Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's Time To Awaken From The Dream To Fire Joe Morgan :)

What's up guys?

I had way too much fun writing my last FJM article about Dracula the SilverGhost, so I decided to make it a weekly thing where I take square aim at a stupid ass post someone put up as Dating Advice.

Today we're going to be discussing a little article by Miss Erika Awakening about not using condoms...

As always my comments are in brackets.

Erika's Why I don't like Condoms speech.

Someone asked me to elaborate on this ... so here goes.

I don't like condoms because they are a cop-out. They are too "easy."

[ If you think condoms are too easy, you should try syphilis, or aids or genital warts. Hell even the 18 year STD known as children is more work than strapping a jimmy hat on.]

I hate how they feel. It's like someone took the saran-wrap out and drooped it all over everything, and how can anyone stand the drippy, icky way they feel after they've been used?

[ This is like saying I hate seatbelts, I don;t like how they restrict my movement when I'm driving. And afterward you have to take them off. Oh no!]

Let's go deeper. I feel sad when I see a used one on the sidewalk, all droopy and pathetic. What I envision is some anonymous encounter where neither person ever really connected.

[ You feel sad when you see a used condom wrapper? How do you survive in the world? I see worse shit than that before I turn off of my street in the morning.]

Let's go deeper. Let's see ... I'm going to engage in this incredibly intimate act with someone and then ... well, it's like wearing gloves to shake hands. How impersonal does that feel?

[ Generally it's not a good idea to start two paragraphs in a row with "Let's go deeper." Also the handshake analogy is retarded. It's more like shaking hands with someone who has a 33% chance of giving you the herpe.]

No ... I tell you what. You want to have sex with me? Then there are no cop-outs. We go all the way. I only want to have sex with a man who understands what that means to a woman, deep down, emotionally, in her core. If I get pregnant, you're with me. We are in this together.

[ That's because you have weird beliefs about sex and prefer abstinance. For those of us that actually like sex we have to use condoms to avoid things like this Herpes, Genital warts, HIV, and my biggest fear in the world getting a pregnant.]

Condoms are a shortcut. I'm not interested in shortcuts. They feel like a barrier. They feel like a way of avoiding true intimacy.

[ They are a barrier to pregnancy and disease. If you have to get herpes to connect with someone, sign me up for soulless meaningless sex anyday of the week. A connection may fade , Herpes is FOREVER]

If we go all the way, we go ALL the way. The emotional intimacy needs to match the physical intimacy.

Otherwise, I'll take my abstinence any day. I feel happy in my abstinence until the day my man shows up ... the one who'll go with me all the way. The one who'll be by my side for the rest of my life in this incarnation.

[ Don't you believe in multiple partners? Have you taken a sexual education class? You do realize that if you sleep with 3-4 people without condoms and they sleep with 3-4 people without condoms, you're basically banging an entire city. Plus don't you live in San Fransisco? I use 8 condoms with girls from SF and still don't feel safe]

That's why I don't like condoms. That's why I won't use them.

When I say no to condoms, men have no choice but to face whatever they've been avoiding when it comes to intimacy.

[ They have no choice but to possibly knock you up and have to deal with your crazy ass for 18 years]

No condoms, no casual sex, no disconnected sex, no being a "girlfriend." Either we are just friends, or you are the man who's here with me for the duration.

I feel happy to express all that. :-)

Thanks for listening.

[ I feel like it's extremely dangerous that you would post this, when you know damn well from meeting a bunch of students that students will listen to ANYTHING a supposed "guru" says. This is the equivalent of telling guys to go out and drink and drive because when you're drunk there's more intimacy with your car.]


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I crushed Savoy in Fantasy Part Three- I lost AGAIN....


I hate Football, the only thing I hate more than Football right now is Fantasy Football, and maybe Eli Manning's stupid face.

I lost to Savoy. Again.

And to make it even worse he sent a really good trash talking text message.

As I was getting my hair cut, my phone(No longer an Iphone thanks to AT&T's TERRIBLE service) started to vibrate.

It was a text from Savoy saying

"I keep hitting refresh on your blog. Don't you have a recurring Tuesday feature on it?"

As much as I'm annoyed by my STD of a fantasy team, that did make me laugh. So for Savoy's enjoyment here's a breakdown of my loss.

First in a complete betrayal of Tom Brady, not only did I bet against the Pats ( I lost) I stabbed a dagger right between the 1 and 2 by sitting him in favor of my least favorite QB of the last 20 years Ben Rothlisbeger. I figured the way Rothlisberger's playing and the lack of a Steelers running game, Ben was due for a good game against Cincy right? Wrong. Plus I must now live with the shame of turning on Brady. Not really, I'm sitting his ass again against the Ravens.

Then I started Deangelo Williams who scored 21 TDs last year... For some reason ( Maybe they forgot their QB was Jake Delhomme) the Panthers came out and thew the ball twice as much as they ran it. As Bill Simmons tweeted " that's not a gamplan it's a suicide mission." I needed 30 pts to tie Savoy on Sunday night and Deangelo got me 7 points.

I also got a whopping 0 points from TO who I am turning on and benching not only for his performance, but because I heard they are renewing the T.O show and it's terrible. It's so bad that I ( A confessed bad TV lover) can't watch a whole episode. T.O, it's not me it's you. You suck, sorry.

And I took the Redskins D based on my rule of picking up whatever defense the Lions is playing and the Lions went out and won their first game since 2007... They got 2 pts for showing up in the right uniforms I guess.

I also didn't start Pierre Thomas who got 24 points...

I'm getting depressed even writing this up.

On the bright side I did go 10-6 this week in my pick league.

I also quit College Football last Saturday. Maybe I'll watch some Bowl Games, but the BCS is too stupid of a system for me to continue to support and USC is too undisciplined of a program. EVERY year they lose to an unranked Pac-10 team this year they lost to a team that was 0-12 last year...

I'm done with College Football and instead will be sunbathing and day drinking on Saturdays. Way better than College Football.

So far Savoy is ahead 2-1 and unless I can swing some trades or get lucky on the waiver wire I might need to start looking for a Matador style wig. Maybe I'll email him and ask where he got his from for accuracy :)



PS: I hate football.

Monday, September 28, 2009

What Girls Say And What They Mean Part 2- We have to go...

I get a lot of questions from guys who misinterpret things girls say to them in a number of ways I've talked about a few of them in newsletters and the first blog post of this nature.

Today, I'm gonna talk about an oldie but goodie that I've been seeing in a lot of field reports. Namely the " We have to.." Sometimes the girls have to go dance ( Which i always found a bit strange, does the world end if they don't dance?) It could be that they have to go to the bathroom( a little more understandable but they will make it clear if they're coming back) or any other random thing.

The "I have to" is girl code for someone here is uncomfortable with you. You won't generally see the " I have to" except in a group approach situation. Though you will also see it sometimes with street approaches where girls have to get back to work etc...
Generally this will happen when there is a lack of social comfort. You've done something overly aggressive, or awkward, or boring, but not offensive enough for a hard blowout.

One thing to remember is that most girls are NOT bitchy. For the most part women want to avoid the social awkwardness of having to be rude to you. They don't want to feel like they're bitchy or deal with the self image of being a bitch, so if they can reject you in a socially acceptable, they will. This is also why girls will say they have bfs when it isn't true.

