Thursday, May 31, 2007

First Break Through Comfort review is in

Here's the first review of Breakthrough Comfort. AKA The greatest thing since sliced bread. AKA the biggest discovery ever in the community. AKA backwards engineered love.


Lack of updates explained...

SO I have been SUPER busy...

I slept with the coolest girl of all time the other night. She likes comics and V for Vendetta is her favorite movie. Unfortunately she also has a BF in another country.... Gotta love the drama.

Last night in continuing my spirit of dramtic destruction, I had a date with a married girl.Who wait for it also has a boyfriend on the side and hasn't had sex with her husband in 2 years. That just got weird and she's still texting me after I told her she shouldn't. Yay! So I'm not making the best decisions with the women that I am dating, but that's ok, because now I head to Vegas where the women are SUPER high quality mentally and emotionally :)

I also have invented the most fun game of all time: Virtual drinking with Savoy. SO far in the series I am up 3-2 after Savoy made a rousing comeback in game 5 from down 5 drinks to win with the help of home court advantage. Not sure who won last night. I probably did. But tonight if game 7 happens I will not have to drive and Vegas never closes. Though to be fair Savoy has said that he is willing to go to bed with a bottle of vodka set the alarm for every 15 minutes and take a shot to win the series.

By the end of today I will have finished the Way of The Superior Man review, and then I'll start on the Brad P ones.

It looks like most of you guys want to hear about how I got into the game so I will also write an article about that at some point.

Right now I am watching The Real World Las Vegas reunion show, RW Vegas was the BEST reality show ever and I think it's high time that MTV brought them back.

Cj just walked in so it's time to go eat


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Suggestion box # 1

SO here it is write in and tell me what you want to hear about.

Keep it positive please.


Monday, May 28, 2007

This week in Sinns Of Attraction:

So I missed a few things last week as I ended up hitting SF to help Future..

Good times had by all.

Anyhoo, this week I will finally finish my reviews of both BradP's CDs(I got like 4 more to get through)and The Way of the Superior Man.

I'll post another invite for you guys to tell me what you want to hear about.

A new article on self discipline and inner game.

And maybe some live blogging from my Vegas progra(there's still seats left)


Saturday, May 26, 2007

live Blogging from the SF bootcamp part deux:

Future is explaining what he looked like before getting into the game.

This is an important point. None of us were naturals, or good at any of this stuff before we learned. And it must be weird for guys to think about that, because we now seem like we were always good at this. I think I even tend to forget sometimes, and I lose sight of what I used to be like and how far I've come. And most importantly how much guys can imporve if they are dedicated and honest with themselves.

I think this whole weekend is a test of a guy's resolve and how badly he wants success in this area of his life. If you don't WANT this bad enough, you are going to fail. And that's ok. If nothing else, you learn on bootcamp whether or not you want to get good at this.

It is all worth it though. When I think back to the women I have been with and the way I feel about myself now versus 4 years ago. All the work has been more than worth it.

Now we are talking about loud venues. They suck, but they have the hottest girls, that's a fact the noise is a built in protection shield which allows them to dance away. You have to be loud, you have to project your voice, and you may lose it as you are practicing. Your voice is a muscle like any other in your body, if you work it to failure, it comes back stronger. If you aren't losing your voice, you aren't talking loud enough.

Fucking comes before flowers and girls paying on dates.... Social intuition is an attraction switch. And the provider frame is a myth. One of my MAJOR problems with DYD stuff is that he talks about making girls pay for things. Bad idea when I started I tried thsi for months and while I got free lunches, Jamba juices and pretzels I wasn't getting laid. Spend the 6 bucks...

break time.


Live Blogging from the SF bootcamp

One of the students got laid last night and Future and I both had mind blowing nights...

Now we are on the debrief. Future is teaching about being non reactive and sticking to your conversational threads. He just said that the two things people all like are orgasms and humor. That's a great line.

Now we are talking about conversation trees. And ranging routines. Every routine needs to be good enough that it can be used as an opener so if you go down a conversational thread that isn't helpful you can start a new conversation.

Now we are teaching transitioning. There are 5 ways to transition

1. Content- That means if she gives you a topic to talk about off the opener, you do.
2. Observational. This is where you make an observation like best friends test
3. Cold reads- self explanatory
4. Phrasal- Like " That reminds me"
5. No transition-

The student who got laid did a bunch of venue changes, it seems like he naturally does things the right way. He's gonna be good.

Working with Future is really fun.

Now we are talking about locking in. Locking in is one of the most important parts of the game as it instantly changes the interaction. Locking in, just means that you get into the position of most comfortable comfort.

Ok I'll post more soon.


Friday, May 25, 2007

Fidelio's funny

Fidelio who is funnier than Future has a great post on his blog....

He's alpha

You can read it Here


Captain Jack's rings on fingers routine

CJ is super money and this routine is awesome! I've just started to use it with great results.

Here's CJ

Hey guys,

I've field tested this 5 or 6 times now and I think about 4 of the Dallas PUA's that went to AsianPlayboy and Prophet's Dallas Workshop (which was AWESOME btw) tested it in field with good results too. I know this because I ran it on an HB and she told me I was the 2nd guy to tell her that! Ha ha!

I have a short DHV type version and I've created a longer comfort version that I haven't tested yet in its entirety (it is longer and is nlp-pattern based).

Here is the shorter version:

In every interaction I try to communicate (at least) the following 3 things to make sex easier...

1. We're both good at keeping secrets
2. When she sees someone that she's attracted to she becomes sexually aggressive
3. I'm not judgemental

Here's an excerpt from a recent lay report where I think it helped immensely to allow her to become the aggressor...

Originally Posted by CaptainJack
"Did you know that what fingers you have rings on says stuff about your personality?"

I point to the right pinky ring and say, "that means you are good at keeping secrets."

HB: "i tell my brother everything."
CJ: "just your brother?" that's ok. that's like a diary, plus he's family."
CJ: "and your right ring finger, that means when you find the right person and you're attracted (pointing to myself), you become sexually aggressive"
HB: "yessssssss!"

Then, I look at my left middle ring and say, "This means I'm not judgmental."

