Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm # 1. Again...

As the DJ Khalid of The Pickup Community, All I do is Win, Win, Win no matter what.

Again I've been voted the # 1 PUA in all the World. Making that back to back selections by Making me (I believe) the ONLY back to back winner. Doubt me winning again next year at your own risk...

As always the TSB list is a fun read and I agree with (Almost) everyone on there. It's especially cool to see Rob Judge up there as well as Mark Entropy Manson.

TSB is an awesome resource for guys looking to get better with women, learn more about fashion or just kill some time reading funny articles, links and pics.

Check out the list

Here and be sure to look around the site while you're there.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and I look forward to winning this award EVERY year I'm involved in the community.


JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fuck The Holidays; Fuck Them in Their Fucking Ass- A Rant in the Style of Drew Magary

I hate the Holidays!

Not in a not so funny romantic comedy starring washed up has beens like Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon type of way.

In a now I remember why I left the country two years in a row to get away from this pathetic, capitalist, LAZY, Boring 4 week stretch of slow torturous agony, that runs from Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve.

Oh how I loathe the Holiday season, let me count the ways.

1. Everybody is on vacation... Business hours when things get done have become a thing of the past since around Dec 20th. Leaving people who like to ya know be productive members of society like myself, talking to voicemails and being forced to chill. And I'm not Chris Bosh, I want to work and continue to make things happen, but I'm being forced into inactivity. Grrr.

2. Everything is fucking closed! Fuck, Christmas and Christmas Eve are the Worst. I stocked up at Whole Foods last Thursday like a Somalian refugee. Then was bored to death of eating salads and pre-mades by about 3PM on Christmas day. Not to mention when my roommate and I went to go get some delicious holiday desserts do we wouldn't show up empty handed at various holiday shindigs(Which I'm getting to in a second) we were turned away because it was 3:01 and they closed on 3PM on Christmas Eve. As I stood there kicking the door, and yelling " The children at Clover Elementary will have NOTHING for Christmas". The menial wage employee simply shrugged her shoulders and said and I quote " Mi yob is mi yob." Plus my Kickboxing coach is on vacation and the gym is closed til January 2nd, Yoga classes have been canceled, School is on a break and I am left with few productive options and a lot of time to online shop. A dangerous combination if ever one existed.

3. Family. Families are FUCKED UP. Everyone's is, and if you say any different you're a Goddamned liar. I luckily don't have a family, as much as a network of sociopaths, People who borrow money and don't pay it back, and of course cheating whores. So I avoid this. Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid hearing about about every slapdick and alcoholic in everyone else's family. For the record, I officially DON'T care about your son's first steps, your Grandma whose a racist, or your sister who just bought a new car. Instead please eat shit and die, oh and you look like a dick in that Holiday Sweater.

4. No one goes out. As my boy Pauly D of Jersey Shore fame once said " You can't creep when it gets cold, girls stay in the house." Everyone stays in around the Holidays except for alcoholics, and the girls who were 1 step away from slitting their wrists in the bathtub with a Pink Lady Bic razor. Plus seeing as everything is either closed or empty the TV stations decide to load up on bad movies ( Roadhouse, Cocktail, It's a wonderful life) and forgo new shows. The worst offender being "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" which aired last year's Christmas special as this year's season finale. Luckily for them it's the funniest show ever. But still...

5. Gifts. I fucking hate gift giving and receiving. First of all I must smell bad, because it seems like I get about 50 different off brand ass colognes every single year. Secondly it seems like the people I hang out with are either stupid or just don't pay attention as EVERY year I get something I specifically went on a long rant about hating! It's like fucking clockwork. One year it was the movie 8 mile, another gift certificates to a restaurant I hate, this year a girl took me to Cuvee a restaurant I DESPISE as a Christmas gift. I certainly don't hold back my opinions so they're either dumb or not paying attention.

But more than gift receiving, I hate gift giving. First you have to think awkwardly about whether or not the other person will get you a gift, cause let's be honest whether or not you're a nice person, giving someone a gift and not getting one back is a giant kick in the balls or coslopus (if you're one of my 5 female readers). Does anyone get what they really want without asking for it? I doubt it. And let's be real asking for what you want as a gift kinda defeats the whole purpose. I swear now that I'm good financially, I'm gonna just start handing people cash for Christmas; Jack Donaghy style.

