Thursday, June 21, 2007

20 drinks last night = death this morning

So I woke up in my own puke....

That's a great way to start the day. Hopefully god thinks I have paid my penance now after cleaning the puke off myself and CJ's couch and rug. Last night was a great illustration of my life.

I went to a strip club with CJ. We wanted to get there at 4 to cement our degenerate status, but by the time we got done with all the shit we both had to do, it was 8. We rolled in to see a collection of mutants on stage. But there was a 10 waitress. I had my sunglasses on in the club as I decided that it's a really powerful way to break rapport. Especially since my bro Future got uncomfortable when I wouldn't take them off while we were at lunch in SF a few weeks ago. As part of my attempting to be more responsible, I bought a $ 400 dollar pair of Gucci's. I figure if I can't keep my sunglasses, then I can't handle a lot of responsibilty. And it's stupid to avoid having something I want because I don't think I can keep them. So I start to game the waitress. It's super on, then she has to go attend to other customers. But she comes back and I # close her with a solid time bridge. And I remember to correct the mistakes I made with HB perfect. this girl will be my next girlfriend.

Then I head to the infamous X bar with CJ where I receive a text from Savoy saying he's at 8 drinks. Which was impressive considering it was 9PM in LA. I start to drink. Heavily. I end up at 20 drinks before getting kicked out.

So all in all hot girl who is in the begginning stages of falling in love with me and 20 drinks = Sinn.

Plus being like Tupac:)



  1. love the stories bro lol

  2. Tony Robbins always talks about not using alcohol to change why do you use it?

  3. What mistake do you make with HB Perfect? How did you correct it?

  4. Anonymous8:25 AM

    same as Zuzu. What mistakes did you make with HB perfect?
    See you in chicago at BC.

  5. Anonymous3:34 AM

    20 drinks? Pussy.

    Can't believe you're still lusting after my Swedish Gucci Glasses ;-)


  6. Hey, can you do some posts of what you say during your interactions. They don't have to be in full detail.