Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Girls, girls, girls....

A lot of people have talked about the change in my demeanor over the last few months of this year, and a lot of people who haven't seen me in awhile had a lot of misconceptions about me from the way I had acted when I was still an approach coach.

ANd the reason is I realized that this area of life, doesn't need to be rushed. I've been with A LOT of women, and I realized that there are very few girls that stick out and are remembered as more than a fling. The interactions mere techniqualities. A chance to test a new routine or LMR strategy. A chance to see if being patient was better than getting LMR and dealing through it. Even longer things like my fling with my neigbor in SD Amanda were so blatently " Just hooking up" That she saw me bring home almost a dozen other girls and dropped by one night while the other girl I was hooking up with in my building was on the couch with me. And these stories color my memories of her rather than the way she bit her lip when she was turned on or the way she laughed at my dumb jokes...

And the girls I have met and "fucked, shagged, had sex with, romanced, ltr'd, MLTR'd and 3-somed dated,seen and been talking to". Have been amazing and different and in the case of 2 maybe the WORST people I've met. I had a girl named Laura made me think and was intelligent and really hot with pierced nipples, and she had blown me and then the next time we hung out told me she thought she was going crazy and then later shave her head and dye it blue... But She sticks out and so few girls do, it almost bugs me.

Actually as I'm writing this, the new girl from the new city from now on ngnc, has been texting and I have been twisting every SINGLE thing she says into a qualifier to the point that her last text was

" When are you going to trust me that I'm superior to most"

The new girl has personality, in the same way as Annie my last LTR. There's a definite formula to picking me up, and it relies heavily on smart ass comments..

Anyway Not sure what I was trying to say here, so I hope it was useful or entertaining to someone.

It makes me happy when I read it and that's all I can ask for.


Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm still alive...

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been SUPER busy with the move.

Right now I'm waiting for the movers and the salvation army to come pick up all my shit.

I accidentally turned my tv off too soon and now I'm catching up on Curb your enthusiasm DVDs that CJ introduced me to.

The set up in the new city is going well and I'm starting to learn more about myself and the ways I seperate girls in my head.

No matter how many girls I am seeing etc... I never feel completely comfortable until I have a girl who feels like GF material or that I am able to develop an actual crush on. It takes a specific combination of personality and looks to spark that kind of interest.

I have that now in my new city, she's awesome, smart, hot, witty. She even told me to pay more attention to her friend when I was picking her up, because she said she liked me and wanted her friend to as well.

Unfortuately as is the trend in my life as soon as a girl like this pops up, I head to another country for 6 days. This time it's London for workapalooza 07.

It's weird that I no longer live in LA. I'll no longer fly into Burbank, and I won't have a car or a bed in here anymore. Weird.

I helped at The Don's bootcamp this weekend and it went really well. This is the last bootcamp where I live in LA, now it will go back to hotels or Savoy's house....

My move is not going as planned, as my stuff was supposed to be picked up on Thursday and wasn't leading me to now being rushed and waiting for my TV to be picked up and I need to donate my car... So much left to do before my 5 PM flight to London tomor.

I have some new game breakthroughs to post about later this week.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Tyler on Big Egos

By everyone's favorite Guru, Tyler from RSD...

Everything that he talks about here is really applicable to inner game and getting yourself into the right frame of mind to suceed without needing to consciously focus on tactics and techniques. It's real fascinating stuff, but will require a lot of introspection. But ultimately Inner psychology is one of the three tenets of what I call maximized game.

My thoughts being that you need skillset, you have to get social experience in and you have to do cold approach to do it, unless you have a social circle with 500-1000 groups of people to interact with to make sure you tweak a variety of situations. And you have to anticapate some luke warm to bad reactions, and if you never have to see those people ever again, it can be better.

Then you need inner psychology, because as you get better, depending on your level of inner game(confidence) prior to this, you will start to find your inner issues coming up in field. They may be something like being too scared to physically escalate, leaving the set whne everything is going really well, not asking a girl for a phone # etc... But they will come up. And you need to deal with them to continue making progress, and to continue on the road to becoming a happier more self actualized person, who will attract more women.