This is another reminder of why social comfort is SO important in the first five minutes because girls will even go to the lengths of telling little white lies to preserve the social comfort in their group.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Funny Video

Just saw this music video, I've been into this song for a few weeks...

A little Bit Of Knowledge From Real Chance at Love

So I was flipping channels before It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia came on last night and I found a re-run of A Real Chance at Love with The Stallionaires Real and Chance.

Anyway I like the show it's funny and ridiculous, but there was a great quote that I will now be stealing to motivate students.

One of these girls was freaking out and saying she wants to go home because she couldn't deal with all the pressure, blah, blah blah.

That's when another girl told her that this whole situation depends on the way you view yourself.

She roughly said the following.

" It comes down to whether you are a pipe or a diamond. Because pipes burst under pressure. Diamonds are formed under pressure."

I feel like that's an awesome analogy for game and dealing with external social pressure. Guys that lose their shit are like pipes. The pressure gets to them and they freak out and leave the interaction. Guys that can deal with the pressure get transformed into diamonds.

So next time you find yourself bitching out on a difficult approach ( Like that seated mixed 5 set in the corner) ask yourself if you're a pipe or a diamond.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Picks Part 1- Week 3 Lines.

Ok, so since I'm getting comments asking for more sports talk, I've decided to go full out Bill Simmons and give you guys a few thousand words about this week in THE National Football League.

Last week I went 13-3 and 11-5 the first week of the season all against the spread. Now we'll get to see if I actually know what I'm talking about this year or if I'm just getting lucky over the first couple of weeks. We'll be asking ourselves the age old question of whether or not I know what I'm talking when it comes to football.

As always you can track my picks here:


Let's look at the first game:

Steeler -4.5 OVER Bengals. I tried to talk myself into the Bengals because they're at home, they just beat the Packers and they entertain the hell out of me. But I can't do it. The Steelers are the world champs and I have to believe that coming off that game they gave away in Chicago, they're going to be focused and at least a TD better than Cincy. I went both ways on this and can't back the Bengals.

Lions + 6.5 OVER Redskins. The Redskins suck. They barely beat the Rams last week 9-7. If they don't come into Detroit and blow the doors off the Lions, Jim Zorn should start packing his stuff. The Redskins shouldn't be this bad. They still have Clinton Portis, they still have an elite defense, but unfortunately they still have Jason Campbell at QB. I don't think the Lions win this game, but I am sure they will cover. I have zero faith in the Redskins winning by a TD against anyone.

Packers -6.5 OVER St Louis. The Packers are good. I don't know what happened last week with Cincy, but I'm calling it a fluke. Aaron Rodgers has looked great, that defense is scary when they're not giving up 34 pts to the Bengals and uh they're playing the Rams. The Rams have scored 1 TD in 2 games. The Rams don't do anything well, plus they have Steven Jackson who is going to ruin Savoy's FF team by himself. The Packers are a lock this game, you know if Gambling were allowed.

49ers + 7.5 OVER Vikings. The 49ers appear to have bought in completely to Mike Singletary. They got over 200 Yds last week against the Seahawks and one of the Williams' is out for Minnesota meaning the league's top ranked rushing D is missing one of it's most vital cogs. the Niners don't seem to give up a ton of points and I'm expecting this to come down to who can move the chains more ADP or Frank Gore. I don't think Minny can score enough to cover this spread.

Falcons + 4.5 OVER Patriots. The Pats aren't good right now. This pains me to no end, but it's true. I watched the preseason, I've watched both games. Our defense is atrocious, Brady is NOT ok right now. Mayo the only competent LB we have is out for god knows how long, the DBs are old and slow, and the offensive line can't block. I actually think Atlanta is going to win this game straight up. Atlanta still hasn't gotten a good day from Michael Turner, Matt Ryan is right where he was at the end of last year, and Tony Gonzalez is still the best TE in the league. Plus they have Abraham and an underrated defense. I think it's retarded that the Pats are favored by more than 3.

Titans + 2.5 OVER Jets. I like the Jets D, I like Sanchez, but this is a MUST win for Tennessee. If they fall to 0-3, they can forget about this year. That AFC South is way too tough with Indy, and Houston this year. Plus the Titans have two heartbreaking losses this year, and a power running game unlike anything the Jets have seen thus far.

Eagles - 9.5 OVER Chiefs. The Chiefs do absolutely nothing well. Their coach is talking about benching their 62 million dollar free agent QB. They fired their Offensive coordinator 3 weeks ago, Larry Johnson is done and they traded Tony Gonzalez. The Eagles on the other hand are starting Kevin Kolb who abuses the privilege of sucking, and they just got lit up for 48 pts by the Saints. You couldn't pay me enough to bet on this game. I hate giving the Eagles this many points but I just can't see the Chiefs scoring more than 7 pts on any Sunday. I hate this pick.

Giants -7.5 OVER Bucs. The Bucs are also a candidate for the worst team in the league. I'm not sure there is anything they do well, and Byron Leftwich is horrible. The Giants on the other hand do all the things well you need to do to win the Super Bowl. They rush well, they stop the rush well, they pressure the QB, they protect their QB and Eli is offensively capable at this point in his career. I'm now going to shower and scrub the memory of writing that sentence out of my memory.

Browns + 13.5 OVER Ravens. The Ravens look great, but they're already starting to get too much love from the Vegas linemakers. 13.5 is ridiculous. I know The Ravens Offense has looked good the last two weeks, but it's looked good against the Chiefs (who they need a ton of late game points to beat) and The Chargers whose defense is decimated by injury. The Browns suck but I figure they'll lose by 10 not 14.

Texans -3.5 OVER Jaguars. I think the Jags are one of the worst teams in the league as well. Mo-Jo-Drew hasn't gotten going yet, David Garrard is not good, and they still don't have a # 1 reciever or a competent tight end. I also remember when the Jags used to have a good defense, but that appears to have become the past. The Texans on the other hand moved the ball at will against what I consider to be a pretty good Titans D. They have so much talent offensively, I gotta believe they blow this game open by the half, barring an injury to Matt Schaub ( always a concern).

Bears -2.5 OVER Seahawks. No Matt Hasselbeck, no chance for the Seahawks. I'm also not convinced the Seahawks are going to win the NFC West. I think the Niners are better and the Cardinals have potential to be better. I am not impressed by this Seahawks even when they are completely healthy. The Bears on the other hand could gain some momentum from beating the Steelers last week and Jay Cutler leading a game winning drive.

Saints -5.5 OVER Bills. How does Brees throw 9 TDs the first week while scoring 90+ points and only get a 5 pt spread? I swear I don't understand lines sometimes. Who is going to bet Buffalo will lose by less than 5? I smell a blowout. The Saints score everytime they touch the ball and the Bills can't keep up by the middle of the 2nd quarter. The bills run a no huddle offense. You really don't want to do that against Drew Brees. Too much time with the ball in his hands. Teams will start treating him like Peyton by the 5th or 6th week of the season.

