Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day !

Hey there,

Hope you're having an amazing memorial day with friends and family.

Be sure to take a moment at some point today to think about the brave men and women who have served our country to keep us free.

Enjoy the day off and the sunshine!


JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Secrets Of Naturals: Scam Game

Hey there,

Thanks to the anonymous commenter who reminded me of a few of the running features I used to post on this blog that I could start to post again, like Secrets of Naturals, where I reveal some of the things I've gleaned from watching guys who are naturally great with women.

Today I'm going to be talking about scam game.

Scam game basically refers with coming up with various "scams" (my word) to make it easier to meet and sleep with girls. Here's some scams I've seen guys use over the years, working at a bar as a bouncer, working at a strip club, Doing photo shoots, Casting local theater and working at an all male strip club.

Most guys think that their options for meeting women are limited to cold approach, and social circle. But that couldn't be further from the truth, almost every guy can construct a way to make women come to him. Usually you'll find this by looking at the things you enjoy doing. A friend of mine is currently going through a yoga instructor training program, so he can get a weekend job teaching yoga and rake in the pussy. But if you can't find anything you like that you could turn into a scam to meet women, then you can always go with something simple like casting girls for a photo shoot. Not that I've ever done anything like that :)

JS-The King of Content

Monday, May 24, 2010

I want to personally teach you to become a seduction master!

Hey There,

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You might be aware that these days the only time I
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But next week I'm working with a just a few guys as I help
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JS - The King of Content

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Funny Conversation

The following happened yesterday and is as best I remember direct quotes from me and this crazy actress chick I'm seeing who knows all about the whole P/U thing.

We'll call her Sam.

This happened after she came over late last night.

Sam: " So you really felt the need to write a blog post cause I called you a player?"

JS: "Some people have facebook, I have a blog."

Sam: " So if you don't consider yourself a player, what do you consider yourself, a pickup artist?"

JS: "God no, I'm a guy who despite understanding he probably doesn't need to be seeing 3-4 girls at a time, still does it."

Sam: " That's normal."

JS: " Normal is a relative term, it's not my fault that girls will date me without committment, I don't lie about being exclusive or looking to settle down right?"

S: "God, just shut up, I'm getting a headache, come over here and fuck me already. And you better not blog about this."

JS: "I'm definitely blogging about this."

And I did.

JS- The King Of Content

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Vernacular History Of The Word "Player"

The word player is thrown around a lot by both awesome rappers, white guys, and those involved in not just the SUISC, but also the underground (but open air) drug markets of any major city. "Playa" on the other hand is not just a misspelling, or example of "Ebonics" but is actually also the Spanish word for beach. Dropping that Spanish knowledge on ya Putas!

So the word Player originally started out being applied to anyone involved in the Heroin "game" in the late 70s in NYC, NJ, Philly and ultimately Baltimore. A player was different than a civilian. Players were in some way linked to " The Game" which refers to the corner world of Drug Dealers, Stick up boys, Pimps and Hoes, Touts, Runners and of course the low bottom dope fiend.

A Player makes moves, be it the move of taking a corner, recruiting a new bottom bitch, or the metal scraping of a dope fiend in search of a blast.

Somewhere along the line (the 1970s) the idea of being a player was adopted by pimps. Probably because it sounds better than introducing yourself as a pimp. In fact point of reference the official "Pimp Convention" is known as the Players Ball.

Now being a player has generally been defined in modern culture as a guy who dates/sleeps with a lot of women and generally messes with their minds a little bit.

The Urban Dictionary( defines a Player as:

"A male who is skilled at manipulating ("playing") others, and especially at seducing women by pretending to care about them, when in reality they are only interested in sex. Possibly derived from the phrases "play him for a fool", or "play him like a violin". The term was popularized by hip-hop culture, but was commonly recognized among urban American blacks by the 1970s. "

I personally tend to laugh at people who use the term player in a non ironic fashion. But hopefully by now that's been made painfully and (Hysterically) obvious.

That is all.

