Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Product Review: The October Man Sequence.

As an avid fan of NLP and as a seduction community hobbyist, I was super psyched to see the famed " October Man" sequence.

I was not expecting magic as I have been involved in the community for awhile and I've seen a lof of promises go unfulfilled.

The October Man sequence found here:

The October Man Sequence - Finally Revealed by Twotimer/IN10SE himself!

Delivers the goods BIG time.

I've never seen such a devastating end game technique.

I had used symbol fractionation earlier in my PUA career and I thought that it bordered on being Evil. I even dropped it out of my game as it made me feel like a hypnotist.

However The October Man is UNREAL powerful.

It takes ymbol fractionation and puts it into a really easy to use formula while allowing you to link all those feelings of desire to you.

It also starts a physically arousing sequence that leads to full closes quite nicely.

I would be remiss if I recommended this product without a warning, this is a VERY powerful technique that could be very painful in the wrong hands.

The ideas of doing Identity change work are very serious and to be used only to benefit a woman.

If you are in this to hurt women, I strongly suggest that you avoid this product to avoid going to jail.

The book is well written and the audio of In10se follows along well.

The graphic design of the book is the best I've ever seen and I heard that In10se is using the same woman to design his principles of pleasure product too so I'll be checking that one out soon.

The writing is easy to understand and explains some tricky NLP concepts in a way that a complete lay-man ( pun intended) would understand it. It's one of the better products on NLP I've ever seen from the community in terms of blending working technology with a DYD writing style that one would have to have a below room temp IQ to not understand.

I have not re-read the product yet as I understood all of it in one reading. That may be because I am an advanced guy, with a big NLP background but some of my students who have read it also got it quite quickly.

Content 4 of 5
Presentation 4 of 5
Download 3 of 5 could be faster/ easier to get
Altogether 4 of 5. Far and Away the best NLP product I've seen. A must have.



  1. I've listened to the whole book (he has absolutely awesome tonality) and read the compact file.

    I have an NLP/DHE background that makes it all VERY easy to understand.

    But WHERE OH WHERE would you put it in the M3 model??

    Obviously not in Attraction.
    Comfort seems a natural choice but The Cube, Strawberry Fields, The Question Game all work well there and I wouldn't want to begin the October Man process anywhere other than the Seduction location.

    So, we're talking S1, huh?
    "Hey, I noticed something about you. You're a very visual person." and we're into the routine.

    But why would I want to use it?
    If she's in the S1 location I've obviously done everything right.
    What do I need to use it for?

    Is it just me or is this a tool that has no real application?

    And how the hell would this lead to a 15-minute meet-to-full-close-sarge??

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  3. Anonymous6:53 PM

    This technique was used against me recently. They used the hospital method and lots of anchors. It's quite a mind fuck.