Friday, February 29, 2008

A simple question...

Here's my big thought for the day.

Are you approaching the women that you are attracted to?

Or are you simply taking the sets that are look the easiest( 2 sets, sets giving eye contact etc...)

If you aren't perhaps it's time to re-examine why you got in the game.

I'm not even talking about whether or not the women you approach live up to the community standards of beauty ( 6s become 8s because they like you, blondes are automatically 8s, etc..). I mean are you consistently approaching and attempting to get into sexual relationships with women that you are attracted to. Women who you would love to spend a hot night of passion in bed with.

Or do you just do what doesn't scare you?

I've been thinking about this concept a lot because if you're not doing this, then the community becomes an endless cesspool of validation from other guys. At the end of the day, we are here to get into sexual relationships with the women we desire as efficiently as possible.

If you have questions about this, hit me up with comments.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

ATTN: Lair heads

Hey guys,

I'm planning on embarking on a HUGE( like my cock) lair talk tour starting sometime around early april.

So if you are the head of a lair or a friend of the head of a lair, or you just have a bunch of guys who want to hear me talk for free(or super close to free) email me

And if you don't know anyone involved in lairs but you want to talk email me anyway.

Bang the monkey at your lairs to get me there!!!!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As I lay here on the couch trying not to go back to sleep and making a small effort at restoring some sort of order to my life, I decided to report a little on the superconference.

I think as an homage to Clint Eastwood, I'll lump everything into 3 categories. The good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:

Moxie and I went on the rollercoaster at the Sahara while under the influence. It was a pretty intense experience to say the least. Punctuated by me finding a moment of complete acceptance and freedom from the fear of heights etc... Fucking awesome. Pretty much the entire time I spent with moxie was great.

Going to dinner with Brad P. Brad is such a cool guy to hang out with. He also told me about the funniest opener I've ever heard. He gave it to a guy with bad sexual anxiety. It was something like.. " That camera work good? People say I work real good too" With a cheesy porn star smile.. Awesome!

Badboy- As I repeatedly said at the strip clubs over the weekend, I need more Badboy in my life. I just want to ask him questions about random issues and hear him talk about them.

5 out of 10 students in the groups I went out with got laid.

My new habit of getting drunk and texting other instructors... leading to many texts to Jlaix simply stating JEFF.A!

Guys reactions to my speeches. Savoy asked the guys at the meet and greet Fri night what their favorite part of the program had been and 8 of them liked my stuff the best. I'm really glad that soo many guys were able to relate. My teaching is always reflective of my life and it was great to see guys who were also somewhere along the journey I'd been through over the last few years.

Running into a bunch of guys I've taught over the years and seeing the ways they've changed. There was one guy who had taken a program a few months ago and I literally did not recognize him until the Sun of the program. During the program he had been unable to scream, was super in his head and even left the club during the first night. He showed up in Vegas dressed well, having lost about 20 pounds and gained some muscle and with stories about girls he was dating... It really made me feel like I was helping people and more than ever revalidates my decision to teach smaller more custom programs.

Monday night. A bunch of the instructors went out and we all decided to play the busting chops game where you make fun of someone for their deeply personal issues. Sheriff and I of course started this. But good times were had by all... Except Rokker and Braddock, but they're tall and good looking so they don't count :P

The degenerate-ness of walking out of multiple strip clubs while it was light outside.

Getting to hang out with Fader and watch his ridiculous tolerance to alcohol.

Dinner at Nobu with The Don and Moxie. Amazingly good food, super hot girls. And Sake. Props to the Don for suggesting it. And Moxie for suggesting we let them put together a dinner for us.

The Bad:

Smoking too much, drinking too much, and not getting enough sleep. Seriously self-control and me are not friends.

The food. We were staying at the Sahara and we kept having to eat at the same shitty buffet or shitty cafe. Brad and I decided the buffet was better as at least you got a lot of bad food. Plus you re-connect with your white trash roots...It got to the point that we had to go to Nobu to make sure my taste buds still worked.

The Ugly:

The Sahara and how I felt on Tues. All you need to know about the Sahara was that when I checked in my room was torn apart had potato chip bags strewn on the bed, food wrappers all over the floors, and smelled like cigarettes. And it got worse. Yesterday I was literally dying all day and the idea of doing anything was repulsive. A fun feeling to have while speaking for 5 hours about day game. Thankfully Savoy changed my flight to get me home last night. Allowing me to sleep for 15 hours and be almost 50% productive... Maybe less.

