Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I don't do shit.

I pulled again last night. First into the bathroom then home for like 6 rounds of "All night long".

What did I open with " You look bored while that guy is hitting on your friend." Did I run routines? no. I didn't do shit except handle logistics and be myself. The more I game, the less results I get. The more I just am the more I pull.

It reminds me of something CJ and I have been talking about for awhile. How the less effort you put in, the better results you get in set. The hottest girls we've ever pulled, came from doing the bare MINIMUM of work at each waypoint. Once you get good, stop working so hard. It's basically what Brent has been saying for years and is something Jeffy said in my favorite Jlaix story of all time.

Tenmag and I were chilling at casa de Jeffy after a program sometime last year, and Jeffy started to explain what he does now. he said " I don't do shit, I walk up, I say hey I'm Jeff. I got no job, work out, write, I'm a motivational speaker, and I'm celibate so don't get any ideas." It was hysterical. And I'm sure it worked.

So if you are an intermediate guy experiment with doing no work and see what happens. This does also take for granted that you have a personality and aren't just a routine machine.



  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    So this sounds kind of like TD's new RSD movement. Maybe you just have unconscious competence and don't realize subtle differences you're making cause its so ingrained in what you do.

    For example how would you penetrate the bitch sheilded group and disarm cockblocks normally if u just do chill back game?


  2. Anonymous1:48 PM

    This blog entry sounds dangerously like the bullsh*t spouted by many speakers at last year's Cliff's List convention -- i.e., just be yourself, screw the routines, routines are fake, blah blah blah.

    Most of the speakers spewing this stuff seemed to have forgotten that it was the routines (and the structure of seduction) which helped them become rockstar PUAs.

    JS raises a valid question in his post above. Unconscious competence doesn't happen overnight -- you do enough successful approaches, and eventually the behavior will become ingrained.

  3. Hasn't Juggler been saying this forever? Get her to invest into the interaction, don't be the approval seeking guy by running gambits to elicit attraction?

    The difficulty part is how to build up a person's beliefs in himself. How do you convey non-neediness?

  4. ware_ru11:01 PM

    If you found a girl you were particularly interested in, e.g. a supermodel, would you go conscious and tactically-based, with routines, or would you just play chill game?

    Is your do-nothing game really as solid and consistent as your tactical game? Or is your natural self just so fucking good that it is enough to pull pretty consistently, though not as well as with conscious game.

  5. I've always thought of routines as place fillers that get me used to accomplishing specific goals in the pickup (a specific story that DHVs, a specific routine that qualifies like "beauty's common...", etc.). When I got good at attraction game I mostly stopped using routines but started naturally improvising stuff that accomplished the same goals. It's not doing nothing, just the specific contents are different.

    I think once you've got the confidence and body language that goes with it, plus a good INTERNALIZED understanding of how to progress a sarge in each stage, then you can kick it freestyle. Until then, though, I would run solid game. I run solid game in the parts of the pickup where I'm weakest.

  6. I think the qualifer that Sinn makes in his post is "Once you get good..."

    Using routines and gaming techniques are necessary up until you incorporate them and they're second nature -- at that point you're not "gaming" anymore, you're just acting normal.

    He's not condemning routines and gaming material, he just says that at a certain point, once you get good enough, relying on the "training wheels" stuff can actually hold you back.

    At least that's what I'm getting from it.

  7. It is a double-edged sword "to be just oneself". However, I can imagine the punchline of this post could be that it is all about personality and outlook. Game and its routines are just a tool to project and much more importantly form personality and outlook.

    greetings from germany

  8. truth8:42 AM

    I have to say I agree with the idea of unconscious competence. I'm getting back into fundraising, but when I was there before, when it came to asking things from management I didn't even realize I was asking for something in the form of an ask ladder with rebuttals.

    I see musicians make this mistake as well. Every major innovator, from The Beatles, Hendrix, Led Zep, Van Halen, Metallica, etc., learned a ton of covers at one point, and really copied other people. People who started at A and are now at C sometimes forget that they needed to go through B in order to get to C.

  9. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Let me get this right... people pay thousands to learn routines, the model, anything outer game related, just overall game...

    And you and your buds pull your hottest girls "doing shit"...

    Why would you post something like this... it doesn't make sense. I'm sure intermediate guys take your workshops, they must love reading this.


  10. Sinn,

    Yeah, TD has been saying something similar recently as well. But he says that he recognized that he can't teach this to beginners, because if beginners PU like he does nothing will happen for them.

    I'm interested in how the gurus will explain this though. What is it that happens when you reach that level of zen where you don't need everything you've learned and it just holds you back.

    I don't think this is bullshit... I think it's a real phenomenon. But what I'm interested to hear is whether the gurus who experience this think that beginners should skip to the end, IE go straight to natural game and avoid all the systematic stuff? It seems to me that that is what GOT YOU to this level of mastery, and that anyone else who wants the same results will have to do the same work.

  11. Anonymous11:50 AM

    it is all a circle.

  12. i dont think its zen.

    when i'm being myself calling a girl dork and playfully teasing her is just me being me. am i running game? naa i'm just having fun.

    you incorporate stages of game into your natural personality. most people have a personality decent enough to get girls attracted. the trick is getting all that fear and anxiety (limiting beliefs) out of the way to convey it.

    good post sinn.

  13. Will in MIA12:21 PM

    Unconscious Competence; success has transformed you into a natural. I guess you will have to learn to difference between the game you teach and your own game. Awesome for your personal growth though...

  14. It's about being as lazy as humanly possible, doing the least amount of work for the same results... getting laid.