Saturday, June 30, 2007

Live blogging from Chicago Part Deux

Future is teaching story-telling now. Story-telling is one of the BEST ways to captivate a group, and relate our life experiences to others in an interesting way. We do a story-telling exercise in the bootcamp where every student gets a personalized story...

Generally the stories are pretty fucking interesting, which always makes me wonder why guys can't understand the things that they should talk to women about. If you have told a story once, and people (Read wome) have found it interesting, chances are very high that the next women you tell it to, will think it's interesting as well. In fact everyone has stories that they tell over and over again. My dad always tells the saame stories. So does EVERY natural you will ever meet. It's normal and natural.

Even more important than the story being interesting to the audience, is the story being interesting to yourself. Enthusiasm is contagious. The more into the story you are, the better the reaction you are going to get. Make sure that any story you tell is something YOU want to talk about. Rather than something that you think women will want to hear.


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