Overall the weekend was great. And I got some great new ideas about stripper SNL game... I'll post some more on that later.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Focus on the fundamentals

I've been on a bunch of the forums lately, and I've noticed a trend. A bunch of guys who are very new to the avenue of tactical seduction, have been posting questions asking about advanced techniques from " The October Man Sequence" to some very high level inner game stuff.

Seeing this makes me depressed for them.

They are caught in the ball of hype that says that you can attract and date the most attractive women even if you are smelly, ugly, socially awkward, introverted and shy. All you need is this magic tool or trick or routine. And that's simply not the way the world works. You can't be a lame guy and just learn a bunch of tips and tricks. furthermore you can't be socially incompetent and then apply a thin veneer of game on top of that. You need to fix these issues before you even start thinking about learning some advanced shit.

When I think about the fundamentals, I think about the following.

Grooming, fashion, and maximizing your natural looks. This one is easy. You don't need a ton of money( check out second hand stores like Buffalo exchange) but you do need to have clothes that are in style NOW. Not 5 years ago when you were last single. Not clothes you are holding onto from college, etc.. You also need to take care of yourself. I recommend hitting the gym at least 4 times a week. It will boost your self esteem and make you have more energy etc.. Get a nice haircut, you can always have your barber copy it for cheaper if you take pics. Bathe and get a good deodorant/cologne combo so you smell nice. Simple stuff not enough guys do before bootcamp. Hell even experiment with one of those over the counter teeth whitening kits.

Eye contact- If you can't make eye contact you can't play. If you need to, go to a strip club and sit in pervert's alley( the front row of the stage where you have to tip) and focus strictly on holding EC with the naked hottie.

Vocal projection- This is HUGE. NO student is EVER loud enough.EVER. Do a quick search online for vocal projection exercises. Practice this. Hell start singing kareoke if need be.

Tonality- Practice speaking until you have a wide range of tonality that can convey emotion. Don't be like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Basic conversational skills- Can you have a normal conversation with someone where they walk away thinking you are normal? Or do you need to cling to routines, cocky/funny, patterns etc.. You need to be able to have a pleasant conversation with anyone anywhere simply by observing social norms and not doing things that are creepy, needy or boring.

Leading the interaction- I don't even mean frame control at this point I mean being able to make decisions quickly. Not hemming and hawing around on what to eat, order, or sit.

Body language- Spend some time in a mirror to eliminate any ticks or weird stuff you may do unconsciously.

Fixing that stuff alone should help most guys who have their shit together 500%. Then you can add some gamey elements, like learning to tease, touch, tell stories etc...

But the point is all of us came here for a reason. You have to destroy and rebuild, not simply slap a layer of external technique on a lifetime of bad habits.


Friday, February 15, 2008

My take on the whole girlfriend thing

I really don't understand why soo many instructors get girlfriends and then cheat on them...

Granted I do have issues with cheating as my mom cheated on my dad and they ended up getting divorced about three and a half years ago. But at the same time I just don't see the point of having a "girlfriend" for show when you know you're going to cheat or when you cheat given the opportunity. And I love the rationalizations that they all make. " Oh it's only a one time thing, she knows I have a girlfriend." " I was drunk" or " She asked me for a ride home".Call me naive, but being in a committed relationship is a test of your integrity. It's the reason that I NEVER get into committed relationships, because I know that i enjoy sleeping with a wide variety of women and that isn't likely to change just because i met one girl who happens to be really cool.

Furthermore, it's a stupid strategy to get into these non-open relationships, because you don't have to do it. I have consistently since being in the community kept girls around for months on end until I usually get sick of being around them with absolutely no measure of exclusivity whatsoever. I know CJ has done the same thing. Yet every few weeks I see another instructor engaged in what amounts to lying. If we want to champion ourselves as improving men's lives and helping them become better people, then it's probably not a good idea to lie to women about how committed we are to them. It's much healthier in both my opinion and experience to keep things casual and not commit until it will be a real commitment. Plus you don't have to deal with the drama when you inevitably get caught.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tim from RSD has a blog...

It's pretty quality.

Check it outHere


Dos and Don'ts for dating me...

This is really more of an open letter to the girl I fucked last night, but I'll post it here for the sake of humor and posterity.

Do- Show up on time. I understand you want to get pretty, but when we get off the phone at noon and you don't show up til 3:45 it makes me want to do certain things like I don't know... Stab Jesus.

