Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Somethings a brewing...

I sat down with Captain Jack last night and spent 4-5 hours talking about a friend of ours who isn't good despite trying everything under the sun. We had some major breakthroughs with how we think teaching should change. And we are going to be rolling out some really awesome new ways to learn very very soon.

I have to talk things over with Savoy next Wed so look for an announcement around then.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My official take on "Schools of game"

Someone on one of my comments suggested that one of my posts was very RSD and very Jeffy, as if that was a bad thing or something I was trying to hide.

So I wanted to officially come out and talk about my opinion on different schools in the community. I'm very anti-dogma. None of the rules of seduction or suggestions any guru makes(Myself included) are the definitive take on any of this stuff. I've learned from Zan, Toecutter, In10se, RJ, PU101, RSD, Juggler, Mystery, Captain Jack, Brad P, and many many more. I try to look at EVERYTHING people are producing in the community, try it all and see what works best for me. Especially if it sounds too good to be true or like it won't work.

The problem happens, like in anything else when people get too personally invested in any one method. I know this, because I used to be one of those guys. it was probably especially bad for me, because I never got laid before the community. I held on to my beliefs about what you needed to do to get laid like a drowning man holding onto a life preserver. I remember vividly hanging out with Future in Central park almost three years ago and being distraught because he was getting good reactions from girls despite what I thought to be major flaws and DLVs in his gaming. It was around that time I started to look outside of TMM and realize that there may be more than one way to skin a cat. Since then I have made it my mission to never question whether or not something works until I try it. And I've probably tried everything out there.

At the end of the day all that matters is results. People were getting laid well before the community and they will continue to get laid after it. So yes some of my posts will be Jeffy influences, some will be Toecutter influenced, some will be Captain Jack influenced(probably more than some) and a lot of them will be my own unique thoughts. I don't live in a bubble, and I suggest no one else should either. It's called the community for a reason.


Monday, January 28, 2008

Most Gangster kid ever...

The common factor is YOU

I've been thinking a lot lately about the patterns we run over and over and how we always look to the external.

I used to be friends with a guy who has one of the worst patterns I'd ever seen. He'd jump from emotionally damaging relationship to emotionally damaging relationship. He'd spend all day telling you about how much he loved his GF then cheat on her. He'd talk about himself all the time in a manic way, reciting all the plans he had and all the things he was going to do, never stopping to ask what was up with you. Not suprisingly his life was often in utter disarray and chaos. And people (like me) stopped being friends with him abruptly.Yet when you brought these things to his attention he'd call you a prick or an asshole. Finally I decided I had to stop watching him destroy himself.

I bring this up because what he didn't realize was that the common factor in the swirling chaos he calls a life is him. There's that old cliche that goes something like if a thousand people say a stupid thing it's still stupid. The reality is if most people see the same things in you, they're probably right.

This was something that i struggled with for years. I'd sit there and pout and kick my feet and say I was right and everyone else was just being dicks. But the truth was I had a lot of growing up to do. The reason people didn't like me and only tolerated me because I had game, was because I was a caustic person. I had to learn how to mature and see the value in people who couldn't help me. That's part of becoming an attractive person, you make time and give value to everyone. I used to be a hardcore value taker. I'd only talk to pretty girls or students who were paying me. Fuck neighbors, roommates, etc... Don't even get me started on people who worked at Starbucks or Walmart. To me they were just vending machines with hands. In fact even when I started to mature last year, I still held onto some of this stuff. It wasn't until I read some Eckhart Tolle that I started to realize that this was just the ego in me. See the ego needs constant reassurance that we are better than others. It thrives on separation and looks for anything it can find to differentiate itself from others. Failing to grasp one of the fundamental truths about existance, which is that we are all more similar than we are different.

Finally I had to look in the mirror at myself and admit the things I didn't like. i didn't do this alone. I had great people(Like CJ,and TD) helping me along the way and I also had others as examples of what I didn't want to be. I realized that the reason I didn't like myself wasn't because there was some conspiracy formed against me( Like the one at my favorite bar where girls gang up on me) it was because I was creating these situations. The last year and a half has been a transformative series of events as I dealt with this. But I never could have gotten the psychological leverage on myself to do that if I hadn't taken responsibility for my life and who I was. And there was a lot of darkness. there was a lot of being disgusted by the ugly truths about myself. But I wouldn't trade that process for anything.

When I was in Hawaii with TD we noticed that both of us are constantly reframing reality to keep things positive. It was an amazing phenomena because we both know the value of positivity and have worked really hard to install it as a habit. This differs from a guy like AJax or Tim from their crew who wouldn't have to reframe things, because they just are naturally positive guys. At the time I thought I would love to never have to actually try to be positive. But looking back now, I'm glad things have happened the way they did. Because when I wake up feeling great every morning now(Whether or not I'm alone, which is a blog post in itself) I have a sense of pride. I know where I came from and how important my habits are. I had to learn this stuff which gives it more value to me. And the craziest thing about all of this, is that there is NOTHING special about me whatsoever. All I did was put in the work.

