Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My story

By popular demand here is the story of my journey through the bizarre world of the community.

I actually found the community sometime around 98. Maybe 99, but all I did was read about it. I actually thought it was really weird. I was in high school at the time and I read all the stuff about not supplicating etc, and that was good, but too late for me to apply it in high school.

I was not good with girls, at all. I was really jealous of the guys who were and so I pretended to have a girlfriend at another school. I also had a group of friends who had a reputation for trying to get with girls and failing miserably. Looking back on high school I always thought I was mediocrely popular, but in retrospect, we were the losers at the party.

I had no sexual experiences until I was 17 and I had sex with a girl who I had met on AOL after buying the DYD e-book and practicing some of that stuff. Then I had 2 years of unintentional celibacy.

During which time I met Barrie, who I dated on and off for about 3 years. We didn’t have sex though until 2005, after I was already helping on workshops and had stopped dating her. It was possibly the worst relationship of all time. We broke up and she lost her virginity to another guy after not having sex with me for the 9 months we were dating and I took her back after that… Looking back now I just think it’s hysterical, especially since she is now engaged and still calls me and wants to have sex…

So around 2003 I dropped out of my group of loser friends who’s idea of fun was playing pool and complaining about not getting girls while not approaching. Their names were Ron and Gabe. I then started to approach at the mall. I did 7 approaches a day 7 days a week from late 2003 until sometime in 2005, after I had taken a TMM program. It took me 6 months of doing approaches EVERY day to get my first lay. Her name was Katie and I met her at the Northridge mall with the Wheelchair opener. After that I started to get it. Things started to click and I could get attraction really well. I also started to get a new lay every month or so. But I had MAJOR flaking problems. So I took the DYD “ On being a man program” “Sexual Communication” there I met TD for the first time along with a couple of other guys.

Then in Oct I took a TMM program with Mystery, Savoy and Lovedrop. I learned a shitload. I had asked David D if I could intern for him and had gotten the run around, but when I asked Savoy he was only too happy to get free labor. So I started interning for the company around this time. This was back when I did recruiting for Abercrombie. So then I started to really rack up the lays. It was a combination of day game, and girls I gamed at A&F. Then I went out with Savoy a few times to do day game which led to me getting a chance to help out on a program in Dec of that year. I made it very clear that I was not an instructor, but I learned a lot again.

Then I did a few more programs helping out and had my big moment at a Vegas bootcamp, it was a mixed 4 set. I was wearing a STUPID top hat and I ended up pulling the girl up to her room and closing at the end of program. It was after this that I finally started to feel like I was good. I taught a gazillion more programs that year and ended up talking at Cliffs list. I had arrived. Then I started to build a name for myself as I had tons of great bootcamp sets. I had back to back lays in Boston, went 3 for 3 in LA… So when Mystery retired the first time from teaching workshop in 05 I was one of the first guys to teach a TMM program without Mystery and I’ve been doing that ever since. Since then I’ve taught about 100 programs, including one on ones, stripper game, and my specialty day game. I’ve also taught and mentored The Don, Future, Tenmagnet, El Topo, and others. And I guess in the process of that I’ve become accepted as one of the best in the world at this. I’ve now been with more women that I could have EVER imagined I would be with and I know that meeting women is NEVER going to be a problem for me ever again.

So that’s my story, I probably came from a lot lower of a place than most people, since I was really young without an established identity or money, or even the maturity of someone in their 30s. But I consider myself proof that if I can do this, then ANYONE can. It’s just a matter of how much you want it. And how much you’re willing to go through.



  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Could you perhaps fill in the gap between Wheelchair opener during the day --> laying Katie?

    I personally find it easier to get laid with night game. Day game has too many logistical factors working against you. Most PUA's I know rock the night scene but can't do very much during the day.


  2. Hey man! Your story is actually really cool. Especially for me since I am in the years you began, a little younger though.

    I mean, Style probably has the best story (or at least, most hyped) but this is so great for me because I can totally relate to the "being a looser in high school" and shit like that, even though you are popular and shit like that.

    I totally feel the need of getting rids of lame friends but, man, you love your friends. I have met and am hanging with a lot of great guys I met through this community but me and my buddies have history... hard getting rid of that.

    It's mostly their negativity more then being lame actually. They are cool.

    Once again, great story man... and I'm tired of always commenting your blog. Check up on mine =)


  3. Michael L2:40 PM

    This is great and I actually feel really really inspired. I had a worse relationship than you though man hahahahah I was 'LJBFed' by a girl but remained friends with her for two years, when we did finally go out [for 4weeks], I kissed her once for like 5seconds, and then broke up. I'd never had a girlfriend before her in like 19years. Hahahah I was a total social retard.

    I discovered DYD which helped me a lot. then TMM, then I found your blog at the end of last year from one of the newsletters. Not to sound like a total weird fanboy, but I read the blog just about everyday, and it's really helped and inspired me. Ive slimmed down now from being a fatty, and go to the gym reguarly, I have ripped abs, a 'cool' haircut. Go out and do approaches everyday, and it doesnt intimidate me anymore and I love it.. even when shit isn't going so good. Now I'm dating a girl I really really like and she likes me which is great. Ive also made a lot more friends lately. Every aspect of my life is improving day by day.

    So I'd like to thankyou a fucking lot. If I ever meet you, the drinks are totally on me. Because you've made such a great difference to my life.

    Much much respect.
    -Michael L

  4. great story sinn, thanks for the honesty too, i'm in high school and its relieving to see one of the world's best sucked at my age...and its kinda scary cuz I know I have ALOT of work to do, AHhh, and my friends arent the biggest pimps either :(...might have to take your same path if I want this shit

  5. so i assume you where doing approaches around 21. which is what i am now.

    what was the oldest girl you landed at that age?

  6. Your story is awesome, mainly because I can relate to a lot of it. Especially the GF story, though I haven't taken her back or even spoken to her. It's a situation just like what you went through with Katie that lead me to the community, and reading about the hard work you did to learn and become a pro at Gaming is really inspirational.

  7. About cutting off old friends, I think it can be really important to get away from old friends when they're holding you back. It's been easier for me, since I left the country to begin my journey (I live in Japan now) so I didn't have to cut off my friends --- I', just separated from them by default, and when I meet up with them they just accept that I've changed and they can't do anything about it. It's harder when they see every step of your process of change and try to hold you back. Sometimes you've gotta cut them off if they make you feel bad for improving yourself.

  8. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Sinn, how old are you now man?