Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lack of updates to come explained now....

So I've had the strip club waitress over the last 2 nights ending last night with us staying up all night... I'm sooo gone it's not even funny. She's coming over again tonight. I've never met anyone I could talk to for this long and not get bored of.

Ok enough mushy stuff. Point being I fixed every mistake I made with HBperfect. And I'm very happy about that. I also have documented the whole thing and am debating whether or not to post about it. It's a systematic break down of advanced comfort, but also compromises my private life and IMO undermines the quality of connection I feel for this girl.

I know everyone will post comments telling me to post it. Save them. i'll make the decision on my own and if I get so many as 1 comment asking for it I will NEVER post it anywhere. This is an issue I need to make a decision on alone. I've shared a lot of myself with the community and lost HBperfect because of bootcamps, so I will not ever feel indebted. On the other hand I do pride myself on my ability to teach and this report is a magnificent breakdown. I also will probably not post it publicly on the chance that she may somehow find it. So lounge members it may be your lucky day.... And no this isn't marketing for some product either.. It's just me putting my thoughts down on a subject because well it's my blog.

So I won't be updating much over the next few days, unless the hotel room in Chi has internet then I'll do a live blog while Future teaches...

I'm in Chi tomor for the lair talk then the bootcamp then Breakthrough motherfucking comfort. Then I'm back home to relax and start working on some more money making ventures outside of PU, edit the Day game product which will be a 5 DVD product that will be really fucking cool.My video editor has made several movies that have been to sundance and the quality will be amazing. I'll also get to continue to deal with my car situation.. YAY!!

What else? Real World las vegas Reunited sucks my balls.. It's terrible and seems like it's a bunch of people pretending that they're having fun when really it's obvious that outside of Frank and Steven NOBODY likes each other on this show. It's just MTV's flailing last ditch attempt to ressurect the dead not dying Real World franchise. Lame.

Finally Future will have a phone soon and we can resume our ambiguously gay talks on the phone instead of me trying to catch him on SKYPE.



  1. What the F is wrong with the M3?
    What the f is breakthrough comfort? Or how can one find out?

    I hope you plan on going to SINN stripclub when you're in PHX...

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    Breakthrough Comfort:


    The M3 was the beginning... not the end! The M3 was a work of genious, don't get me wrong. I personally think Mystery deserves a medal for his work so far in social dynamics...

    But the M3 has some faults and leaves out things like Transitions. A3 is not linear, it's cyclical... This is a concept that Sinn has completely reworked. The M3 states that the majority of your time is spent in Comfort... but up till recently Comfort game has consisted of "Don't fuck up". Breakthrough Comfort is tactical. "Backwards engineered Love" is the best description. And there are also different forms of comfort that you want to work for LTR's vs. SNL's and ONS.

    Bottom line... Social dynamics is a science. It is constantly progressing. It is constantly being perfected by mPUA's everywhere. The things we do now won't always be the things we do in the future. The M3 provides a great model with which to gauge your progess with a woman but it can and will be improved on as long as the community exists... or until someone discovers that mythical magic bullet that works everytime on every girl.


  4. Priest,while that is helpful and insightful,my first question related to the BMW M3 LOL!! Is that a coincidence that Sinn drives an M3?

  5. dude I'll help you make the decision. If you wonder that much if you should post it or not... you probably shouldn't. You can still post something on advanced confort disregarding the relation with your girl.

    So everybody will want to kill me for this but....


  6. Anonymous2:22 AM

    heard about your blog through kergan.
    anyways, my personal perspective is that any girl you hook up with owes enough respect to not go about writing field reports about it unless suffciciently obfuscated.

    and if you care for a girl then it's a special moment in time(set of memories) that you share.

    unless she's ok with you sharing it, you sharing it is breaching the trust and freedom you share with her.

  7. Anonymous6:17 PM

    If it's a choice between holding something you value at risk or trying to teach the community... IMO be a selfish motherfucker... "good things" come rarely, and are not to be trifled with. You've paid your dues and taught plenty.



  8. enjoy the girl, dude. the great ones don't come along very often...