Sunday, October 28, 2007

The last week report...

I've been getting out a lot recently and it's been pretty crazy.

I joined El Topo and CJ in the car close club on Wednesday night while out with Mr M, Sheriff,AFC Adam and his girlfriend and of course CJ.

Friday I pulled a 20 year old who was dressed like a beer girl and had ginormous boobs... it took me til 2 the next afternoon to close her, but I was pleasantly suprised:)

Then last night I went out with twitchy,and vodka to a bunch of places. Drank WAY too much( a theme of this entire week. More on that later) and ran into church girl and her friends early at the gay street parade(More to come here as well) and then Anna Ferris girl at the last venue. I ended up bringing her home with me against the pleas of her friends to stay with them...

Woke up this morning with a massive head ache which has confined me to the couch and the football coverage. Luckily for me I have a Pats game on.

I had a really weird dream that I lived in the same building as Bill Simmons and we hung out once and he didn't think I was cool and didn't want to hang out. It was like a nightmare, and I woke up sweating. I actually had to take a minute to make sure that it wasn't true... I read way too much about sports...

I've been doing yoga a couple times a week, and while I don't think it's a great place to meet women, I do think it's a pretty fucking cool way to exercise in addition to the weights and running I've been doing.

I'm joining a MMA class tomor so I will probably get beaten up this week in class. Joy.

I've been drinking way too much. I think I'm going to quit for at least a week and possibly the month of November. I'm actually sick of alcohol right now. And super sick of waking up feeling like crap. So no more drinking for awhile.

The redskins scare the hell out of me for some reason... I think it's because in Madden they are always WAY better than they are in real life. 3 straight first downs for the skins are not making me less nervous.

Yesterday we went to the costume parade in the gayborhood. It was great people watching, unfortunately most of the people were ugly. ALso aI get that girls think that they can just put on lingerie and cat ears and call it a costume, but A: it's still NOT a costume, and B: This does not extend to you if you are a guy who's into bondage... That's just dressing like you normally do on a Saturday night. I swear I saw soo many guys on the street just in leather and chains and shit... It's not a costume. I also wore my new Vintage 93 Wayne Gretzky Kings jersey. I developed a new game where I told girls about how it was the greatest hockey season ever by one player and they should sleep with me because of it. Not effective, but fun.

I'm working on a couple of new non seduction products which is pretty interesting, and I go back to doing bootcamps this week.

The bootcamp this week in LA will also be the beginning of the fear and respect tour 2007. CJ and I are rededicated to blowing students away with demos again. People seem to have forgotten who the best guys actively gaming are. So will help some people's memories this weekend.

We've regained the eye of the tiger. And shit is about to get crazy.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sticking points are symptoms

One of my big realizations lately has been that every sticking point guys have, are symptoms of bigger problems in their life.

These can range from clinging onto conversational topics too long, not being adaptable, being judgemental about sex, not talking enough, nolt knowing what to say...

They are all symptoms that something is wrong with your life. If you don't know what to say when talking to girls to be interesting, you should probably read more, do more exciting things, and get a hobby.

Women, will give you perfect feedback on your game as my buddy Future likes to say. The one caveat of that is that you should not listen to a word they have to say about pick up or game. Instead you should look at the specific negative reactions that you get from women and check to see where that might be affecting the rest of your life.

If you are scared of asserting yourself in conversations and being dominant, how do you handle interactions with superiors? When was the last time you asked for a raise or haggled at a flea market?

I suggest everyone take a real quick list of their sticking points and compare those to the issues in your life or the things you are working toward in your life, and see if the issue is simply confined to your interactions with women.

It's especially important for begginers to do this, as sticking points related to energy level, loudness, and body language, can all be worked on 24 hours a day. I'm always amazed when students come into seminar and I correct their body languageduring my talk then they switch back to bad body language 2 secs later. You can't expect to be a quiet, meek, anti-social guy all day and then all of a sudden snap into super PUA mode and become a different person.

Aim to improve your life and your game will follow.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Going out alone, and alcohol...

I had to go out alone last night as I really felt like gaming and everyone else's vaginas were hurting...

One of the things I notice when I'm out alone, is I drink a lot less, I know I have to be more wary of things like logisitics and group dynamics. When I can't depend on a wing, I have to be a lot sharper.

Tonight I was supposed to meet up with annaFerris girl, but I blew her off because sheriff and some other instructors from across the pond ended up in Dallas tonight and I always look forward to seeing those guys.


Monday, October 22, 2007


Annoyance is having a girl you're seeing get really drunk at the bars around your place, then coming over incoherently drunk to the point that I have to put her to bed and take care of her this morning when she's all hung over.



Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quirkiness filtered through the main 3 attraction switches

A quick addendum as I'm on the way out to meet Shaft and Fidelio for dinner...

All of your quirkiness stuff, should be filtered through the lenses of Pre-selected by women, leader of men and protector of loved ones...

It's not cute and quirky to be de-selected by women, a loser of men and destroyer of loved ones...



