8-10 % range.

I'm training really hard and eating a shitload of chicken breast, vegetables and rice.

This goal has very little to do with pick up, but I'm sure that when I gain weight no guys will ever enter my sets ever again.

Unleash the Beast.


Friday, December 22, 2006

Skills and Faith

There are in my mind two equally important parts to becoming a PUA.

1 is skills, learning the actual technical aspects of opening, negging, time constraining etc..

The second is faith.

Why is it that when guys get into the community they have SO much success with material? Is there anything that magical about opinion openers, or the ESP routine?

No, there isn't but you believe that these things work.

That's why the students who get the best are the ones who throw out their entire model of how pick up works and buy into the material.

Faith ultimately can be equated to "Inner game" where as skills = "outer game". The best thing that can happen to a PUA is to get some material that they have faith in first. Then develop their faith in themselves.

Future and I have often said that if you were truly 100% confident in everything you did, the only thing you would need to do is kino escalate. This would be a case where faith would overcome a lack of skills.

When i first started in the game, I was a mess but I had complete faith that these random guys on the internet were onto something. I truly believed that they could help me and that they were right. Later it turns out that most of them were either charletans or fucking crazy. Read " The Game" to figure out whose who. But it doesn't matter, because I still bought into it and improved the shit out of my life. If I had not believed that A certain non MM guru could go into a 112 guy 1 girl set and steal girls from celebrities, I would not have gotten as good as I am. Turns out it was a lie and I was better than him when I took my initial program.

This is something that I carry on today. When I read about guys doing shit that sounds ridiculous, I don't say it's bullshit, I field test it. That's one of the reasons I knew Dynamic was full of shit, cuz I tried to pull girls into the bathroom in 7 minutes by asking if they wanted to watch me jerk off. It didn't work but I kept trying it. I never discount anything, because when I first heard about opinion openers, they sounded stupid too.

I think that it is super important to have faith in A method even if it's not Mystery Method. People got laid before Mystery came around. But have faith in something and try it.

Now having said that, I really do believe in having techniques and tactics, I think they free you're mind to think about the really important stuff. I also believe that until you have internalized the structures of humor and story-telling and teasing etc, it's really helpful to have specific lines and routines to help you get the girl.

So the first thing I always suggest to guys is get an opener and start using it. Get proficient at opening sets so that you can then move on to learning Negs, FTC, DHVS and all the other horrible acronyms.

But after learning all the technical aspects of game, the final sticking point is learning to have faith in yourself, and your ability to attract and begin a sexual relationship with the women you desire.

In my own experience, my learnin curve went something like this
Year 1 I try stuff on girls I go to school with as I am terrified to approach
Year 2 I learned the wheelchair opener and did it over and over going to the mall every day and opening 7 sets a day, I had very spotty attraction game through reading community material. I started to get laid but it took a lot of sets that didn't go further than the opener.
Year 3 I take a MM program and learn the actual structure that I am supposed to be going through. I build a routine stack and run it over and over again until it starts to work almost every set. I also start to get bored but rack up a TON of lays.
Year 4 I start to focus on overlying mechanisms as I am going to strangle myself if I have to run Best Friends Test again. I also start to work on my inner game. More and more I find myself not having to rely on material. I reach a place where I neither hold a routine out or force it. I put it in if it makes sense in the overall flow of the interaction. I no longer know what I am doing. But it almost always works.

This is a process and it takes awhile to go from being completely unconsciously incompetant to being unconsciously competant.

Hope this helps everyone else as much as

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

End of the line in Miami and as I sit here waiting for my cab I have to look back on the last 5 weeks of my life.

I haven't been home since Nov 14th or 16th I can't remember and can't bother checking when my Austin B/C was.

I have pulled 8 girls in this time, had 2 day2s and 2 day3s, had a ton of makeouts, been in Dallas, Austin, Toronto, New York, and Miami. I have taught or assisted at 4 bootcamps and a day game seminar. I have been hanging with Tenmagnet, Masters, Future, Captain Jack. I have spent way too much money.

