Saturday, June 30, 2007

Live blogging from Chicago

Right now Future and I are talking about the attraction switches, specifically the ability to emote. That means that all of your actions are driven by your emotions. you are not logically manipulating to get reactions. You are following your emotional circuitry. Furthermore you need to demostrate to her that you have FULLY functioning emotional circuitry. that means that you don't have weird emotional reactions.

For example if you I am gaming a girl, and she says " I think you are kinda cute" and I respond with " Fuck You, you fucking whore!!!" I have just demonstrated malfunctioning emotional circuitry, which may lead her to endanger herself if she continues to interact with me. In fact, wehave to PROVE definetively that our emotional circuitry has driven us to be Pre-selected by women, a leader of men, and a protector of loved ones.

Now we've moved onto to the ability to affect her emotionally. Most guys are way too boring and don't give women a RANGE of emotions, DHVs are not a range of emotions. They are a specific attractive quality, but the ability to lead a woman on an emotional roller coaster is a DHV in and of itself.

El Topo is siting in a weird position with his arms above his head like he's drawing a bow, and Da Hunter is MIA as he is trying to get his new Iphone to work...

Also Forum admin Vapor has stopped by to help us out, and it's good to finally put a face to the online handle...

More to come....


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