6. The Mall is an Atrocity. I consider the mall one of my homes away from home. I hang out, I meet girls, I eat at one of the fine and ever expanding food courts. I try on things I'd never wear and I buy beanies. A good time is had by all. But over the Holidays, my nice little relaxing malls, become the spawn of Satan. You can't park anywhere, the slection of EVERYTHING dwindles down to almost nothing and size 3XXXL Ben Rothlisberger jerseys, and there is a line for ANYTHING you want or have to do. Bathrooms? line. Check out? Line Eat? Line at fucking Sbarro. I like Sbarro but even the brothers that founded that place wouldn't stand in line for it. All in all, I am forced to stay away from my precious malls, which not only hurst me, but them, random women and the US economy.

7. New Year's Eve. Is ANYTHING in the entire world more overrated than New Year's Eve? Any party you go to is going to be expensive, crowded, overhyped and inevitably will fail to deliver. There's a reason one of my suicide attempts was on New Year's Eve, cause it blows Moose Cock. Yes it's a pretty easy night to get laid, but in all honesty, I stayed home the last two NYE's and was SUPER happy. Though last year it was becasue Kristen got hit in the head with a rock at some bar, and was mostly incoherent as I watched hour after hour of The Wire. Seriously if you have the choice between going out to pick up chicks or staying in on NYE I say stay in, cause it's fucking lame.

Fuck the Holidays, Fuck Them in their FUCKING ass!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays...

Is What Communists say :)

Merry Christmas, from your
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Middle Age Stiffness

Hey guys,

Quick blog post today as I only have 15 minutes til I gotta bounce for a kickboxing 1 on 1 ( Unfortunately for me, the people who teach Kickboxing, have families they want to be around for the holidays so no more training til Jan 2nd. Sad Panda).

But As I was doing my morning stretching/meditation etc... I was reminded of a conversation I had with Kurgan in Vegas a few weeks back.

We were there for the bootcamp and one of our students, who was only in his late 20s was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY stiff. We had a few other guys who were a little older, and they all had the same kinda stiffness in set.

The point is, stiffness is one of the worst attributes you can have for approaching women, it doesn't help you at all, and it's relatively easy to get rid of.

How do you get rid of it?

1. Start stretching. I personally do yoga at least 2x a week, but I'm also addicted to working out and don't have a day job. In the morning when I wake up I go through about 5-10 minutes of stretching to loosen myself up. I'm pretty sure if EVERY guy with stiffness issues just committed 10 minutes a day to stretch before you go to bed and after you wake up, the majority of these issues would disappear.

2. Avoid Catabolic activities. Catabolic activities are ones designed to break the muscle down in order to have it re-grow stronger. Weight lifting, running up hills etc... The older you get (without HGH) the less your body can respond to catabolic activities and the more it's going to respond with stiffness and muscle aches. Which is one of the reasons pro bodybuilders move around so funny, because they have 0 flexibility and a ton of extra weight to drag around.

Anyway if you're an older guy (or a younger guy whose noticed this problem) start stretching for 10 minutes a day and you'll see a much better response from women and people in general.

Off to training for me!

Hope that helps,

JS-The King Of Content

Monday, December 20, 2010

A conversation with God

I was laying on my bed last night when for some reason God decided to speak to me, he kinda sounded like James Earl Jones.

" Jon, Jon, Jonnnnnnnnnn"

What the fuck, I thought, wondering if that weed I bought was a little too good.

" Jonnnn, this is God."

I tried to cover my ears with a pillow but no luck.

" You have a problem? Right? I mean I'm God, I don't just show up at every Tom, Dick and Harry's house to talk about their problems with getting laid too much. So make this quick, I gotta get back before Johnny Carson starts his Tonight Show Heaven version."

He still does the show in Heaven eh? What's gonna happen when Leno dies?

" You think Leno's gonna make Heaven?"

Well, uh, probably not, OK... Yeah I guess I do have a problem. See it's like this God, I'm really good at everything leading up to sex, but everything that happens after is starting to cause me some annoyance.