Then you need to develop a lifestyle that brings you into the company of the women you are trying to meet. That means not just focusing on cold PU, but developing a social circle, throwing parties, taking courses and learning new things etc... That way you are around the girls you want and have the skillset and inner psycholofgy necessary to make the most of it.

That's maximum results.

You can read Tyler's article it's the second one down as of writing

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Packing is not fun...

I'm sick of packing and I am leaving like half my shit.

So far I have boxed up all mys shoes(1 full LARGE box I'm embarassed.) All my movies, books etc... except for I AM THAT which I am attempting to get through right now. I swear I need some easy reading soon. And my Surround sound system. I still need to figure out how to ship a plasma TV without it getting smashed, sending me spiraling into a tornado of suicidal rage. The moving company guy reccomended a freight company, if you have any ideas email Sinn@TheMysterymethod.com.

I also ordered some new shit:

A new King sized bed and mattress. I have been on a box spring and a mattress forever. I have literally never owned a bed with a frame in my life. Even as a kid I only got one because I broke it jumping on it and shit. So then I never had another bed... Until now. I am super excited it's a leather modern frame bed that rocks. I had to switch the color scheme to match the color of the walls and the carpet. That is the least masculine sentence I have or will ever type in my life.

A new TV for the bedroom, I've been in a studio for 11 months since I moved out from living with roomates. My first one bedroom, also exciting. But I need to get a TV for in bed watching, a staple of my dating life.

A new sofa. My last sofa came from target and was not conducive to fun....

A bar and Bar stools, they are really modern and look like they belong in the standard. I now realize that the large quantities of alcohol are not something I can rely on the internet to produce.

And some more shit, I fly out to sign the lease and lease a car as my 95 Mustang which is missing a rear view mirror and the ability to drive without shaking will not be making the trip. Also neither will a ton of my shit which I am donating to the Salvation Army. I try to donate as much usable stuff as I can as I used to SHOP at the Salvation Army, so giving back makes me feel like I'm giving back in a weird shallow way. Anyway I fly out Tues night and then fly back Fri afternnon to help at The Don's seminar. It's good I'll still have a place to crash here, rather than having to crash on a couch or in a hotel bed.

Then I fly to London for a crazy six days of 2 routine consults( Where we give each student a UNIQUE routine stack from Openers to Comfort material and date ideas) a regular bootcamp and a day game program in 6 days. I laugh at Jet lag. Then I'm back in the new city and am all set up.

So the process is almost over, and I am soo glad to get out of LA. Can't wait.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Song lyric of the week.

This my fav song recently about maturing and getting better over time. i apply it to the game....

30 Something Lyrics:

You aint got enough stamps in ya passport to fuck with Young H-O
International . . . uhh
Show young boys how to do this thing
The maturation of Jay-Z-Z . . heh
Check me out . . .

[Verse 1]
30's the new 20 nigga I'm so HOT STILL (Uhh)
Better broad, better automobile (Uhh)
Bet a yard (Naw!) Bet a hundred mil
Then by the songs end I'll probably start another trend
I know ev'ry thing you wann' do
I did all that by the age of twenty-one
By twenty-two, I had that brand new Ac' coupe
I guess you could say that my LEGEND just begun, I'm--
Young enough to know the right car to buy
Yet grown enough not to put rims on it
I got that six-duece with curtains, so you can't see me
And I didn't even have to put tints on it
I don't got the bright watch, I got the right watch
I don't buy out the bar, I bought the nightspot
I got the right stock, I-- got--
Stockbrokers that's movin' it like white tops
I know you like FUCK! this is child abuse
Call DYFS, I must just be getting nicer
YOU young boys ain't ready fa' real
30's the new 20 nigga, I'm so HOT STILL

[Chorus 1]
I used to let my pants sag, not givin' a fuck
Baby boy, now I'm all grown up
I used to cruise the used car lot, put crome on the truck
Baby boy, now I'm all grown up
I used to play the block like dat (like dat)
I used to carry knots like dat (like dat)
Now I got Black cards, good credit and such
Baby boy 'cause I'm all grown up