HB: "mmmmmmm...."
Here's how I've been doing it lately in A2,C1 or mini-isolation.

I'll look at the HB's hand and say, "hmmm..."
HB: "what? what?"
CJ: "You can tell stuff about people by which fingers they wear their rings on"
CJ: *look away and go silent - this is to bait her to invest in the convo*
HB: "tell me!" or "what do mine say???"

Most girls will have at least two to 3 rings on their fingers. This is all BS but I like to keep the pinky finger the "keeps secrets" finger and the right ring finger as "sexually aggressive when you find someone you like" finger then I'll say that the left ring finger (i.e. marraige finger) means you are sexually submissive (which makes sense because you DID get married - ha ha).

CJ: "Wearing a ring on your pinky means you are good at keeping secrets. That's why you pinky swear and why mafia guys wear pinky rings."

If she doesn't have a pinky ring on I say, "Damn, we'll have to pinky swear before we share deep secrets..." *smile*

HB: "blah, blah"

CJ: * i'll look at her other ring and it is usually either an index finger or the right ring finger for some reason * "And, this one means that when you find someone you are really attracted to (sneakily pointing to self with my thumb) you feel comfortable getting sexually aggressive with this person (again pointing to myself)"

Right here, its important to NOT LET HER TALK. Because she might try to start qualifying herself as NOT being a slut or being marriage material or whatever because she thinks you want a prim and proper girl like that. If SHE does get that out then you are going to have to go REALLY DEEP in comfort and rapport later (so don't make it hard on yourself, don't let her make a peep).

So roll right into the last one. Point to one of your rings (remember it can't be a finger that you've already used on her so you may need to adjust your ring before this) and say:

"When someone wears a ring on this finger (pointing to your ring) it means they are NOT judgemental. They don't have all of the HANG-UPS about life and relationships that most people do."

Then, later throughout the convo when sexual comments start coming out I (subtly) play with that ring once or twice.

There you go. Please field test and let me know how it goes!

-- CaptainJack

The Most important questions you can ask yourself

From David D's On being a man program:

• What are you not admitting?
• What are you running away from?
• What ideals are you clinging too tightly to about yourself, women, or relationships?
• What do you need to realize and accept?
• Where are you accepting second rate thinking and behavior from yourself?
• Where are you not being authentic in life?
• Where are you not demonstrating integrity to yourself?
• What are you hiding?
• WHY are you hiding?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bootcamp Announcrement

Yo !!!

I will be joining my good friend Future in San Francisco Tomor.

If you were considering taking a program in SF I reccomend you take this one..

You get not 1 but 2 TMM instructors with great reputations.

If I were you, I'd sign up...


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Keeping the sword sharp

I am not better looking than most guys like Da Hunter, I am not 6'5 like Savoy, I don't have a natural love of the spotlight like Future. The only reason why I get results, is that I work my ass off.

I read, I practice, I do sets. I have probably done somewhere around 10,000 sets. Think that through for a second. That means 10,000 times of walking up to a stranger or group of strangers and opening then trying to move forward. 10,000 times. That's more than most people will ever do. And I'm in my early 20s.

I believe in the power of practice and in the power of keeping on top of things. I have been out with guys from PU101, Juggler, RSD, you name it. I am constantly looking for things that will make my game better. And then I teach them.

I truly believe that I am the most progressive teacher in the industry. I don't think ANYONE else can match my knowledge of compeititors products, method, or flaws. You want to know about NLP, I have a master's prac. You want to know about inner game, I've spent almost a year delving into it.

I am constantly learning new pieces of the game. I am constantly trying to expand and work on new areas. Right now I'm working on social circle game and bathroom lays.

The point of this post is not as Jlaix has so elequently pointed out to tell you I'm awesome, the point is to show you that if someone like me, is still working on my game consciously. Are you?

Over the last week, how many approaches have you done? How many phone numbers have you gotten? How much have you pushed the boundaries and improved your game. Because I won't stop. I can't. I am dedicated to getting as close to perfection as I can. I realize that I won't ever fuck every girl I open, but I want to maximize my results. I wil not EVER become complacent, because to become complacent means to accept imperfection and I won't ever do that. I know perfection is impossible, but that doesn't stop me from chasing it.

What about you? Are you becoming comfortable or pushing the envelope? What have you done this week to improve your results with women?


Humorous High value openers

Humorous High Value Openers

Are you bored of using opinion openers?

Me too…

A few months ago Savoy came up with his secretary opener. You can read about that

And then The Don and I came up with the Child Support opener Which goes like this:

“Hey guys, quick question. I have three child support payments to make and I can only afford to pay one because I like the track… And those kids don’t appreciate shit anyway... One is to this woman I knocked up. The other is her daughter. And there’s my ex-wife. I don’t want to pay the mother or daughter because the other one will find out and bitch about it. And I don’t want to pay my ex-wife because she’s a cunt. What should I do?”

I like it cause you get to drop a C bomb right off the bat… Which is always awesome.

Basically, a humorous high value opener like the above mentioned ones, or Brad P’s Shockers, show A LOT of good qualities about yourself directly off the opener.

They show that you :

Are funny
Don’t care too much about what they think
Are willing to take risks
Are probably pretty cool, as a nerd would be too scared to approach like this.
Aren’t trying to pick them up

Versus an opinion opener which just starts a conversation.

Now I would NOT recommend these openers for beginners as if you don’t have the right body language, and confidence in canned material, these will just come across as socially awkward, or like you are retarded.

But if you are advanced enough that you are already getting results and are bored of opinion openers, give some of these a shot.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Week in Sinns of Attraction:

I want to start posting a guide for the week every Monday to let you guys know what’s going to be on my blog this week.

It won’t be day by day, more like a general guideline of what I’m going to be writing about as the week moves forward.

So this week at some point I will post:

My review of Brad P’s Underground Dating CDs. Brad was nice enough to send me the entire set and I’ve been going through them. I can’t decide if I want to review them collectively or individually. I’ll have to make that decision and then proceed accordingly.

My review of Way Of The Superior Man… Awesome book I’m re-reading and getting soo much more out of.

