Monday, December 31, 2007

Revealations from the Nepali Coast

Or how I found salvation with a lot of help from Tyler Durden and the

Nepali coast.

" Don't think of it as fun" he said. "Think of it like an East African

initiation ritual where they circumcize you with no anesthetic". The voice

on the other end of the cell phone was TD. He was at a sporting good store

picking up backpacks, tents and flashlights for our trip to Kaua'i.

I had come out to Hawaii to teach a bootcamp, and then get my mind right.

I had to know why with all the things I had accomplished, at the end of the

day I felt empty.

The bootcamp had ended and TD and I had hiked up a trail in Honolulu, it

was one of the better hikes I had ever been on. We talked about a lot of

things. Especially the future. I had been saying for a LONG time that I was

going to retire in May. Once the dust from the lawsuit settled and I wasn't

letting Savoy down. I planned to be out. I fantasized about becoming a

cabin boy on a cruise ship, or a firefighter. Anything to get away from the

responsibility of being a figurehead. Anything to escape the world of tactical


Talking to TD I started to realize something, I was running away from

something that was a part of me. It wasn't an accident that I ended up where

I am. I worked for it I strove for it. It's something I wanted for a long time.

And like everyone who gets what they want, I wanted more. I had become a

victim of my own success. And no amount of notches on my bedpost were

going to change that. I realized that the only thing tangible and meaningful

is helping others.

It became crystal clear to me as I lay on the beach in Kaua'i. Freezing in

my tent. Sore from hiking over 11 miles that day over the most treacherous

terrain I had ever seen. The most amazing thing about the hike, was the fact

that EVERYTHING had gone our way. It was supposed to rain. It didn't, it

was supposed to get dark well before we hit the end of our journey, it didn't.

TD did the entire hike on no sleep as we had to get up @ 5:30 to catch a

flight from Honolulu. I got an hour and a half. I had joked before the walk

that god owed me, I guess we're even now.

The craziest thing about the entire walk was the way I felt as we were doing

it. TD suggested a little mind game of trying to hate someone as we were

walking across the open face part of the rock that had no vegetation on the

side. You have to see it to believe it but it was 12 inches of snaking path

overlooking a unimaginably far fall to the rocks and sea below. I couldn't

even think for a second about anything other than the moment. It was the

ultimate in state, and presence. I felt so connected and in love with life, the universe and everything in it. I realized we're all connected on some level, even if it's just the level of being humans.

We ran into a bunch of other hikers as the day ran on and they offered a

litany of different advice. The goat man and woman( Who were both in WAY

better shape than us despite being 60) told us they knew people who hiked

the entire trail in 2 hours... in the dark. The dude with an altitude meter and

speed poles told it would get easier (It didn't). The two stoners at the creek told us

we would make it for sure. We chose to believe the stoners. Through it all,

TD, myself and his GF stayed completely positive. We supported each other,

we looked out for each other. We called out where the slippery parts were

and what to hold onto. We never talked about the fact that our legs were

rubbed raw or the ever dwindling day light. And we ultimately made it the

entire 11 miles to the beach.

We passed a hippie compound as we finally hit the beach. They were a

caricature of hippiedom as they told us about the mystical healing powers of

the water. We joked the next two days that we should have asked them what

they knew about the now and gone all Eckhart Tolle on that ass.

Unfortunately it got dark before we had a chance to assemble our 30 dollar

tents and our dehydrated sponges of a brain took about an hour to figure it

out in the dark ( Actually TD figured it all out, I was pretty useless other

than driving in stakes). Then we sat on the beach under the make shift

campfire of the mini mag lite and talked about life. We talked about getting

past anger, adding value and teaching. It reminded me that even though I

didn't get in this to be a figurehead or a guru or whatever the fuck some

people seem to see me as, I am one now. And I'm not the same guy I was 3

years ago. That's why you won't be seeing anymore LRs here. I've posted

30-40 over the last year and I think it's time that I moved past the egoic

concern of convincing people I get laid, and onto the real value I can add.

Teaching. We finally got rained on and retreated to our tents. As I lay there

listening to the rain drop on the tent, exhausted, laying on the hard sand I

felt something that had been missing in my life for a long time. Pure joy.

The joy that comes from proving something to yourself and from

understanding that everything is going to be allright.

I had majorly weird dreams and woke up a couple times. Finally I woke the

others and we went to a waterfall to purify water. We pounded our Lebrada

lean shakes and got another 32 onces of water in before we hit the walk I had

been dreading since waking up.

We actually ended up scaling a mountain monkey style only to realize that

we were on top of an eff'in cliff with no way down. But we never freaked out.

We found the trail and kept on hiking. Our knees and ankles creaking, our

bodies pushed to the max, but we marched on. And on, and on. Even past

the point that I thought of quitting, past the point I thought I couldn't walk

another step. We all reached inside and found an inner core of strength we

never even knew we had. It made me realize that a ton of the limits we place

on ourselves are complete and utter bullshit. It's not a series of events that

defeats us, but our surrender to the events. You can always fight on. And

fight on we did. Even when TD's GF's knee went out on the last quarter

mile. We waited and finished together. And when we all walked down to the

car there was a feeling of elation that I don't have words to describe. I've

never been as happy as I was those two days hiking through the Incredibly

beautiful and varied terrain. It may very well have been the best two days of

my life.

And as I sit here writing this, swollen, in pain, riddled with bug bites the

size of quarters. I feel a strange new sense of calm and confidence. Like no

matter what life throws at me, I can handle it.

I went to Hawaii to get my shit together. It was there I decided to quit

drinking for 6 months, to stop smoking cigarettes and to kick the chronic

habit(after my trip to Amsterdam of course). It was there that I got to talk to

the one person in the world who understands the situation I'm in now, cause

he's been there. I've often said that Jlaix was the person I most related to in

the community, but after this trip I see that it's really TD. Talking to him

really helped me make sense of all the noise in my mind. We talked about

the pressure of stepping up and defining yourself through your teaching, we

talked about moving away from unhealthy mentors and the mental remnants

we both had to deal with. I cannot express enough gratitude to him for the

help, the conversation, the encouragement, the idea to hike and the hike

itself. I can't imagine respecting someone more than I respect him after this

trip. He's a changed man and the only guru I've ever met who actually

became an adult. I hope to have his level of inner strength and maturity


So what's next? As I sit in the Phoenix airport, I am rededicated to teaching

in a way I've never been before. I want to share the knowledge I've gathered

and enrich others lives in the way mine has been enriched. I don't want to

just teach guys to get laid anymore, I want to teach men and women to live

an empowered life on the edge. Constantly challenging yourself and your

perceptions of what you are capable of. I never thought I was the type of guy

to do this hike. My previous experience with camping, was staying at motel

6. I had never been tested or pushed to my physical limits to see how much I

could take before quitting and I've never been more in the now... That's

what I want to share now. The ability and motivation to push yourself to

your edge and keep pushing. Never surrender. Never give up, never lose

hope. That's what life is about. Over the next few months, I have some

HUGE plans. I scribbled pages and pages of notes for new ways to teach

and learn. New missions, new ephiphany provoking thoughts, and I will

share them all with all of you guys here and in person. 2008 is going to be


I'll leave you guys with a quote from one of my favorite songs, one that I

never really understood until now;

Let no tears to fall from none of y'all
Just remember it all, the beauty as well as the flaws
Here lies Sean, finally free
And as I look across the sea I smile at the sun
While it feeds the weeds the nutrition they need
The people still breathe, the city still bleeds
I'm going to love it to death and keep planting my seeds
I'm going to love it to death and keep an eye on the seeds
I'll be in love till im dead, I keep reaching the seeds
I'll give all I got left just to teach you to read
Love life to the death and keep planting my seeds
And when the soul begins to reap, I think she'll know me from the sleep
I keep caught in the corner of my bloodshot eyes
And if she has the nerve, to let me dump a couple last words
I'm gonna turn to the earth and scream (Love your life)


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Changes and Thanks

Wow, so much has happened since I've been out in Hawaii.

I'm gonna write a huge post when I leave in a few days, but I want to first thank everybody who reads my blog and has taken programs with me. For a really long time I didn't appreciate how much I like helping you guys out. It's only been since I've been here talking to TD that I started to understand that the only thing in the world that is actually worthwhile, is adding value and helping others.

I feel like I've had a bunch of huge revelations since I've been here. In fact I feel rededicated. For the last few months I had been telling people I was going to retire in May. Now I see longevity in this, and I have a whole new paradigm for teaching.

Stay tuned


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Who do you want to be?

We are all works in progress, so I think it's very important to periodically define what characteristics you want to be defined by.

So I made a list of characteristics I want to eventually embody. I also made a list of things to work on daily and long term in devloping or maintaining these characteristics.

1. Smart
2. Adventurous
3. Creative
4. Funny
5. Loyal
6. Honest
7. Hard-working
8. Open Minded
9. Happy
10. Disciplined
11. Healthy
12. Emotionally open
13. Diplomatic
14. Energetic
15. Passionate
16. Brave
17. Optimistic
18. Challenging
19. Lover of women
20. Charming
22.Good Friend
23. Educated
24. Trustworthy
25. In control of myself and situations
26. Rich
27. Artistic
28. Fun
29. Sexually adventurous
30. Humble
31. Classy
32. At peace
33. Clam and Relaxed
34. a non procrastinator
35. Clean and organized
36. Opinionated
37. Controlled drinker
38. Sophisticated
39. Immune to social pressure

I started off planning on writing a 10 point list, but almost ended up with 40. I highly recommend that everyone does this. It will give you something to work on and towards. That way you have a picture of the man you ultimately want to be to work on, or to hold yourself accountable when you fall down.


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Be proactive!