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Self Help Language- Puposefully Ambiguous To Confuse

Continuing on my very popular posts about what you can get out of self help and what I consider the pitfalls that you can fall into, today I want to talk about self help language.

Self help language consists of purposefully ambiguous phrases and statements designed to make you feel good about yourself temporarily, or to offer the # 1 KEY to whatever the hell it is you're trying to work on. It can consist of phrases, proverbs, catchy sayings or simply words that don't really mean anything or are open to a variety of interpretations.

Let's take a look at some examples of gobbly gook Self Help Language:

1. Be Authentic. This is one of my favorite examples of self help talk that actually doesn't mean anything. It's often tossed around in the P/U community as well as on The Real Housewives of Orange County and New York. Authenticity is defined as a way of dealing with the outside world by being faithful to internal rather than external ideas. So the idea is that you want to stick to the things you believe in. That's good, but let's look at how a completely authentic pickup would look like

" Hey, I noticed you have really big boobs and I wanted to come over here and try to convince you to sleep with me so that you can be the second girl in my rotation of 7 girls. You'll luckily be able to hang out with me on Tuesdays. And there will never be any sort of monogamous relationship. My name is Jon. PS I also smoke a lot of Pot, and teach men how to get women into bed quickly.

Authentic Bitches! Also extremely ineffective.

2. Be Confident. Ah yes if only it was so easy. It would be great if you could just change the fundamental nature of your psychological makeup with just a few words. "Be confident?" Why didn't I ever think about that? You mean I could just be confident?" The idea of confidence in general is murky. Confidence is defined as an unwavering belief in yourself. Yet, it is difficult to learn to believe in yourself, and to regard confidence as something that you can just acquire, rather than something that is earned over time is flat out wrong.

3. Live Every Day Like It's Your Last. Again, I get what you're going for here, but if you're going to die tomorrow, why pay your bills? Or Keep Money in a savings account? Or Use Condoms? Or Not run from the Police when you get pulled over? You see where I'm going here. It's a good idea to take risks and chances which is what i think self helpers are going for when they say things like this, but it's a little bit hyperbolic.

4. The Law Of Attraction. It's a law? Really? Like Murder? Or Gravity? So let me get this straight, if I just believe that Tess Taylor is going to show up at my door wanting to be my sex slave enough, it will happen. And If it doesn't then I just didn't believe it enough. Shit I better wrap up this blog so that I can start believing.

And with that in mind, I'm gonna go start attracting :)

JS- The King of Content

Monday, May 17, 2010

Screening for real...

Sometimes you have to turn certain girls down. Even if they're hot.

The reason is simple; not every girl you are attracted to/is attracted to you is going to be a good fit for what you want in your life.

Some girls are crazy, mean, seriously looking to settle down, virgins, alcoholics, bipolar, really religious/not religious, in short just incompatible with what you're looking for.

Here's the part you don't want to hear; It's not a good idea to sleep with these girls. In fact it's not even a good idea to get their phone numbers. Even if it's going well.

The reason:


I know what you're thinking, " I'm different, I can pull it off without any problems." I use to be like you. That was before I had girls dent my car, break windows, not to mention leave all sorts of crazy voice mails and text messages and stalking.

Plus, at a deeper level the more you pursue and hang out with girls who you don't like, the worse you're going to feel about yourself.

So the same way that you want to have an idea of what you want in a girl ( Our qualifiers) you also want to have a list of things that you don't want in a girl as well.

And then you have to be willing to walk away when it's obvious that the two of you don't match up.

JS- The King Of Content

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Girls Mean When They Say Things Volume Something: "I'll call you the day of."

Today's venture into the often strange world of women and their catchphrases is the ultimate sign you've got a flake on your hands.

When you ask a woman out and she responds,

" Give me a call the day of/before."

Or any variation of this theme.

The idea that she's not sure of her commitments so she'll have to wait until the day you're supposed to hang out to see if nothing better comes along.

If a woman ever says this to you, it doesn't mean you've done anything wrong, but it does mean you shouldn't plan on going on that date.