A list of Inner game questions every MAN needs to answer to himself

An announcement about a change to the bootcamp model. Stay tuned for this one if you are considering taking a program.

An article about the WORST seduction forum on the internet and why I will no longer post there.

An article on humorous high value openers. We have added these for the second addition of Magic Bullets.

A repost of one of Captain Jack’s really money routines I just started using…

And more.

Same Sinn time, Same Sinn station.


Girls don't not like Doctors, girls don't like YOU!

So a lot of the time in programs, we will have guys tell me that telling girls they are a Dr, a lawyer, or a firefighter doesn't work.

To this I respond bullshit!

There are certain stereotypes that cause attraction(That's the basis of our 3rd day of seminar on identity) and any stereotype that girls GROW UP being told to marry... are good.

The problem is that if you don't know how to get attraction, because you have no SKILLS, then nothing will work for you. There is 1 thing and 1 thing alone that gets you the girl...


That said, if you are playing cold approach i.e going out to public gatherings to interact with groups of women. And you are NOT using your strong identity because in the past it hasn't worked for you... You are shooting yourself in the foot. With a bazooka.

You would not believe how often this happens.

There is no such thing as " Pure" game. Every single advantage that you can use to help you get the girl, you should.

Guys, don't be afraid to talk about all the awesome things you have done, don't be too humble. Seriously if you have ANYTHING in your life that a woman will like you more after learning about, talk about it. Future was a marine and when he took his program, he NEVER talked about his time in the service. Now he talks about it all the time and his results have followed.

Ok rant over...


Monday, May 21, 2007

Can a bootcamp help me?

The answer, actually has very little to do with how much experience you have with women. All the TMM guys are great at analyzing where a guy needs help and what situations he is going to succeed in. So whether you are a virgin or have been with 6,7 or 8 hundred women in your life we can help you get to your goals.

So even though the a majority of the guys who got good really fast(Myself, Future, CJ) had done a lot of sets prior to taking a program(I had done 750 or so, Future almost 1000) That’s not really a requirement for success and getting the most out of a program. No instead the best indicator of whether you are going to retain the information and get the success you want, is you.

If you are an apathetic piece of shit, who sits in the seminar portion, not taking notes, and staring off into space with a glazed look in your eyes, or you want to argue about a specific situation, or you want to tell me the material doesn’t work without trying it. Stay the fuck off my programs. Seriously don’t sign up, keep your money and leave me alone. I ONLY want to work with guys who are motivated, dedicated and want to learn.

I don’t care if you want to get hotter girls, have threesomes, have a ONS every night of the week, or get married. Your particular goals for your relationship life, are all great. As far as we can prove, this is the ONLY life you get. So you would be stupid not to pursue happiness with as much zeal and passion as you can. Push the boundaries of what you can have and go after your goals 100%.

Bootcamps SHOULD be a life altering experience, where your ideas about what is possible are shattered forever, and you leave with a roadmap and the tools to get the success you want. They are NOT magic bullets. If you are not a superstud coming into the program, you probably won’t be one coming out. But you will have a map and the tools to succeed, as well as a detailed list of YOUR specific sticking points and ways to get around them. You’ll also have a better idea of how to dress and how to set up YOUR life in a way that the trajectory of your passions and your path in life, leads you to be surrounded by beautiful women, while developing the skillset to bring them into your life.

If after a bootcamp, you do our prescribed workout course of 50 sets a week for the next 6 weeks, you will become internalized, and you will now ALWAYS understand where you are in the model, as well as having polished a HUGE amount of the material that we taught you.

Bootcamps, are like information overload, and if it weren’t for the fact that most people have regular jobs that require them to be at work on Thurs, and Mon, I would like to stretch the teaching out over 5 days so that students get more time to digest the material. I probably have 30 hours of seminar info JUST on regular game disregarding Stripper and hired gun tactics, Day Game stuff, and Same night lay stuff.
Ultimately, I would love to teach a week long event Tony Robbins style where I go over EVERYTHING from Inner game to sexual techniques and relationship management. Just not too sure what the market for something like that would be like.

Finally if I could address every potential student out there reading this, I would give this list of ways to get the most for your money, maximize your results and shave time off your learning curve while at a TMM program.

1. Be completely honest with yourself and the instructors. We will know when you are lying and more importantly you are only hurting yourself. Be real about what you don’t understand, and what you have trouble with.
2. Ask questions. If you don’t understand something, ask. I may ask you to hold the question until a break or until I finish making a point, but I will ALWAYS get to questions. Questions let me know you are paying attention and trying to figure things out for yourself.
3. Take a copious amount of notes. I still looked over my notes from my program for a year and a half after I took it. I was assisting Mystery on bootcamps, and STILL found new nuggets of gold in my original notes. Make it a habit to review your notes once a week every week after your program for a year.
4. Assume everything you know about women is wrong. I love discussing why things work, but I HATE arguing and trying to convince students that their beliefs that “ it’s hard to take girls home the same night” or “ Girls aren’t like that” are wrong. I don’t have time to argue as I have to squeeze everything I think can help an individual group into 15 hours including exercises. If you want an explanation for something, I’ll provide it, I wot however have a 15 minute argument in class.
5. Be willing to try ANYTHING. The students who get the most out of the course, are the ones who push themselves out of their comfort zones. The ones who take the big mixed set, rather than wait for the easy 2 set.
6. Don’t make excuses. They aren’t hot enough is not a reason to not open the set. You only have 2 nights with us in field. That means every set you don’t take is a set I could be analyzing what you are doing wrong, and you could be polishing material for a time in the future when a women you do want comes along.
7. Don’t take instructor feedback personally. We are NOT here to make you feel bad. Every single piece of advice I give is to help YOUR game. I don’t get any pleasure in telling a guy to wax his eyebrows or tell you to be louder. Take it as it’s meant to help you achieve the goals that led you to take a program in the first place.
8. Have a good attitude. Be enthusiastic and excited that you get the chance to have professionals give you feedback. Tell us you want to open sets, rather than waiting for us to push you. Come up with more ideas during the story-telling exercises, Write down what happened at night and have questions ready for debrief the next day.
9. Make friends with the other guys in the class. First because they may live in your area and you can make wings, and second because the better the atmosphere in the classroom, the better the bootcamp goes.
10. Have fun. Find some sort of joy in the entire process. It’s meeting women, not getting a root canal.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Blogging from the Miami Bootcamp.