I've been scanning the boards lately and almost every post is begging for help without actually going out and trying anything!

If you are ever going to get good at this stuff, you are going to have to rely mostly on yourself. Everything is a choice and you are constantly going backwards or forward. You can choose to stay home because you don't have anybody to go out with, or you can go out alone. You can try to get a phone number from every set even when they don't seem to be going well, or you can eject and feel good about approaching. You can call the numbers you get or you can avoid doing so.In the end you need to push yourself.

Bootcamps are an amazing kick start because you see what the final puzzle looks like from watching instructors, you get a great handle on whta you need to be working on, and you get out there and start approaching. But the bootcamp is useless unless you continue to follow up hard. At the end of the day you can get laid both nights of bootcamp, but if you stop going out, you will stop learning.

You have to discipline yourself. I make to do lists before I go out. On them I put the things I want to do and avoid doing. Then when I hit the bars, I just go down my list.

Open set before I order a drink- Check
Don't eject until you've tried to qualify- Check
Approach the hottest sets in the venue-Check
Approach at least 1 mixed set- Check
Try to move every set- Check
Push sexual frames- Check
Number close 25 mins in-Check
No more than 4 drinks- Check
Seed bounces- Check

That's all I'm thinking about, I don't focus on routines or what to say or whatever. Instead I just go down my list. I proactively police myself to make the right choices. The thing with discipline is, it's one thing to know what you want to do. It's quite another to actually do it. I know personally I've planned to go out and do approaches only to sit around drinking. You have to know what your intent is for going out. If you're going out to drink, drink. If you're going out to game, game. But make sure you know what you're doing and you act congruently to the goals you have.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Jeffy Show Review!

First off, I have to admit that I am not unbiased when it comes to Jeffy.. I've loved his writing for years. I also think it's a toss up between him and Fidelio as to who is the funniest person I have ever met. He also is probably the person I most identify with personality wise in the community. That said I am not being pair for this review, nor am I an affiliate of their product, and I haven't talked to Jeffy or TD about this review.

So I was super excited when I heard that he was going to be releasing his own product. There is hardly anything I can think of more entertaining than listening to Jeffy.

I can honsetly say I came into this with high expectations and I was not disappointed.

The program starts off with Jeffy defining and researching the word chode with a poster board of various chode images. This was hysterical, and sums up Jeffy in a nutshell, words, humor and absurdity = Jlaix.

The first disc had the moment that made me fall off the couch laughing. jeffy is describing this 300lb woman he used to fuck and the scenario in which it unfolded. One of the funniest stories I've ever heard, right up there with Fidelio's family story.

He then goes into the idea of getting yoru mind right. Inner game. All good stuff on here. Not anything you've never heard before if you've been in the community awhile, but great refresher and the stuff on codes of conduct was really great. The most interesting part to me was the idea of every set having a unique rhythm. I'd never thought about it like that, but when I heard it, it clicked with my new ideas about pacing and leading the interaction. You have to first know what their rhythm is before you can attempt to change it. That's a key point for developing social, think about where THEY are at and how you can join them before leading them where you want them to go.

Disc 2 We're going in

This disc had a bunch of technical stuff on it about fashion etc... It also has some funny stories about Superstar and a good look at the reasons to drink or not. He also goes over opening styles. And what kind of Jeffy product woule it be without a talk about kareoke and the benefits that has to your game. I agree with that btw as you are forced to project your voice and make yourself uncomfortable.

Disc 3 Take your Passion and make it happen

This disc starts off with Jeffy talking about canned material. Everyone knows my thoughts on this, so no need to reiterate those here. Jeffy makes some great points about not using canned material as a substitute for having a real personality. I also agree and have been pushing the bandwagon for the Jeet Kune do approach of taking and mixing styles. I just call it not being dogmatic. Jeffy gives some great example stories. Then we get to hear some great stories about his time in Spain. Loved banging the chode.

Disc 4 Bringing it home

This disc was focused on closing the deal. The best part of this disc was hearing Jeffy do the famous Weepy air supply callback technique. I'd heard about it on the internet, but hearing it is awesome. He covers some LMR stuff, getting girls home and then talks about threesomes and tandem pickup. I thought the threesome stuff dragged on a bit. I thought the best part of this disc after the air supply message, was the stuff on intent and discipline. These two things are like the vegetables on the plate with a fancy steak. They are often overlooked but necessary for the health of your game.

Disc 5 When all is said and done

This disc is a wrap up and serves to let Jeffy enlighten us as to what he has learned in his journey. I really like the focus he placed on ancillary skills and actually getting a life. That's someting a lot of guys ignore and it's like the rocket fuel of game that makes women want to stay in your life. Finally Jeffy talks about some things that happened with his family. I felt that this was the bravest thing he did in this entire program. Really powerful.

Overall I thought that this program was by far the most entertaining seduction program I have ever watched. I never had the dreaded zone out moment where I forgot to pay attention. I also think Jeffy should be commended for having the balls to put his life out there for examination warts and all.

A +


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My favorite comment of all time..

Some anonymous guy on my last post told me not to overestimate my writing ability...

That's hysterical!

I always think it's funny to see how people who have never met me think my brain works.

I literally laughed out loud( I refuse to use net speak)

Well here I go overestimating my writing ability again...

Just some random thoughts. I have a girl in my bed who was in Maxim's Hometown Hotties, a year ago and she is still asleep. Now everyone knows I don't get up early, but this is ridiculous. Part of me wants to wake her, but the other part of me is keeping a line going on how long she's gonna sleep for. An impressive performance to say the least.

She is also the latest in a string of girls who keep wanting me to commit... I NEVER used to get this!!!! I think i'm doing something now that is stimulating this relationship vibe. I'm not sure if I wrote an LR for this girl, but it was right around Halloween and I was out with Vodka and Twitchy. It was an SNL and then she was getting clingly but I went away for bcs for awhile and I though that would fix it, but apparently not.

I got my turntables and the TV for my treadmill room today. I'm soo excited to start working out while playing video games or watching football.

What Else???? Future and I will be back together for a really exciting program in Boston. Fader and some other guys will be there. I love Boston it's probably my favorite east coast city. There's just something about it. The people, history and architecture are amazing. Nothing like Boston accents either...

I still have 8 more days of not having to travel or work. I was considering going to see a really hot girl I met in Phoenix, but I decided I'm officially done keeping girls in other cities. It's just too much work. I'll keep my 3-5 girls here and then I'll do SNLs in other cities.

I guess that's all for today.

Your overestimating his writing skills friend.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My love letter to the game...

Last year I wrote a post about my observations since my bootcamp.

You can read it in the archive from last Oct.

This year I thought I'd write an open letter to the game(not the book).

Here goes,

I know it's been a long time since we talked, I've been busy with old flames,work and my other loves.Then I realized that it's been too long.

I remember when I found you, it was years and years ago when a lonely boy was asking jeeves on the internet. I remember the giddy feeling in my stomach as I read about supplication, and negs, and cocky and funny. I read for hours,and hours. Until my eyes hurt from the computer screen. I printed out pages and pages off the internet. Mailbags, rules, techniques, routines, spastic ramblings... I read every book I could get my hands on.

Do you remember when I first went out to play you? I got up, got dressed, went to the mall and walked next to about 50 girls, before I opened my mouth to speak to one. I still remember how nervous I was before hand and how suprised I was when the girls talked to me. I talked to 7 girls that day. And the next day, and the next for a year and a half.

You became my salvation, my reason for being. But you tested my faith for 6 months. I never gave up adn you rewarded me.

Then things started going really fast, I loved you so much, but didn't understand you yet. I learned more and more about you. I met guys who called themselves Mystery, or Style. I hung out with guys who I met on the internet where the only commonality we had was that we both liked you. How was I to know that my love was deeper? That more committed. More insane than others??? I couldn't. But it was that love that led me to the living room of Project Hollywood all those years ago... It was the love that led me to intern for the company, then instruct. I had no greater desire to help others back then... I just wanted to learn as much as I could about you. I wanted to show you that I understood you best, that you were going to be happiest with me.

When I started teaching I was ecstatic because finaly I could share you with others. I could show them the amazing things that you had taught me about people, myself, women, and the world. And slowly the love for you started to dim. I started to care more about helping others get their first kiss from you. I wanted to share you with everyone, like the prize girlfriend I saw you as. I became arrogant that I "had" you and didn't need to keep the relationship fresh.

I still yearned to know more about you though. I refused to hit a glass ceiling, I refused to listen to others when they told me that we knew everything there was to know about you. Instead I started to look for the sides of you that we didn't see. Even though I had taken you for granted, I still cared. I always cared.

Then I looked around and those I had been trying to help for years had turned on me. They sent me demands for routines,for word by word descriptions of what I said in my LRs,They wrote nasty attacks about me on the internet.They even demanded I update my blog more. And I had to learn that no matter what you do for people, there will always be those who want more. Or those who are jealous. Or hateful.And it was hard. people I had known and trusted for years betrayed me. But you never turned on me.

I came back to you at the begginning of this year. I even moved somewhere else to learn from and with CJ, El Topo, Shaft etc.. I rededicated myself to you after THEY tried to take away my love for you with their petty gripes and comments. I realized that you were pure and predictable. I remembered the joy, I remembered the excitement I used to have when I couldn't wait to open sets no matter where they were. I remembered how powerful I felt when I realized every girl in a club was attracted to me and I could take my pick. I remembered the sense of accomplishment that came from taking the hard sets. I remembered the challenge of all of it. And I realized I loved you more than I ever had before, and that no matter what the future may bring I will always love you.

You're the best thing that ever happened to me.