You can still follow up on these situations, because every now and then a woman will follow through on a statement like this, but in general it means she's probably going to flake. So it's a great tip off to start using flake prevention material like flaking first, or pretending to forget the date etc...

The best thing about understanding statements like this is that you now can recognize when flakes are coming and start to apply the proper tactics and techniques as opposed to being blindsided by the flake you never saw coming.

Hope that helps,

JS- The King Of Content

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Number One Secret To Internet Game By Viktor Kurgen

Viktor Kurgen is a former approach coach of mine who stepped away from live coaching to focus on mastering Internet dating, he's got a great blog with some awesome articles like the one below.

Check his blog out at

Why Are Women Online In The First Place And How To Use That

You would think hot women could easily meet guys in the "real
world." But you will find tons of hot women online. What gives?
Think about a hot woman's reality. She meets guys that will let a
woman hear anything that she wants in order to get into her pants.
She knows this. Take the ugliest, fattest woman and know that she
can call up any guy that she knows at 3AM and get laid. If you
understand this, you understand that men are not really being
themselves around women. Imagine a woman that is a 6 or above on
the looks scale. Guys are falling all over them. But women don't
want that.

What is a woman to do? She wants a man to be himself irregardless
of whether he gets laid or not. That is the key. That's why all
these hot women are online, because come Friday and Saturday after
a night of huge disappointment of guys just wanting to manipulate
them into sex, they look at their online profiles on Saturday,
Sunday, and Monday for the man who has the courage online to be the
Prince Charming. So now that you understand the psychology of
women online, you can manipulate this to your advantage by keeping
these key points in mind when you e-mail a woman for the first time:

1. You have to relate to her like a hot woman would relate to
you--all the girls you meet are after you and they will stop at
nothing to have sex with you; you are tired of this and want more
than just a "hook up." You are on Match to meet a woman to have a
relationship with.

2. Don't be needy. Don't have the frame that she is the "one."
You should have the frame that you are complete in your life, but
that you just want to share your fantastic life with someone

3. You are better than her. This is the most important point
for women online or offline: you have to make your life more
important than her. If you do the opposite, that is, you make her
more important than you, that is the biggest "turn-off" for a

Make sure you hint at all three of these things in your initial
e-mail to her. This is absolutely critical! In fact, I cannot
stress this enough but let's continue with secret #2...

That's a great insight,

Talk to ya soon,

JS- The King Of Content

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

RHONY Power Rankings week 9

Oh such fun was had in Real Housewives land last week, the season is really starting to pick up steam now and Jill Zarin is still being publicly flogged by the producers of the show. And Alex and Simon on Watch What Happens Live.

So this week we got start out with my favorite little fame whore Bethenny complaining about the fact that Perez Hilton had leaked her pregnancy info on his blog... Which is weird considering that Bethenny claims the only people who knew were her and Jason and that one friend she called. So weird, or fake ;I vote for fake. The scene with Jason's reaction was pretty realistic seeming except for the fact that he said he didn't want to inconvenience his parents who live in Pennsylvania. Which is like 2 hrs away. Then there was some Luann stuff with Sonja. And Dog Poop unfortunately. Bethenny talks to Alex and tells her to deliver the message to Jill Zarin that they are in fact done after last week's ring debacle. Alex decides to take this and run with it. Sonja decides to get a little bit of her stomach pooch removed and Ramona pounces on her Dr like a Panther. All of which leads off to the big payoff scene where Alex gets flustered, ignored, breaks out in hives and eventually publicly embarrasses Jill by telling her in front of everybody that she and Bethenny were done for the seemingly 75th time.

Let's rank some catty middle aged women.

1. Alex Mccord. This episode was truly Alex's coming out party, she obviously has been mad at Jill Zarin for awhile and this was her chance to really smash the Jill monster. It was funny and frustrating watching her get talked over, and break out in hives before she started in on her mission. Good job Alex, and it seems like the Alex-Jill Zarin feud is really going to be WW3 and I can't wait.