Broncos + 1.5 OVER Raiders. I don't like this Broncos team, but I like Jamarcus Russell even less. Did you know that Jamarcus is completing 35% of his passes for a 41.9 QB rating? Did you know that I swear under polygraph test that he looks drunk during games? Did you know he's got 32 million dollars guaranteed? The sad thing is besides Jamarcus, the Raiders actually aren't that (GASP) bad. Their defense is fast and tough. The running game is coming along really nicely with Mcfadden, and Bush, and Zach Miller is a great TE. The problem is Jamarcus can't hit the flat routes or complete a fucking pass. Kyle Orton on the other hand has the EXACT same win-loss record as Tony Romo. 27-12. Not great but a hell of a lot better than Jamarcus who has won 2 games.

Chargers -5.5 OVER Dolphins. This is another tough call. I like what the Dolphins do. They control the clock with the wildcat, and Pennington's accuracy, their defense can bring some pressure with Taylor and Porter. But they just can't score quickly and SD can. Again the Chargers are going to underachieve and make the playoffs because of their joke division, but they are no threat to anything in the AFC. I think we can finally eulogize the LDT era Chargers as a team with a ton of talent that could never fully get it together.

Colts + 1.5 OVER Cardinals. If Gambling were legal I would have bet $1,000 on this one. This is a lock. There is NO Chance the Cardinals beat Peyton. They can't stop the passing game ( Especially the post PED version of Dallas Clark), Donald Brown looked strong on Monday night, and the Colts have Peyton Manning. Having Peyton Manning means the following situation will happen. It will be late in the game with 2-4 minutes left, he'll have the ball and need either a TD or a FG to win the game, he'll march the Colts downfield, changing plays and calling out mismatches until he gets what he wants then he'll put the ball in the only place his receiver can get it. The Colts will score and the legend will grow. It's what he does.

Panthers +9.5 OVER Cowboys. I don't think the Cowboys are good this year. I know Romo will be looking to bounce back, and they have a lot of offensive talent, but the Panthers aren't as bad as they've looked the last couple of weeks. If Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart get going, it will open things up for Steve Smith and Jake Delholmme. I generally NEVER bet on QBs named Jake but I think it's ridiculous to expect the Cowboys to win by 10. I don't think the Boys can beat any team that made the playoffs last year by 10 pts.

Whew... That was a lot more work than expected. I hope it works out with a 13-3 or better week.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is Hysterical

Thanks to @Kevinwildes for posting this on his twitter:

Rap in Graph Form


Lebron MIGHT be going to Brooklyn...

I'm just posting this as a hunch, but a Russian Billionaire with a B just put an offer in for The Nets for $700 million. Much more than the team is worth.

He also just got approved for a building in Brooklyn and he's only trying to own 80% of the team. Which would leave 20% for Jay-Z to buy.

Plus the Russian Millionaire may not care about paying the Luxury tax enabling him to sign not just Lebron who is BFFs with Jay-Z but maybe a Wade and a Bosh as well... Add to that All Star Point guard Devin Harris and the rest of NJ's young nucleus and we may have just figured out the most attractive destination for the once and future King.

So just wanted to jump on that months before anyone else called it. There's a few dominoes that still need to fall but I find it interesting the guy was willing to overpay for the Nets and then immediately secures the rights for an arena in Brooklyn
(LBJ's self proclaimed favorite city in NY).

Check the article for proof:



Enthrall and Disappoint?

I was watching some new HBO show where Jason somethingson plays a writer who pretends to be a detective and there was a line in it that echo'd something Laura the last girl to really emotionally affect me said.

Ted Danson's character in the show said that Jason Somethingson was just like him in that he enthralls women and then eventually disappoints them when the shine wears off.

Which is similar to something Laura said about me right after she left...

But my counterpoint is, doesn't everybody do that?

Aren't we all more attractive the less people know about us? Isn't the idea or idealism of a hot girl ALWAYS better than the reality. Aren't we shocked when we see bad behavior from celebrities we are in love with the idea of?

Is it possible to enthrall someone and then live up to the hype? Or are successful relationships based on learning to love the annoying things about another person as I maintain?


Ruining Silverghost's Life- An Experiment in writing

So this tool wrote an article on how to get 9s and 10s on one of these forums.

I was offended by the sheer audacity he had to re-write Mystery's stuff and act like it was new and special.

So in honor of the return of writers on Deadspin. I decided to bring some of that shit to the SUISC.

I give you my FJM treatment of this ass-monkey's post.

My comments are in brackets.

Wow where should I start? I ll just say that this isnt about opening sets. This is one set for a whole night. At least thats how I do it.

[ I'm guessing you're gonna start off by bragging.]


I never had any inner game issues so I ll suppose and believe that you need AMAZING inner game. Like you are the best guy there is. You get this from accomplishments in your life, from women telling you how you are the best thing that happened to them etc. Ofcourse you dont get a solid inner game from validating yourself from outside sources but in the beginning i cant see there is any other way.

[Yep, bragging, called it. Ok first of all let’s start with the premise that you”ve NEVER had an inner game issue, yet you’re on a pickup forum. I call BULLSHIT. But that’s cool, let’s say it’s not bullshit, and you are perfect internally and always have been. How are you going to help the guys on here??]


Now if you think we stress in the community how important it is to be well groomed, smell nice, have good posture and body language, your tonality should be great, your aura should give off alpha. Take all these and multiply them by 10 in 9-10 game.

You ll think why? Its simple really. Those girls meet men with expensive cars, armani suits, men that can totally change their life. They meet models etc. Now I dont say you should be rich or handsome. What I say is that the external package you have should be in tune with the great inner game. Even if you go to a woman with a ferrari and tell her wow you are a babe i she is quality woman she wont get impressed. (seriously dont start commenting on looks and wealth on this thread).

[ I’ll take irrelevant info for $1000. By the way if you want to be a guru you might want to learn to write in something vaguely resembling the English language]

10s are still women. And if you ask me 10s tend to be a bit more insecure from experience. Forget what you see outside. Those girls tend to show that they know they are the SHIT. Guess what. When they meet some interesting person they still start to meow and pur. But to show you are interesting you need to be presentable. Personally I had acne and still have some scars. Do they make me not getting 10s? hell no. This is why most people hate my guts. I am less "handsome" than them but everything else is above average.

[ How do you know guys hate you? Seems like a bit of paranoia or an inner game issue]

Something else that some people might disagree with me. I tend to overdress. Yeap. I go out with suits most of the time at nights. Not work suits. Club stylish suits. Their cost? Hardly more than 200 euros. I might put some jeans and a blazer some days or whatever. A woman that dresses on a dress wants someone that can match her cloths. Its what Mystery used to say that women must be in the same "clan" as you. If you go for goth chicks ofcourse goth cloths are better. Personally I go for the "ladies and the princesses".

[ Actually you’re misquoting Style here saying that a woman wants you to look like a tribe she’s in or wants to be a part of. Again English not your strong suit so no biggie. By the way what the FUCK is a lady or a princess?

For me this is my way of peacocking. And most women tell me how they love my style. So its something I know works. Ofcourse some men will be like why so formal but I dont care as long as women find me attractive.

[ Yes one of the basic principles of Love Systems seems to be doing EVERYTHING women tell you they like. Oh wait that’s not true at all.]

So far we covered inner game and basics along with style.