Here's a few quick hit thoughts from the first day of the Miami program yesterday before we start today.

1. Miami has AMAZINGLY beautiful women wearing almost nothing. Future and I were wondering why we don't live here. Then we drove around and realized that it's kinda gross.

2. Trying to bathroom pull doesn't always work. I tried last night and it didn't work... sadness.

3. Working with future is awesome, I forgot how much fun it is to have my best friend helping out.

4. Drivers in Miami are very aggressive and drive in a style unlike anywhere else.

5. I hate having really ON nights on bootcamps, as I can't take advantage of the multitude of girls trying to get into my pants. Carnal, Future and myself were unreal on last night and ended up leaving alone as our first priority is always helping students. Which leads to all the ON sets leaving...

6. I got asked if I was trying to seduce a girl from last field report by text. She also said it was working. Married girl also texted to ask me to marry her.

7. It is extremely rewarding when guys start to undertsand that you can talk to girls and it's not as scary as they have built it up to be.

8. I hate when people approach me and ask me if I'm Sinn...

9. Miami is a very diverse ethnic city.

10. I am soo Angry about the way the Suns-Spurs series went I may give up watching the rest of the playoffs....


Friday, May 18, 2007

The New Pick Up Center of the World

Is Dallas.

That’s where I moved, and over the last 5 days myself, El Topo, and Captain Jack either together or separately have pulled every night. CJ and I are almost at the point where we will pull EVERY night. It’s unreal!

I have NEVER winged with anyone who I’ve clicked with like this. It’s scary that we have 2 of the top guys in the World and a big time up and comer in El topo rolling every night…

We have the sickest crew EVER…

Me, CJ, El Topo, plus sometime appearances from Twitchy, Fidelio, PlayerT, APB etc…

We rule this fucking city and chodes may never reproduce ever again.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

LR From Chode-Out to Lay

This is my 3rd new lay in 9 days. I usually don’t post LRs but I want to document my choding out pre-lay so I can remember not to do it EVER again.

So I hit the venue with CJ. Actually CJ falls asleep and I get a text as I’m walking into the venue. Ok. I can watch the Suns-Spurs game and do some approaches.

I see a 2 set of 9s, short, blonde, big boobs. I want them but they are walking the opposite direction and I try not to do moving sets in a venue as they usually will just keep moving.

So I watch the game for a bit until I get mad about the stupid ass suspension of Amare Stoudemire,

I roll to the other bar. There are the 2 9s. And here comes the flood of Approach Anxiety. I step behind them to hover near a group so I can bounce off them. I start texting myself a set list. Then a dude opens me on my phone. I chat him as it’s always better to have social proof. Then a 5’10 girl appears to open me.

She’s ok. Nothing special then I look down and see massive Sinn stunners. It’s super on. She’s giggling and biting her lip. I start thinking logistics to move her. There’s a bathroom attendent so scratch that… fuck. I’ve been listening to Brad P’s CDs on bathroom pulls so I have a mission. I need to bang this girl quickly.

Later CJ and I talk about a new concept I’m thinking about calling it the sexual hook point. Basically it’s the point where buying temperature is soo fucking high that you can start escalating like… well something that escalates quickly. I still don’t have a good analogy…

Anyway I chode out for the first time,by merging her into the set with the two 9s. The set goes nowhere as the 2 9s are both married and have kids. Whatever post pregnancy work out plan they are on should be mandatory. I run some huge cock game and move the girl(who’s married btw) around the bar.

I chode out again by not getting her out to my car or out of the venue into an alley way. Fuck!!! I get her on a patio and she walks away from me.

Here’s CJ as he finally rolls up and we walk around. The married girl re-opens me by telling me she missed me. The 2 9s are there so I go into my default J-plotline mode. Married girl is floored and would have been all over me, but her phone rings and it’s the husband. She disappears for 35 minutes and I work the peer group. They play in some sports league together. I run some Identity stuff and shoot the shit. I really need a better answer to why I moved to Dallas than “ I like it here”. Married girl doesn’t return and the dudes roll to the other side.

I’m back with CJ and we hit a few sets. I use Horsegirl for like the 3rd time ever and it goes well. I aam purposely trying to open badly as a social pressure experiment. I want to stand in the full force of the social pressure as a way of building value. So I am purposely overnegging and fucking sets up to create social pressure. It’s amusing. My favorite new experiment is what I call Future style mixed sets. Future is super gangster and hits on the girl in front of the guys. It’s seriously my favorite thing to watch as the girls get SUPER attracted and the guys get super pissed. I use this as a social pressure experiment. Future is a much better fighter than me though, so I may end up getting killed…

I open another tall 5’9 Blond with huge-uns. It goes well except when I make a comment about her ring and she says it’s for her brother who died in Iraq… Whoops. I recover and dismiss her to come back to her later.

I get opened by an 80 year old women. Seriously she was a million years old. She was wearing an orange dress, a green bag and ruby red shoes. As I’m getting bored to death, I see a short hottie who’s hair matches mine. She’s laughing at me. I excuse myself from the old bag and open her with “ I hate you” Then I bitch about how she left me there with the old bag. Her friends are there and I introduce myself as “ The guy who is hitting on their friend”. They roll to the bathroom. It’s still on though. It’s always on.

I want to throw up due to the end of the Suns-Spurs game.

I rejoin the married chick and her 2 orbiters. She wants to dance. I figure I have a second chance at pulling her somewhere. I don’t dance… I have a series of seizures to music. It’s ugly but amuses CJ to no end. At least he didn’t tape it. This time. I try to pull her and she goes back to the table. Game Over…

I go back CJ is in set with some hair stylist. I make mock fucking motions behind her to amuse myself. I finally introduce myself and she makes fun of my handshake. Doesn’t she realize I’m from LA? We do the limp fish. The short hottie is proximiting next to us. I re-open by grabbing her.

