Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Live...

Hey guys,

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Approach Anxiety = Cardio

Quick post today as I'm jammed up with work for the Beyond Seduction Event which is now sold out!!

I just got back from a Kickboxing workout and I realized how much easier kickboxing is if you don't smoke cigarettes all weekend. This was after last week where I needed 5 minutes just to get up after sparring.

What I noticed last week was that as the training went on during the week (and I refrained from the cigarettes) the cardio was less tiring.

Which leads me to the following.

Most guys make the mistake of assuming that approach anxiety is like some sort of virus that can be completely eliminated with the right magic elixir of beliefs, experience, etc...

This is flat out wrong.

Instead you want to think about Approach Anxiety as if it's cardiovascular fitness.

The more of it you do (meaning approaching) the easier it is. The less of it you do, the harder it becomes.

Even for me, if I don't talk to anyone for a few days, I can feel the same difficulty in making the push to start again.

So stop looking for a magic pill, and instead take step everyday to improve your ability to deal with Approach Anxiety as opposed to looking to eliminate it entirely.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free Teleseminar: " 5 Secrets To Exploding Your Game"

Hey guys,

Sorry I didn't get this to you yesterday afternoon as pomised
(I was having some difficulties getting in touch with my
webmaster), but here's the announcement I was talking about...

On Thursday, October 14, I'm hosting a no-charge teleseminar

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On this special teleseminar, you're going to learn ALL NEW
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* And MUCH more!

Here's the link to register:


See you on the call!


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Monday, October 04, 2010

Why I Don't Speak At Most Summits



If you want to see Professional Speakers and actually learn something

Beyond Seduction

JS- The King Of Content

1000th Post!

Well, we're finally here.

I woke up this morning knowing that I had to write my 1000 post today. I had promised you all a juicy story rife with pick up drama and "dickcrack".

But you know what?

I'm not feeling it.

I just don't really care about stuff that happened like 2 years ago and involved a motley crew of sociopaths and aspiring sociopaths.

So instead, I'm going to reflect on some of the things I've learned from having this blog for almost 4 years!!!

1. I never planned on blogging. Or even really wrote field reports or documented my life with women or pick up until I started the blog October 29th 2006.
2. I HOPE my writing has evolved a bit. I didn't look back before I started writing this, for fear of getting lost in a storm of typos and strange sentences.
3. Never write for comments. In the same post you will have people that say the post was the best thing since sliced bread(which it wasn't) and the worst thing since the plague(Also not true). Writing for an audience forces you to stop listening to what they say in order to be true to yourself.
4. My blog has caused a decent amount of drama in my real life and is invariably how women I'm dating, find out what I do.
5. For the most part I enjoy writing the blog and try to come up with different "takes" on dating. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. But I'd like to think, I'm always at least interesting.
6. Haters are a sign you're doing something right. The only people who never get hated on, are the ones who never say anything.
7. It amazes me the details some people know about me, simply from reading this blog over the years. As Slug of Atmosphere fame once wrote " I think my fans understand me better than my friends do, because my friends don't pay that much attention. The Fans memorize every single sentence, which should make them far too smart to ever start a friendship."
8. Sometimes it is ALMOST impossible for me to find something interesting to write about pickup that I haven't already said. Multiple times.
9. This whole community and all the intensity and feelings that can happen within it, including this blog, all go away if you turn off your computer :)
10. There are definitely posts I am proud of writing on this blog, and some ones I wish would go away.
11. I have zero credibility when it comes to talking about places I would NEVER live. So far I've trashed LA, Miami, and NY on the blog and afterwards have lived in all 3. Don't trust me when it comes to my opinions on cities. Everything else AWESOMELY credible :)
12. I think throughout this blog, I've stayed pretty much the same person. I may have changed little perspectives or ideas, and my philosophy about pickup has made a 180 degree shift, but I think I've stayed really true to who I am. As Sarcastic and whiny as that person may sometimes be :)
13. I think I'm over "The Community". I don't mean I'm done teaching or writing this blog or anything like that, I'm just over keeping up with what's happening with other teachers and methods etc... I get how the whole thing works now, and don't need outside influences on y thought processes.
14. I've gone through a lot of relationship changes during the time I've written this blog. Friendships started and ended. Relationships, worked, failed and then worked again. Some of it's recorded here, but most of it I moved off the blog. I need some privacy still.
15. It takes a certain kind of ridiculous individual to have 1000 blog posts on a pickup blog.

Ok, first 1000 posts down, next 1000 to go.

Thanks for reading and I'll continue to try to bring you the best content, mixed with my unique brand of ridiculousness.


JS-The King Of Content

Friday, October 01, 2010

This is AMAZING!!!

Some guy, started a website called Mrs Lebron Wade, where he chronicles Lebron and Dwayne's "marriage" with photoshopped pics and hilarious articles.

My guess is he's a Cavs fan.

Check it out at

Also it's 6 days til my Bday, so if you know me in real life and want to remain friends, go present shopping or at least wish me a happy Bday next Thursday. Otherwise you will be cut like a barber. Ask anyone who forgot last year, that I stopped talking to :)

Have a great weekend!

JS-The King Of Content