Now this has many parameters. From where your inner game is to how you dress and what you do in your life other than pick up. I work as a PR consultant so subtly my connection with people, clubs, psychology, manners etc tend to be very close.

[ Oh you mean you have a natural advantage that artificially schews your social value and makes it higher? That wouldn’t affect the way you game at all. Not even a little bit. EVERYONE knows that hot girls hate connections and social value. That’s why no PUAs try to become club promoters or name frop or act like celebrities. Seriously dude you’re in PR and use your connections to game, that makes your opinion WORTHLESS except to other guys in the same situation.]

One of the most important things I have to say on this and I cant stress enough is be SUBTLE. Wait let me try again. SUBTLE!!!!! Oh wait... SUBTLE!!!!

[ The Caps and exclamation points, the definition of subtle.]

I think I stressed it enough... These women have heard EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. From cheezy lines to men telling them "wanna take you a ride with my new porsche?". So since like me you dont own an expensive car (I dont even own a car and this never stopped me from getting laid) or you have houses in 5 different countries you biggest asset is your sexuality and character.

Lets start with you and her. I avoid telling women of that caliber how I had a model for ex. I will tell them though (and I think credit goes to mystery) how I understand that beautiful women have it harder rather than easier in life. How they must always be in the lookout if people treat em good for their looks or their character etc. So keep your compliments for her looks and stress them on her personality. A compliment for personality on a 7 is ok. The same compliment on a 10 is priceless. 10s only listen to how beautiful they are etc.

[ Oh my god this groundbreaking stuff dude. Don’t compliment hot girls for being hot, compliment their personalities!!! My reality is shattered, where was this post 6 years ago? Oh that’s right Mystery had already written it.]

So lets go back for a bit.


Its been almost a year where I stopped opening with opinion openers. Opening for me depends on the time I had to get some clues on the girl I am about to approach. Forget the 3 sec rule here. First off if you are in a club I concentrate on my company which will probably consist of my wing and 3-4 women. (Yes its important). As long as you have your social proof set next thing is the logistics.

[ So you roll around with a group of 3 women, yet another thing that not every guy can do ( and don’t try to tell me they can, we’re talking dudes with office jobs as the most usual clients) again something that helps with attraction for YOU specifically]

Many will go in for the kill at once as long as they see a 10. Personally I dont like surprises so I try to be very subtly to get some clues for my target when at the same time I concentrate on my table. If the people I am with dont have fun means that tha people around me dont want to be on my table. And since I want everyone to be like. OMG these people dance and laugh and have a great time u see how subtle u need to be on spotting details. Ofcourse if you appear like a stalker having his eyes set for the kill you lose. Imagine that the 10 will have at least 100 people looking at her at the same time. You dont want to be caught looking at her at all times.

[ Yes don’t even look at the girl you’re attracted to because that would be falling into her frame… Seriously dude? She’s watching every single guy in the club? She hasn’t just gotten used to the fact that everyone looks at her cause it happens all the time. This is just weird]

EXCEPTION: If you catch her looking at you (and yes it will happen) look at her, smile, nod AND (this goes against everything you learnt) break eye contact and get back to your table. The message here is I noticed you but my table and friends are more important than you.

[ Ahhh so you have a table as well. Tables with bottle service that act like status symbols in the club don’t help. Afterall Hot girls don’t like rich guys.]

So what do you open with. Situational openers are great here. Depending on how close you are, how bitchy she seems (nothing to do with you she just doesnt want having 100 guys approaching her all night long), how fun you have in your table, if she is surrounded by men etc. Personally I tend to be as normal as I can. Dont forget my game on 10s is customized on clubs and lounges. Meaning lots of talk is useless. Its high energy environment and they are out to dance and have fun.

[ You’re right you should go situational. Not use an opener you know works and actually builds some social value into it, like Horsegirl or my Facebook opener. Oh wait I forgot you have a table and girls with you so you can open with ANYTHING!!!! Dude your blindspots to the advantages you have are hysterical. It’s like Shaq talking about how good he is at basketball without mentioning that he’s 7’2 and 330ILBS.]

Most openers will come up if you notice. Personally I like to use my rose routine, or go into an attraction routine at once. Openers that have a lot of blah blah in settings like that are gonna seem canned no matter how interesting they are. Pivots tend to work good. Now dont start with I went out alone how to... We talk about heavy weight championship here. Here what she notices about you is more important than what you tell her.

[ Oh so you go situational, but use planned openers? This is called a conflict of logic. Or a lie if you wanna be a dick. So yeah you’re lying.]

I have opened with Mystery's "Are you a man or a woman?" when she was surrounded with 6 men while making it appear like I was losing a bet when she told me she is a woman with an angry look only to leave the guys and start chasing me why i said that. I have also opened with "hey have u seen the waiter?" or "Hey, give me a glass and when the waiter appears i ll give it back" Honestly as long as it seems natural its ok. Now if she is 10 tables on the right and you passed 10 tables to open with an opener like that then you have some problems here lol. I have also opened with stretching my arm to her and making a come here sign. It might work it might not. Personally I prefer to go indirect. Some others will go direct. It might work but I dont know about it.

[ Yeah asking a girl if she’s a man or a woman is not an opener I’ve heard Mystery teach granted that was 2 years ago. Sounds like an insult to me.]

So bottom line. The opener doesnt matter as long as you didnt go out of your way to deliver it. Logistics play a huge role on how to open.


When you talked with her for 3-5 minutes and you see that she doesnt open up (and also here it depends on your intuition) I throw a hard disqualifier. Sometimes I ll throw it 2 minutes in some others I ll throw it just before qualification. NEVER AFTER. My personal favorite: "You seem like a nice girl and although you aint my type you seem interesting(if you havent talked a lot with her)" or "You seem like a nice girl and although you aint my type I like talking to you (if you actually talked a bit with her)" I wont explain why this makes a huge impact if you are at the level of 10s you probably understand why.

[ Uhmmm not really. This is where it becomes obvious that you’re either a kj or your English isn’t translating. That’s a HORRIBLE disqualifier. Awful. Terrible. I know, because I used it hundreds of times. It’s sooo 2004 it’s ridiculous there are a kazillion ways to disqualify a girl that are less socially awkward, more humorous and actually flirtatious.]

I wont even comment on how important role you wing plays here or the women you have with you.

[ Yeah cause EVERYONE has a wing or women with them. Again what about the average guy who goes out to work on his game.]

You also need to understand that while 10s are used in having men approaching them all the time this isnt a bad thing for you. Why? Because most men dont approach at all (they are intimidated) or they approach with lame lines. You are different on the approach.Dont go out of your way with fancy stories or whatever. You can leave her go back to your company and then go back at her. This depends on you.

[ I don’t even know what you’re saying here Dracula, but I guess it’s that you should do take-aways. I agree.]

Being charming and mysterious here is more important on what you say. I wont tell you what routines or stories to use. Only that both need to not be long and to not be show off-ish. Knowing the people on the venue you are is a plus. Having an understanding of how the whole club works is also a plus. Ofcourse I work as PR so its easier for me. But I bet you can find ways around it. Sometimes I wont even tell what my job is.

