Monday, November 28, 2011

Good Date Spot-Theme Parks

I went to Magic Mountain yesterday and it is a surprisingly good place to take a date(other than the glaring need for alcohol).

Most theme parks are btw $ 30-40 a person and can be fun for 4-6 hours easy. So it's not WAY more expensive than going out for a few drinks in a city like LA, NY or Vegas.

Plus it's a lot of fun, gets the heart going, and gives PLENTY of opportunity for built in conversation. I definitely am going to start taking more dates there.



Monday, November 21, 2011

End Of The Year Already...

Man every year goes by faster and faster...

Now is as good a time as ever to look back over your goals for dating over the last year and how close you came to achieving them.

And if you didn't it's a good time to start planning for next year, as nightlife will take a down turn after this Wed until New Year's Eve with the holiday/boyfriend season in full swing.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The 1% fantasy and how it's ruining your life

How many people do you think are actually millionaires in the US? Not millionaire on paper.

How many people are famous?

How many guys sleep with more than 1 new girl a week?

Hint it's a really low percentage of people...

Like 1% of 1% of the population.

The point is that any of these goals (which 90% of people reading this have in one form or another) are going to be REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to accomplish.

Is it possible?

Sure but 99% of you are not going to be willing to put in the time effort or energy needed to have a chance of success.

And 99% of the ones of you who do put in the time effort and energy are still NOT going to make it due to luck, health, bad breaks, or changes in priorities.

Now that I've suitably depressed you, let's talk about the good part of this news.

The good part is that NONE of you actually want these fantasies. What you want is the feeling that the fantasy would allow you to have.

You want to make 10 Million dollars? Why? What would change in your life if you had 10 mil right now? Besides the superficial, you'll probably find something like "I would be less stressed about security and able to focus on what I like doing."

You want to sleep with 100 girls? Why? What would that do for you? Would it make you feel cooler? Would it make you feel like a success with women. What would it do for you?

And more importantly when you ask yourself these questions, is there something you could be doing right now, that would give you the same or similar feelings?

Chances are there is, people don't do things for the surface reasons. People who want to be famous have their reasons for it usually having to do with needing to prove their value to people, people who want to sleep around a lot are looking for something as well. Even guys who want to get girlfriends are looking for some emotional fix....

So the solution is 2 fold:

1. Let go of the 1% of 1% fantasy. Just give it up, we are all the rule not the exception.

2. Figure out what you were actually trying to get emotionally from that 1% fantasy and see if there is a more realistic healthy and sustainable way to achieve it.

That is all.


Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm Not Saving The World

Hey there,

I was gone the last two weeks first to a positivity nazi conference where I was officially the most hated on man in the world, and then recovering for a week where I mostly over-ate and smoked a lot of pot.

But now I'm back, and I wanted to talk about something I've been thinking about since I heard another "guru" talking about how he was changing the world one guy at a time or some other such super lame oversimplification of what we do in the SUISC.

It's also at this point in the listening that I feel like yelling at the speaker like Mark Wahlberg in "The Departed"

" Do you know what we do here?"

" No you don't, if you knew what we do here we would not be good at our job. We would be pricks. You calling us pricks?"

But I digress.

I am not saving the world by teaching guys how to get better at sleeping with chicks.

You can use slippery slope logic or tell me all about the 1 guy who really needs this stuff or he's going to kill himself all you want.

The truth is still the truth. And the truth is it's kinda weird to teach guys how to pick up chicks. You can spin it all you want and engage in self deception to make yourself(the "guru") feel better about it the same way other guys who are good with gilrs justify cheating on their GFs. The human mind is amazingly good at convincing us that what we want to do is OK.

This is the truth:

This is NOT a Men's movement.

This is NOT making the world a better place.

This is NOT one day going to be taught in colleges.

This is not some secret knowledge that will change the world once made public.

You are NOT necessarily a better more whole person just because you can get laid consistently.

And NOT all men are interested in learning this stuff.

These are the facts, not some grand delusion I come up with to make myself feel better so I can go to sleep at night.

I know my stuff works and it does what I say it will do.

No more, no less.

If you want to learn how to get better at sleeping with girls I'm your guy.

If you want some sort of guru type who is going to take you by the hand and tell you about how great pickup is and how it's changing the world,and how you're special because you know about it, you should probably find someone else.

Just keeping it 100.

JS-The King Of Content