[Verse 2]
30's the new 20 nigga, I'm on fire still
These young boys is like a fire drills (Uhh)
False alarms (Uhh), the next don (Naw)
He ain't got it (Uhh), on to the next one (Young)
Still here (Yeah), still here like Mike--
Gotta stop playin' with these children (Chea)
[ Lyrics found on http://www.metrolyrics.com ]

I'm a bully with the bucks (boots)
Don't let the patent leather shoes fool you young'n
I got the fully in the tux
That was my past, now I'm so grown up
I don't got one gun ON ME
Gotta a sum army to hire a gun army, get ya spun like laundry
And I'll be somewhere under palm trees, calmly listenin' to R&B
When we get the call he's, no longer wit' us, fire ya babysitters
You little fucks fall back fa' real
30's the new 20 nigga, I'm so ho-stile

[Chorus 2]
I used to let my pants sag, not givin' a fuck
Baby boy, now I'm all grown up
I used to cruise the used car lot, put crome on the truck
Baby boy, now I'm all grown up
I used to wear my hoodie like that (like that)
Pile deep in a hooptie like that (like that)
Now I got Black cards, good credit and such
Baby boy 'cause I'm all grown up

[Verse 3]
Ya'll roll blunts, I smoke Cubans all day
Ya'll youngin's chase, I'm Patronin' it straight
I like South Beach, but I'm in St. Tropez
Ya'll drink Dom, but not Rosé (hey)
Ya chick shop at the mall--
My chick burn it down Bergdorf's
Comin' back with Birkin bags
Ya chick is like, "What type of purse is that?"
I'm from the era where niggas don't snitch
You from the era where snitchin' is the shit
I'm afraid of the future (why?)
Ya'll respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter
Ya'll go to parties to ice grill
I go to parties to party with nice girls
Young boys gotta chill
30's the new 20 nigga, Im so HOT STILL

[Chorus 3]
I used to let my pants sag, not givin' a fuck
Baby boy, now I'm all grown up
I used to cruise the used car lot, put crome on the truck
Baby boy, now I'm all grown up
Ya, we used to ball like that (like that)
Now we own the ball team, holla back (holla back)
Now I got Black cards, good credit and such
Baby boy 'cause I'm all grown up

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Book Review: The Hero with a 1000 faces

So in my course of study on becoming a man and maturity, every single source seems to lead back to this fucking book.

The Hero with a thousand faces by joseph campbell is about mythology, and specifically how all myths have a basic theme and structure that they follow. This relates to maturity and manhood as the major function of myths is to act as a way of relating the human experience using a complex series of metaphors and characters to represent the journey of a lifetime.

The general structure of the adventure of a hero is:


Furthermore the specifics applicable to growing up are
Departure: The call to adventure, Refusal of the call
Initiation: The road of trials, The meeting with a goddess, Atonement with the father,
Return: Refusal of return,

Here's some quotes I liked from the book,

The passage of the mthological hero may be overground, incidentally;fundamentally it is inward-into depths where obscure resistances are overcome, and long lost, forgotten powers are revivified, to be made availible for the transfiguration of the world.

The godly powers sought and dangerously won are revealed to have been within the heart of the hero all the time.

From this point of view the hero is symbolical of the divine creative and redemtive image which is hidden within us all, only waiting to be known and rendered into life.

The two the hero and his ultimate god, the seeker and the found-are thus understood as the outside and the inside of a single self-mirrored mystery, which is identical with the mystery of the manifest world.

Blunders are not the merest chance. They are the result of suppressed desires and conflicts. They are ripples on the surface of life, produced by unsuspected springs.

One is harrassed day and night by the divine being that is the image of the living self locked within the locked labyrinth of one's disoriented psyche.

It is only by advancing beyond those bounds, provoking the destructive other aspect of the same power that the individual passes either alive or in death into a new zone of experience.