I run Da Hunter’s do we look good together routine, which is money BTW… her friend tells us to take a walk with her. We go out to the patio, the friend tells me to lean against the wall then tells the shortie to get next to me and says that’s her make-out spot. I tell her I’m not ready to make out yet, because I need comfort and trust first. I run Strawberry fields. 27 strawberries… I start break through comfort… I tell her she’s amazing and sucks for not just being hot, and I mean this even though I’m trying to fuck her. Her other friend comes out and says they are leaving. I throw up a hail mary, “you should stay” comment. Her friends bounce to pull up the car. I set up a date for Weds. I tell her we should freak her friends out by pretending to make-out, she responds we could just make-out. Ok. I push her away and say that’s all she gets.

I go back in Married girl is gone. I have a short temper tantrum,

Then CJ is opened by a HOT black girl he and Player T had # closed a few months back. Then her friend rolls up. Her friend is literally the hottest black girl I have ever seen in my life. I am being obnoxious and super sexual. The girl who had been # closed is loving it and calling me an idiot. We join them and their 3rd friend who is getting gamed horribly by a guy with a painted on moustache who is telling her she is “Wifey Material” and that “ He’s never looked in anyone’s eyes like this”… I throw up a little in my mouth, and feel better about myself.

No routines just alpha and constantly telling her I’m trying to fuck her. Oh and a lot of huge cock game. Including the Bear story that I tell terribly. She’s thinks it’s hilarious. Fuck you Temag and Future I can’t tell it that badly. I seed the bounce with “ I’m not ready for the night to be over.” She agrees. The girls try to lose the chode and then we lose CJ. I find him and ask if he wants to pull as it seems on with him and the Uber hottie too.

We walk outside and I tell them we should go after party at my place and do some shots. They agree. I hop in the M3 with CJ and tell them to follow us. I drive slow, which is a major pain in the ass with this car…

We get in to my place I pour some of the Raspberry Vodka I had bought earlier that very day. Then I tell my girl I want to show her the tour… I start on the balcony and quickly get to the bedroom. She won’t come in. I put he drink down and try to kiss her. She says” I thought we weren’t kissing anymore.” I reply “ I lied”. I push her on the bed. I start escalating. When I start taking out her tits, she asks what I’m doing. I reply “ getting you naked so I can take advantage of you.” I escalate and try to finger her. No go. She’s “ Not ready” she says. Cool… I dry hump her, then bust a The Don by taking my pants off. She’s wearing a skirt. I rub myself against her clit and tell her to say she wants to fuck me… She tells me to get a condom and the deal is done.

Total time in this lay 2hrs… The keys were sexual framing and talk. Not flinching at any flinch points and diffusing congruence tests with humor. She was from Zimbabwe and super hot.. She also tried to tell me it was only a ONS then asked me when I was going to call her….

CJ and I then roll to Steak and Shake.

I’m still mad I didn’t bang that married girl at the bar, but she texted me this morning. The shortie texted me last night to tell me I’m a sexy bitch…

Good times.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Are you a closer?

Are you a closer?

One of the biggest mental hurdles, I have ever had to deal with, was being willing to push and make things awkward. Looking back now, I don’t worry about it, but when I was starting out I had all sorts of bullshit in my head about how long it takes to sleep with a girl, how much work you have to put into it, how some girls weren’t “like that” etc…

Looking back now I see that it was all complete bullshit!!! The only difference in my results now vs my results then, was how far I was willing to push.

We’ve all had those “ Oh shit” moments where you realize the girl likes you, but you have no idea what to do next. You figure that if you sit there and build comfort for the next 4 hours, maybe you’ll be able to get a phone # and see her again or bounce with her and her friends, or steal her away to your PUA lair.

Bad, bad, bad. In order to get the results you want, you need to be a fucking closer. Like Mariano Rivera. That means leading and knowing where you are going. TMM is an amazing roadmap, as you know the steps to get a girl into a sexual relationship. But there is more to it than just the Emotional progression model. Which brings me to;

Mistake # 1. Not knowing what outcome you want from the interaction. Do you want a ONS, you better start seeding that bounce. Do you want to get a bunch of phone # s and follow up that week? You better start some merging some sets. What a TON of guys do wrong is they try to dogmatically adhere to the structure of TMM and they forget about what they want to do with the girl they are talking to.

Solution: Figure out what you are trying to do with this girl, before you approach her… Is your goal to get into deep comfort and do a date? Or is it to try to pull her into the bathroom. Both goals require different implementation and more importantly different levels of aggressiveness.

Mistake # 2 Not closing EVERY set you are in for some purpose. If the girl doesn’t respond sexually, or I seems like she might flake, # close her ANYWAY. Worst case scenario you can practice your phone game. Best case scenario it turns out you can’t read minds and you and she get together.

Solution: # close every set you are in, that doesn’t blow you out.

Mistake # 3 Trying to finesse sets. This was my MAJOR sticking point for most of my PUA career. I probably didn’t ask a girl for her # directly for like 2 years. Instead I would bait and if the girl didn’t take the bait, I would bait again. Most of the time this works, and it IS more solid if she offers her # rather than you asking. But some girls need to be asked, because they aren’t socially brave enough to be the agrressor. Or they don’t want you to think they are a slut.

Solution: Try to finesses things, but don’t be afraid to use force, or social pressure. Don’t underestimate the power of telling a girl what to do.

Mistake # 3 Not setting up dates before hand. If you seed the date or bounce, things will go A ot smoother. In my head there is a ticking clock to 25 minutes so I know when to get her # if it has happened organically already. It doesn’t mean I leave the set, but it means I get her contact info incase the bounce doesn’t work or we get separated. Don’t lose sets you don’t have to.

Solution: Make sure you get a phone # at the 25 minute mark.

Mistake # 4 Not escalating physically. All our routines are just bullshit baffles brains to disguise our escalating of touch. Make sure you touch early, touch often and keep escalating. Try to make out with every set you are in for more than 15 minutes. Women will actually respect you more, the more you aren’t afraid to touch them. It is much better to be the touchy guy than the cool guy who waits to touch her. Show her you are a leader and a closer.