[ Again using your advantages]

One of my favorites is how people like to wear masks on clubs. And I ll go like "Like you for example you seem like you might be sensitive, romantic (choose something) but you need to put this mask on to try to avoid every guy that tries to hit on you when you might be the swettest person." As I said on my other posts for me human nature/psychology/sociology is all the routines I need. Whats yours?

Kino is hugely important here. From the moment you get in you touch everyone in proximity. My game mostly concentrates on the target because music doesnt help talking to the group. And I dont know if this is a Greek thing but I am RARELY if ever cockblocked either because of the girls dont want to cockblock or because my wing also comes to the rescue. Learn the kino ladder and use it. You progress on the emotional ladder you progress on the kino ladder. AKA the tried on the LSRM2. Get the book and read it.

[ You’re rarely ever cockblocked even though you ignore the group? That sounds like every student on a bootcamp. On opposite day! Yes I really did just bring out opposite day. Again more evidence of cultural differences rendering this post useless.]


Again I am a fan of hard qualification. And this is because I know my attraction game is strong. If you think you lack in that department then fix it or make youq qualifiers a bit softer. Savoy has the compitability test qualifier that I also use from time to time.

Ofcourse on 10s my first concern is to destroy their biggest asset. Their beauty. So Style's beauty destroyer (beauty is common) comes in handy here. Ofcourse something I forgot to mention is that when you are in qualification and she complies she is attracted to you. Dont wait for 100 IOIs and 100 compliance tests. Dont ask her to do stuff. Tell her to do stuff. The more she complies the more you are in. I dont like talking about isolation or whatever. These are things you do with all girls I wont go out of my way to explain how to do it here.

So after the beauty destroyer I go to the "Tell me 3 things that would make me to want to get to know you better" If she complies to this also (and for the love of God help her because she wont have a clue what to say) you must make a decision. Either you close the deal going for one night stand (not recommended because you ll leave your friends, I never do this if my company is staying) or kiss her and go back together to her friends and your friends. Then you next station is bouncing on comfort.

There are 100 routines about kissing and kissing shouldnt be a big deal for you. Some kiss after qualification, some others on comfort. You choose when is the right moment. Personally I dont like to post pone it. You ll be surprised how easily you can kiss her and how easily the window closes for the kiss. So first come first served.

[ That just took a long time to state use a large qualifier.]


I know you ll be so eager to show off again but this is the moment to get a commection. As long as your kino is good as long as you kissed her (or not) and as long as you are sexual comfort can include convo, dancing, meeting her friends, merging your friends etc. In cofmort you dont care for the loud music. You can whisper in her ear at close proximity. If you havent kissed her do so now. Dont get phones to continue this on a day 2. By this i mean the deal must be closed the same night. (not sex, kissing). I dont think I have some rules on comfort since its the stage where you are pretty hyped up having a girl that you wouldnt imagine some years ago in your hands. And in the first few 10s you need to be cool about it. Dont smother her. It must seem to her like you get a lot of girls of her caliber. Also dont forget your friends and her friends. Dont be all the time on isolation. Be charming.

I am 100% sure I forgot something but I ll probably remember it from your questions. Also I know many things I say dont go along with general game rules but this is what works for me. Also I didnt get into every detail. If i dont go into detail it means you do with her what you do with other girls.

Again I respect a person more that goes for the kiss and gets rejected rather than play it safe. These women know they intimidate men and if you appear that you dont kiss her for it you are toast.

In the end remember laying 10s isnt harder. Its just different and your intuition and experience along with many aspects of your life must be in tune with who you are. Hence bottle service (120 euros in greece for 6 people isnt important). Also 4 girls in your company isnt something difficult for someone that is great with women. You cant go lay 10s i you havent passed from 6s, 7s or 8s.

So there you have it. My way of laying 9s and 10s. First try it on at least 10 sets and then tell me if its wrong or right.

Hope that helps.

[ Again my problem here is the attitude aka PUA sydrome of a guy who obviously isn’t getting results based on his game but his natural advantages… Then has the balls to write this up like there’s new information in there.

This is useless except for me honing my FJM skills.

Silverghost you’re a KJ tool.

I’m out.]


Traits Of Naturals # 2- Positive Exaggeration

So yeah, that’s probably the nicest possible way of saying Guys who are successful with women tend to lie to women. ☺

Well not necessarily lie, but exaggerate. A lot.

I was reminded of this, last weekend when I was out with my group of girls on my friend’s B-day. We were hanging out with a natural friend of mine, we’ll call him RE, cause he works in real estate.

Now this particular time, he was telling everyone about a Vegas trip we took a few months ago. In reality we went out there, I won a lot of money the first night, got slaughtered the second night to the tune of 5 figures and so we got a suite upgrade for the night, and we had an afterparty where all of us got laid. I was still INCREDIBLY bitter despite having sex with a REALLY hot girl that night.

Now when he started telling this story last night a few minor details changed. Like the entire story. This is not the first time he’s changed stories or exaggerated things when trying to hook up. Nor is it the first time I’ve heard a Natural do this. It just jogged my memory about this and I wanted to share it.

I also wanted to offer a less manipulative alternative, which is positive misinterpretation and a selective memory.

When I say positive misinterpretation, I’m referring to the idea of misinterpreting the situation, what a woman’s saying, or a particular instance to make yourself look as attractive as possible.

When I say a selective memory, I mean ignoring the things in your past that don’t make you look attractive right away. There’s nothing wrong with talking about things that make you look good especially upfront.

Allright I’m walking a thin and shaky line with this post so I’m gonna wrap it up…


PS: To learn how to not lie and naturally attract women, check out The Natural Attraction DVD Here

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I crushed Savoy in Fantasy Part Two- I lost????

This week I made a brillant decision to start as many NE players as possible. I figured The Patriots had to be better than this. Had to be.

They weren’t.

Tom Brady got me 4 fantasy points.

I got 4 pts for Ben Watson who I picked up because Brady looked tentative and was throwing to his TEs all the time. He got me 0 points.

I was actually nauseated by midway through the day yesterday…

Plus The Pats lost in horrendous fashion.

Savoy and I were exchanging many haranged and pained text messages.

Punctuated by me Ray Lewis ending the Chargers game and me sending an all capitalized text saying meeley.


I was thinking about adding will kill you, but thought better of it. Ray Lewis may have my phone tapped.

Anyway I have Rothlisberger(WHOM I LOATHE) on the bench as well as Sproles and Gates who I decided to sit cause they were going against the Ravens D.

On the other hand, I did go 13-3 in my NFL pick em league which places me firmly in 2,687th place in The Sports Guy Pick em league. So that’s something.

Follow my picks here : User ID Jonisgod619(Shut up I have OBVIOUS self esteem issues ☺)


Furthermore IF gambling were legal I would have gone 8-0 and made some considerable money for drinking and carousing this week. Unfortunately as we all know this is simply not true in 46 states. This is the law and it is unflinchingly rigid ☺

So I’ll post my actual picks Bill Simmons Style on Thursday because 1 person left a comment asking for them. And I got a tweet about it. So there :P

Oh yeah the Facial Hair slash Wig count is an even 1-1.


Friday, September 18, 2009

The Real Reason Rampage Jackson Took The A Team Movie

He's Ducking Ryoto "Lyoto" Machida, and he should be.

Machida is the MAN!!!

Today it's VIVA LA MACHIDA DAY on the blog.