The agony of breaking throughpersonal limitations is the agony of spiritual growth. Art, literature, myth and cult, philosophy and ascetic disciplines are the instruments to help the individual past his limiting horizons into the spheres of ever-expanding realization.

For the bliss of the deep abode is not lightly abandoned in favor of the self scattering of the wakened state.

The hero adventures out of the land we know into darkness; there he accomplishes his adventure, or again is simply lost to us or imprisioned, or in danger; and his return is described as a coming back out of the yonder zone. Nevertheless-and here is a great key to the understanding of myth and symbol-the two kingdoms are actually one. The realm of the gods is a forgotten dimension of the world we know. And the exploration of that dimension of the world we know. And the exploration of that dimension either willingly or unwillingly is the whole sense of the deed of the hero.

The indiviual through prolonged psychological disciplines, gives up completely all attachment to his personal limitations, idiosyncrasies, hopes and fears, no longer resists the self-annhilation that is prerequisite to rebirth in the realization of the truth, and so becomes ripe, at last for the great at-one-ment. His personal ambitions being totally dissolved, he no longer tries to live but willingly relaxes to whatever may come to pass in him; he becomes that is to say an anonymity.

The goal of the myth is to dispel the need for such a life ignorance by effecting a reconcilation of the individual conscioussness with the universal will. And this is effected through a realization of the true relationship of the passing phenomena of time to the imperishable life that lives and dies in all.

Man in the world of action loses his centering in the principle of eternity if he is anxious for the outcome of his deeds, but resting them and their fruits on the knees of a living god he is released by them as by a sacrifice from the bondages of the sea of death.

The mighty hero of the extraordinary powers-able to lift Mount Govardhan on a finger, and to fill himself with the terrible glory of the universe-is to each of us: not the physical self visible in the mirror, but the king within.

Over all I really enjoyed this book, though it took me way too long to read it. The writing style jumps around a ton, but the overall idea that mythoogy is a subconscious manifestation of the drives, and struggles of people in ancient times and a parable to the future and the way to self actualization were great concepts. If this is something that interest you I highly reccomend picking this up. If not then i would suggest sticking to the stuff based on the works contained within.


Monday, April 09, 2007

Do you know what you want?

I think one of the major hurdles that guys encounter on this magical journey of self improvement, is they have no idea WHAT they want.

This comes down to the fact that most guys would rather think on a small scale, such as where they are going to sarge that night or why that girl isn't calling them back... Instead of focusing on building something and taking the small steps every day, hour, minute and second to bring them closer to being the type of man they want to be while living a life that fufills them.

This means not putting a bandage on a bullet wound by ignoriong your particular patterns, insecurities, safety zones, and ideas of who you are. In the movie Hitch Will Smith's self titled character says that "you is a fluid concept." And that's the truth. Just because your life sucks now doesn't mean it has to continue to suck forever. There is a step that you can take now to make things better, you just have to realize what you ultimately want out of life first. The world is there for the taking, you just need to know what you want to take.

So I challenge EVERYONE out there to sit down and design the life you want for yourself. Think big! If you want 7 girlfriends who all love you and have threesomes with you, what steps can you take RIGHT NOW to get that ball rolling. If you want to be rich, what can you do to facilitate that TODAY.

There's always tomorrow, bu the thing about tomor is that when it comes and you don't act youa re jyst prolonging the process and not starting. As cheesy as it is to say, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Leaving LA...

I am moving out of LA in the next few weeks, i will not be sharing where I am moving until I have things set up completely.

I'm sitting in a airport right now on the way to my future home city. There are a myriad of reasons that I am leaving LA, but mostly I want to live somewhere outside of Southern California. I've lived in either LA, Northridge, Woodland Hills, or San Diego. So I want to LIVE somewhere else. It's very different than visiting it.

Now I moved back to LA expecting to build a really great lifestyle only to realize that to really live the way I want to in LA I would need to make A LOT more money. I have very specific ideas as to where I want my apartment to be( Walking distance to the clubs that have the hottest girls). Well in LA I have a place that's like that and the unfortunate other side of that is living in Hollywood with the mass population of scumbags who also inhabit the hollywood area.