2. Ramona. Ramona's "research" in the Plastic Surgeon's office was awesome and then she has the line of the episode when she tells Alex that even she wouldn't have the balls to say that.

3. Bethenny. I think bethenny handled herself very well this episode and actually was not a Godfather-esque figure in Operation Alex. I still think she planted the Perez Hilton pregnancy thing and I'm not really into this whole mellowing out pregnant, not bitchy Bethenny.

4. Jill Zarin. Jill's really getting it from all angles the last few weeks. Not that it's undeserved... I put her this high this week because she totally took over that TV spot which was definitely the right move as Bobby seemed like he was freezing up.

5. Sonja. Sonja had some pretty funny one liners this week. And she actually seems to be a pretty together woman after the cougarness. I'm starting to like Sonja.

6. Kelly. Kelly should have been higher strictly for her kellyism of explaining how she was trying to joke with Alex and warn her that they always kill the messenger. She felt the need to to explain this was a joke afterward. Kelly as always is an idiot.

7. Luann. Luann sucks.


Monday, May 03, 2010

What You Need To Know About Self Help

The homie Cam, and I were talking the other day about the state of this industry and the institution of the self help industry as a whole.

As I've said before I'm a BIG believer in self improvement, and I have gone through a ton of self help, literally thousands and thousands of pages, audios and videos ranging from the Eastern Philosophy of Sri Nishargatta Maharaj to the suceed at all costs philosophy of Ayn Rand.

And I can honestly tell you that all of self help is basically the same, once you get past some very basic concepts.

Don't get me wrong, there are some really good ideas in there, but you'll hear them rehashed, reversed, and taught in various different ways in all self help. Only the name of the book, and the author change.

And another thing that doesn't get mentioned is that it's difficult to make the changes that actually will lead to progress and that you will have to continue to do them forever...

This is another in the countless reasons why it's such a bad idea to read EVERYTHING.

So let's look at what you will learn when you explore self help that will ACTUALLY help you improve your life.

1. Positivity. This can be annoying when overdone and you do need to temper it with realistic thinking, but in general the more optimistic your outlook on life and your future success, the better you will do. This is also sometimes discussed as self fulfilling prophecies or "The Pygmalion" effect.

2. Fixing your beliefs. Your beliefs really do shape the ways you filter the world around you and the results you get in life, as well as your general ability to be happy. When you have unhealthy beliefs about yourself, making money, dating, being fat, being sad, a loser, etc... It does impact the way you live your life to a major degree that can be paralyzing. You have to work on your beliefs CONSTANTLY to change them and then to maintain the changes, but it is well worth it. There are a million different ways people propose to change beliefs from affirmations, to NLP exercises. Beliefs are also sometimes referred to as your "self image."

3. Mental Rehearsal. This is one of the most powerful techniques out there for self improvement. The more vividly you imagine what your success would look like and feel like at an emotional level, the better prepared you will be for those situations in real life. Sounds crazy but there is a ton of science involved in this and almost EVERY successful person I've studied has talked about their marked use of visualization whether it's Michael Jordan or Warren Buffet. Mental rehearsal is also referred to as mental movies, rehearsal, visualization and Psycho-Cybernetics.

4.Self talk. The way you talk to yourself is a big factor in how you feel about yourself and what kind of actions you take. If you are constantly disparaging yourself or focusing on what you can't do, or reasons you can't succeed, you will eventually fail.

5. Goal Setting. Setting goals leads to higher achievement whether or not you actually achieve the goal 100%. They also give you accountability, and allow you to build confidence as you achieve them. Learning to set short, medium and long term goals is a big part of self development.

6. Modeling. The process of learning how to copy another person's success is a great tool for life improvement. If you get good at modeling others, you will soon be able to adapt almost any set of skills. This can be extremely helpful through out life in many areas.

7. Relaxation. This is sometimes called being in the moment or out of your head, but at it's core is about the ability to stay calm, cool and collected under pressure.

And that's basically it...

JS- The King Of Content

Sunday, May 02, 2010

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