Enjoy him destroying Rich Franklin:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funniest Baseball Article EVER!!!!

I seriously wish I wrote this more than I have ever wished I wrote a sports column.


Jesus Is The Derek Jeter Of Christianity


Really Maxim? Really??????

So I was bored and trying to kill 10 minutes before I have to go to the Dentist, when I decided to stumble on over to

I don't know why as they're content is usually absolute garbage and actually makes me feel like I lost a few IQ points.

But today I noticed their annual Hot 100 list is out so I decided to take a little looksie.

Not only is washed up ten years past her prime Jennifer Love Hewitt in the top 10, but the # hottest girl was Olivia Wilde... WTF???

Check out the picture I have bigger titties.

Olivia Wilde is NOT hot

She needs a boob job( plus 2s as Nik Richie of would say. Greatest slang word EVER), like I need to smoke a bowl after getting worked up writing this post.Plus it wouldn't hurt her to see the Sun for once. I mean, if you can't distinguish where your hand ends and the pile of coke begins something is wrong.

Seriously I fuck better looking girls on the regular, she has the body of a 12 year old boy and looks like she just did 87 lines of coke in the bathroom of 1OAK. Now this would not have been that bad except they made Megan Fox(who is actually super hot) #2.

I feel like I'm channeling my inner Seth Myers here, but again... REALLY???

Maxim officially has NO credibility.



Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Mary J Blige is extremely underrated.


PS: Don't bother wasting your time writing comments criticizing my musical taste or telling me I'm not black. I'm aware.

One More Road To Cross...

" I pour out my soul to control the hurt, why must Earl Simmons swim in dirt? Gonna make it work 28 and trying to get baptized, Priest scared to touch me cause he said I gave him bad vibes, down for the road, straight down but I'm plottin, we all got to go but who wants to be forgotten." DMX-One More Road To Cross

I crushed Savoy in Fantasy- A recurring Tuesday column :)

So despite, forgetting to take injured Pierre Thomas out of my starting lineup and getting 0 points from a roster spot(cause I'm an idiot) I still beat Savoy like he stole something, 94-74.

Some would call a 20 point win a skunking and I will not disagree. Though I will say it may be the closest he and his ragtag group ever gets.

Ironically on I went 3-1 in my FF leagues and the one game I lost was the team Savoy is playing. That would make me hide my head under the cover for a few days were I him. Imagine if I had unleashed any of my actually well put together teams. It would be a massacre the likes of which we'll see this Saturday when Tennessee goes to Florida.

While Savoy is great with women and business, clearly he knows NOTHING about Football and even less about fantasy. I should have known this by his insistence on supporting both the Philadelphia Eagles and The San Diego Whiners... I mean Chargers. I mean I've heard of masochism, but Savoy must really enjoy enduring pain and suffering. Though I suppose I do root for the Vikings so I do understand the sentiment.

I got less than impressive showings from Deangelo Williams and Terrell Owens but somehow I still overcame. Though in my league I matched up against the 36 pts of Drew Brees which sucked. A lot. Seriously 6 TDS???? I think I'm going to pick up any good player that plays the Lions every week. Feels like a solid strategy.

The stakes of our little ass-kicking ( I mean contest) are that the Savoy ( I mean the guy who loses the season, so yeah Savoy) will have to grow and document the facial hair of my choosing ( Thanks Bill Simmons for providing the stakes). If you have suggestions for what facial hair you want to see SAvoy grow, please leave them in the comments section. I'm thinking fu-manchu or neck beard.

What do you guys think?


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Dark Side of Confidence, self expectations and drive.

" This song isn't for you it's for me, a true MC that's what he'll do just to see if he still has it..." Eminem- No Apologies.

I'm writing this after taking a few days to compose my thoughts on Kanye and Michael Jordan's public image snafus the last 5 days or so.

I think Kanye needs help coping with fame, and I think MJ is still MJ at 46 years of age, but that's not what this post is about.

This post is about why they both did what they did.

Why Michael Jordan after 30 years still seethes about being cut from his Varsity Team, or still has to mention Bryon Russell after 2 game winning jumpers over him in the finals.

Or why Kanye felt the need to inject himself into someone else's moment.

I wanted to write about this because I understand it.

I understand the urge to want to show people that they were wrong. Even after you've won. I know what it's like to feel like everyone is against you even in the face of overwhelming success.

The thing people are missing as they jump to judge both of these men, is that the very characteristics that caused them to act out, are what made them successful.

It's well known to anyone who has studied him beyond the commercials that the God of Basketball, constantly needed challenges to perform to the best of his ability. In fact it was well known that EVERY coach in the league instructed rookies to not talk to MJ. EVER. There's the famous story about the dream team scrimmage where his team was down 10-2 to Magic Johnson's and Charles Barkely started running his mouth. The result a 16-0 Jordan run that changed and eventually ended what's considered the greatest game never seen.

When challenges weren't there Jordan would create them, to work himself into a competitive fury he'd unleash on the person who'd "wronged" him. Ask Cleveland after they cheered him falling in 92, or Gerald Wilkins the self proclaimed "Jordan Stopper" or best of all ask Clyde Drexler if he's still not in shock from this:

There's even this classic commercial:

It's what he needed to do, to go out and play like Michael Jordan 82 games a year.

So while we showered him with praise for his game winners and the ice water in his veins, we forget that outside the realm of athletics being "a killer" or my favorite description " Homicidally competitive" doesn't always look so pretty.

Same thing with Kanye. Like him or hate him, he is one of the most talented producers/musicians working today. And even in a world of ego maniacs he's known for being a bit too arrogant. But that very arrogance that we hate when it leads to him ruining the best moment of a 17 year old girl's life, is what allowed him to go from working at the gap 10 years ago to being the hottest producer in the music world for the last few.

This is something that happens with guys and pickup all the time. As soon as a guy starts to get a little bit of success he becomes more arrogant. The dreaded PUA syndrome kicks in and all of a sudden that cool Canadian guy who used to help on bootcamps is now a raging egomanical asshole with a matching Labret piercing.

Hell I did it myself.

The missing piece IMHO is the ability to believe in your abilities while still maintaining a humble attitude. I think about it in terms of being a lifelong student.

The reason I'm able to keep making strides in my game while EVERY ONE of my contemporaries has fallen off is because I still view myself as a student of the Game. The second you start to believe you've mastered anything, is the moment you stop learning and improving.

But I still feel those moments where I need to be challenged for motivation.

Everytime I see someone post something good, I take it as a personal challenge to my self appointed throne as the king of content, and I make sure that I knock my next post out of the park.

Does that make me come off petty sometimes?

Of course it does.

Is that why back in the day I used to challenge everyone to pick up contests?


Is that why I got good at pick up whereas 95% of guys don't?

Better believe it.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Why is this song only available CLEAN on Itunes???


Lil Wayne Kills it on this verse but you can't even hear it when it's clean...

Guide to Getting Free Drinks Part 1- The Setup

Hey what's up guys,

This is something I've gotten really good at over the last few months and I wanted to share it.