On bootcamp i always say that no matter what you learn something about yourself that weekend. You may just learn that you don't want it bad enough. And that's fine. I'm not here to tell you guys that my path is right for everyone. I'm here to share my story and hope that there's enough of you guys out there that are close to feeling hopeless and will do whatever it takes to learn this stuff. Do whatever it takes to try to self-actualize. And that I can be an inspiration to you guys.

That's why I'm calling my Love Systems Superconference talk "Out of the Darkness into the Light". I truly believe that I was in a world of darkness for 20 something years and it was only when I was able to admit that things weren't right and I needed to change, that I stepped into the warming light of self esteem. It's some deep shit you'll go through in this game. But if you're lucky, it ends up making you a better person.

None of that happens though if you aren't able to take a good long look at yourself and see where you are falling short. A lot of guys think falling short, or not being the person they want to be makes them a failure. I think that being able to admit that and work on it, is the only thing that makes you a success. Unfortunately my friend can't do that. He thinks he can, but really all he's looking at is the surface level stuff. He doesn't see that outer manifestations are just symptoms of inner problems. It's not that he needs to learn to manage his time better or quit drinking so he doesn't lose stuff, it's that he needs to take a fundamental look at his character, what he puts value on and why. The saddest part is that if he read this, he'd just send me a text or call telling me I'm an asshole, when I was actually trying to help.

The first step to me looking back on the road to massive success, is not doing approaches or reading about evolutionary psych. It's realizing that you've created this mess in your life and you're going to clean it up.


Friday, January 25, 2008

The attack mentality

I had a thought while I was in London with the Sheriff-Mr M- AFC Adam crew. It actually started when I was reading a great book called " how to be like Mike". Not suprisingly the book was about Michael Jordan. And yes I'm sure this is my 5,0089 MJ reference. I also quote the departed and V for Vendetta a lot. Deal.

But in this book there was a section where MJ was talking about exerting your will and coming back harder every time you encounter resistance. I started thinking about game(again a shocker I know) When most guys are out, they get hit with a bad reaction and they get totally wrapped up in their heads. They start to think about all the bad things that have happened, or could happen in the future, and they lose sight of the purpose of being out. To get the girl. The only way to get the girl is to keep hitting sets. keep attacking, keep making moves and going into the next set harder then you went into the last one. That's the only way to have success is developing tunnel vision and focusing on making things happen. Next.

I'll expand more on this later probably in the teleconference.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rokker gets his blog on

Fellow TMM instructor( and my first student from Stockholm) Rokker has gotten a blog too.

You can check it outHere

Rokker is an awesome guy with great game. It's too bad I'll have to take all his money at the poker table in Vegas.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Free Teleconference

Hey guys,

I'm gonna be putting on a couple of free tele-seminars to prepare myself for the 100% new content I'm gonna be dropping on that ass at the superconference.

I'm gonna limit this to 25 people per Teleconference. There will be 3 in the weeks leading up to superconference. To get your self on the list send me a email titled teleconference at

First come first serve.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tempo and vibing Pt 1

Tempo: The rhythm of the interaction. The speed of it. You can use different rhythms to create different results. For example if you are really teasing a girl, the faster the rhythm of the jokes and teases is faster like a machine gun Where as in a more controlled energy level the jokes come slower

You want to slow the interaction down as much as possible. Because as you slow the energy level down to the lowest possible level, you can then lead her. That's why most guys have dancing monkey syndrome, is that they don't immediately tone the energy level down. Or if they do, they don't know where they want to take her.

In fact the lower the energy level you can open at, the more ability to lead you have.

The tempo of your delivery is the most important part as you don't want to have a mismatching of your rhythm to the groups. The rhythms have to match. That's what Style was saying when he suggested joining a set at an equal or slightly higher energy level. This is good for getting into a set, but if you go higher you're now taking her away from where you want her to be. Higher energy is not helpful to the outcome we're looking for. In fact you want her to slow down so that you can start putting the right thoughts in her head via imagery, frames, and value elicitation.

Vibing is talking without expressing judgment on anything the other person says or does. Getting along. The word vibe is chosen for a specific reason though as it suggests a smooth agreeable rhythm.

I'll fill some more in later...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Future Retires...

So a lot of people have been commenting about Future retiring, it's true.

He officially retired a few weeks ago.

We're not planning on having a DVD of it anytime soon, though I will be teaching it in London this coming weekend.

It will be sad for me, because I had a lot of fun doing bootcamps with him, but I ultimately think that it's the best thing he could do for himself.

If you read his blog before he tore it down, you can probably piece together what happened, but it involved a girl finding out about all this stuff and his feelings about teaching.

He will be missed.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Traveling and thinking... That's an awful blog title.

I't's been a busy few weeks...

The instructor/friend formerly known as Future, came and spent a week with me out in Dallas around New years. We were planning to go to Amsterdam to meet up with a friend and then teach the London one day programs together. Unfortunately Future has now retired and could not come on the trip. We chilled out a lot and got to do a decent amount of work while he was here as well...

