Monday, June 18, 2007

Be like Tupac Or WWTD Or Contrast is attractive.

As long time readers of this blog probably know, I am a big rap fan. As anyone who has met me knows, I'm also a big fan of talking about who's the best. Now I am one hundred percent convinced that Big L was the greatest commercial style rapper of all time, and that Atmosphere is probably the best lyricist of all time. However EVERY rapfan I know including hardcore hip hop heads who rail against the atrocities of what i lovingly refer to as "number rap"( meaning they talk about how many inches their rims are, how big their guns are, how many hos they fuck etc... you know numbers) lists Tupac as their favorite rapper. Not who they think is the best, but their favorite. He's even one of my favorites.

So why is Tupac such a beloved figure? Because of contrast. In addition to being the face of west coast gangster rap, he was accepted to Juliard and he wrote poetry. He even changed his name to Machiavelli in a throwback to the writer of "The Prince". All of these things led to him being everyone's favorite rapper because we felt like there was more to him. It also made him attractive to woman as they felt he was more than just a thug who would fuck her and leave her there was a softer side that led him to write things like "Dear Momma".

My thinking is that everyone who is majorly charismatic, has a contrast in their personality. How this can help YOU is by reminding you to have a complete personality. A major problem that i see in most guys, is that they only have one side to them. Either they are alpha, or fun party guy, or funny guy, or cool guy. But there is not other side. In order to really hook women in, we need to show multiple facets of ourselves. One of the major attraction switches that we teach at bootcamps, is the ability to take a woman on an emotional journey. That means that we need to give her a variety of emotions, including some negative ones... In10se talks about the concept of baiting. In his post he wrote that after some intial attraction material, he will hint at a softer side, by revealing that he took his mom out on Valentine's Day or that he keeps a journal. We also teach vulnerability routines as well in order to convey that their is a part of us that can still be scared despite the outer appearence of being this forty foot tall alpha male with a HUGE cock.

Contrast also builds comfort and trust. As in attraction we need to be over the top with our DHVs, contrasting with vulnerability and weakness makes women believe our DHVS more as we are showing that we aren't always amazing which makes her believe us when we DHV. Contrast that with ALWAYS DHVing where at some point you will come across as a caricature as women will not believe anyone is that amzing or if they do believe you, they will be intimidated.

So in conclusion, be like Tupac and show more than one side of yourself when interacting with women. And if anyone ever asks you to describe Sinn say " He's kinda like Tupac."



  1. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Hahah... cool


  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    that was great, thanks. Big L would have made it huge. RIP. Anymore on vulnerability routines ?

  3. Sneaky Castro4:55 PM

    You ain't a leader, what?

    Nobody followed you..

    You was never shit, ya mother should have swallowed you.

    Throw ya L's up SINN.

  4. The L's are Up!

    Feb 14



  5. Anonymous1:01 AM

    This is good shit. Having vulnerability is great in contrasting macho super alpha male type of images. In fact i sometimes use vulnerability routines right away talking about the cute things i did as a child.

    Is there any other ways you talk about vulnerabilities/soft side without sounding too wussy?


  6. "Atmosphere" isn't a rapper. However, "Slug" is.

  7. Great post, dude.

    For guys who don't know, get you a copy of Pac's "I Wanna Be Your N.I.G.G.A." and then listen to it back to back with "Lookin' At the World in My Rearview" to hear what that contrast is all about.

    Or Naughty by Nature's "Mourn Ya Till I Join Ya," which tells you the whole Pac story.

    Poet and a warrior. That's all any woman wants in a man.

  8. Sinn, I totally disagree with this. Tupac is so beloved because he got killed in his prime. Not because of contrast. The same with JFK.

  9. hahaha, don't push yourself "kinda like tupac"
    i guess you had a pretty nice life, there's no thug in you ;) you want it in your fantasy i know. it's a big turn off to read from a pua.
    anyway check out Rakim & krs-one that's the real shit. now go on and tell us how we have to play with girls, yes ? :-)
    ps. you hurt my feelings with the charlatan podcast, i was diggin' some of their shit.
    now.. lose that piercing, it's just stupid !!!
    then i'm down with you
    no hard feelings

  10. awesome im like the biggest tupac fan

  11. dude im the greatest tupac fan eva im listenig to him noww lol dude i think u mentioned that u wished u were tupac what story did you say