Don't- Get lost trying to find my place and then turn around and go back to where you live. It's not going to get any closer dear...

Don't- fall in the elevator after telling me you can do anything with heels on.

Don't- Put your shoes on my couch.

Don't- Nosily look through my shit without asking.

Do- Kiss me first. Nice surprise there.

Don't- refer to my face or chest as "fuzzy" and then tell me I looked better with my goatee. A. You're opinion is irrelevant and b it's socially awkward.

Don't- Ask me how many girls I've slept with. You don't want to know...

Don't- Fish for compliments, it just makes you look(More) insecure.

Don't- Give me hours of LMR to the point that I decide to just take care of myself.

Do- Have sex with me

Don't- Try to pull bullshit games by telling me you're going to wait to see if I call you.... Lame.

Don't- Try to talk dirty to me by asking me if you feel good...

Don't- Ever try to give directions in bed. No es bueno....

Don't- Try to tell me that you're going to force me to put shoes on and take you out to eat because the pizza was taking a little longer. You saw how that worked out for you...

Do- Leave after we have sex...

Overall Internet girls are annoying and I'm probably done with my little experiment. I will be retiring with a perfect 4-0 record on internet dates. Including a 9 stripper a few weeks ago. I can deal with crazy but crazy and socially awkward will make me maim someone or throw my tv out the window..


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Notes from Tim's Transformations speech

I liked Tim and Jeffy's talks the best and wanted to re-watch both of them, so here's my notes from re-watching Tim.

Tim talk notes:

Girls just want to be taken

What does it mean to step up and take a girl?

Delusional belief of being the pimp of the world

Your game is a 10

What does it feel like to have 10 out of 10 game?

Champ and Chump:
two people who live inside your brain and talk to you.

One thing separates a champ from a chump:
100 % belief

Beliefs of a Champ:
Deserving of every girl around him
Offers value to the world
Abundance mentality
Delusional sense of coolness-Coolest guy on the planet.

# 1 Rule:
Do not give a damn about what anyone on the face of this earth thinks of you.

Girl-hot girl-get hot girl

Creativity separates the good from the best

The party-Be the party!
Venus fly trap of desire


So things got a little heated yesterday and I posted a bit too hastily...

I'm back on board.

Everyone has days where they don't get along with their boss and want to quit...

Yesterday was just mine.

Back to our usually scheduled blogging.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Why I love R Kelly...

The amazingly complex and deep lyrics to the triple up remix of same girl.

Gotta love the Kells...

This is the remix
Kells Ush & T yall sing hard off in the club, we about to tripple up

- T-Pain Verse-
Hi my name is Teddy
Unfortunately yall dont know me
But i couldnt help but over hear what yall was saying bout te-te
See I, I know her too
Obviously so do you
So im gon get in dis conversation 2
Do she got a crib (YEP)
By the waffle house(YEP)
Did she show you that thing that she be doing with her mouth(MAN)
She know to calculate expect
The greatest sex in your life (YEP)
Yeah i know cuz she's my wife
N**ga aint no "hold on" "back up"
Yall n**gas gon make me act up
Im out here busting my ass for her
Yall i done turned her back up
And you just cant tell me that you didnt see that ring on her finger
Im even tryna help her be a singer
Thats why she was at that party in Atlanta, When i told her ass not to go out to Chicago
While im out here doing my thing in Tallahassay
Yall out here treating my wife like a straight hoe
I cant believe this Bitch
I cant believe this Shit
Everything i ever did for her im taking it back, im so thru with it
Yeah Yeah Yeeaahh Yeah
I took time out of my life to have these n**gas f**k my wife and call her...

Same Girl Same Girl
Same Girl Same Girl
T-Pain & Kells Kells
The Remix Same Girl T-Pain & Kells

-R.Kelly Verse-
Hold up(4x) Wait a minute(2x)
Just wait one got dog on minute
You cant do the remix without putting some "R" in it
Cuz i hit it 1st square business
If the ritz in da Chi square buiness
Its tha king of tha flirt square business, N**ga i aint gotta lie square business
She's my shawty my tenderonni
My booty call when i'm horny
I am Bobby this is Whitney when we getting HIIIIGGGHHH(HIGH)
Spent that money played that game
Got good brains you made it brains
She's my limp and im her pain
Shoot we talking bout the same
She she call me big ole head
And i call her bobble head
The way she wiggle it when im hitting it from the back up in my bed, and the way she be screaming my name and tha way she be giving me brain, and when its all over
She say...
Kelly you got the game
So back up T or its gon cause you some pain
Man i wish u would call her da same