Monday, November 26, 2007

NWLR: No work lay report

Friday night I went out with Twitchy one of his girls, her friend and Vodka. We bounced around a little bit and Tiwtchy's girl was craz as usual. SHe tried to get us to make-out and grab her friend's hand and pulled it onto my dick, etc... Fun state breaking stuff.

But my framing was way too strong. I went through all the frames I teach in the SNL seminar(Shameless plug I know)I really do think that the key to being good at this is setting a series of progressively morphing frames that the girl agrees with and ultimately make it natural for you guys to end up doing the nasty.

We ended up drinking at a bar downtown(while also spilling 4 drinks and breaking 4 glasses) I had a lot of shots. Then we went back to Vodka's where I closed the girl in his guest room at like 5 AM.

After we were done, the weight of the half metric ton of alcohol finally caught up with me and I had to go home. Where I threw up in my parking lot and passed out fully clothed. Overall a fun night.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bad influences.

One of the things I've noticed big time lately, is the way that people around us can affect us in one of two ways.

You can let their behavior affect you, and I used to do that. I'd get all pissed off or I'd try to change them etc... But I realized that it was actually my problem. For example A friend of mine has this problem where he brags about how many girls he gets, how hot they are, etc, etc. And for awhile I would try to tell him that he could chill out, whatever. But it never worked.Finally I decided that it was his problem not mine, and I would laugh when he does it. It started to be like a funny game I would play n my head where I would ait for sentences that started like " Of the 500 girls I've been with..." And he and I started to get along better.

The other solution, is to appreciate the things that are good about people and you ignore the traits that annoy you. It's just like in a set, the more you focus on bad behavior, the more it gets magnified as CJ would say. That's why the most important rule of pick up is to ignore anything that doesn't help you. That's the key to being non-reactive.

The bad influence part, is where you have to be aware of what influences you are placing yourself under. I notice when I go out with certain people, I drink way more than I do with others. It's just part of going out with that person. I notice that if I have a group with really bad approach anxiety, mine gets noticably worse. See we are constantly checking the real world evidence around us to see what is permissable and "normal" behavior. That's why a lot of students snap back to earth immediately after bootcamps, because they realize that approaching a lot and talking game, doesn't fit in with their real life world or friends. So they quit, because it's easier to stop than it is to make things a little uncomfortable by rocking the boat a bit.

Once you know what things you are doing not because you want to, but rather because it's expected social behavior, you know what to work on. It can also be helpful to have an idea of the type of man you are aspiring to be. That way you can hold yourself to your own standards and regulations, as opposed to letting others tell you what is normal for you.


Saturday, November 24, 2007


So I've been off of here for about a month. I just got pretty busy and I didn't have a whole lot new to say.

Plus I taught 3 programs in a row, so I didn't always have internet access. Plus I was exhausted. I was only home for 2 of the last 20 days before Thanksgiving. Which is not as much fun as it sounds

I've also started seeing the SCW again. She seems a lot more grounded than before, and she's amazingly scorching hot in person. I ran into her on Tuesday and we ran into HBfumbled pen on Wednesday, then I hung out with her Thurs night again. Now this doesn't mean that I won't do a bunch of passive aggressive thibgs to sabotage this relationship again, but who knows. That's part of the fun, I guess... It is cool to have a girl you're excited to see, and who genuinely makes you happy. Again we'll see if it lasts. I think the key for me in being in relationships, is being able to not moving soo fast. I honestly think that the biggest problem last time, was that we were spending all day together, all the time. So I'm going to try to see her a maximum of 3 times a week when I'm in Dallas. But I'm glad she's back.

Relationships are tough. I was talking to Juice at dinner last night and he's going through some things with a girl he's been seeing for a few years. There is no completion with this stuff.Ever. Dealing with women is going to be a part of everyday of the rest of your life. And mine. So you might as well start to enjoy this process, but at the same time recognize the basic dilemma. The fight that occurs between the part of each of us that wants to go out and "sow their wild oats" versus the urge to be with one special girl and discover the heights you can take each other to... I guess I'm lucky in that I don't really want a relationship, so I never really have major issues with this, but I wonder if that's a product of my youth and lifestyle or something deeper.

It's important when considering the GF question to ask yourself whether you are getting into a relationship because you want to and this girl is really special, or if you are seeking to make life easier by getting out of the field, or if you're just doing it because you're scared to be alone, or any other reason that exists. The most important person in every relationship you are in, is you.

In other news, I'm going to Hawaii for Christmas as a present to myself. I'm excited to lay out, read and surf.

My comp's about to die, so I'll just list a couple of things I'll write about soon:

A review of RSD's The Jeffy Show, I'm a big fan of Jeffy.
A post on bad influences and dealing with them
The Q and A on SNLS


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanskgiving

I've been purposely avoiding the blog and the forums etc...for awhile.

I'm gonna try to get back to posting all the new stuff that's happening, it's a weird time.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

The last week report...

I've been getting out a lot recently and it's been pretty crazy.

I joined El Topo and CJ in the car close club on Wednesday night while out with Mr M, Sheriff,AFC Adam and his girlfriend and of course CJ.

Friday I pulled a 20 year old who was dressed like a beer girl and had ginormous boobs... it took me til 2 the next afternoon to close her, but I was pleasantly suprised:)

Then last night I went out with twitchy,and vodka to a bunch of places. Drank WAY too much( a theme of this entire week. More on that later) and ran into church girl and her friends early at the gay street parade(More to come here as well) and then Anna Ferris girl at the last venue. I ended up bringing her home with me against the pleas of her friends to stay with them...

Woke up this morning with a massive head ache which has confined me to the couch and the football coverage. Luckily for me I have a Pats game on.

I had a really weird dream that I lived in the same building as Bill Simmons and we hung out once and he didn't think I was cool and didn't want to hang out. It was like a nightmare, and I woke up sweating. I actually had to take a minute to make sure that it wasn't true... I read way too much about sports...

I've been doing yoga a couple times a week, and while I don't think it's a great place to meet women, I do think it's a pretty fucking cool way to exercise in addition to the weights and running I've been doing.

I'm joining a MMA class tomor so I will probably get beaten up this week in class. Joy.

I've been drinking way too much. I think I'm going to quit for at least a week and possibly the month of November. I'm actually sick of alcohol right now. And super sick of waking up feeling like crap. So no more drinking for awhile.

The redskins scare the hell out of me for some reason... I think it's because in Madden they are always WAY better than they are in real life. 3 straight first downs for the skins are not making me less nervous.

Yesterday we went to the costume parade in the gayborhood. It was great people watching, unfortunately most of the people were ugly. ALso aI get that girls think that they can just put on lingerie and cat ears and call it a costume, but A: it's still NOT a costume, and B: This does not extend to you if you are a guy who's into bondage... That's just dressing like you normally do on a Saturday night. I swear I saw soo many guys on the street just in leather and chains and shit... It's not a costume. I also wore my new Vintage 93 Wayne Gretzky Kings jersey. I developed a new game where I told girls about how it was the greatest hockey season ever by one player and they should sleep with me because of it. Not effective, but fun.

I'm working on a couple of new non seduction products which is pretty interesting, and I go back to doing bootcamps this week.

The bootcamp this week in LA will also be the beginning of the fear and respect tour 2007. CJ and I are rededicated to blowing students away with demos again. People seem to have forgotten who the best guys actively gaming are. So will help some people's memories this weekend.

We've regained the eye of the tiger. And shit is about to get crazy.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sticking points are symptoms

One of my big realizations lately has been that every sticking point guys have, are symptoms of bigger problems in their life.

These can range from clinging onto conversational topics too long, not being adaptable, being judgemental about sex, not talking enough, nolt knowing what to say...

They are all symptoms that something is wrong with your life. If you don't know what to say when talking to girls to be interesting, you should probably read more, do more exciting things, and get a hobby.

Women, will give you perfect feedback on your game as my buddy Future likes to say. The one caveat of that is that you should not listen to a word they have to say about pick up or game. Instead you should look at the specific negative reactions that you get from women and check to see where that might be affecting the rest of your life.

If you are scared of asserting yourself in conversations and being dominant, how do you handle interactions with superiors? When was the last time you asked for a raise or haggled at a flea market?

I suggest everyone take a real quick list of their sticking points and compare those to the issues in your life or the things you are working toward in your life, and see if the issue is simply confined to your interactions with women.

It's especially important for begginers to do this, as sticking points related to energy level, loudness, and body language, can all be worked on 24 hours a day. I'm always amazed when students come into seminar and I correct their body languageduring my talk then they switch back to bad body language 2 secs later. You can't expect to be a quiet, meek, anti-social guy all day and then all of a sudden snap into super PUA mode and become a different person.

Aim to improve your life and your game will follow.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Going out alone, and alcohol...

I had to go out alone last night as I really felt like gaming and everyone else's vaginas were hurting...

One of the things I notice when I'm out alone, is I drink a lot less, I know I have to be more wary of things like logisitics and group dynamics. When I can't depend on a wing, I have to be a lot sharper.

Tonight I was supposed to meet up with annaFerris girl, but I blew her off because sheriff and some other instructors from across the pond ended up in Dallas tonight and I always look forward to seeing those guys.


Monday, October 22, 2007


Annoyance is having a girl you're seeing get really drunk at the bars around your place, then coming over incoherently drunk to the point that I have to put her to bed and take care of her this morning when she's all hung over.



Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quirkiness filtered through the main 3 attraction switches

A quick addendum as I'm on the way out to meet Shaft and Fidelio for dinner...

All of your quirkiness stuff, should be filtered through the lenses of Pre-selected by women, leader of men and protector of loved ones...

It's not cute and quirky to be de-selected by women, a loser of men and destroyer of loved ones...



Friday, October 19, 2007


One of the things I've noticed recently in my game and Future's is our ability to use our weirdness to our advantage.

