Wednesday, July 18, 2007

LR Jealousy plot gone crazy...

Last night I headed out with CJ to meet up with El Topo on his 2 on 1. We ran into twitchy at the venue.

This venue was SICK... so many hot girls and it was a SNL venue. Meaning that there's a lot of girls looking to go home with someone. Good DJ, Lots of lone wolves, lots of places to isolate... It's gonna be a good night.

I'm wearing my crystal gucci shades in the club and the first set I opne Red with jealousy and her friend are giving me shit, but I'm getting attraction. I open with my phone etiquette opener.

It's on, I'm really on tonight and when I'm really on no one can hold the obstacles because I'm too loud and entertaining... I do a take away and open a tall girl and a hideous beast friend. This set is also on... I do another takeaway as I'm actively focused on working the room tonight.

I open a 4'10 girl who happens to be in a burlesque show, it's on... I move on again..

Meanwhile Twitchy and El Topo have both been getting handjobs from the same asian girl and are trying to switch with the black hottie ET brought on a date here. I laugh at them and get a drink.

I roll outside and run into short girl and her friends, they wave me over and now I'm sitting with 1 guy and 3 girls including the girl I eventually close a red-headed burlesque dancer wearing a corset. I OWN this group for 15 minutes where NOBODY else says shit. I run some pre-selection and talk about how I'm celibate. I can tell corset girl is into me to and I find out the short girl is married and a swinger, but she only does couples :(

I roll to the table, and Game Jealous red, Twitchy somehow pulls the short girl and corset girl to the table. I see them and say hi, I tell Twitchy to game them as there is NO way anyone can take this set from me. He rolls off them and I pull jealous red into the table 3 feet from them and she makes them take pictures of us. It was an awesome Jplot.

Then short girl goes home and corset says she doesnt want to go. I say stay here with me I'll take care of you. They agree and after shorty warns me to take care of her and they make out I have corset and Jealous all over me. I tell jealous that corset is an old friend who's drunka nd I'm taking care of her even though I like jealous. Jealous wants me to go take a picture with the club photogs. Uh no... So I sit down with corset.

Strawberry fields
I'd fuck you on the table if no one was here.

She says she wants to come home with me, but "We're NOT having sex" heard that before... She wants to go to the bathroom and pulls me ion with her. We make out and she shows me her pierced nipples... There was a line and people knocking so no bathroom lay here : (

I start walking her out anf run into jealous and she wants to dance and tells me to pawn the other girl off on another guy. I tell her I'm a good friend and I HAVE to take her home. She says " You just want to get some" and I walk away from her.

As I'm getting into the car with corset, the valet says someopne is calling me... I look up and it's Jealous from the balcony of the club. She wants me to take her number. So I do. i also # closed the tall girl and the short girl who was friends with corset.

I pull Corset home and fuck her further breaking my SCW damaged bed... While fucking her Jealous sent 11 texts and called 7 times....

So far today I have talked to all the girls... and I would be shocked if I get less than 2 lays from this night.

Also when fucking corset she was SOO into dirty talk, telling me to come on her tits and ass... It was awesome.

Twitchy apparently pulled too but got LMR cause he escalated too much in the club. EL Topo had a crazy night that involved getting punched in the face by the girl he closed the night before, but I'll let him tell that story.



  1. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Does El Topo have a blog??

  2. there is choding, that most guys do. there is hunting, that some loosers do. There is sarging that the PUAs do. And then there is owning the place, having totally fun that only a few people do.

    Be happy you are one of them.

    yet again, a fan.

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Sinn can you add a link to Twitchy's blog? His shit is very entertaining..