Friday, October 19, 2007


One of the things I've noticed recently in my game and Future's is our ability to use our weirdness to our advantage.

One of the things I've been messing around with for the last few months, is the idea of being quirky or different in a preferential way.

This has a bunch of benefits including the reduction of " Player vibe" and the building of a connection she doesn't have with most people, because as I reveal my weirdness to her, it allows her to reveal her weirdnesses to me...

Backing up, this came about because I notcied that all people have some quirky weird things they do once you get to know them. This sparked my idea that NOBODY is actually cool. There are just people who conceal their weirdnesses better and worse. It also then stands to reason that there would be weird things people are into that are more and less attractive to women.

This also coincided with my current period of annoyance with working hard to get girls and my uncanny ability to choose amusing myself over running stock material.

So I started to just talk about how weird I am.

I talked about my new workout and how I'm trying to learn how to dunk.

I talked about how I write long esoteric stream of consciousnesses rants.

I talked about how much I like manners.

I talked about my huge cock(Obviously)

and more and more random not particularly interesting things. But they were interesting to ME.

And my results sky rocketed again. Now not only do I not have to worry about saying the same things to girls over and over. I don't have to think about what to say at all, because I just say waht I'm thinking and trust that it will work. It doesn't always, but that's why I have recovery skills.

Too many guys are scared to start talking about things they actually care about. I still think you should avoid talking about business stuff, but if you can spin it in a way that sounds amazing or cool, go for it.

One thing a bunch of guys seem to forget( Even though I say it on bootcamp over and over) is that not everything you say is going to hit. It's ok, you also have to realize that the level of compeititon is not super interesting guys, it's the where are you from, what do you do guy...

Wrapping up, don't be afraid to put the parts of yourself out there that you'e not sure women will be attracted to. I never thought being super honest with girls about my promescuity would work, but it does... I never thought talking to girls for an hour about V for Vendetta would work either... Don't be afraid to be different. It can make you attractive in a way she's never felt before.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

LR: The Most gangster pull ever. Featuring the glorious return of Captain Jack.

So I finally after 6 weeks on the road, have some free time, and a new LR...

It all started off when I dropped my car which had been sitting in my garage for 6 weeks accumulating dirt and having someone write faggot wash your car on my trunk in the dirt. Classy. So I finally get my car jumped and drive it a harrowing 40 miles to the BMW dealership. Not really 40 but close.

This particular dealership happens to be in the same suburb of the city as a certain swashbuckling PUA who happens to be one of my closest friends. Also a friend I hadn't seen in a few weeks.

A couple calls later we are back bullshiting and eating at the outback. Not as good as usual today for some reason. I think it was the cheese fries being undercooked.

We roll to the mall and then decide to hit a happy hour place. It was awesome, but we end up back at my place and get a call from Shaft and El Topo. They have been working on some SICK new stuff regarding frames and cognitive dissonace. Really brillant stuff Shaft has come up with...We meet up for dinner, then roll to meet Twitchy at a new club opening. We ran into Elation and Simple, but the club volume gets turned up to a horrifyingly vibrating internal organs level. And so we roll to our usual SNL venue.

And it sucks. Balls. Hard... It's loud(ER),the cover price has been upped,and there is an awful ratio. I get some drinks from my bartender and watch one of the cities best players, he's a promoter at some venues out here and ALWAYS has some crazy hot girls all over him. He's a little too aggressive and sometimes blows himself out, but he always leaves with 3 or 4 hot girls. He's kind of a dick, so my attempts to befriend him have not gone swimmingly well...

Then I see her. She's got HUGE boobs, she's 5'4 she's got reddish blonde hair. And she's a H-erd( A hot nerd, I think I stole that from Jlaix somewhere...) She's got these super hot secretary glasses on and a look that just screams dork.. She's a 9.5 to me. She hits my type of funusual exactly. If you've ever taken a bootcamp with me, you've heard me describe my type and she's it...

I go to tap her and tell her she's a herd, when she opens 2 big black guys... Oh well I'll see her again. Hopefully. I roll around and find CJ. We're talking when she walks out and in mid-sentence I roll after her. I open her by telling her she's a her and then explaining it to her. She thanks me and I say " Oh you didn't do it on purpose? You really are a nerd!"...

We start talking and I get the dreaded BF objection, plus he works at the venue...I treat it like she just said "Spiders,Monkeys, Pirate Ninjas." I keep talking and she brings it up again. Again I ignore and I talk about how awesome I am. It's on she's telling me I'm awesome, grabbing my wrists etc...

The BF rolls up and I say " You have a really sweet GF."
He replies: " Thanks, she's my angel."

SHe has just offered me a drink, and he escorts me to get it... I actually for a second thought I might be getting kicked out,as he walked me to the service area. I get a drink and we talk about how cool his girl is...

We go back, he offers to get me a chair and leaves us to talk...