It also seems like my moving to LA has directly correlated with the decline of nightlife in the city. There really aren't many clubs that have the type of girls I like in them. The strip clubs also are below par with the rest of the nation. So I am moving.

The only real concern I have is coordinating moving my stuff with my upcoming London Bootcamp. my lease runs up in LA when I will be in London, so I have to make sure that I have fully shipped all my shit before I leave the 24th.

I'm really excited to decorate my new place, as I have an entire theme that will be amazing! it's going to ook like somewhere out of the movies and everything wil be either black or red. I intend to have parties at my new place as it will be close enough to clubs to pre-party before and then after party post clubbing. It's going to rapidly become craziness.

I'm super excited!

More info to follow.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Kanye West - Throw Some D's Remix (Brand New Explicit Video)


I also have a boob fetish so I actually can relate....

Sometimes a song is written just for me:P


An analogy I liked

I was driving my car on empty a couple of days ago and I thought that confidence is like gas in a car.

You can drive and get around when it's on empty, but eventually you are going to run out, and you won't be able to get around.

Also when you are low on gas, I tend to drive more conservatively and not gun it as I don't want to get stranded. The same thing applies to state and confidence, as when you have not had success your confidence is low and you play the game very conservatively. Then once you feel better about yourself and your abilities, you play looser and can get the same results.

I don't know if this is applicable to others or if it just makes sense to me,


Thursday, April 05, 2007

My new Sports Blog

I started a sports blog www.sinnonsports.blogspot.com.


Thick Face Black Heart

Thick Face Black heart is a book on the warrior’s philosophy. It pertains to business in a few specific chapters, but for the most apart is about developing the outlook on life to succeed.

This book kicks ass. It was sent to me by RAHN one of our former instructors and it is one of the best things I have read in the self development field. I’d say this is a must read if you are interested in improving your life.

There are 2 elements that the book addresses:

Thick Face- The shield
Black Face- The spear

Thick Face is a shield a shield to protect yourself from the negative opinions of others. This is all about being non-reactive and having the faith in yourself, your purpose, and your abilities to carry on in the face of opposition to your goals.

Black Heart is the ability to take action without regard to how the consequences will affect others. A black heart is ruthless not necessarily evil.

These are 2 elements that every good PUA needs to have. You need to be unaffected by others and be wiling to go to extremes to get what you want.

Here’s a quote that really resonated with me.

The natural way of Thick Face Black Heart is beyond human manipulation, beyond the petty standards of human judgement. When one acts in harmony with the universal will, one’s actions are aligned with the good and benefit of all. You are neither self-righteous nor too eager to please; nor are you seeking approval. In action you are swift, competent and dispassionate. In yielding you are unabashed and have no concern for others judgements. In conquoring you are effective and can be ruthless, In action and non action you are changeless. You are a true Thick Face Black Heart practitioner.

Highly recommended.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Breaking the Cycle

Virginia Satir once said that the most basic human instinct is not toward survival, but towards the familiar. IOW the thing that we are most likely to do, has nothing to do with survival or replication, but with what we are most comfortable doing.

People are constantly repeating the same patterns in their lives. Everyone knows the girl who consistently compains about how she always dates assholes, only to complain about how the new guy she likes is an asshole... We all see people who are self sabotagers and always get really close to what they want only to find some way to trip themselve up. The reason is that it's more comfortable for them to stay doing what they have always done.

To whole heartedly dedicate yourself to something and fail measn that we have to examine and deal with ourselves as failures. Most people are not strong enough to do this. Fear of failure is only one side of the coin when it comes to self sabotage, the other side is fear of success. The fear of actually getting what you want and having to de-identify yourself as a guy who is unsuccessful. It takes away from what Joseph Campbell describes as your hero's journey. Most people are too attached to their current situation, they have become integrated with their relaity and the idea that they could become what they actually want means that they have to kill their attachments to their ideas of WHO they are. They are more comfortable with the idea of struggling then they are with actually becoming successful and having to stop complaining about their lack of success. Becaue if you were to become successful, that would upset the delicate balance of your life. If you were to become as successful with woman as YOU want to be not some random guy on the internet, you, your life would change. If you wanted a bunch of ONS then you are going to sleep a lot less... If you want a GF your time on the weekends will stop being your own and you will half to integrate a new person into your life. Etc... So it can be easier for guys to just struggle and subconsciously sabotage themselves.