One of the things I've been messing around with for the last few months, is the idea of being quirky or different in a preferential way.

This has a bunch of benefits including the reduction of " Player vibe" and the building of a connection she doesn't have with most people, because as I reveal my weirdness to her, it allows her to reveal her weirdnesses to me...

Backing up, this came about because I notcied that all people have some quirky weird things they do once you get to know them. This sparked my idea that NOBODY is actually cool. There are just people who conceal their weirdnesses better and worse. It also then stands to reason that there would be weird things people are into that are more and less attractive to women.

This also coincided with my current period of annoyance with working hard to get girls and my uncanny ability to choose amusing myself over running stock material.

So I started to just talk about how weird I am.

I talked about my new workout and how I'm trying to learn how to dunk.

I talked about how I write long esoteric stream of consciousnesses rants.

I talked about how much I like manners.

I talked about my huge cock(Obviously)

and more and more random not particularly interesting things. But they were interesting to ME.

And my results sky rocketed again. Now not only do I not have to worry about saying the same things to girls over and over. I don't have to think about what to say at all, because I just say waht I'm thinking and trust that it will work. It doesn't always, but that's why I have recovery skills.

Too many guys are scared to start talking about things they actually care about. I still think you should avoid talking about business stuff, but if you can spin it in a way that sounds amazing or cool, go for it.

One thing a bunch of guys seem to forget( Even though I say it on bootcamp over and over) is that not everything you say is going to hit. It's ok, you also have to realize that the level of compeititon is not super interesting guys, it's the where are you from, what do you do guy...

Wrapping up, don't be afraid to put the parts of yourself out there that you'e not sure women will be attracted to. I never thought being super honest with girls about my promescuity would work, but it does... I never thought talking to girls for an hour about V for Vendetta would work either... Don't be afraid to be different. It can make you attractive in a way she's never felt before.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

LR: The Most gangster pull ever. Featuring the glorious return of Captain Jack.

So I finally after 6 weeks on the road, have some free time, and a new LR...

It all started off when I dropped my car which had been sitting in my garage for 6 weeks accumulating dirt and having someone write faggot wash your car on my trunk in the dirt. Classy. So I finally get my car jumped and drive it a harrowing 40 miles to the BMW dealership. Not really 40 but close.

This particular dealership happens to be in the same suburb of the city as a certain swashbuckling PUA who happens to be one of my closest friends. Also a friend I hadn't seen in a few weeks.

A couple calls later we are back bullshiting and eating at the outback. Not as good as usual today for some reason. I think it was the cheese fries being undercooked.

We roll to the mall and then decide to hit a happy hour place. It was awesome, but we end up back at my place and get a call from Shaft and El Topo. They have been working on some SICK new stuff regarding frames and cognitive dissonace. Really brillant stuff Shaft has come up with...We meet up for dinner, then roll to meet Twitchy at a new club opening. We ran into Elation and Simple, but the club volume gets turned up to a horrifyingly vibrating internal organs level. And so we roll to our usual SNL venue.

And it sucks. Balls. Hard... It's loud(ER),the cover price has been upped,and there is an awful ratio. I get some drinks from my bartender and watch one of the cities best players, he's a promoter at some venues out here and ALWAYS has some crazy hot girls all over him. He's a little too aggressive and sometimes blows himself out, but he always leaves with 3 or 4 hot girls. He's kind of a dick, so my attempts to befriend him have not gone swimmingly well...

Then I see her. She's got HUGE boobs, she's 5'4 she's got reddish blonde hair. And she's a H-erd( A hot nerd, I think I stole that from Jlaix somewhere...) She's got these super hot secretary glasses on and a look that just screams dork.. She's a 9.5 to me. She hits my type of funusual exactly. If you've ever taken a bootcamp with me, you've heard me describe my type and she's it...

I go to tap her and tell her she's a herd, when she opens 2 big black guys... Oh well I'll see her again. Hopefully. I roll around and find CJ. We're talking when she walks out and in mid-sentence I roll after her. I open her by telling her she's a her and then explaining it to her. She thanks me and I say " Oh you didn't do it on purpose? You really are a nerd!"...

We start talking and I get the dreaded BF objection, plus he works at the venue...I treat it like she just said "Spiders,Monkeys, Pirate Ninjas." I keep talking and she brings it up again. Again I ignore and I talk about how awesome I am. It's on she's telling me I'm awesome, grabbing my wrists etc...

The BF rolls up and I say " You have a really sweet GF."
He replies: " Thanks, she's my angel."

SHe has just offered me a drink, and he escorts me to get it... I actually for a second thought I might be getting kicked out,as he walked me to the service area. I get a drink and we talk about how cool his girl is...

We go back, he offers to get me a chair and leaves us to talk...

I start qualifying and then tell her that she needs to walk away from me right now or I will start hitting on her. She tells me I already have been. I start breakthrough comfort. It's easy because this girl is really amazing. She's smart and funny and honest and self aware, and a complete decorated emergency. But a fun one:)

She starts talking about how she cheated on her BF already. This is what we call an IOI for those of us watching at home...

I go into my sexual frames... I hit them all and tie them into a breakthrough comfort style explanation of why I like her and want us to be AT LEAST friends...

I regress her to childhood using Shaft's routine he taught at dinner... Money BTW.

She asks me what I'm doing after this as her BF works till very late...
( Yet another IOI for those of us who have trouble with these things:P) I reply honestly and add that if she wants she can join me. She agrees.

I handle logistics with CJ and Twitchy and we roll out different exits meet out front and depart.

I later made her beg to come... multiple times...

So I pulled a girl from in front of her boyfriend to my house in about 2 and a half hours... While he was buying me drinks and food...

I'm going straight to hell.


P.S Also CJ got laid in his first night out in 6 weeks... All hail the return of the rust free pirate of GLORY!!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

LR: What happened in New York?

SO I got into NY on Wednesday night but was exhausted as that happened after my last post where the girl was snoring after I layed her...

We chilled out and got some sleep, then we had to go start seminar. The group this weekend was a pretty good one, but we knew it was going to be tough running a program at all the bars where the PUAS hang out. But since the reason they hang out there is, because they can get in without having girls...

SO we didn't actually have in field Thurs night and Fader came over and we hung and played video games while Future finished a paper for school...

Friday we had another day of seminar and ended up hitting the venue. I did one set and made out with her, but she was from Long Island and left around 12... I can't leave til 2 so :( I actually got really sick in the middle of the set and had to go across the street to CVS to get some anti nausea medicine and advil...

Program went really well despite a lot of students getting called out for being PUAS... We head home and catch some sleep..

I've been having a really hard time getting enough sleep on program, in fact in NY I probably got 20 hours of sleep over 5 days...

The second night of program, the students did a whole lot better. And we were about to leave when all of a sudden Braddock comes up me and tells me he thinks he can pull his 2 set and he told them he has a hot friend...

We get up there and the friend is taliking to some chode, she won't come over even after Braddock told her to get her 3 times. I'm annoyed and don't care that much about getting laid so I tell Braddock we should roll... we decide to get a shot first, and as we are Braddock's girl rolls back over and is all up on his shit...

So she finally pulls the other girl away whispers something in her ear, and then I grab her hand and say we're leaving... Tabs get closed, and a cab is hailed. All is going well when of course the first test of congurence appears...

Girl I fucked ( GIF for future): " Where are we going?"

Sinn: "We're going to X neighborhood, you don't have to come if you don't want to." I'm in the cab sitting down as she does this and she's standing at the door.

They get in and the girls proceeds to bust on me for saying like too much ( I do) then telling me we can be friends etc...

We get back to Future's place and head inside. Future and his devil of a dog are up and waiting for us, Future takes the dog for a walk and in his very own thinks he's clever way to have a long convo with the girl he's stupidly falling in love with.

I decide to test my new physical escalation strategy of escalating touch until she stops me. I call it I dare you to stop me method :)

I make out with her no stopping, I put my hand up her shirt, no stopping. However I am in a small studio apt with Braddock and his girl 3 feet away on the futon of death and me on Future's bed...

I decide we should go to the roof...

We get up there, check out the view and I continue to escalate... I'm feeling her up when Braddock moves his girl to the other side of the roof. I put my hadn down the girls pants, and she stops me from removing her pants. I keep fingering her until she lets me pull the pants down, put her up on the ledge of the roof and fuck her...

Then we get back down to the APT and the two girls are gigling to themselves. Future asks me if I care and then tells them to get the fuck out while berating them for being rude.. It was hysterical and I couldn't look at them for fear of laughing. Braddock was doing the same thing accross the way and tried to distract himself with a DVD but the title he pulled from the shelf was deep cheeks 7( A classic but you have to see deep cheeks 6 or you"ll be like where did that Indian giant come from?)

They leave and we laugh for awhile before catching some sleep before my SNLs program.

More things that happened in NY:

I assisted Future on another Asian girl success. I opened and pumped her BT leading to her blowing Future in the car the next day.

Fader had 10 drinks and was totally coherent and sober... His drinking abilities are disturbing.

I had 5 or 6 girls ask me if I was a PUA including the girl I fucked and the girl Braddock pulled.

A student who was 50 years old bought a pair of fuzzy shoes.

I met Dr Feelgood from the lounge. Cool guy.

I slept all of about 20 hrs in 5 days while nursing a cough that could kil a horse.

I once again survived the futon of death including waking up on chewed up piza crust and having the stupid ass dog wake me up 3 times in the middle of the night.

I watched a lot of football sun night on Future's 80 inch screen.

I broke my mac laptop, by stepping on it.

That's pretty much it.

It's my Birthday on Sun and we will be partying it up in Vegas !!!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

LR: Sometimes you have to force yourself to go out

I'm writing this as HB fumbled the pen is laying on my couch snoring louder than I have ever heard a human being snore...