Same Girl Same Girl
Same Girl Same Girl
T-Pain & Kells Kells
The Remix Same Girl T-Pain & Kells

Now can i flip(2x)
You can flip it(2x)
Snap ya fingers(4x)

Yeah i like this
If you in the club let me see you two stepping right now
Come on put ya stunnas on
Gon two step (repeat)

Im in the club with a drink in my hand
Stunting hard looking like about a hundred grand
Ready to spend it all
So shawty take it off
Just call the club with jiggas and n**gas ready to ball
Think out by the bar
Leave her with my car
Hit it with my stunnas on like a rock star
I know yall think im crazy
Kells gon wild B-I-ITCH
This is just a free style
Whoah yeah
"Snap ya fingas do ya step yo can do it all by yo self"(2x)

-CHORUS (repeat)-
Same Girl Same Girl
Same Girl Same Girl
T-Pain & Kells Kells
The Remix Same Girl T-Pain & Kells

"Double up in stores right now"
So go get the album
The shit is off the chain
And yall know ya boy aint playing no GAAAAAMMMMMEEEESSSS(GAMES)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

FU-R- Girls are the fucking rake...

Last night I headed out with Fidelio and CJ. Fidelio was with a couple of other Dallas Lair guys whose names I don't know. We ran into some more Dallas Lair guys including Tribulus and some more guys whose screen names I don't know.

I did about 6 sets and three of them were willing to pull at around 1:30.

Let me rewind. The first set of major note, was a 2 set with a short girl with large boobs and a taller brunette with a nice ass. In other words, a set that had me and CJ written all over it. I told her to get out of the way so I could order a drink and then rolled into standard game. I blew this set up pretty good, and she was screaming about how much she liked me within a few minutes. However CJ was locked out of the set because of the place we were standing. I stayed in and called him over, then we moved the girls around the bar. Sat down and things started to go well. Then my girl decided she was too cold outside and we moved back in. This is where the first mistake happened. When i came back from the bathroom the girl handed me back my drink and said she had to go walk around. WTF???

I find CJ and he is with this girl he banged awhile back who wouldn't let him fuck her doggystyle. I see him and realize instantlyt that the girls felt like we were ditching them. I left for the bathroom and CJ was talking to another girl...Doh!

So we roll around some more and I open another set she's a single and I'm talking to her while these two dudes are like clinging on. Finally they say " She's with us". I ask her if she's with them she says yes. And I go good job she's cute.

We find the other girls again but it's not as on... No big deal more sets...

I open another two set with " you're adorable" and it's instantly on. I'm hugging her and talking about having sex fairly quickly. She's loving it, but CJ thinks she's not cute enough so we bounce.

As we're walking I get eye fucked by a troll. Straight troll. And as we go into he other part of the bar, I notice a 9 and her friend who I had tagged earlier. I open them by saying " Congratulations for not being disgusting." I do some teasing, I run strawberry fields, I start seeding the pull. I pull her hair and tell her I'm going to do terrible things to her. It's on. She goes to the bathroom, then I go to the bathrrom and when I come back some chode in a green Adidas track jacketi is talking to her. I ignore him, he knocks over a drink. I say he'd be perfect for her. He tries to get her number, gets rejected and then leaves.

Mistake # 2- Taking a shot at the guy as he's blown out.

I say " have a good night man we can't stand anymore of your painful humiliation. The girl is not down with my random meanness and I have to recover.

Here's where shit gets crazy. I run into the both the sets from before. the girls CJ didn't like ask me what I'm doing after the bar closes. I say let me find out and go back to the set with the 9. Then the other big boobed set walks by and I jump back in with them in front of the other girls. This is a great J plot and works to a T leading to me giving the 9 a piggy back ride out of the bar to her. car.

Mistake # 3- Not picking the set that was more on.

The short girl/nice brunette set was more on and CJ actually ended up getting a text from the brunette about how horny she was. I knew the blond set was going to be more work, yet I ignored my instincts. The lesson trust your instincts.

We get to the car and the blond starts saying stupid shit. She says " Well if it's meant to be then we'll run into each other again. I'm pissed and move to the other side of the car where CJ is making out with the obstacle... I'm ready to bounce.

Mistake # 4- Having an emotional reaction.

I should have stopped throwing a tantrum and just done my normal "pull mode" style BT pumping.