Some ways I see guys sabotage themselves in field. Ejecting, not # closing every set they have been in for over 25 mins, not trying to move the girl around the venue, not trying to make out with every set, not calling your #s and trying to do dates, not pushing to get girls back to your place, not trying to qualify, not hitting on the girl, not going back into sets that were no-gos.... Etc...

One of the most important things that you can do when it comes to self development is to determine what YOUR specific negative patterns are, and start breaking them. If you don't go out every night, and you don't have the sex life you want then you need to start going out. Make an agreement with yourself that you will go out EVERY night until you have the sex life you want. Now going out doesn't necessarily mean that you are sarging every night, it could mean that you make the choice to go on a day2 instead of staying home and sleeping or you set up a date off the internet. But the MAJOR idea is that you need to try something different.

One of my favorite comedies of the last couple of years was " The 40 Year Old Virgin" and one the best game related quotes I have ever heard in a movie comes when Andy is talking about how talking to girls in the bar doesn't feel right. And jay says something like " What feels right hasn't been working. It's time to try some wrong."

Sometimes what is right for us and brings us closer to what we actuallty want will feel wrong and uncomfortable, but we have to push through that in faith that what we are doing is bringing us closer to where we ultimately want to be.

Once you make the decision that SOMETHING has to change in your life, break the cycle you are currently in by taking massive action.


Monday, April 02, 2007

Michael Jordan Top 10 buzzer beaters

I posted an article about Jordan and growing up... Check it out below the office quote.

Funny Office Quote

Dwight is talking about how he never smiles because " Showing one's teeth is a submission sign, and when he sees people smiling, all he sees is a chimpanzee begging for his life".


P.S Michael is now having a cage match

Michael Jordan and becoming a man.

I always wonder why certain people seem to transcend their medium so much. I always think about Michael Jordan will forever be remembered as the face of Basketball. There are just certain associations people have and Jordan and basketball are two that are for MOST people forever linked. And that's not just linked in the US. That's in the world Jordan is a brand that means something all around the world... That's crazy. Through merchandising and branding Jordan has become as successful of a conquorer as Alexander the Great was.

I just compared Michael Jordan to ALexander the great in a semin coherent(At least to me) way.... I now remember that I am posting after taking a sleeping pill... I hope this is coherent in the morning.

So there is a correalation as to why people (Like myself) get misty watching od Jordan clips or thinking about what he meant to a generation of sports fans.. I think the appeal is in his hero's journey. He was NOT an instant success. Like most people. He didn't win a championship for 6 years. And he kept progressively getting closer while being beaten down by a bully that he would have to overcome(The Detroit Pistons sent him home in the playoffs 2 years in a row and beat him up physically read "The Jordan Rules" ) but he was dedicated and worked on himself. he tirelessly found ways to get around by taking what was given to him(Surrender) and eventually it was struggle, struggle, sweep. He firmly swept the Pistons in 90 and they walked off the florr without shaking hands in a dramtic bully-like way once they realized they were whipped. And then he consistently was the hero. Game in and game out if the game came down to a do or die situation he came through more times than he didn't.

The amazing thing about Jrodan's killer instinct and late-game theatrics was that a LOT of those games were win or lose. Most people don't realzie the difference between a game winner and a game tier. A game winner means score and the Bulls win or miss and they lose. That's a game winner. the final decision rested sorely on Jordan's abiity to score on a team expecting him to try to score. And time and again in win or lose situations (no matter the pressure) Jordan's team won. Single handidly because his supporting cast kept him in the game long enough to be down by 1 with up to .4 of a second left. because if Michael shot it, you win.