" Annoyance? Like what you got the HIV?"

No, knock on wood.

" You got the Herp?"

Again, no thank Go... You, I guess.

" Oh let me guess, you knocked up some scummy porn actress chick and she's gonna keep the kid. That's a rough draw.."

No, I didn't knock any Porn chick up! I'm just having a lot of guilt, and I'm thinking maybe this whole me sleeping with all these girls and not committing thing is creating bad karma or something.

" My Karma ran over my Dogma. Lol you gotta admit that's funny!

Puns NEVER get old.

But seriously, that's what you're depressed over? You THINK you might be causing problems for girls who made the choice to sleep with you? They're not even breaking your car windows anymore?

No, but thanks for bringing that up... Are you gonna help me or just judge?

"I mean, don't get me wrong, personally think they're kinda stupid,and they definitely didn't do too well on the decision making part of the SAT, but it's not anything to get all bent out of shape about. I mean it's not like you're forcing them, like all sorts of people in the Bible. So what's the issue? There's at least 6 Billion people I could be talking to with worse lives here..."

So why are you here? I'm sure there's a lot of people that complain about their lives and want you to fix them...

" Well, remember how you used to think I was actually conspiring against you? Like that one November a few years ago where you got Last Minute Resistance from like 8 girls in a row?"


" I might have been messing with you a little, but only with that one girl who flew out to visit you and got her period. And maybe like two others...

So you came here to apologize?

" I'm God, you think I'm gonna apologize to a traveling vagabond pick up teacher?"

So you're here to Gloat????

"I'm here to tell you that you have two choices, you can continue to live the way you do and deal with the negative emotions that are part of all you silly little humans break ups( Even if their just for a night), or you need to change what you're doing. It's pretty simple, but ever since that whole flood misunderstanding, I've found the need to actually spell out what you fuckers need to be doing."

So pretty much stop being a pussy?

" You got it. Good talk."


Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Truth About Getting About Getting Good With Girls (Video)


I recently put up a short video presentation that
reveals what it REALLY take to be outrageously
successful with women.

Check out the video here:

The Truth



This video is eye-opening to say the least. Watch
it here:


Friday, December 17, 2010

In Praise Of Kobe Bean Bryant

As we all know the NBA is by far my favorite sport. While I flirt with MMA, and cheat with Football 20 something weeks a year, The NBA will always be where my Heart is.

Soo... With all the Knicks and Lebron talk going on today, it made me realize something.

Long time blog readers brace yourself.

Kobe Bryant may not be that bad...

I know, I thought I was going to be struck by lightning when I typed that last sentence as well.

But honestly, Kobe has been steadily wearing down my hatred since 2008. That was the year that he eschewed surgery on a fractured pinkie, took his game to another level during game 5 of The Spurs series when he single handily and coldy destroyed the Spurs season by himself. And yeah, he played like shit(for a top 10 alltime player) in the Finals against the Celtics but then immediately turned around and became the unselfish(never though those words would be associated with the Mamba) defense stopper and crunch time scorer for The Redeem Team where he again put on his Superman cape and rescued the US with a huge 4 point play in the Gold Medal Game against Spain.

But Kobe wasn't done.

Rather than get healthy during the summer, he worked out with Hakeem Olajuwon adding a ridiculous array of spin moves and up and unders from the post to preserve his body and keep him from having to drive to the basket to score.

Oh yeah, then he won his first championship without Shaq, played another grueling 110 game season. Did he have surgery in the offseason, maybe chill out on a beach? Nope Kobe stayed in the gym, Another 110 games, 7 game winning shots, shoulder and knee injuries, and another championship.

There's no way to compare those numbers to any other guard EVER unless we start to tread on holy ground by comparing him to # 23 from Chicago.

From 2008-2010(and counting) Kobe has been Superman, John Mcclane and Michael Myers all rolled into one. He takes the opponents best shot and keeps moving forward. The bullets bounce off, they throw their guns at him and he still keeps coming. He works harder than everyone else, he NEVER gets hurt, he always shows up, and he remains the most intimidating layer in the league regardless of size. Plus he's still the one player you don't want with the ball in his hand down 1 with 6 seconds to go.