I probably pay for 1 of every 4 drinks I get at my local bars/clubs at this point, and I pay WAY less than everyone else gets charged for drinks. Last night I was at a place with $ 8 drinks and the 2 I paid for were $4 each. In Miami I was going to places that had $13 and for the last 3 months my tab was never more than $26. In fact most nights I drank completely free. This isn't like going to someone else's table and trying to mooch their bottles to get your 1-2 drinks a night, I drink free all night and often have 5-6 freebies for me and other people.

So how do you do this?

First you need to figure out what 3-4 places you are going to be frequenting a lot. I do want to make the point that if you are not going out 3-4 times a week this will take a much longer time.

A lot of guys make the mistake of going to too many different clubs and bars. In every town there's really only going to be 1-2 good places a night. So you don't want to be going to 8 different bars especially on the weekend.

In fact I would say I strive to go to as FEW places as possible, because that way my social proof is higher and I get to know everyone that works there. This makes it more fun for me to go out by myself because I feel like I'm meeting friends at the bar.

So once you've picked the 3-4 places you're going to go each week, you want to get to know 1 bartender really well at first. In Dallas It was my boy Mike at the Quarter Bar, in Miami it was Big Vince at the Delano, now it's my friend Liz.

This person is going to be your IN for the whole barstaff.

I like to befriend guy bartenders rather than girls for a couple of reasons.

1. They're not going to think you're trying to fuck them. Generally the female bartenders I've done this with have to be treated like a pickup at first. The reason being that EVERY guy is trying to hit on them because they don't have to actually approach them.

2. The guy bartenders IME tend to be higher up on the foodchain. Most bars have an unofficial head bartender who is in charge of making sure stuff runs smoothly. Eventually these guys become managers.

3. Guy bartenders tend to be pretty outgoing people so it's actually easy to make friends with them. Whereas female bartenders are generally hired because they are hot.

So how do you go about befriending a bartender.

The first mistake guys make is trying to be OVERLY friendly. Bartenders see this shit all the time. The first time you meet DON"T ask for their name. In fact for the first 3-4 times you go to the bar you should be aiming at being polite, efficient and friendly. That's all.

It also helps to order a strange drink. I go with my patented Vodka/Diet cokes
( affectionately referred to as a skinny bitch if you want to be an asshole)

Next you want to make sure they see you talking to girls. You don't have to be good at pickup yet, but they should see that you don't mind approaching and you can at least make girls laugh.

You get bonus points for bringing girls to the bar to get a drink.

Lastly you want to make sure you OVERtip at least once a night the first couple of times. Leave a 5 instead of a couple of singles. Not only will this help you setup the free drinks but it will help you get served faster which can help with social proof as well.

There are a few waypoints you're looking for.

1. They will ask you what your name is, or introduce themselves. This is the first way you know the process is working. Let them try for rapport with you, it works much better.

2. They'll start to ask you if you want another or the usual. As soon as this starts you're almost into free drink land. This is why it's imperative to have a drink that's unusual.

3. They'll start telling you when you're going to be there. Vince was the king of this, when we started becoming friends he would tell me on Fri that he'd see me the next night. By going on the same nights you become a predictable friend of theirs and part of their work life.

Allright so that's how you start the setup, tomorrow I'll write about how to actually get free drinks without begging for them.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Article About Jordan's HOF induction

A lot of people (Actual sportswriters) have made a big deal of how petty Michael Jordan's speech was. I personally watched the whole thing and felt like it was pretty in character for everything we've seen from him over the years.

Here's a really even handed article on The Worldwide Leader.

Jordan Speech

At the end he says something I truly believe, that he doesn't want to know Jordan the person. I don't want to get to know any of my heroes or celebrities. I just want to be able to enjoy what they do. I don't want to know how much professional athletes cheat on their wives, I don't want to find out that Tom Brady is an asshole, I don't want to learn that Bra Pitt is just a weird quasi stoner.

I need to be able to believe in my heroes and the truth is they are all just human which means there's good and bad.

I prefer to just ignore the bad and keep my illusions.


This Is Roc Nation, Pledge Your allegiance

Loving it.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Fantasy becomes Reality or Cyber reality...

There's 101 of the hottest redheads on Earth at this link.

Someone must like my blog over there...

My Fantasy

I need to have sex with all of these girls.


Funny Video From Slam

Haunting Kanye Performance.

I've been obsessed with this song for awhile.

Never thought Kanye West would be able to produce anything this emotionally poignant.

The Video is WAY better than just listening to it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Officially on!!! AKA Savoy Should Have Stayed Scared...

Savoy has manned up and wants to see his team publicly shamed and destroyed for the next 14 weeks.

This is like Competitive Viagra for me.

For comedy's sake Here's his team:

Pain- His team name and what he'll feel ever Monday during this contest

Peyton Manning
Steven " I haven't been good in 3 years" Jackson
Kevin " I play for The Lions" Smith
Dwayne " I have no QB" Bowe
Desean "I'm not really a # 1 reciever" Jackson
Anthony " Peyton has publicly said I suck" Gonzalez
Chris " I show people my cock on my blog" Cooley
Nate Kaeding
Chargers D
and his backup QB is ELi Manning...

Hopefully the one football fan reading this is laughing at Nick with me.

Here's my team that I'm pitting against his. You can follow it on ESPN in the " Go Steelers" league. My team name is Miami Straight Cash Homey.

It should be noted that this is my worst team as the appropriately titled Kicker's Revenge has a shot at the ESPN overall league.

Straight Cash Homey's Starters.

QB Tom Brady, NE QB

RB DeAngelo Williams, Car RB

RB Pierre Thomas, NO RB Q [Breaking News]

RB/WR Willis McGahee, Bal RB

WR Terrell Owens, Buf WR

WR Vincent Jackson, SD WR

TE Antonio Gates, SD TE P

D/ST Patriots D/ST, NE D/ST

K Ryan Longwell, Min K

We need stakes as crushing Savoy on a weekly basis and writing about my FF dominance is more fun when I can win something.

Anyone want to suggest stakes for Nick and I ?


Podcast # 21

Hey guys,

Sound quality is bad, so you may want to Itunes this one and then up the sound level.

There's some gold material in near the end of it.



Thursday, September 10, 2009

The $ 12 Sonicare Spinbrush Rocks My World.

Ok, so anyone who actually knows me in real life, as opposed to though this blog is well aware of my somewhat obsessive fixation on hygiene. Especially oral hygiene.

I was an early adopter of Floss Sticks, tongue scrapers, and whitening mouthwash as well as toothpaste.

I had always wanted a sonic toothbrush, but I could never get over the $200 price tag.

Until about 2 weeks ago I was still hoping I'd get a Sonicbrush from this girl I know whose a dental assistant for my BDay in a month.

Then I saw the commercials for the $12 spinbrush and immediately went to CVS.

The Sonic Brush is amazing... It's literally like going to the dentist twice a day.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you want to have cleaner teeth and fresher breath this is a must have.

I'm pretty sure they have them at almost every drug store in America, so run don't walk to get one. Trust me I have no incentive to recommend this other than the fact that it made my life much better.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

BTW Savoy is STILL scared

Just wanted to keep that on the first post.


My new alter-ego

I don't know if I slept wrong or if people on the SUISC forums are just stupid, but I just posted about 12 messages on various boards and I've decided that when I step on the boards, the combination of factors turns me into The Most Condescending Man In The World.

