Thursday, June 07, 2007

Winging styles.

Ever wonder why you do better whith one wing than all your other's?

I did too. In the begginning Savoy and I winged really well together, then as I came into my own a little bit more and started to express who I was in a more personal way, my game changed and we stopped being able to wing as well.

The Don and I were able to wing together really well until I decided I wanted to focus more on same night lays.

Future and I despite being best friends, have never really winged well together. Mostly because he's way higher energy then me and we have never found a way to compensate.

But when I met Captain Jack we winged together perfectly almost immediately. Why?

Winging basically comes down to three seperate things working together. Obviously if you have game and your wing doesn't there is gonna be a problem. So this assumes you and your wings are at roughly the same level or at least that your wing isn't a loser.

The three important parts of winging are:

1. Energy Levels. You can't have a low energy guy and a high energy guy. It just becomes distracting. That's why Future and I don't wing well. You're wing should be at or a little bit lower energy than you. Also whoever has higher energy needs to open the set. A high energy wing can wreck things really fast.

2. Objectives. If your wing isn't going for same night lays and you are, there will be a conflict of interest and you will sabotage each other. One guy will push too fast the other guy will drag his feet and not escalate. This leads to more problems. Make sure that you guys both agree as to what the objective of the set is. If it's setting up dates, it's setting up dates. If it's trying to pull then both guys need to try to pull and be willing to lose the set.

3.Styles. If one guy is dressed in a couch coat, blue nails and a LED belt, and the other guy is dressed in sandals jeans and a t-shirt, the girls will probably wonder how you guys know each other and the incongruence as to why you guys are hanging out will affect the set. Make sure you and your wing dress similar and look like FRIENDS. Not like two guys who happen to be good with girls hanging out together on the prowl. Remember under the radar is good. You should just look like a bunch of cool guys who happened to start talking to them.

In conclusion a good wing can get you laid( Like Savoy and CJ have gotten me several times) and a bad wing can destroy your sets and make things not very fun.



  1. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I disagree with the first point. Having someone as high energy and the wing as low energy DOES work. The lower energy one just acts more aloof and higher value while the high energy one breaks the ice.


  2. This is an interesting subject that I haven't seen much written about. That's solid advice, though where I'm at, any wing is a good wing.

  3. Yeah, I think a wing plays a big part in how well you'll do that night. I know certain guys, if I go out with them, then there's absolutely no way we're gonna do anything single night. On the other hand, some of my buddies are just approach machines who do a lot of single night lays and are awesome to pick up with (but if you just wanna sit around and drink beers then it kinda sucks).

    But yeah, I agree that style can play a big part in how well your wing works with you. I think having similar styles tends to help more than hurt (my wing used to go out with a big green mohawk and this huge ass wallet chain like 30 feet long, and the type of girls he was interested in would really go for it, but the girls I go for are a little freaked out by it.)

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