And then there's this whole Lebron debacle.

At the time I wrote something like " Say what you want about Kobe Bryant but he would NEVER do this."

In the era of the instant gratification superstar, where Nike sponsored Superteams pop up in South Florida and guys like Carmelo tell their front office that they'll only sign an extension if they're traded somewhere they can team up with another Superstar, Kobe stands almost alone as a true franchise player who welcomes the pressure of being The Man every night.

On a recent podcast, Bill Simmons said the best part of the decision(purposeful lowercase) was imagining Kobe watching it, shaking his head, calling those guys pussies and heading out for a late workout. I totally agree. Unlike Lebron who fled the first chance he got to play on Dwayne Wade's Miami Heat, Kobe basically forced a top 12 player of all time out of town so he could be the Man.

Kobe's even won me over a little with his personality. He's given up trying to be nice, polite or fake. He's not even holding his kids during press conference anymore.

I started to turn around on Kobe, when Shaq tried to disingenuously pretend that his feud with Kobe was all marketing at the 2008 All Star game. Shaq playing out his days on a bad Phoenix team was desperately trying to get back in Phil Jackson's and Kobe's good graces in hopes of a Lakers reunion. Kobe spit venom in interviews speaking on reunions and blew Shaq's "marketing" story out of the water. Then when he won his 5th title last year, the first thing he said was " I got one more than Shaq now". Recently he had a mini tirade when asked about his knee where he dropped the f bomb about 50 times. I honestly think watching Tiger Woods' fake image come crashing down, showed Kobe that if he wants to be remembered long term for his game, he should just be himself. A hired killer.

And then there was my favorite Kobe quote, a quote that I could NEVER see Lebron making in 10 years when his career is where Kobe's is now. Kobe had heaped praise on Derrick Rose( Not for nothing as the kid's playing at an MVP level and making the Bulls must see TV) the reporters then asked if he was ready to symbollicly pass the torch to which Kobe winced and said " I'm not ready to pass shit."

I can't believe I'm saying this, but for the sake of the NBA, Thank God.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ugh-Don't Read This if you don't like rambling posts about feelings ...

Ain’t no question if I want it, I need it
I can feel it slowly drifting away from me
I’m on the edge, so why you playing? I’m saying
I will never ever let you live this down, down, down

Sooo I wrote This Post a few weeks back and it must have worked like a reverse jinx, because I've actually been doing better with girls than ever.

Especially this late in the year...

However, all is not well in the Land of Jon...

Ever since a certain girl who subsequently went on to ruin my Birthday, sat me down to give me this horrible talk, I've been WAY too worried about the aftereffects of my actions.

Namely, I'm not a monogamous person, I bring this up early on and girls clearly understand that I'm not always looking for return business as evidenced by this text message I got from a girl I slept with on Sunday.

"Haha look all I'm saying is no pressure to get back ever ;P like I wouldn't mind doing this again, but if it was just a one time thing I get it LOL"

But for some reason I still feel like I hurt this girl's feelings...

I used to not care.

Actually that's not true, before I didn't care, I was REALLY angry at women. Specifically at my Barrie my first girlfriend, and at my Mom for cheating on my Dad.

Somewhere along the line I let that go, and I started to love and appreciate women again. But I was still detached, cold, very much in control of my emotions and actions.

At least when it came to women...

I went a LONG time without EVER getting emotionally involved with a woman. Sure there were a lot of girls I slept with, a decent amount I "dated", a couple I even saw for a long time. But no girl in LA,Dallas, or Miami got in...

until then there was Kristen.

And my pretty little illusion of control got shattered. I let my anti-intimacy forcefield down and got a year long reminder of why I was the way I was. Now that I'm finally out of it and don't want her anymore, I'm still haunted by the words she cried into her pillow that night, the night that should have been the end of our relationship.

"Think of all the girls out there who cry over you, that you never see."

Now I do, and it's changing my behavior.

I turned down a girl who was throwing herself at me over text because she was obviously looking for more commitment than she's going to get from me. Same thing with not hooking up with a friend's roommate recently... I'm thinking about the break ups and how I can make minimize the damage to her feelings as much as possible.