Solution: Learn a touch progression and follow it every time. Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger.

Mistake # 5 Listening to objections. Myth busters time, there is no such thing as the perfect pick up. In every interaction, you will get some clunkiness where a irl will give you reasons she can’t come home with you or meet up etc… Don’t ever logically acknowledge these. Instead tease her, touch her, make out with her and lead.

Solution: Next time you get an objection ignore it and lead her to the conclusion you want. Change her mood, not her mind.

Avoiding these mistakes will get you well on your way to becoming a hardcore closer not just a PUA.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Book Review I am That

You are not a PUA, or a man, or even your body, instead you are the essence of the world and since you have never been born you can never die.

That’s the overall premise of the brilliant book I am that conversations with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Maharaj supports no religion or ideology, instead choosing to express his ideas to all who come to him.

He was told by his guru to focus only on the feeling “I am” and says it led him to inner peace. Throughout the book there are constant references to I am as well as an overall strategy for achieving that which you already have. The book is more about peeling back the layers of falseness that we have identified with and revealing the truth, than about finding something external.

Often times I found my head feeling fuzzy while reading this book explaining in such simplicity things that seem so complex. I had to remind myself a few times to listen to what I was reading rather than letting myself cast jusgement on it.

This book is not for everyone, if you can’t stifle the urge to argue logically with the points Maharaj makes, you will not gain the insight this amazing book has to offer. If you are going to read this book make sure that you do so with an entirely open mind.

Here’s some ideas I really enjoyed:

Nothing lasts, the only way to immortality, is to accept death and see the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end.

We walk around unaware until something goes wrong and we become aware of pain or pleasure.When self control becomes second nature, we shift our focus to deeper levels of existence.

The state of craving keeps you from having what you want. Nothing of value can happen to a mind that knows what it wants.For nothing the mind can visualize is of much value.

Thought, feeling and action must be as one, and simultaneous with the situation that calls for them.

Self identifcation is the cause of bondage, as all identifications you make of yourself are fleeting and false. Just be.

Freedom from desire, means the compulsion to satisfy is absent.

Strive without seeking, struggle without greed.

Give up all questions except one “who am I” as the only fact we an be certain of is that you are.

The I am is certain, the I am this is not.

I don’t get flustered, I just do the needful. I do not worry about the future. A right reaction and response are my nature. I do not stop to think about what to do. I act and move on. Results do not affect me. I do not even care if they are good or bad. Whatever they are I deal with them. If they come back, I deal with them afresh.

Trust me when I say you are divine.

Your expectation of something dramatic and unique is merely hindering your self-realization.

You believe the world to be objective, when it is entirely a projection of your psyche. Do not confuse the inner for the outer or the outer for the inner.

It is your very search for happiness that makes you miserable.

Act and think in harmony with the whole.

Above all you love yourself and want yourself secure. Don’t be ashamed of that. Instead understand fully what you love. As it is not the body or the mind, it is life.

Whatever happens because I am, all reminds you that you are.

Love is will, the will to share your happiness with all.

Only contentment can make you happy. Desire fulfilled breeds more desire.

There is trouble only when you cling to something. When you hold onto nothing, no trouble arises. Give up all and you gain all.

Freedom from desire is eternity. All attachment implies fear, for all things are transient. And fear makes one a slave.

Self-knowledge is detachment. All craving is due to a sense of insufficiency. When you know that you lack nothing, desire ceases.

Before you were born, you expected to live according to a plan which you yourself had laid down. Your own will is the backbone of your destiny.

Suffering is due entirely to clinging or reisisting; it is a sign of our unwillingness to move on, to flow with life.

We seek pleasure while avoiding pain. Since pain is the the denial of the self, and the self stands in the way of true happiness, the wholehearted acceptance of pain releases the springs of happiness.

Your concerns with the future, is due to fear of pain and desire for pleasure.

It is only when you fully accept responsibility for the world you live in which has been projected onto you, by you your fear comes to an end. Only when you accept responsibility for the world you live in and watch it’s creation, preservation and destruction that you can escape from your imaginary bondage.

Faith is not blind, it is the willingness to try.

As long as you are pleases with the lesser, you cannot have the highest.

Abandon all desires, backgrounds, cultures, thinking patterns, even the idea of being a man, woman or human. Don’t think of yourself as anything. You are complete here and now. You need absolutely nothing.

Your outer life is unimportantl, it is what you are inwardly that matters. Your inner joy and peace, you have to earn.

What is limited in time and space and applicable to one person only is not real. The real is for all and forever.

You can have all the emotions you want, but beware of reactions of induced emotions. Be entirely self-determined and rule from within, and not from without.

Action delayed is action abandoned. All preparation is for the future, you cannot prepare for the present.

Do what you believe in and believe in what you do.

Overall, this may be the most amazing book I have ever read.

This book has helped me to develop a calm inside of myself and to detach myself from the outcome of interactions. I still enjoy them, but the constant trying to get, is gone. I don’t beat myself up anymore, because I know that I am complete and nothing can change that.

Highly recommended.


Monday, May 14, 2007

The hook-up...

No not that kind of hook up.

I mean the kind where a friend or a friend of a friend, knows a guy or girl and you may be able to get some free shit.

We live ina hook-up society where everyone is always talking or bragging about how "hooked up" they are.

I for one am anti the entire process. I for one would rather pay than have to deal with the annoyance of asking for the hook up or the complications that said hook up will entail. I like to keep things simple. I don't want shit for free and I enjoy my friends without them having to do shit for me.

Even more frustrating about the entire culture of getting hooked up, is the fact that the hook up never seems to go smoothly, either the person who is supposed to hook it up isn't there, or their boss is there or whatever the fuck... And it doesn't go don thus creating false expectations. Instead , I propose that we all just stop. Pay for the things you want, save for the things you want but can't afford and don't take advantage of your friends...


Friday, May 11, 2007

Funniest Instructor moments part 2: Captain Jack

CJ has a rule about pick-up which states that you should disregard anything that doesn't help you in a pick up.

So when we were in Miami late last year, and sitting in seminar I expected that to be his reaction when I asked him about the number # 1 rule of pick up.

