Thursday, February 01, 2007

Frame control

What is frame control?
To understand Frame control, we must first have an understanding of frames. A frame is the surrounding meaning of any interaction. It is as David Deangelo likes to say your reality.
In an interaction between two people, whoever has the stronger frame/reality wins. The weaker frame/reality is absorbed into the larger overall meaning set in the more powerful frame.
It is extremely important to set the frame in the interaction. During some sarges your frame will be pulled at from all angles.
The target, her friends and AMOGs can all attempt to put you into their frames.
Take for example the classic shit test "are you a player". This is an attempt to slot you into their frame. If you say no you are defending yourself and look insecure, if you say yes you are trying to look cool.
So what can you do?
1. You can ignore the comment entirely and plow forward with your specific personality conveying material.
Ex:" are you a player"
PUA: Oh man you know what I saw today? (start routine)
This is IMO the best way to hold your frame, but the girl can just repeat the question until you say something if she really wants to be a pain.
2. You can reframe the quesion by agreeing and then taking the accusation to absurdity.
Ex: " are you a player"
PUA: What is it about players you like so much? I actually am a card carrying member of the ancient order of makeout whores. My father was a makeout whore and his before that. It's a great honor. Anyway (stack to next routine)
This is good as you can quickly make the test looks stupid by agreeing and then taking her frame even farther until it is stupidly funny.
3. Reframe by shit testing her.
EX: " Are you a player"
PUA: Are you just a typical San Diego party girl?
This shit test like the question are you a player is a double bind. Meaning that either way she answers I am putting her in my frame. If she says yes I dismiss her saying that i know what those are like and they are trouble. if she says no i tell her that's good becuz i am sick of those girls but she's probably not adventurous enough.

Double binds are awesome and we should at some point establish a master list of them.

4. Reframe by misinterpreting and then disqualifying
Ex: " are you a player?"
PUA: Oh my god you are attracted to me! It's too bad your not really my type.
This is really good too as you are doing two things defining her as attracted to you and then immediately disqualifying her . This sets the frame that she wants you but cannot have you.
5. Reframe the underlying meaning to her chasing you
Ex" are you a player"
PUA: You know your not gonna talk your way into my pants like that, If you want me your gonna have to do some serious courting.
This similiarly to the last one sets the her chasing you frame but this more off the wall. This is like one part ignorance and one part reframing so that she is chasing. however it is a C&P line so it should not be used past A2. This works even if she disagrees because it is funny enough that she will laugh and by laughing she is subconsciously accepting our frame.
6. Going completely illogical. This is a part of ignoring except you go off the wall.
Ex " are you a player"
PUA: " my friend eats lemons" ( stack to next routine) credit Jlaix
One part ignorance , one part humor with some illogic chick sense jumbling non sense thrown in. This lets her know that you will not take her hoops. Especially if every time she puts a hoop up you say the same illogical thing, it becomes call back humor while reinforcing your frame.



  1. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Very good post, I got a lot out of it even though I own the interview series CD on that topic!


  2. i love this post more than you will ever know :D

    -- beek

  3. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Yeah my fave are....

    Agree & Exaggerate (great for LTR Frame Tests)

    Reframe as attracted (for PUs)

    "I like lemons" is great because if your mind goes blank you just say this as a default.

    Here's a double bind I always use

    PUA to AFC Orbiter: Do you mind if I borrow her for a sec ?

    If he says that he DOES mind, he reveals his true hidden feelings for her in front of the girl (awww)

    If he says he doesn't have his approval

    It's like in 6th grade when you secretly liked a girl and your friend would say

    "do you mind if I make a move on Michelle"

    and you say...Why would I care?
    (and then go cry)

  4. Anonymous6:58 AM

    For example my LTR just called and I said

    What's up dude?

    LTR: Is that how you greet the love of your life?

    I like Mellons.

    LTR: WTF? You like Mellons? (Laughter)

    Cut thread.

  5. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Hey Sinn,

    I Really needed this post bro... MM could even get away with doing another CD on Frame Control that could go more in depth... to include things like double binds.

    Frames are, like you said, "A really mirky water" so the more details people like you can throw at people like me, the better.

    What do you think of BadBoy and his Direct/Alpha Frame/Approach?

    Take care man... being back in LA for a bit.


  6. this post is insightful, thanks sinn have you ever thought about writing a book on PU covering every single what-if scenario?

  7. sinn i'd love for you to write a post on day game/direct game. either here or on the mystery method forum.

    i know you have a product centered around it so maybe some of the general things or whatnot.

    i don't know if you take requests or not but it would not go unappreciated.

  8. Hey, i was just thinking about this reply to the "are you a player question".
    Girl: are you a player?
    me: *puts arm around girl, looks into her eyes and says "we shall see".

    I was just wondering if this is a good reply or not. :D

  9. Anonymous9:42 PM

    ummm ok all this seems like manipulation and i would never be able to use it. It just seems wrong using these tactics to what? Get laid. I mean shit, have some respect and dignity and get laid on your own charm and attributes rather than using trick to make them think they like you.

  10. Anonymous12:58 PM

    And what do women do again? Oh right, they use us to get money. I think this is a much more appropriate method of getting laid than what women do.

  11. Anonymous6:59 AM

    not satisfied................

  12. frame control is something I returned to after a few years into the Tolle movement. Basically, if you are 100% about frame control, and you are not the most positive person, you'll come off as a dick.

  13. Ex: "Are you a player"?

    PUA: "I like turtles"