Though it's not my fault, as students are asking if telling a girl they already have gone out on two dates with that she looks hot is going to ruin the relationship.

This is the shit I deal with on a daily basis people....

But have no fear, for when students debate the merits of direct VS Indirect, The most condescending man in the world will be there. When Students come up with archaic retarded ways to rate women, the most condescending man in the world will be there too. When students wonder if they can learn about approach anxiety from Mormon prosletizers the most condescing man in the world is there as well. In blackest of night or stupidest of argument the most condescending man in the world is ALWAYS there.

So beware socially awkward sheep who cannot think for themselves or use even an ounce of common sense, the most condescending man in the world is coming and he's bringing a barrel of sarcasm and insults with your name on it.

This is nothing but a warning.


Savoy is SCARED of me....

Is that you Nick?

Savoy emailed me about his craptacular fantasy football team, and then had the audacity to step into the ring and challenge me the undisputed champion of the ESPN fantasy draft to a running contest between our teams.

I warned him of the stupidity of such a move and he stopped returning emails.

But you can't get off that easily dear Savoy.

I am now calling you out publicly for attempting to avoid the 13-0 crushing any of my 3 teams I sent you will give your group of misfits and Mannings.

You stepped into the thunderdome and now it's punishment time.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Monday, September 07, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Hey guys,

Happy Labor Day, I'm on my way out to a pool party, hope everyone has a great day.

I'll have another podcast ready for you guys soon, as well as some more fun articles and stuff.

Have fun,


Saturday, September 05, 2009

A question for certain people...

I'm just curious...


I'm not that cool :)

Oh well I guess some people need lives.


Friday, September 04, 2009

One Of My Favorite Eminem Songs

This song is strangely haunting to me.

Really emotionally haunting.


Social Circle Trick- The Average girl

Hey guys,

In setting up my new social circle out yonder, I've noticed something really important.

When you are putting together a group of people to hangout with, they can't all be girls you met off cold approach (duh) and the girls can't all be hot or it gets really competitive and bitchy and eventually your group folds, as mine did in Miami.

So I had the brillant idea of recruiting 1 or 2 girls who were average but really nice/cool girls into the group as well. I got really lucky as one of the first girls I met out here was an average looking club promoter chick. This is ideal.

First she knows everyone, and second she's not hot so there's no temptation to try to hook up with her. She also acts as an intermediary between the girls when there's drama or bitchiness.

I know a lot of guys are focused on making HOT female friends which I think is very important as well just for getting used to being around hot girls. But don't focus your social circle purely on having the hottest girls go out with you or there will be problems.


Thursday, September 03, 2009


Hey what's up guys,

I'm still getting adjusted and moved in. So I've been away from my precious computer for far too long.

I just wanted to share a really funny site. Especially if you happen to live in Dallas, Chicago, Orange County etc... It's and it's basically a Perez Hilton type blog about normal people who go out to clubs in these random cities.

It's even got it's own celebrities.

Definitely a good way to kill time and laugh at people you meet in clubs. D-Nazi is a promoter I've talked about in some of my LRs back when I lived in Dallas, and there's a bunch of girls I've hooked up with on there too. Funny shit.

talk soon,


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Breakdown Of A Sexual Framing Routine

Hey Guys,

I sent this out to my newsletter guys yesterday, but I've gotten so man y positive emails about it that I wanted to share it here as well.

This is a breakdown of a specific type of sexual framing routine and why it works.

Check it:


What’s Up Guys?

Today I want to give you one of my favorite routines for setting the right frames when you’re talking to a woman.

The great thing about this routine is that it’s what I call a Cookie Cutter. A cookie cutter is a type of story or anecdote that serves a specific purpose. The specific wording of these types of routines doesn’t matter and you don’t have to memorize them. Instead you want to understand what the purpose of the cookie cutter is. The reason I call them cookie cutters is because they help to shape the frames of the interaction, turning normal conversations into sexually charged ones just like a cookie cutter makes a Christmas tree out of flat cookie dough.

Today I’m gonna be teaching you a great cookie cutter, the discretion story.

Discretion is one of the most important sexual frames we can set. Women are EXTREMELY concerned with their reputations and do not want to look slutty. They WANT to do slutty things, but they don’t want to look slutty. So we need to let them know that we are discrete. That their reputations are safe with us and they can do slutty things with no consequences socially.

So how do we do that?

I like to do it by telling a story about why I don’t kiss and tell. This is the cookie cutter. We’re trying to set the frame that we don’t kiss and tell.

This is an actual true story, and I’m sure most of you guys have similar stories if you look closely enough into your own life. If you have very little experience with women you can tell a story about a friend of yours. Hell since you’re on my email list you can tell a story about your friend Jon Sinn ☺

Ok here’s the story, with some of my comments on what I’m trying to do it and why it works. The routine is shown in quotes while my comments are not.

“Have you ever been in a drama bubble?”

This is just a great lead in for any emotionally charged story

“ I was out a few weeks ago with a bunch of my friends, and I got a little tipsy and hooked up with this friend of a friend Kelly. I talked to her about it and told her we should just be friends. And then two nights ago this crazy girl is telling everyone detailed stories about our little fling. I hate when people kiss and tell. I just really think that whatever happens between two people is nobody else’s business.”

So here, I’m just setting the background, I probably expand a little bit more on this in real life, but you get the idea. You still want to use the Advanced Storytelling strategies like characterization, grounding, etc that I talked about a few month’s ago in the Sinn’s Inner Circle CD. I also establish a little social proof and demonstrate that sex is not a big deal to me. I also throw some bait in there because I don’t explain what the girl was telling people about the sex we had.

“ It’s just not classy, and I like to keep things classy when I’m not trying to get you to hook up with me in a bathroom.”

And we end with a little sexual humor to break the tension and move forward with a prepping statement.

I recommend using this type of cookie cutter when you’re in isolation with a girl in comfort. It’s really great as part of your first date!

Try it out, and let me know what your results are!

Talk to ya soon,


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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"It's not a case of Black and White, There's an Area of Shady Grey"

I was thinking about something the other day and I made a note in my (soon to be returned for a verizon phone that actually has service places) Iphone to write a blog about this.

One thing that really messes guys up as they are learning this stuff and getting better with women, is the idea of black and white thinking.

When guys get hurt ( as we all are when we enter this community, let's be honest) they tend to swing in the diametric opposite direction mentally. Except it doesn't work out the way that it did for George Costanza on Seinfeld. Usually it manifests itself in taking on a close to misogynistic viewpoint about women and dating. Throw in a healthy pinch of SUISC jargon and scientific lingo to " make it a video game." And you have the mental vantage point from which almost all perspective students enter the community.

What I would like to suggest to quote the line stolen from Q-tip that I used to title this post is the idea of shady areas of grey.

For example, on my podcast last week I talked about 10 of the differences between really hot girls and very attractive ones. In it I've talked about a lot of the commonalities I've noticed over the last year and a half of approaching the hottest girls in the clubs every night including 6 months in Miami. Now does this mean that EVERY single hot girl out there will act like these 10 qualities. Of course it does NOT. But it gives a good guideline of things to look for when dealing with these girls where before we didn't have one. We are striving to get as life like as possible while still conceding that every social interaction is unique and every girl is different.