Which is not the most helpful thing to be thinking about...

Last night I called some friends of mine, and after all agreeing I'm crazy (I've admitted that for years) many of them thought this was a good thing.

Maybe but it's making my carefully crafted juggling act of a life much more difficult.

JS- The King of long winded overly dramatic posts about his feelings :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Frame Control Basics


Frame control is a really important and misunderstood topic on bootcamps, so I want to quickly post the basics of controlling the frame during a pick up.

The frame refers to the underlying meaning of the interaction.

When you're talking to a girl one of the two of you is going to set the underlying meaning of the interaction. This is because in order to move things forward, you both have to accept a frame(Underlying meaning of the interaction) that allows things to escalate.

There are many frames that can be set, depending on what you're trying to accomplish, but the overall idea is that we're trying to get the woman we're attracted to, to accept a helpful frame.

In general there are three basic ways to control the frame during the BEGINNING of an interaction.

1. Don't qualify yourself.

This is my favorite piece of advice, because every dating coach you'll meet, will tell you not to qualify yourself, before pulling out their digita cameras and asking you what you think the last girl they had sex with was on a 1-10 scale.

For the purpose of this discussion, we'll define qualification as anything you do that is obviously an attempt to influence the girl's opinion about you in a positive way.

Bragging, name dropping, defending yourself, etc... are all forms of qualifying yourself. You want to avoid this and instead ignore or agree with anything negative that comes your way.

2. Control the conversational subjects.

This doesn't mean you should be rude and cut girls off, but you do need to try to get the coversation on to topics that will make you look good.

For example, the only girls who share my musical taste live in the hood. So when music comes up I want to quickly switch topics onto something I'm good at talking about like relationships, women, traveling, psychology or writing.

3. Pass congruence tests.

Congruence tests happen when a girl is starting to get attracted to you, but she still isn't sure if you're actually cool.

In general getting tested is a good thing. Women don't tend to test men they are not attracted to. In fact with a certain type of girl, you can get all the way to sex by prompting and then passing a series of tests.

Tests generally happen when women ask you kinda bitchy questions while smiling and looking like they're having a good time. If a girl tells you to leave but she's laughing and touching your arm, it's a test. If she looks serious, it probably means you creeped out/offended them and you need to leave.

Examples are

" Are you a player?"
" Are you gay?"
" I'm not sleeping with you"
" Do you do this with every girl"

Any WAY overly emotional reaction to a cocky line or joke.

Luckily for you, there is a tried and tested formula for passing tests.

It is

1. Agree. This goes back to not qualifying yourself. Like in Jiu jitsu we're going to roll with the force of the attack rather than try to block it.

2. Exaggerate. Brad P calls this absurdifying, the point is that you have to now exaggerate your answer so much that it draws attention to how utterly stupid the question/reaction actually was. This is frame control, because you have to show her that you are NOT taking the question seriously in ANY way. If you answer tests seriously, you fail because it's the act of qualifying yourself to the girl on command that makes her lose attraction, not your actual answer.

3. Change the subject. This is where all the aspiring PUAs get it wrong, because sometimes girls will laugh and joke around back. Don't play into that, change the subject immediately so you can move the interaction forward.


Girl: " DO you do this with all the girls?"
Me: Yeah (Agree)
Me: I actually can only talk with you for another minute or two cause I have a threesome lined up for about 15 minutes from now. (Absurdify)
Me: You totally remind me of my friend Kelly ( Change the subject)

Hope that helps clarify what is meant when people say " control the frame!" and pound their fist on a metaphorical PUA table.

JS- The King Of Content

Friday, December 10, 2010

Having Your Cake And Eating it Too...

Mark Entropy wrote an interesting post about what it's like to be a player and how for MOST guys (Yes you reading this) having a great girlfriend is really the most realistic option.

I can't find the link, but it was on the other day.

Now while I personally don't like having a girlfriend, I do agree with Mark's assertion. Most guy's lifestyles are not suitable for going out 4-7 nights a week, dating 3-4 women at a time, or juggling multiple relationships.