Rewind to 7 and Twitchy and I hit a happy hour for a society in Dallas only to see that it's 2 hot girls and 278 guys... Bar is empty and they have free drinks and calamari. After a quick drinky drink and some free squid, we bounce to another happy hour place before going to dinner. I number close a hostess there, but I don't qualify at all and she doesn't return my text later...

Twitchy drops me off and i decide whether to go out or stay in. I have a headache, a stomach ache and don't want to go out... Fuck. I text Twitchy " wanna go out". He replies "On the fence up to you". I have to decide... I didn't go out yesterday, or the day before and yeah I was sick, but I've gamed sick before... And I know I won't be going out tomor as Future has to have an early night...

I decide to go out, and we hit the mysterious venue. We run into Vector and the cuisinart that Topo, I and Vector have all fucked now... I open some sets go pretty well, but then I run into HB fumbled the pen. She's there with a friend, I say hi and go back to gaming. My set needs a jealousy plot so I roll into HB fumbled pen's set.. It's super on. I'm winning over her friends and Tiwtchy bounces.. I seed a pull across the street, She and her friend want to go dance and ask me to watch them.. I decline and chill with Vector for a bit.

I go looking for Fumbled pen, and she's nowhere to be found... I text her and ask her if she left...

She's across the street, I roll and see her with a new guy, I roll in and talk to both of them. I tease the shit out of her about wearing his glasses and him saying they looked good, he leaves and I talk to her about her life. She's drunk so I tell her she has to come to my place across the street, and we cuddle. I go up her dress once. No go. 2 x no go. 3rd time... It's on and I close her...

It all goes to show that you will never get laid just staying home, but if you go out, sometimes you get lucky...


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I don't drink with Fader...

This is about a week and a half old, but when Savoy got into Boston last Thurs, we had finished seminar and were planning on going into Boston from our hotel in Cambridge...

Key word being planning as we started a drinking contest at the hotel bar, Fader was drinking Vodka on the rocks and Savoy and I were drinking vodka diet cokes...

Somewhere around 9 drinks, I bowed out and Savoy and Fader started to drink doubles.

I'm not sure if they finished at 17 or 18, but Fader ended up wandering around our hotel with a glass in his hand from the mini bar, and got escorted to his room. Savoy threw up ending the contest and then wanted to argue about whether or not you can keep going once you throw up. The answer; no.

The funniest part of this whole story is that Savoy outweighs Fader by 100 ILBs.

In other news I am no longer sick and should be updating more regularly.


Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm sick...

I got sick as I was watching football yesterday, not from watching the Chargers lose to the packers(I'd be sick if I was a Chargers fan like Savoy) but I got for real sick, not from watching the Chargers disturbing lack of cohesiveness.

So now I'm loaded up on nyquil, vitamin C, and watching TV for like the 18th hour since I got sick.

I hate being sick, and usually it doesn't happen, I don't get sick, but I have to rest now as I have bootcamp starting on Thurs...

Soo sick of being at home...


Sunday, September 23, 2007

I love watching football..

Even though the games were horrible today> Couple of my thoughts as I sit on my couch and blow off brunch with a girl I met earlier this week...

Gotta be impressed with Matt Schaub even though I never had any doubt the Colts would win that game.

Mcnabb's not back, the Lions are still the lions.

Favre may or may not be back this year, but the Chargers For sure have issues.

LDT is the whiniest player ever... Why doesn't anyone mention this? He's almost T.O like in his whining. Shut up and play football.

The Patriots are scary because they aren't playing down to the level of their compeitition at all.... They haven't had a lapse game... Indy week 9 seems like the must see game of this season. It's funny because Brady if he continures this pace(he won't) but if he did he'd be threatening to break Manning's TD record. And if Indy keeps winning close games where Manning has to be clutch, they'd meet week 9 with reversed story lines... Also Manning is good against everyone except 99-2006 Pats. Is it because Belicheck figured Manning out or just had the stolen videotaped signals and the Pats D literally knew what Manning was going to do next??? We'll find out week 9...


Friday, September 21, 2007


I have absolutely nothing to write about...

I have been staying at home and banging the church girl and Anna Ferris girl, I went out Tuesday night after I had flown home earlier that day, but I got exhausted really fast and went home. I happened to run into the girl from the fumbled the pen fuck up and was supposed to get her out last night, but she flaked(shockingly she's a huge flake) and I ended up going out with a woman I met Tuesday.

She's actually just a friend, but we had a fun night of meeting people in bars and being mean to everyone.

I'm back to working out everyday and I feel like the horrid cough I was developing is getting better. Hopefully it will be gone before I head to NY on Wed. The schedule is about to get hectic as I'm in NY for 5 days next week to teach a BC with Future and a SNL program and Breakthrough comfort, 5 programs in 5 days.

Then I get home for a day and a half at which point I'll see Anna Ferris girl again and then I leave for Vegas that Wednesday. That Vegas program will be really fun as it's my Bday weekend and Saturday night we don't have workshop so we're gonna do a big bash at some club with bottle service etc... Then we're hitting a strip club for another party.

Then we go to Miami for another program.

I'm excited.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Same Night Lay Seminar

Hey guys,

You may have noticed that we have put up a new seminar called One night stands/Same night lays.

It's going to be 5 hours of seminar where CJ and I will break down ALL of our newest SNL tech including how to pick SNL venues, seual framing, new ways of showing sexual dominance in set, and more...

So in the spirit of the SNL( Which I think is the only true test of your game) here's some guidelines CJ came up with...

To sign up for the SNL seminar go to

SNL Seminar

Same Night Lay Guidelines
Hola PUAs,

As promised, my insights on SNL's.

The first major attitude shift is this: Women don't go to clubs/bars only to listen to music, drink or talk to friends. They can do all of those at home or at a friends house. They go because they want/need sex and they want to be picked up.

Debriefing shows they would have sex the same night more often were the feelings there. Your job, fellow pirate, is to create the feelings, create the opportunity and do so in a manner that seems so natural and easy that it seems like it all just fell into place.

Sinn referred to this when he said, "Captain Jack Method: Hang out till sex happens."

First I want to tell you that there IS a difference between Same-Night-Lays (SNL) and One Night Stands (ONS).

ONS skips comfort which usually results in buyer's remorse. For all the 4-5 hours of precious time you invested you get one lay. Even worse, if you mismanage the escalation and trigger asd/lmr that you can't get through, you'll get zero lays.

I've never had any problems seeing/dating a girl who I laid the same night because I qualify and build comfort.

I'll take this from the top...

You need to get there early (in Tejas, that means no later than 10:00) because some of your sets will fail the SNL screening statements (more on that later) and you'll need to close out with a TimeBridge, stay the obligatory 5-10 minutes to solidify and move on.

You should focus on mixed sets. This may seem counter-intuitive but experience has shown me this is true. Here's why: In all girl sets they often pile into one car. But, in mixed sets you have a greater chance of girls taking their own car and/or meeting the group later.

Do a little thought experiment: How many times have you witnessed a girl walking into the bar alone...she's looking for someone...she finds them and before you know it she is seated with a 4-5 mixed set.

You open the group in the standard way, do all the normal things you'd do until you hit the "How do you guys know each other?" waypoint. If she's not there with someone, then isolate (or atleast get mini-isolation.)

Now that you are in isolation it's time to start with the sexual framing. I use my version of Strawberry fields and "Rings on Fingers" to frame things sexually and I start seeding the TB.

It is supremely important that you don't convey any "judgmentalism" regarding sex, sexual preferences or lifestyles in any way, shape or form.

You also don't want to place too much importance on sex by talking about it or calling it a "special thing between two people" or any silly shit like that. The underlying attitude is sex is normal, healthy, fun and about to happen soon.

At the begining of C1 I start to screen for logistics issues...I listen for answers to these questions or ask them outright.

* Who did she ride with. (Best answer is, of course, alone in her car.)
* What time does she need to get up in the morning. (Best answer, later the better.)

(These things just make it easier. The better you get the more willing girls are to ignore things like riding home with guys she just met or getting up early. I know it's hard to believe but experience proves it true.)

If the vibe is sexual and I feel like there are no obvious excuses for her not to come home with me (have to work early is the main one) I'll stay around. If not, then I'm looking for a new set. This needs to be run super-tight. I'm talking 20 minutes in you're making this decision because you need to be solidly in comfort by 12:30 (for venues that close at 2:00). This 1.5 hours is the MAIN (but not only) factor which distinguishes this from ONS (the other being non-sexual qualification and peer befriending.) I call 12:30 to 2:00 "Putting my time in..."

Always TimeBridge, it makes the SNL easier because it lessens asd and lmr.

As it gets closer to closing time 1:20-1:30 I start saying things like, "I don't want the night to end, I'm really enjoying myself."

If she agrees or says nothing you can say, "Let's hang out at my place. I have xyz alcoholic drinks and we can watch that show I was telling you about."

Or, you can say, "I'm kinda hungry."

You're saying this to see what kind of reaction you get. She may go ahead and propose eating somewhere. (Though, I've stopped doing this almost a year ago because I lost a few "sure" lays as the sexual tension lessened, the tiredness set in and the alcohol (and fun mode) wore off.)

The after hours club is also a good proposal. I've used this one quite a few times. It's perfect because you have to swing past your place to get alcohol before heading out. And, oh by the way, the club doesn't even open til 3am so we got 45 minutes to burn. Let's see, how are we gonna kill 45 minutes? I know, we'll have sex! Ha ha.

But, one of my favorite tactics (if she drove) is to get her to give me a ride home. Then, while in the parking lot you can say "Come in for a bit. You can use the restroom and have some water before you head home." Then, grab her keys, turn off the car and get out.