I forgot however that we had been talking all weekend about keeping the pimp hand strong(we listen to a lot of rap).

So in class as I asked him he looked at me confused and motioned his hand in a smacking motion....

It was awesome...

It was also really funny when as I smoked a cigarette in Australia and complained of being addicted, he while drinking a big ass 2 liter of diet coke responded " Yeah it must suck to be addicted to something."


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Funniest instructor moments Pt 1

I've been thinking about all the funny things that have happened on bootcamps over the years and with other instructors, so I decided to start posting my favorite memories of each instructor.

Starting with Savoy.

He'll remember this one pretty easily. After we had wrapped up a Vegas Bootcamp sometime in 2005, he and I had a 7 am flight back to San Diego. Instead of going to bed, we decided to drink and party...

This led to Savoy opening a set outside the clube Light, and when the disgusting girls had the nerve to ask if he was hitting on them, he replied with my favorite quote ever

" Yes. You are short fat and ugly. Please come to bed with me."

It was awesome. And later after I almost died of exhaustion, he ended up bouncing a really hot model/actress for after hours food...

Great times...


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Explaining indifference

A lot of people seem to not get the type of indifference that I am talking about, so I will now attempt to explain it in as much brevity as possible, so I can get back to work.

You want to be indifferent to the outcome of every situation. Desireless to quote the Tao Of Steve. Because when you have an outcome in mind that you are trying to get, you become stilted and desperate seeming. Instead you want to go in and see what happens, while following a great game plan like those taught by TMM, Brad P, etc...

You need to be indifferent, like John Wooden said "you don't want anyone to be able to tell from the demeanor in the locker room if we won or lost."

So be process oriented rather than results oriented, while making real connections with people and not being indifferent as a tactic in an interaction.

Because indifference as a tactic, will not work, people will just think you are an asshole or shy or weird.

Instead let go of your outcome. Stop caring soo much. I had back to back new lays the last two nights and you can't tell from talking to me. I am always in the same positive, productive frame of mind. Whether I just got laid or blown out, my frame is impenetrable. Because I don't allow interacting with women to affect the rest of my life. That is when you become a creepy social robot and eventually becomes like filling a bucket with a hole in it.

Bottom line Don't get your validation in life from women. Get your validation from within(Inner Game if you will) and then pursue your relationship goals as a fun addition to your life.


Monday, May 07, 2007

Re-post "The difference that makes the difference"

Here's a great article by Brent of DYD fame.

I really like his take on inner game and indifference.



29 Apr 2006 - The difference that makes the difference

Indifference (the difference that makes the difference)

1: unbiased impartial unconcern
2: apathy demonstrated by an absence of emotional reactions [syn: emotionlessness,
impassivity, impassiveness, phlegm, stolidity, unemotionality]

3: the trait of lacking enthusiasm for or interest in things generally [syn: apathy,

4: the trait of remaining calm and seeming not to care; a casual lack of concern [syn:
nonchalance, unconcern]

Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches
meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it. - Joan Vinge

This is my favorite subject!!

I've always said that if men would master this one thing, they would no longer have
ANY problems with women. It would change the entire world of dating overnight.

This is one of the most important techniques in creating attraction. When used properly,
it drives women crazy.

It's the,

"I don't really care"


"I'm not attached to the outcome"

frame of mind that they're be attracted to. You seem like you don't have a care in the

Being a little indifferent is actually healthy for you. You avoid most of the peaks of life
and the unproductive emotions that usually sidetrack you. In fact, you'll be able to turn
your emotions on and off like a light switch; living a pretty smooth, drama free life.

Indifference causes a woman to feel comfortable with you. It's the push-pull thing.
You're not pushing and this is pulling her in, and she's becoming emotional.

Use the word 'Maybe' and the phrase "we'll talk about" when speaking to them.


Maybe we'll get together

Maybe we'll have drinks

Maybe you can meet us later

There's enough yes in maybe for you to seem indifferent, yet interested; and enough No
to appear as a challenge- just out of her reach.

Using "we'll talk about" is also effective. Again, this is non-committal yet alluring.


"Give me a call and we'll talk about getting
together sometime"

Never agree to anything. You're telling her that the two of you will discuss the next
step, if there is one. You haven't made a final decision or been convinced yet. It's just
another way of conveying your power.

Be careful with indifference though. You can become so good at it that women won't
think they have a chance with you. Basically, you'll be back in the same place you

Sunday, May 06, 2007

lMR and age

A wing and I pulled last night, and we both got LMR. Then as we were trying to figure out why, I started to look at the things all the girls have in common(besides vaginas).

The answer that both of us came to, was that every girl we had gotten LMR from( That we couldn't get through) was in the 18-22 range. And it makes a ton of sense as they may be having their first attempt at a ONS so in an end game situation when they haven't been in it before, they freeze up and don't do anything because it's easier to stay in their comfort zone. there are of course exceptions to this, but they generally tend to be the girls who are more in touch with their sexuality and more comfortable in those situations. At 18 most girls simply haven't had sex with THAT many guys and may have never been picked up before...

Interesting food for thought and I like to hear others experiences as well.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Being genuine or the emotional honesty switch

Recently as I have been dealing with a lot of car dealers and internet marketers, I have noticed something pretty interesting. For the last few months as Future and I have been tweaking Breakthrough comfort, I have talked a lot about emotional honesty. I believe that it is one of the most important factors in both attraction and comfort.

A woman has to be able to trust that you are not lying to her or trying to manipulate her. She has to be able to trust that everything you do, is being done because that is the way you feel. Furthermore you're emotions have been the driving factor to make you pre-selected by women, a leader of men and a protector of loved ones.

What I noticed when I was shopping for a car is the way I feel when it's obvious that some is not being geniune. For awhile I was looking into doing a reality show with a couple of other guys and a friend of mine and I referred to this third guy as " an agenda guy" meaning that he was always trying to get something and never was "just himself". If you want to feel this try shopping on Melrose sometime. The sales people will tell you whatever you try on looks good. There's another street like that in Miami where a sales girl tried to convince Tenmag that a shirt he was wearing looked good when his tuft of chest hair was sticking out and she added a gold star of David necklace.