I'm feeling conflicted as I prepare to go home and be off for the next 3 weeks. I dunno if I'm relieved to have the time off or if I'm gonna be really bored.

I can't believe I'm finally going to sleep in my bed with HB bi-squared tonight. It's exciting to see her and I can't wait til I get off the plane and she's waiting for me.

Then tomor I have to get on with the process of moving on with my life, without having to fly to bootcamps all the time.


Monday, December 18, 2006

I love Miami and a potential GF update

So i'm sitting in a hotel with Masters, Captain Jack and tenmagnet and looking out at palm trees and gorgeous women, when it hits me that i love Miami.

It's unreal, the women are gorgeous and the place is pretty damn close to being paradise.

My only major complaint about Mia, is the 18% tip that every place in South Beach adds.

Last night we went to a strip club and I met one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life.

She was a 12.

And I got her.

She happens to live in LA and just flew out here to work, we have been texting back and forth like teenagers all night and morning. She may not be THE one, but she can definetly be A one.

I wish i had the sarge on tape because it was masterful. I really need to get a voice recorder.

Her stripper programming kept coming back on and I had to do several freeze outs and dismiss her a ton. I also threw in some of the new advanced comfort stuff Future and I have been working on including "The Golden Mirror". The hardest part of the set was keeping my eyes locked onto hers even though I was desperately wanting to check her out.

When i got to the club, I was nervous as I hadn't done stripper game in a couple of months since I picked up a waitress at Cheetahs in Vegas with The Don, but as soon as I got into set I remembered how good I am at stripper game. I worked two warm up sets that weren't that hot and both of them were jumping through every one of my hoops and buying me cigarettes. But they weren't the one. Then I saw her onstage and I told Captain Jack that she would be mine.

I feel like I'm in a place where I want to have a GF for awhile, I've done the promiscuous thing for 3 years with no real commitment even Annie and Cara were still technically open relationships.

Looking back I have NEVER been in a committed relationship ever.

I don't know if I can do it, but I do know that the first requirment a girl will have to meet is the physical beauty and this girl from last night def has that.

I kind of look at a committed relationship as a challenge.

I learned how to not have a committed relationship and balance expectations while keeping girls really happy from Savoy and from what i've heard about his new relationship management seminar he's giving away a lot more than he taught me.

I have a program in Vancouver that weekend but I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall in that room.

For more info on that seminar go to Relationship Management Seminar

Anyway this is becoming a rambling mess, the bottom line is that I am FINALLY excited about a particular girl again. It's not one-itis, but it's nice to want a girl to call and to look forward to talking to her.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Product Review: The October Man Sequence.

As an avid fan of NLP and as a seduction community hobbyist, I was super psyched to see the famed " October Man" sequence.

I was not expecting magic as I have been involved in the community for awhile and I've seen a lof of promises go unfulfilled.

The October Man sequence found here:

The October Man Sequence - Finally Revealed by Twotimer/IN10SE himself!

Delivers the goods BIG time.

I've never seen such a devastating end game technique.

I had used symbol fractionation earlier in my PUA career and I thought that it bordered on being Evil. I even dropped it out of my game as it made me feel like a hypnotist.

However The October Man is UNREAL powerful.

It takes ymbol fractionation and puts it into a really easy to use formula while allowing you to link all those feelings of desire to you.

It also starts a physically arousing sequence that leads to full closes quite nicely.

I would be remiss if I recommended this product without a warning, this is a VERY powerful technique that could be very painful in the wrong hands.

The ideas of doing Identity change work are very serious and to be used only to benefit a woman.

If you are in this to hurt women, I strongly suggest that you avoid this product to avoid going to jail.

The book is well written and the audio of In10se follows along well.

The graphic design of the book is the best I've ever seen and I heard that In10se is using the same woman to design his principles of pleasure product too so I'll be checking that one out soon.

The writing is easy to understand and explains some tricky NLP concepts in a way that a complete lay-man ( pun intended) would understand it. It's one of the better products on NLP I've ever seen from the community in terms of blending working technology with a DYD writing style that one would have to have a below room temp IQ to not understand.