(What's that? Do I hear you worrying about your car? Don't worry about it dude, you're going to get laid! Have a friend take you back to your car if need be. Or, better yet, have the girl do it that night.)

Logistics separate the men from the boys (or the mPUAs)

The best mental image I can give you here is "Baby Steps."

I rarely tell them where/how far away I live. Some of the places I go to are a good 35-40 minutes away. Sinn and I have pulled 2 or 3 times SNL's from those locations so he can attest to my skill in that area.

Fidelio, KinoMaster, and Tribulus have all witnessed with their own eyes me doing this, multiple times, as well.

The goal is to get her to the seduction location and make it look like it sorta just happened. This is why the "gimme a ride home" and the "after hours venue, oh wait, gotta go home and get alcohol" tactics work so well.

Hopefully, you started a good kino progression early in the sarge. Because once she's in your place it's time to amp it up a little bit.

Hot/cold is the order of the day. Make out, pull back, continue with your comfort material. Tease her mercilessly.

Have your LMR skills honed because you'll almost surely have to use them.

The good news is: If you don't get the lay, the day2 is almost assuredly going to be her coming straight over to have sex with you and that's my kinda date.

~ Captain Jack ~

Thanks, CJ... If you want to learn how you too can get all the SNLs you can handle go to

SNL Seminar


Sunday, September 16, 2007

LR: Freckles are forever...

On program we had a weird run in with some chodey community guy who was actually grabbing one of our students, we end up bouncing and when we hit the other venue, Fader and I push students into set...

One of our students is in a 3 set with an obstacle with huge boobs and freckles and a couple other hotties...

I roll in, and I just start talking to her about how much I like freckles, and then tell her that I will start hitting on her if she keeps standing there...

She laughs and we start talking, she's smart.

I tell her I'm trying to get in her pants, I seed the pull, and now I'm just shooting the shit.

She keeps telling me that I'm not going to get in her pants, I reply "I've heard that before." She brings it up again, I say " we'll see." She agrees to come home with me and says we're not having sex. I say " My job is to try to get in your pants, but you can stop me anytime you want. I'm just betting you won't want to..."

We walk by the other students gathering in front of the club, I grab us a cab and we are on the way home..

We get in and I start making out with her in the elevator. I push her away and we walk to the room, we talk and I tell her the conversation would be better if we were cuddling (Credit Future)

She comes over we cuddle, make out and after explaining to her that no matter what i like her and want her to be comfortable, so if she doesn't want to have sex we don't have to... She agrees, Pants and panties off and the close.

Savoy came in later as we were messing around, and grabbed some of his stuff, she stayed the night and just left a few minutes ago...

To learn more about SNLs check out



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

LR: Pull mode plus the second appearence of Satan

So I woke up yesterday right before an important conference call, I had fallen asleep during the Cards-49ers game and then gone to bed for like 13 hours. I woke up still exhausted and with the proverbial haze that follows my awakening every morning.
I hate getting up. A lot.

I get on the conference call and simultaneously text HB Anna Ferris to come over for " lunch".

She comes by and we do whatever... Then we get beers at the bar across the street. She's a lot smarter than I thought she was. She's really into psychology and trying to get a research job. I'm of course anti her getting a job as I like the afternoon visits..

That's fun, then I get a haircut, some Qdoba, do some work stuff, and start to catch up on my TIVO. I know I'm leaving in less 24 hours so I feel no great urge to do anything but plant my ass on my couch and watch PTI and Around the Horn.

Then Twitchy texts me and i have to return his truck.. As my car is STILL fucked up... I go over there and drop the truck off. Props to Twitchy for letting me borrow his truck..

Then CJ calls me and says he's back in from Chi and wants to hit the hated venue.



He shows up and we mosy over... It's dead. We can never time this venue the right way, either we get there early and it's dead as fucking fried chicken, or it's late and too packed.

I start drinking. The drinks are having no effect as the tally climbs to 7...

I open a few sets here and there. I'm amking the mistake of being too entertaining and funny. I also messed up by using too much active disinterest on a hot blonde and end up with her friend liking me...

I open 5 or 6 more sets and while they all love me, for some reason I'm not isolating and escalating.

The night goes like this for awhile, but I do approach every hot girl I wanted to and that's a win as long as I'm stepping up to the hottest girls in the venue every night...

I finally open a set with a latin girl and a blonde with big boobs.

I wonder who my target was????

I run my standard spiel about how awful a person I am and how I will ruin them for men and sex forever. I talk about my sexual addiction and how I'm bad in bed... I tell her to run away or things are going to get bad for her. I warn her about how I'm going to do really dirty things to her and... the bar closes.

I go into pull mode and oversell the hot tub at my walking distance away apt... We go.

CJ's girl is freaking the fuck out. I mean she steals his ID and won't give it back. She's curled in the fetal position on a lounge chair when we finally do get to the hot tub... She won't relax, it's annoying. My girl whips her bra off and shows us her very nice rack while in the pool...

We play truth or dare as suggested by the girls. It's not as cool as it sounds as they don't allow dual person dares ending much of the suspense...

I get bored with the friend and decide to go back to the apt... I am drunk as hell at this point and stumble up change into dry clothes and watch some scrubs when they break in and I pull the girl into my room and close after some token " I'm not sleeping with you tonight" LMR. I then pass out and wkae up to my alarm and a flight to Boston...


Monday, September 10, 2007

What I'm listening to...

Me and my girlfriend 2Pac...

I love this song as a song and a piece of writing.

Sheeit, ju motherfuckin right
I'm the bitch that's keepin it live and keepin it hot
when you punk ass niggaz don't
Nigga Westside, WHAT! Bring it on

Look for me
Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde
Me and my girlfriend, do one-eighty-five when we ride
Trapped in this world of sin, born as a ghetto child
Raised in this whirlwind (c'mon)
Our childhood years recall the tears heart laced with venom
Smokin sherm, drinkin malt liquor, father forgive her
Me and my girlfriend, hustlin, fell in love with the struggle
Hands on the steering wheel, blush, while she bail out bustin
Fuck em all, watch em fall screamin, automatic gunfire
exorcisin all demons
Mafias on the side, my congregation high, ready to die
We bail out to take the jail back, niggaz united
Our first date, couldn't wait to see you naked
Touch you in every secret place, I can hardly wait
to bust freely, got you red hot, you so happy to see me
Make the frontpage primetime live on TV
Nigga my girlfriend, baby forty-five but she still live
One shot make a nigga's heartbeat stop

What!! I'm bustin on you punk ass niggaz *automatic gunfire*
Run nigga run! *gunfire* I'm on yo' ass nigga! *gunfire continues*
Run nigga, duck and hide! Nigga I'm bustin all you bitches!
Run nigga, yeah! Westside! Uh uh uh! Die nigga die!

My girlfriend, blacker than the darkest night
When niggaz act bitch-made she got the heart to fight
Nigga my girlfriend, though we seperated at times
I knew deep inside, baby girl would always be mine
Picked you up when you was nine, started out my life of crime
wit you, bought you some shells when you turned twenty-two
It's true, nothin compares to the satisfaction
that I feel when we out mashin, me and my girlfriend

[Chorus: Tupac]

All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend
Down to ride to the bloody end, just me and my girlfriend
[repeat 2X]

I was too immature
to understand your ways, inexperienced back in the days
Caused so many arguments and strays
Now I realize how to treat ya, the secret to keep ya
Bein faithful now cause now cheatin's lethal
We closer than the hands of time, deeper than the drop of mankind
I trust you dearly, I shoot blind
In time I clock figures, droppin niggaz as we rise
We all soldiers in God's eyes -- now it's time for war
Never leave me baby, I'm paranoid, sleepin witcha
loaded by my bedside crazy
Jealous when you hang wit the fellas, I wait patiently alone
anticipated for the moment you come home
I'm waitin by the phone this is true love, I can feel it
I've had a lot of women in my bed, but you the realeast
So if you ever need me call, I'll be there through it all
You're the reason I can stand tall, me and my girlfriend


I love finger fuckin you, all of a sudden I'm hearin thunder
When you bust a nut, niggaz be duckin or takin numbers
Love to watch you at a block party, beggin for drama
While unleashin on the old timers, that's on my mama
I would trade my life for yours, behind closed doors
the only girl that I adore, everything I'm askin for
Talkin to me beggin me to just, take you around
Seventeen like Brandy you just Wanna Be Down
Talkin loud when I tell you be quiet you move the crowd
Bustin rounds, activatin a riot, that's why I love you so
No control, down to roll, unleash
After a hit you break apart, then back to one piece
Much love to my one and only girlfriend, the world is ours
Just hold me down, baby witness the power
Never leave a nigga alone, I love you black or chrome
Turn this house into a happy home, me and my girlfriend

[Chorus 3X]

Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde
Me and my girlfriend, do one-eighty-five when we ride
Trapped in this world of sin, born as a ghetto child
Raised in the whirlwind -- look for me
[repeat 3X]

Lost in the whirlwind, ninety-six, Bonnie and Clyde
Me and my girlfriend
[repeat 2X]


Fact: Bears eat Beets...Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.

The weekend of bad luck is finally over...

It started when I forgot my passport on the way to the airport and had to take a 4 hour later flight ( I fucked Anna Ferris girl in the between time but still) then I get into Tor and it's film festival weekend so we are in the boonies(Nice hotel though).

Next, we can't get in ANYWHERE cool with 15 guys during film festival and the traffic is insane...They move our seminar room without telling us or putting up a sign. One of our ACs dropped out at the last minute( Which meant we got Trance who is one of the coolest guys ever so no huge loss there). Then I got ripped off for $30, they lost the keys to our rental car at the hotel valet...