Now the same way that we feel this when someone is tryig to manipulate us, women feel the same thing and when it is applied to the area of dating, it goes against everything they want to believe. Women want to believe in the idea of chemistry, that some guys they like and others nothing is there. This is not 100% the truth. There are definetly some women who you will get along with better than others, but the factors that cause attraction and sexual chemistry can be manufactored. That's not a pretty sentiment, but unfortunately it's the truth.

Women cannot feel that they are being made to be attracted to someone. They have to be able to live under the assumption that "It just happened".

There are a few ways to convey this to women:

1. Do EVERYTHING you say you are going to do. If you tell a women that you are going to do a stand uo show, show her the proof of it. The biggest key to convincing a woman you are honest is folow through. This is the reason that guys who live in their Mom's basements and play in garage bands can get girls for ONS but their relationships fall apart, you can only sell potential for so long.

2. Don't explain WHY you are doing anything. The right explanation is always "it felt like the right thing to do at the time." You never got a guidebook on how to be human, you just follow your emotions.

3. Prep her as to your intentions for the interaction. I now tell EVERY set that i am trying to get in their pants. By letting her know at some point that this will be a sexual interaction, you give her the freedom and choice to leave if she is not interested. But if she stays she has now consented to being sexual.


Friday, May 04, 2007

Super busy trying to find a car.

Had to go car shopping all day, so this will be a quick update before I head out for the night.

Car shopping sucks. I tested a shelby mustang, a Cadillac CTS and a BMW 650 and am leaning heavily toward the BMW I may not be able to afford. Car salesmen were pretty chill no real pressure, but they did call after I walked out and told me to call back asap. I obviously didn't as I left for a reason....

Anyway I'll be game related tomor.


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Waiting for my stuff to get here...

I have to sit here and wait for my boxes of crap to arrive.

So I'm stuck here sitting in my living room which doesn't have a couch until tomor, and waiting for the cable guy to get here in their lovely 3 hour window. On the bright side I worked out already and have been remarkably energetic despite not sleeping last night after a date with the new city girl and a friend.

I'm working on buiding an epic social circle here, so I have been actively focusing on inviting girls I have met out EVERY night. That means that every girl i talk to fits a role somewhere in my life. It may just be as a friend or as social proff, but they will fit in somehwere and at the very least help me get more girls. I highly suggest that everyone does this, as the easiest way to get girls is to show up at a venue with them already and then meet new women and introduce them to the ones you are already with. In Marketing they call this starting a feeding frenzy. It's already working awesome, and I forgot how much easier it is to game when I don't have a massive cock farm of 57 guys with me on bootcamp. Obviously that's an exaggeration as our bootcamps capacity is set at 12, but it looke funnier. i do however see the need to address it so that no one on the wide space we call the internet actually thinks we do 57 guy bootcamps... Ok back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

Any way I am really bored of waiting and still have to test drive a new car, get to the bank and fax the NDAs and stuff from London to the LA office.

I am loving the new city by the way, and am wondering why I ever spent so long in LA. Currently my plan is to stay here a year or two and then move to another city. I'd like to ultimately live in At least 10 cities in my life including an international one like Greece or Brazil. So far I have lived in 3, so 7 more to go.

London went really well and it's great to hang out with Sheriff again and get to meet AFC Adam(Who rocks) and see Rokker from the Sweden program awhile back. He's gonna be really good and you guys should watch the various baords for posts from him.

I have successfully beaten jetlag 100% as I felt it neither in London nor back here. I have noticed an interesting thing though as I can sleep really well on the way to international cities and not on the way back. I think maybe I get too much sleep the night before coming back or something...

I want to recommit to daily updates here as well as getting some original content from guys like In10se, Toecutter, and others on this blog. I will also be posting a lot more on the TMM forum as I have been slacking on there and the level of discussion seemed to be dropping rapidly.

I lost all contact with HB perfect which sucks, but atleast I learned that I was drinking too much, and since then I have been much much more in control. So in all losing a girl you really are into ALWAYS sucks and it will take awhile for me to get 100 % over it, but I learned something important about myself.

I've been on another reading kick and just finished "Unhooked how young women pursue sex, delay love and lose at both" which was the most agenda pushing book I have read in a long time, but a good reference into hook up culture in the girls own words in parts... I'm now reading " I Am That" and " Women On Top" both of which are great. Especially I am that which is really life changing stuff. I don't know if this is a universal experience, but I always feel light headed when reading really heady philisophical stuff, almost as if I can feel the wiring in my head shifting... I might just be weirdly in touch with my mind body connection.

I need to make more money I've decided, so if anyone has suggestions on ways to do that, holla at your boy And no it's not because Savoy doesn't pay me well, it's because I really like the idea of financial independence. And want to actively work toward creating that....

My skateboard did arrive today which is awesome and I will be using it as soon as the Time Warner(Who I hate as a corportation and their service as well, but they are the only cable provider in my building) gets here and installs my cable for the TV which isn't here yet...

Awesomness all around. Overall I am in a great mood and despite nothing going right in my move, life is great right now.

I hope the same can be said for all my readers.



Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Passive acceptance of the frame.

Frame control is something that a lot of people talk about, but I noticed that a lot of people have missed out on some basic points of frame control outside of basic reframing.

So I wanted to write about an often untalked about aspect of frame control, and that is; acceptance of the frame. Frames are simply the underlying meaning of a given interaction. If a girl asks me if this is a pickup line, she has set the underlying meaning to be that I am trying to pick her up. If I respond to that in any way I am accepting the idea that I may be trying to pick her up.

It works the other way too. In fact I would say that one of the major un-spoken reasons that negs, cocky and funny, teasing girls, works is because they set the implied frame that YOU are cooler than the girl. So long as she does not argue, the frame has now been set and any interaction that occurs between you guys happens inside of that frame.

The same thing can happen if she laughs and giggles when you accuse her of hitting on you. Or if you start getting sexual and she does not resist.

You don't need her to be agreeing with any of the frames, you are setting, you just need her to not disagree.