Mistake # 5- Magnifying something she did I didn't like.

The number 1 rule of pick up is ignore all things that can't help you.

The obstacle wants us to go eat and my girl comes around until she finally asks us to go eat with her...

Mistake # 6- Going to eat instead of pulling straight to the house. Always a horrible idea. Girls sober up BT decreases. You're in a dirty diner with slow service and tons of reasons to go home instead of going to bone...

Mistake # 7- Not having a solid pull plan and seeding the pull early enough.

I didn't have a solid reason to come back and didn't use the standard " afterparty". Super amateur.

We get to the diner and of course the service is terrible. My girl is back super on though she's cuddling up to me kissing me and we're biting each other while her hand is on my inner thigh. We've been there like 45 minutes without food and I decided to try to pull them to my house to make eggs and drink more. The obstacle is down so is my girl and we bounce.

Mistake # 8- Not getting one of us in their car or one of them in our car.

Mistake # 9- Failing to regulate buying temperature and lead on the walk from the restaurant to the car.

They start going in one direction to their car, we go the other... and then the obstacle walks over to us to tell us that my girl has somewhere else to be. I forgot to include how she was texting another dude the whole time we were in there...

Mistake # 10- mentioning her rude texting behavior when it was on.

I drive off as soon as I hear that and CJ ends up going over to the obstacles house and boning her. I was initially pretty mad about the whole thing but once I thought about it, the mistakes added up to blowing a lay.

Hope everyone learns something from my mistakes. Such small mistakes can add up to ruin an "ON" night.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Free lesson from my upcoming product

Lesson # 11
Living in alignment with your values

One of the big buzz words in the pick up community, is congruence. A lot has been made or written about what congruence is or isn’t. Mystery would define congruence as what you say and how you say it lining up. His solution to becoming congruent is to practice your routines over and over until you have perfected the delivery of your lines and thus (hopefully) the attitude behind it.

I define congruence a little bit differently. To me congruence is the act of living in alignment with your values. To be congruent, one must have a 100% belief in what they are doing, saying, thinking and want to come of the interaction. Congruence, comes down to belief. The person that believes themselves more is more congruent and people will fall in line with the person who is most congruent.

You can fake congruence, but in order to actually become congruent, you nee to discover your core values. Most of us live not by our own core values, but by a set of values that have been passed on, or picked up from our parents, friends, society or a base of referential experience. Thus we are forced to be congruent with a set of values that we have not picked out for ourselves. When you figure out your core values and live in alignment with them, you instantly become congruent as you believe in and value what you are doing.

It’s time to start discovering our core value.


Answer the following questions:

1. What is one thing you need in order to feel like life is worth living?

2. How do you know you have that in your life?

3. What does having that in your life enable you to feel?

That feeling is your core value. Everything you do in your life should be about moving toward this core value and away from anything that can stop you from feeling this value.


Now I want you to list 10 qualities that you want in your life. They can be anything that you think would make you happy. I do want to stipulate that you should stick to feelings instead of possessions or accomplishments.

For example here is my list:
1. Passion
2. Learning
3. Freedom
4. Honesty
5. Authenticity
6. Happiness
7. Bravery
8. Acceptance
9. Creativity

Now that you have made your list, I want you to spend some time comparing and contrasting the values. Then rank them in the order of importance to you. Make sure that you compare all of them so that you know if you would rather have Passion or Honesty. Really think about this, as you will be using these for the next exercise.


Print/write out two more copies. Place one in your wallet so that you can carry it around with you at all times. Then place another one on your bathroom mirror so that you can see it first thing in the morning.
Finally get a small notebook and pen. For the next seven days you are going to write down every situation where you violate your core values. No matter how small. If for example, you value bravery but you are too scared to approach a woman on the street because of what people may think, write it down. At the end of the week tally up how many times you violated your core values. Do this again the next week and consciously try to violate your values ten percent less of the time. So if you violated your values 30 times the first week, aim for 27 the next, etc…

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I've decided I'm no longer sick...

I finally succumbed on Sat night to the evil virus of death that CJ caught from his daughter last week. I stupidly spent 3 days hanging out at CJ's house bouncing ideas off each other for better sexual framing etc...

And then Sat night I went out with my only female friend(former FB AnnaFerris girl) she had been dumped that day and she needed someone to go drink with her. I am very much trying to develop more female friends and I keep accidentally sleeping with them and messing things up. I know quality problem but not really as having only 1 female friend is not a very balanced life. SO I know I have to do stuff like listen to her bitch about her ex, because it's part of being a friend. I honestly didn't mind that much as she's a fun girl and there's no sexual tension between us anymore. But when I came home to change before getting back out, I got chills and a headache. No problem right? Just need a night of sleep. Nope.