I'm sure there was more, but Trance, Future and I never lost our shit.. I kept expecting the freak out to come where I start screaming or whatnot, but I was kinda zen.

It's nice to be able to suprise yourself...


Saturday, September 08, 2007

LR: The mailman does deliver on bootcamp.

We roll into the venue and instantly Future is in set with an attractive curly haired red head... He hands her off to me in a Stockton to Malone esque bounce pass. I am spanking her, and pulling her hair while telling her she is such a little slut within 3 mins...

Her friends join us and I intro and find out they are all in chiropractor school, they bounce and I work the bootcamp for a few hours.

i run back into her and say hi then I'm off to BC again as I can't pull til 1:30.

1:30 hits and I happen to wander by her sitting with her friends... We chat I tell her that I am going to do dirty things to her if she doesn't stop me. She tells me that she thinks I'm all talk.

Her other friend jumps in to make sure she's ok. I comment on this. I go " Was that the everything is ok alert? She laughs and tells me it's cool that I understood that. I tell her we are going to smoke after the bar closes, she says we can go smoke now.

My new favorite line " Let's go for a walk." It's like secret society code for Let's go fuck or have you blow me.

We go we smoke and I fuck her on a couch in a parking lot behind the JCC...

I really owe Future for this, as it was as on with him as it was with me and she really was just looking to get fucked, but how many guys would do that for a friend?

So many PUAS lose focus of the idea that they can help their friends get laid. In fact i can think of more famous PUAs who are more likely to try to steal the girls, you are talking to or in the case of Mystery making out with...

I'm really grateful that I have a friend like Future and that he's got game. I know for a fact that CJ,Savoy, El Topo, Trance, Fader, Printer, Braddock, Geoff from RSD, and other guys I consider friends in the community would all do this kind of thing.

It's really cool that over 2 bcs, Future and I have assisted each other in getting laid. That's the power of the community, and of having friends who have game. Not having to fight for sets with so called friends.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

My day...

I wake up around 2, I text HB anna Ferris to come over for a mid day session..

She shows up while I'm in the shower after I spend 40 mins chatting with Future about nothing...

I get her naked in 3.46 seconds and we have amazing sex...

We go to lunch( chinese) she tells me she wants me to be meaner to her... I compy and call her a variety of horrible things and say every thing I think...

We come home and fuck again. She's soo much hotter when she is naked. It's unreal. In clothes she's a 6. naked she's an 8 at least... I don't get it How hard is it to show off your boobs...

Then she tells me we should just be freinds, to which I respond, Of course, I'm still going to try to fuck you every time we hang out, but I like you and would love to be friends... She calls me later to say hi...

I then head 30 mins out of the way to have sushi with HB Puerto rico.. Great conversation, she's super hot and I want to fuck the life out of her...

She's real uncomfortable so I don't kiss her. This leads to this text exchange:

HBPR: Aww no good night kiss?
Sinn: I figured we could build anticipation for a makeout session next time..
HBPR: Awww your a tease.
Sinn: Wait til clothes start coming off...
HBPR: I'm supposed to be the tease not you. So I guess we'lll have to play rock paper scissior to see who wins:)
Sinn: No, no no I fully plan n making you say please and beg... A lot.
HBPR: Oh so was that before or after you put me to bed at 11. I'm still laughing about that:)
Sinn: We'll have to be done having sex by 10:30... When that happens, we'll have to start meeting up at like 5:30. Cuz we're going to melt the paint off the walls..( Credit Savoy for the paint off the walls thing)
HBPR: Huh well I wonder what i'll be thinking about before I go to sleep :)
Sinn: Your distracting me from my friends, you naughty girl...
HBPR: Goodnight :)
Sinn: Sweet dreams, doll.

HB fumbled pen comes over and we hit the date.. The same ate I always use which always gets the girl into my bed..

We hit it off, she says I'm SOOO interesting, we make out and hit all the venues. We watch some Larry David show. We make out and I get stopped in the pants. We smoke then hit my room to make out on my bed.. her pants come off and so do mine.. I am rubbing my cock on her pussy, but she tells me she's not ready. No problem. We cuddle and make ou for a few minutes and I solidify our plans for when I get back from Toronto tell her to text me when I get home and walk her out.

Once a girl makes a decision not to fuck you that night, pull back and it will be easy the next time... Comfort can sometimes just be created by time.

Fun day, now that I've decided that I'm doing day time dates as well as going out trying to pull, I've met some fun girls and I'm enjoying having some slow boils as well as my SNLs...This feels like the right lifestyle, but I;ve felt that before and i missed my work out today, which is bad...

Toronto should bring clarity as well as give me a chance to hang out with community guru Johnny Soprono, he definetly has some unique things to say about women that i don't disagree with...

I'm real excited to hang with future and teach some more students...And knowing I have HB Puerto Rico and fumbled pen waiting for me to get home.

My life doesn't suck...

And I learned it all on the internet. Craziness.

My life is the ultimate ad for bootcamps.


Monday, September 03, 2007

LR: 2 for Sat...

I just finsihed banging the blonde from earlier twice...

We texted back and forth with some breakthrough comfort...

Sinn: I am safely watching entourage and kinda secretly wishing you were here for cuddling... Is that lame? It sounds lame... You are evil.

I lost the rest of the texts... but she calls me cute and I call her to invite her over...She comes and we start making out almost instantly and as I go down her pants she stops me.

I say something like look you're in control, I want you to be comfortable, so if you're not we can just make out. But I do want to fuck you, and it will be amazing...

She says I am comfortable, I'm just suprised I am....

Clothes off, her body is amazingy better than I recall. Like if she lost 10lbs she'd be a playmate...

She also has a cherry tatooed above her pussy...

So far I closed 2 of the 3 girls I talked to Sat night. And I made out with HB Puerto Rico today at lunch, and am seeing her Wednes. I feel the 3 lay night happening this week...

Then I hit Toronto.


Comfort is about being reasonable

I just got home from my date with HB Anna Ferris, she looks a lot like anna ferris, but with bigger boobs.

She was with a friend and we spent time tlking amongst each other and trying to make her friend have fun...

It was So on that I actually left. Because she had driven with her friend and her friend wasn't having fun, plus had to work @ 6:30 tomor morning. I realized I wasn't going to be able to get rid of her friend and have her stay... So I talked to both the friend and the girl about how I was not going to be the guy who makes them fight, and I left.

We were making out when the friend was in the bathrrom and I have planned to get her out again, once her friend leaves. I told her I'd call her in an hour and a half. So I will close her tonight and it's gonna be really easy...

Comfort is about assessing the situation then making sure that you don't make her or any of her friends uncomfortable. I hit on her and tell her how much I like her. Then I tell her she should be with her friend. Mixed messages. Because I know how much she likes me, so I can play the moral high ground by leaving and it also works as a take away because we had built such intimacy already....

Breakthrough comfort has begun...

And i realize that comfort is about objectively looking at the situation and assesing the BEST course of actipn to take to evenetually sleep with the girl. Some situations are fucked and no matter how tight your game is, you run the risk of not being able to circumnavigate the obstacles.

Date a palooza...

So today I decided I would get on the phone (Rather than text messages) and get some girls out...

I've already had a lunch date with the Puerto Rican girl who # closed me on Sat night, we made out but she was throwing a birthday party for a friend, so she had to go clean up and get ready for it.

Good thing for Me I scheduled another date with the blonde I made out with from Sat night to watch the Texas Tech game at a bar by my house. She's on the way now.

And finally the girl who blew me in the car on Fri night is coming over to finish things off after...

Date a palooza.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

BJR and LR: no real work

I was real tempted to just write 1 sentence, I got a BJ in the car fri night and laid sat night...

Then I decided that's a terrible blog post.

Fri night CJ and I hit Z bar East, we had actually been trying to do happy hour since 6ish, but we got there around 10 and nothing really happened until 12:30.

CJ and I started a new type of winging where as a girl walked by, I would make an observation and he would laugh. Some samples:

Sinn: You have a brown shirt
CJ: Hahaha
Girl: Yes i do.

Not particularly effective, but fun.

Then I opened a girl with HUGE knockers she was wearing a football jersey and her tits were UNREAL.

We talk a bit. I start to hit on her, she's confused as I'm also fucking with her. She even asks me if I'm hitting on her or just messing with her. I tell her I'm trying to fuck her.

I roll around and game some other girls, then I come back and I start to escalate. There is neck biting and me telling her about all the dirty things I'm going to do to her. She says what if I like that?

She decides that she wants to leave so I agree to walk her to her car. We get to the car and I tell her to drive me to my car. We pull up next to it and I start the make out. I go for her tits and she says we can't do this here. CJ is still inside and so we only have half an hour.

We pull into another parking lot and clothes fly off. I want to fuck her, but she says she has standards and can't fuck in her car. But she blows me. We finish and I tell her I'll call her in a few minutes to come over so we can finish. Then another hotter girl calls me and I try to pull her. That gets messed up though as CJ is gaming a girl and her friend who become the next night's lay.

Sat we hit the same venue, after we had met up with Printer and tried a second venue. I open a bunch of sets with " You guys are hot and I want to meet you". I get in set with a blonde wth large boobs ad her latin friend. I intro them to CJ and then I isolate the blonde. Strawberry Fields, framing, a little bit of breakthrough comfort. And we're making out. Then I roll around and number close the other girls I opened. They've both been texting back.

I set up the pull with the blonde, but she wants me to follow her to her house and then bring her to mine... No dice.

The girl that CJ gamed last night is here with her friend. I start talking to the friend and it's instantly on. I seed the bounce. It's on so we scoop up CJ's girl. She's being gamed and # closed by some mook and his friend, my girl pretends I'm her boyfriend and we make out.