I start qualifying and then tell her that she needs to walk away from me right now or I will start hitting on her. She tells me I already have been. I start breakthrough comfort. It's easy because this girl is really amazing. She's smart and funny and honest and self aware, and a complete decorated emergency. But a fun one:)

She starts talking about how she cheated on her BF already. This is what we call an IOI for those of us watching at home...

I go into my sexual frames... I hit them all and tie them into a breakthrough comfort style explanation of why I like her and want us to be AT LEAST friends...

I regress her to childhood using Shaft's routine he taught at dinner... Money BTW.

She asks me what I'm doing after this as her BF works till very late...
( Yet another IOI for those of us who have trouble with these things:P) I reply honestly and add that if she wants she can join me. She agrees.

I handle logistics with CJ and Twitchy and we roll out different exits meet out front and depart.

I later made her beg to come... multiple times...

So I pulled a girl from in front of her boyfriend to my house in about 2 and a half hours... While he was buying me drinks and food...

I'm going straight to hell.


P.S Also CJ got laid in his first night out in 6 weeks... All hail the return of the rust free pirate of GLORY!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

LR: What happened in New York?

SO I got into NY on Wednesday night but was exhausted as that happened after my last post where the girl was snoring after I layed her...

We chilled out and got some sleep, then we had to go start seminar. The group this weekend was a pretty good one, but we knew it was going to be tough running a program at all the bars where the PUAS hang out. But since the reason they hang out there is, because they can get in without having girls...

SO we didn't actually have in field Thurs night and Fader came over and we hung and played video games while Future finished a paper for school...

Friday we had another day of seminar and ended up hitting the venue. I did one set and made out with her, but she was from Long Island and left around 12... I can't leave til 2 so :( I actually got really sick in the middle of the set and had to go across the street to CVS to get some anti nausea medicine and advil...

Program went really well despite a lot of students getting called out for being PUAS... We head home and catch some sleep..

I've been having a really hard time getting enough sleep on program, in fact in NY I probably got 20 hours of sleep over 5 days...

The second night of program, the students did a whole lot better. And we were about to leave when all of a sudden Braddock comes up me and tells me he thinks he can pull his 2 set and he told them he has a hot friend...

We get up there and the friend is taliking to some chode, she won't come over even after Braddock told her to get her 3 times. I'm annoyed and don't care that much about getting laid so I tell Braddock we should roll... we decide to get a shot first, and as we are Braddock's girl rolls back over and is all up on his shit...

So she finally pulls the other girl away whispers something in her ear, and then I grab her hand and say we're leaving... Tabs get closed, and a cab is hailed. All is going well when of course the first test of congurence appears...

Girl I fucked ( GIF for future): " Where are we going?"

Sinn: "We're going to X neighborhood, you don't have to come if you don't want to." I'm in the cab sitting down as she does this and she's standing at the door.

They get in and the girls proceeds to bust on me for saying like too much ( I do) then telling me we can be friends etc...

We get back to Future's place and head inside. Future and his devil of a dog are up and waiting for us, Future takes the dog for a walk and in his very own thinks he's clever way to have a long convo with the girl he's stupidly falling in love with.

I decide to test my new physical escalation strategy of escalating touch until she stops me. I call it I dare you to stop me method :)

I make out with her no stopping, I put my hand up her shirt, no stopping. However I am in a small studio apt with Braddock and his girl 3 feet away on the futon of death and me on Future's bed...

I decide we should go to the roof...

We get up there, check out the view and I continue to escalate... I'm feeling her up when Braddock moves his girl to the other side of the roof. I put my hadn down the girls pants, and she stops me from removing her pants. I keep fingering her until she lets me pull the pants down, put her up on the ledge of the roof and fuck her...

Then we get back down to the APT and the two girls are gigling to themselves. Future asks me if I care and then tells them to get the fuck out while berating them for being rude.. It was hysterical and I couldn't look at them for fear of laughing. Braddock was doing the same thing accross the way and tried to distract himself with a DVD but the title he pulled from the shelf was deep cheeks 7( A classic but you have to see deep cheeks 6 or you"ll be like where did that Indian giant come from?)

They leave and we laugh for awhile before catching some sleep before my SNLs program.

More things that happened in NY:

I assisted Future on another Asian girl success. I opened and pumped her BT leading to her blowing Future in the car the next day.

Fader had 10 drinks and was totally coherent and sober... His drinking abilities are disturbing.

I had 5 or 6 girls ask me if I was a PUA including the girl I fucked and the girl Braddock pulled.

A student who was 50 years old bought a pair of fuzzy shoes.

I met Dr Feelgood from the lounge. Cool guy.

I slept all of about 20 hrs in 5 days while nursing a cough that could kil a horse.

I once again survived the futon of death including waking up on chewed up piza crust and having the stupid ass dog wake me up 3 times in the middle of the night.

I watched a lot of football sun night on Future's 80 inch screen.

I broke my mac laptop, by stepping on it.

That's pretty much it.

It's my Birthday on Sun and we will be partying it up in Vegas !!!