It got worse and Mon night around 5 AM when I was laying on my bathroom floor puking and wishing I would die. I eventually got to the hospital and was hooked up to an IV. 5 hours later they told me there wasn't much I could do as it's a virus... Grrr. So two more days passed and I finally can walk around and eat normally, but I still have a cough and some stomach pains. But I've decided that I'm not sick anymore and I will be fine from now on. I don' have time to be sick and I'm sooo bored of being in the house and watching scrubs.

It came at the worst possible time too, as I was kicking ass getting ready or superconference and my game was super on last week leading to 4 new girls. 2 of which have come from my new experiments with internet dating(Including a 9 stripper). But now I have to get back on form, again.

I got to catch up on some cool blogs while I was sick like This one

I'll also be posting my outline for the Roles and Frames talk I'll be doing and some other notes I've made over the last few days...

Down with Sickness... Up with glory!


Sunday, February 03, 2008

Change in my Superconference talk

Sooo I did my first teleconference and in addition to the call not working because I couldn't figure out how to mute everyone, I noticed I was running WAY WAY WAY over the alloted 1 hour of time for inner game.

Which means I'm going to have to scale the talk way back so I will be doing the entire hour on The Ego and The Shadow. Focusing purely n both of those sides of our psyche that influence a lot of the decisions we make. I'm excited because an hour should be more than enough time for me to explore ad explain both.

I'm pretty excited.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Nobody gives it you...

Every time I post about some new stuff I'm going to be rolling out, I get comments about how it should be free...

I've produced almost two years of super quality blog posts for free, I don't get paid to write this blog and it barely generates any money at all from affiliates. I do it because I try to give back as much as possible to the community. However I have also spent a great deal of time and money in developing my skillset. To this day I still pay for products produced by my friends.. I bought all the RSD products at full price as well as some of In10se's. There's nothing wrong with paying guys for the value they produce. If you don't have the money, that's cool. But to sit there and try to tell me I need to produce more stuff for free is silly. I have never claimed to be non-commercial. I love that I can make a living helping guys out, but I still need to make a living at it.

As a whole I think most guys in the community are looking for a handout. They don't want to put in the time or effort to get good, they want someone to hand them a magic pill. I see this every time I go on the various forums, as the majority of posts are asking for certain routines which can be found with a simple search. I remember when I first went on ASF a few years ago and I thought everyone was an asshole for typing the lovely acronym DAFS( Do a fucking search) but now I see why they did that. It's a certain type of thinking that drifts over to all areas of your life. You cannot get good at anything if you want other people to do things for you without reciprocating. In my case I need the money from bootcamps and products to fund my research. If I had to be at a desk 8 hours a day I couldn't read as many books or experiment as much in field and the quality of my material would suffer. There's a reason that all the new stuff in the community over the last few years ( breakthrough comfort, SNLs, etc..) has come from me. Because I work my ass off to stay ahead of what everyone else is teaching. Plus what I teach works... You have to figure out for yourselves how much being able to get the woman of your dreams is worth and if you're willing to pay that price be it monetary or time or other...

Neither myself nor Captain Jack have a Bentley or live an extravagant lifestyle. We want to help guys get better faster and to do that we need to give them more personal attention. Which takes time away from us making money in other ways. It also takes time away from my social life and cost me HBperfect back in Feb of last year... So You guys really need to understand that I'm not trying to make a quick buck off you guys, but I'm not running a charity either.

I think it's a good idea to stop looking for handouts and/or stealing material. I noticed that couple of people have bootlegged my shit and put it up on various sites... So not cool. I haven't stolen anyone's content ever, even though it seems easy to do. The point is CJ and myself produce value and we expect to be compensated in a fair way. If you can't afford our stuff or trainings then you have a couple of options. You can A: Save up and wait or B: Go out and try to figure stuff out for yourselves. But no amount of whining is going to result in my suddenly giving away all my stuff. You guys get enough for free and I think it's really ungrateful of everyone who writes in to complain about my very rare marketing on here.

I apologize if this came off harsh, but it's been on my mind for awhile.



Bobby Dazzler, where you at?

Yo, Email me, so I can gloat about the Pats and make fun of your beloved Spurs...