I pull the girls away and we decide we're going to my place to hit the pool. We get in their car and they are supposed to take us to our car, but instead I tell them to just drive us as we could lose them in separate cars. We get back to my place and I start making out with the girl on the couch. CJ and his girl are in my room. I tell them my house my room, and then we switch places and I close. No LMR.

I try to get CJ to switch so we can complete the acrobatic monkey, but no dice.

Still going out tonight so hopefully it can be back to back to back...


Friday, August 31, 2007

My Ideal Pick Up...

CJ posted his ideal pick up here, and encouraged me to post mine...

CJ's is here


Now my ideal pick up scenario starts in my apt, I'm chilling and watching Tivo. A knock comes upon my door. I answer, and it's adult film start Jesse Jane. She is holding a big bag o' weed.

She says" I was walking by and I noticed this big bag o' weed, and was wondering if you lost it."

I respond, I did lose a big bag o' weed. Than you for returning it. Would you care to partake in some finest of chronic smoke? "

She says " Of course, but I have to warn you, I get super horny whne I'm high and will want sex."

I say only if you promise to leave after, I've got some other chicks coming over.

She responds, do they mind if I join in...

And the curtain falls...

That'll be the day I quit.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Formula for being a man

Take 1 part white jeans, add 1 part curly moustache, subtract shirt, and stir.

Dov Charney is my idol.

That's a REAL man


Monday, August 27, 2007

What I'm listening to...

Stronger - Kanye West

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I can't get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need you right now
I need you right now

Let's get lost tonight
You could be my black Kate Moss tonight
Play secretary, I'm the boss tonight
And you don't give a f**k what they all say right?
Awesome, the christian and and Christian Dior
Damn, they don't make 'em like this anymore
I ask, cause I'm not sure
Do anybody make real shit anymore?
Bow in the presence of greatness
Cause right now thou has forsaken us
You should be honored by my lateness
That I would even show up to this fake shit
So go ahead go nuts go ape shit
Especially on my best stand on my bape shit
Act like you can't tell who made this
New gospel homey, take six, and take this, haters

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I can't get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need you right now
I need you right now

Me likey

I don't know if you got a man or not,
If you made plans or not
God put me in the plans or not
I'm trippin' this drink got me sayin' a lot
But I know that God put you in front of me
[Stronger lyrics on]

So how the hell could you front on me?
There's a thousand you's, there's only one of me
I'm trippin', I'm caught up in the moment right?
This is Louis Vuitton dime night
So we gon' do everything that Kan like
Heard they'd do anything for a klondike
Well I'd do anything for a blonde-dike
And she'll do anything for the limelight
And we'll do anything when the time's right
Ugh, baby, you're makin' it (harder, better, faster, stronger)

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I can't get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need you right now
I need you right now

You know how long I've been on ya?
Since Prince was on Apollonia
Since OJ had Isotoners
Don't act like I never told ya [x6]
Baby, you're making it (harder, better, faster, stronger)

N- n- now th- that don't kill me
Can only make me stronger
I need you to hurry up now
Cause I can't wait much longer
I know I got to be right now
Cause I cant get much wronger
Man I've been waitin' all night now
That's how long I've been on ya

I need you right now [x4]

You know how long I've been on ya?
Since Prince was on Apollonia
Since OJ had Isotoners
Don't act like I never told ya
Never told ya [x4]

Never over [x8]

LR: Kareoke til sunrise...

Last night I went out with Shaft, CJ, and Twitchy. We hit the perplexing venue, this is a venue where sometimes it's packed, others it's dead. The girls are all hot , and have major attitudes. This was the scene of the 7 blowout night CJ and I had a couple months back.

Last night it also had a very San Diego esque 9 to 1 guy to girl ratio... We got there a bit early and so we sat around chatting. I finally decide that I'm going to get a cigarette... I then run a transition and get ignored by the target. I talk to the obstacles a bit and then roll out...

I watch as this one guy grabs about 3 girls in a row creeps them out and then turns to tell me that " She ain't shit, I make more money in a week than she makes in a year..." I'm not a mysognist, so this line of conversation is VERY dull to me. However much like the famous "Bill" from Chi I decide that I can use this guy as my opener all night.

So I roll up on this 2 set he had grabbed and tell them that watching them get hit on was the high point of my night thus far... The target is a super hot blonde and she is testing all over the place... she keeps grabbing me, but she won't qualify herself and it doesn't seem to be going the right way. I back turn and she turns me back around... then as seems to happen so much as the perplexing venue, they decide to leave...

Ok, I go back inside and I see the girl who ignored my transition getting gamed by this fat dude, he tries to grind her and she pushes her off him. I roll up next to her and say " He'd be perfect for you". She gags and starts laughing. I game her a bit. the guy just stands there. I then move her outside. We're sitting down and she is very sassy, but she's also touching me and qualifying herself, so i deal with the attitude that makes me want to walk away. She has to go to the bathroom so I come back in and chill with Zen ninja master CJ. I also may or may no have complained about hot chicks with chodes and suggested that i start wearing polo shirts and shorts to bars.

I run back ino her at the bar and she is now being grabbed by a short dude who just claimed to be the owner of the club when he had offended a different girl. I call her by her name and pretend we are long lost friends.. We ditch the grabby guy and go back outside. I start strawberry fields and sexual framing... I actually never got to finish straw fields as her friend came out and I had to befriend her.

I find out that my girl is in town on a lay over and is leaving tomor... I ask what's on the agenda for later, they say nothing.

I do more qualifying and sexual framing, and text CJ to come out and wing the obstacle... By the time he gets out there, there is another guy in the set.

The ugly lights come on and i suggest we wait for her friend outside. I say I'm not ready for my night to end yet. She says that since she's only in town for tonight, we should hang out more. But she has to ask her friend. She walks to the car and i wait with CJ and Shaft. CJ suggest me going over there to make sure they can't leave without me... Good call.

I get in the car and I hear the plan. First we have a stop in Korea town so the obstacle can do some coke, then another stop..

My life flashes before my eyes on the 10 minute car ride. We end up at a kareoke bar in Ktown. There's 3 Asian guys that were really nice. they bought me beer and food. And we sang. This is fun for an hour and a half. But we stay from 2:30 til 6:30 am.... I made out with her somewhere in there and sang about a gazillion songs.

I was also really worried about the logistics because she was staying with her friend and her friend lived at home... She asks me what i'm doing tomor and I say hanging out with you. She asks me if I can give her a ride to the airport. I see my chance here and say " Actually I have a meeting right by DFW about an hour after that." I ask her where her stuff is, and it's in her friends car.


I tell her to crash with me when her friend drops her off and then I'll take her in the morning. She agrees and after we get kicked out of the kareoke bar at 6:30 AM, we get dropped off.

When we get in she changes and gets into bed with me. There's a little token resistance that i just pretend like I'm going to go to sleep with, and then it's on. She gives the best BJ ever and had a sexy pornstar look on her face the whole time. I finally get to sleep at 9 AM and have to get up at 11:30 to drive her to the airport.

4 SNLS this month...


Sunday, August 26, 2007


I've been thinking about girls I've been with and people who have been in my life that i haven't been a very good person towards, and in my new ongoing effort to try to be a nicer person, I thought I should publicly apologize to some people...

So here goes:

I'm sorry to Annie for being a terrible whatever i was, and not telling you how much I loved you until it was too late. I'm sorry that we met at a point in my life where I couldn't be faithful to anyone. I'm also sorry for making you wait at my house while I was getting high with Chris in PB. I am not sorry for the hilarious joke I kept making for months that no one else seems to think is funny...

I'm sorry to Barrie for not knowing what I wanted, and jerking you around. Looking back it seems like we only wanted each other when we couldn't have it...

I'm sorry to Meggan for making you fall in love with me when I wasn't prepared for what that meant.

I'm sorry to Angela for getting pissed at your LMR and ending all contact with you after I had made you fall in love too...

I'm sorry to my Mom for not being able to get over your cheating, I won't ever be able to and I'm sorry for that too...

I'm sorry to Christianna for throwing up on you at your birthday. You weren't the only one who was intimidated, and sometimes I deal with my insecurities with alcohol.

I'm sorry to the girl in SD who when she was drunk I fucked her roomate instead. Then convinced her to not tell you so I could sleep with you too... Looking back not a good call.

I'm sorry to Lauren for not being able to get over my crush on you and be a better friend.

I'm sorry to Cara for just giving up on our relationship when I got bored...

I'm sorry to Margret for not being supportive of you and helping you when you were depressed.

I'm sorry to all the girls I slept with whose names I can't remember.

I guess also that in the spirit of apologizing I should apologize to some other people too...

I'm sorry to Ron and Gabe for overreacting to something small, and then completely cutting you guys out. I needed a new life and I subconsciously needed to cut you guys off to reinvent myself. I hope you guys are happy. And I can look back on the time of " The Boys" and smile.

I'm sorry to Nick for my 05 breakdown that I aimed at him. I should probably apologize to more people than that for my New Year's breakdown too...

I'm sorry to Stan, and Chris for all the shit talking. If I'm apologizing for shit talking, I should probably include Mehow too. I used to be insecure about my game and would try to tear others' game down to make myself feel better. I definetly don't expect to be friends, but it was a douche bag move, and I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to Thompson for not taking your game seriously for sooo long. I do now if that's any cosolation.

I'm sorry to everyone I've been jealous of and have acted from that... that's a big list. Jealousy is a terrible toxic emotion.

I apologize to all the people I'm sure I've forgotten, but was probably a douche bag to... I've realized over the last year that i engage in a lot of immature behavior and I think I've made great strides this year in being a better, more mature, less selfish person. I still have a ways to go, but who doesn't.

I think the really important part about it, is

I'm working on it.