I'll post some stuff about the Superconference soon. For now all you guys need to know is that I'll be coming with 100% new content that I have never discussed publicly before. I've been working on some really cool new stuff on frames and roles and I have a ton of thoughts on shortcuts to get better, faster. I'm pretty excited! I'm also going to be teaching strippers and hired guns again and that will also have 100% new content and possibly a guest teacher if I can convince Shaft DD Juice to come. I have some really cool new faster and more fruitful ways of dealing with strippers and hired guns.

I've been doing a bunch of reading and for fun (and better learning) making up book reports for all the books I've read. I'm even been using that to build some new exercises I run on program.

Right now I'm in Barcelona. I met up with a friend in Amsterdam which was a pretty fascinating social experiment in and of itself. It's fascinating how normal the red light district is. People live there, it's not at all sleazy it's just factual. It's where the whoring happens... It really tripped me out when I first got there as I expected it to be a bit more hidden. The hash bars too.. It's all just super out in the open. I guess it's just like Vegas where the locals stay away from it and the tourists bring in a lot of money for the city. I'd be really interested in seeing the stats on violent crime there as it would make sense that the decriminalization of both prostitution and soft drugs would change the mindset. But then again the soft drugs aren't really where violent crime happens anyway. These are the things I think about..

I finished A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and while it's fun to mock the guy, I think a lot of his concepts are rock solid for developing the kind of calm prescense that women are attracted to. It also really helps with focus and concentration. TD told me that he's training himself to make "being present" his default state. I like to use becoming present as way to stop bad thought loops. you guys can experiment with this in field. The next time you feel really bad approach anxiety or you're uncomfortable moving a girl, or trying to get her to come home with you, whatever... Stop and take a deep breath and focus on feeling your hands. That's it. Feel your hands and stop thinking. Take a few more deep breaths like that and you should find your head a lot clearer so you can then focus on the next step. See most guys who have taken a course or read or studied any of this material, know the steps. You know what to do next, but your thoughts fuck you up. You start micromanaging, instead of focusing clearly on the next step. You don't need signals or permission. Girls will let you know when they aren't ready, but you have to keep pushing the envelope. Most guys think way too much.. Thinking is the enemy in field. The more you can trust yourself to do the right thing by learning a solid base of techniques and tactics, the more you can focus on the process. Being process focused allows you to be in the moment and vibe better with the girls. The final rules of pick up are dictated by the specific girl you are trying to pick up. The more in tune you are in with her through being in the interaction the better you can read her specific signals and know what SHE needs to move forward. That's why this stuff is important.

I stupidly only packed going out shoes as I forgot how much walking people do in Europe. Which is extremely appealing to me even if I did have to search through tons of eurochode sneakers to find cool ones. Walking around stuff that has historical value, as opposed to the walk of fame or the franchise food chains of Dallas, is pretty special. Barcelona has some pretty amazing architecture. And thieves. We keep getting warned about the thieves. Which makes me wonder exactly how they learn pick pocketing and if I could teach myself on a coat... That might be one of my New Year's resolutions.

I haven't posted New year's resolutions because I don't think you should wait for a specific time to make personal changes. Every second you can either regress or progress. I don't believe in equilibrium in self help. You may need time to sit on the couch and unwind, that doesn't mean your regressing. But I think you need o constantly be striving to achieve the best health, wealth and relationships you can. Anyway i do want to make some plans or skills to learn for this year, because it will just help me sort out things I want to focus on this year... I'll do that later though too. But running with the Bulls is for sure on there...

That's about it for now... I'll be back soon.


Friday, January 04, 2008

New ways to learn

I've been having a storm of ideas lately for new ways to teach and I talked to Savoy last night about some of them. There's probably going to be a much more detailed announcement soon. But basically there's going to be a few more long term ways to learn directly from me.

I'm also going to be using different forms of media in a couple of other ways. I think this will be great for the group of guys out there that really want to learn, but can't get to a bootcamp for whatever reasons.

It will be limited, but it's for real limited because there's only one of me, and I don't want to farm anything out.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Setting small goals

I'm sure I've mentioned this before somewhere, but I wanted to re-touch on the idea of setting small achievable goals.

Often times on program, I will get a student who has outrageous goals. And I always try to get them to set smaller goals. The reason I suggest setting small goals, is that they give you things you can work on daily, weekly, monthly, etc... They also get your mind accustomed to working on something than feeling a sense of accomplishment. For me at least as long I feel like I'm improving, I'll keep working on something. So I always set small goals. Open a mixed set before an all girl one, get 1 phone number, call my numbers every day, practice at a particular venue. I constantly set these small goals for myself until they became larger ones. But I always felt the improvement.

I encourage all of you guys to set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Not just for your game, but for all areas of your life.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

El Topo Loco

Hey guys,

It seems like all of the new LRs that I see are coming from guys who have done routine stacks with El Topo. We talked a lot about them when we were in Hawaii and his take on canned game is amazingly refreshing and insightful.

Here's a link to one of his reviews on the forum so you guys can check it out for yourselves.

You can also check out his blog @