That doesn't even begin to mention the emotional tolls. Even someone as emotionally detached as myself is not immune to falling for a certain girl and then getting crushed in the process(See Kristen, NY and my Bday this year).

This problem essentially boils down to one main point; guys can't decide what they want.

One minute they think they want a girlfriend, the next they really want that hot girl by the bar. Part of this is evolutionary, but a larger part comes from a lack of self awareness.

Unfortunately you can't have your cake and eat it too.

You can't have the benefits of an emotionally fulfilling, loving, relationship that grows and leads to all the fun mushy feelings that regular people (like you reading this) seem to all eventually want, while screwing a ton of other girls.

Unfortunately you have to make a choice, and that choice will determine what rewards your life with women will bring you.

Or you can end up like Tiger Woods, Jesse James, or Tony Parker and deal with all the drama that comes with infidelity and seeing your carefully constructed world of lies come crashing down.

Your choice.

JS-The King Of Content

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Watch This Video Or Struggle for YEARS...


I just put up a very controversial new video that
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You can watch the video here:

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* And much more!

Please watch the video now while it's still

The Truth


JS-The King Of Content

P.S. Due to the controversial nature of this video,
I'm probably going to have to take it down soon.

Find out why here:

The Truth

Monday, December 06, 2010

Why Do You Do Pickup?

I was working with some of my top Apprenticeship group students this weekend, and one of them asked me what I thought about the whole pickup thing, while noting that I almost have a loathing for the community in general.

I answered the question by asking him why he wanted to get better at pickup.

He said that he wanted to have more experience, change his life, get laid more, etc.. All pretty common stuff. But what he didn't realize was why I asked him the question.

Everyone gets into pickup for the same reason; they want to improve their lives.

But, and this is a big enough but that it should belong to a Kardashian, once they start practicing they realize that results are going to take a little while.

Furthermore, they realize that once they've started going out and approaching girls, it's not that easy. Soon they realize that they won't be able to achieve their goals in the amount of time they originally thought it would take, and voila your mind needs to come up with a new motivational strategy for going out and talking to girls.

Luckily your mind is an amazing meaning maker and is able to find new motivations to go out. It might be to brag about how well you're doing with girls. It might be that you start complaining all the time about how the world isn't fair or looks are all that matter( I'm talking to you Karl in Chicago) But whatever new reason you choose, will start to bleed into all your interactions.

So what's the solution?

You have to do pickup for yourself.

Not to get girls, or to impress guys, or to alleviate boredom. You have to make approaching women something you do, because you want to. Because you enjoy the process and because you know that your life will be better even if you fail at your approach because you are becoming the kind of man who approaches the women he's attracted to.

That's the reason I'm the last man standing from my generation of "PUAS". Because for all those guys, pickup was a means to an end. A way to get something. For me, pickup was about becoming the kind of person I always wanted to be. The kind of guy who talks to beautiful women anywhere he is and doesn't need to set aside time to go out and "game" because I meet women everywhere I go.

You can do this too, but you have to make sure you're doing it for yourself.


JS- The King Of Content

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Don't believe everything you hear...

Did you know Gullible isn't in the dictionary?

It blows my mind, how soooo many people take everything they hear on face value.

The other day at my MMA gym, I heard a story about a friend of a friend "punking" a famous and very large football player.

Sounds cool right?

Until you examine the story. I'm not gonna get into how I can prove it never happened, but suffice it to say anyone with access to wikipedia and more free time than they know what to do with, could have come to the same conclusion.

Consistently people overrate their ability to withstand persuasion and figure out lies. In persuasion we call it the "Myth Of Invulnerability". We all assume that all the cons, lies and deceptions that confuse other people, would never work on us.

My Dad used to tell me that there was special paint on the roads of the Pacific Coast Highway that whined when you crossed the lines to let you know you were crossing. This sounded like a perfectly reasonable explanation of things at 12.

We all are programmed to believe anything we hear, especially if it comes from someone who is supposed to be an authority figure.

I wanted to write this post to remind you (Especially when dealing with pseudo authorities and "gurus") that not everything people tell you is the truth. And you should look at everything with a discerning eye before accepting it as gospel.