I have not re-read the product yet as I understood all of it in one reading. That may be because I am an advanced guy, with a big NLP background but some of my students who have read it also got it quite quickly.

Content 4 of 5
Presentation 4 of 5
Download 3 of 5 could be faster/ easier to get
Altogether 4 of 5. Far and Away the best NLP product I've seen. A must have.

So my day 3 went reeally well I was fingering her in the restaurant and the cab ride home....

But I really just wanted to leave as soon as it was over and it felt very very empty.

And I think that at this point I've probably had all the random pointless encounters with women that I want to have for awhile.

I really want to focus on only dating girls that are relationship material. I.E that I want to see more than once.

I've been really focused on same night lays and for awhile that was cool, but the problem with that is that every night you have to start over. And you are forced to play the game when you are tired, sick, bored, etc.

It's the reason why i moved to LA instead of Vegas.

I went to Vegas and had a week of debauchery and what I noticed was, it was all one night stands. I'd never see the girls again.
Most of the time we parted without even a phone number exchange, replaced instead by an awkward exit from a hotel room and walk through a different casino then the one I was staying followed by a swift trip to the nearest blackjack table for a Vodka and Soda.

So I decided that I would end up in AA, Obese, and broke laying in a sports book face down with a stripper's number on my forehead. And not wanting to die like that until I'm atleast 45... so I moved to LA.

And I'm really bored of it. Pick -up in LA is like shooting fish in the barrel if they are less than a 9. It's really hard to not be able to fuck a 7. However when you move up to the women of particular beauty, you will notice that suddenly the guy you are competing with to get her on a day2 is Jeremy Piven.

That's a true story, I picked up a 9.5 in the Beverly Center a few months ago as she was waiting for Jeremy Piven to come meet her. She has a book getting published in Jan. He ended up standing her up and I called her the next day and got a day2 a week or so later. The day2 was my classic 2 bars crawl . I make sure that the second bar is really gross to make it easier to get her back to my place. This time it was a no go as she had class the next day. The furthest kino escalation went was hand holding. The I was in and out of town for like a month so we talked on the phone quite a bit. I learned a lot about phone game from this sarge as I had to balance showing a lot of interest with not being around to capitalize on it. I.E you can hit on a girl harder when you are away for awhile and there are no consequences to her flirting a lot on the phone. Finally we did a day3 where I prepared some hor'deuorves and Champagne and she did coke and fucked me 15 times. I kinda pissed her off tho when I tried to take pics of her while she had her mouth full.... So no return trip, but she was hot... And consequently she blew off Jeremy Piven to go out with me that night, but when I asked if she had seen entourage she bristled....

So LA has some perks and some problems. However the last month i have spent on the East Coast makes me yearn to return to sunshine and warmth instead of freezing.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I hate day2s...

I really don't like doing day2s.

I've been sitting fat and happy in LA and have girls in NY, LV, Dal, Tor etc... so I haven't been doing that many day2s.

I've also really been focused on taking girls home on the first night a lot too.

So now the last 2 weeks I've had like 3 day 2s and a day3 tonight. And I forget how annoying it is when sex is not guaranteed.

It's like I'm just waiting for the real relationship to start, but I have to put in the time... And it's tedious and I have to pretend to care.

The girl tonight is sweet enough, but she lives in NY and she's not a keeper. I have better looking girls in the city, but Future has a date tonight so I would rather see her then go out alone.

But I'm not exactly psyched, add in the fact that we are starting at a bar and not at her house( The only legit seduction environment since i'm on Future's couch) and that she lives in Brooklyn.... Grr

Better get ready :) I'm still gonna get laid, but I'd rather be playing Madden.


Monday, December 11, 2006


Sorry I haven't been posting more, I have been on the road for 3 weeks straight and coming into the home stretch here.

Where have i been?

Austin Nov 17-19
New York

And I leave for Miami on Thurs, sigh... such is life.

I've been on a ton of d2s and pulled 3-4 times in this span, but i know that i won't be seeing these girls again and that's kinda sad.

I have a bunch of new stuff I'll be posting soon.