That's pressure. In 88 he knocked the cavs out of the first round of the playoffs and catapulted Chicago into the second round. Fice long games with a team that was a perenniel 50 game winner. mark Price's Cavs were not today's Knicks or Bobcats. They were the favorites in that series. Craig Ehlo will forever be remembered as "That guy Jordan hit "The shot" over. Game, series, season Chicago. They lost to the much better Pistons in the next round where "The Bad Boys" D was too much for Michael and a young Scottie Pippen to overcome. The next year Pippen( who many use as a an argument against jordan's greatest ineffectively) was psyched out all series by Dennis Rodman and then had a "migraine" in the 7th game and could barely see... Jordan scored 50 with migraines or 38 and the game sealer in the 5 game against Utah in the 98 finals, the much overlooked game before he hit what should have been the final shot of his career against Byron not Bryon Russel. And yes he did shove him, who cares great players will always try to get away with as muc as they possibly can. they only become "dirty" when they are INTENTIONALLY trying to hurt other players(like "The Bad Boys" D.

Over that summer Jordan sick and tired of being pummeled by the Bad Boys in the playoff, hit the gym and gained 30 pounds of muscle, now instead of getting punished when he would drive to the basket, he dished out punishment. He got much better with his post up game as well developing the move that would be his signature over the rest of his career, the fade away jumper. Micahel adapted his gameto deal with the real life situations. That's where a lot of guys go wrong with women. They keep doing the same things when they aren't working. They aren't willing to learn new things and expand their social reportoire. They think that if 99 times a woman rejects them with the wrong body language or tonality or opening line or wardrobe or facial expresssion, the 110th time it might work. Learning about how to become a more attractive man, makes you a better person more adapted to the challenges of modern life. "The Bad Boys" teams were tough teams that won back to back championships. Dating can be hard too. It's ok to get some help and develop your own fadeaway jumper of a personality to get the woman of your dreams.

Well he came back and the Bulls swept the Pistons, because he had adapted and they had no answer for his scoring and his leadership. They then beat the Lakers in 5. But Michael's challenges were not over. The same way your life problems will not be over when you can get laid a lot. Now he had to defend the crown and win another title. The first defense was all about dominance as the Bulls announced that a new dynasty had risen in the east. That sounded like one of the voice overs on the tapes I used to watch that recapped Jordan's career. You know like the ones they offer for free on the Sports Illustrated ads on TV. If you ever wonder who orders Sports illustrated to get the cheesy ass freee video. it's me. But the next year Michael had to learn a new lesson as to he lost the MVP to Charles Barkely and the Suns led the league in wins. But in the Finals the Bulls only won as Jordan passed out of a double team and John Paxson hit the three to win the game. It was pick your posion with Jordan once he learned to trust his supporting cast. The same way that a crucial step of learning to become a man or a PUA lies in learning to trust yourself and not bend to what other's want you to do. Namely other teams trying to get michael to try to beat a double team when an open teammate could score too. Not as well but in addition.

Any way point non-sports fans care about is that as a man it is crucial that you over come a great struggle in your life. this can be failing with women, but always make sure that you remeber that the people who are remembered as the BEST of their peers and generations like Jordan suffered a lot of set backs before he really got what he wanted. It's the same way with becoming successful with women or maturing as a man. It takes practice and effort and the ability to make the adjustments you have to make. That's what this is about fixing what YOU are doing wrong. And it takes a shit load of guts and responsibility to do that. That's why I give 100% of myself on bootcamp all the time. Other guys game on the second night of program, but I realize that the real value is in having a guy who knows what he's talking about either watching you or in set with you giving real time coaching in the field. It also helps to have great models, Micahel Jordan is one of mine, and there are some other guys out there such as myself or Future or Savoy, who are great models in field and can help steer you on the right path. Because sometimes you need a set of eyes that aren't your own. That's why I believe in boot camps and getting help with your social lives and getting on the track you want to be.

I will now ban myself from sports talk on here for a week. I will probably be starting a sports blog as I think I would like to one say become a sportswriter. So if anyone reading this does that or has advice on getting into that email me at Sinn@TheMysteryMethod.com