Friday, October 19, 2007


One of the things I've noticed recently in my game and Future's is our ability to use our weirdness to our advantage.

One of the things I've been messing around with for the last few months, is the idea of being quirky or different in a preferential way.

This has a bunch of benefits including the reduction of " Player vibe" and the building of a connection she doesn't have with most people, because as I reveal my weirdness to her, it allows her to reveal her weirdnesses to me...

Backing up, this came about because I notcied that all people have some quirky weird things they do once you get to know them. This sparked my idea that NOBODY is actually cool. There are just people who conceal their weirdnesses better and worse. It also then stands to reason that there would be weird things people are into that are more and less attractive to women.

This also coincided with my current period of annoyance with working hard to get girls and my uncanny ability to choose amusing myself over running stock material.

So I started to just talk about how weird I am.

I talked about my new workout and how I'm trying to learn how to dunk.

I talked about how I write long esoteric stream of consciousnesses rants.

I talked about how much I like manners.

I talked about my huge cock(Obviously)

and more and more random not particularly interesting things. But they were interesting to ME.

And my results sky rocketed again. Now not only do I not have to worry about saying the same things to girls over and over. I don't have to think about what to say at all, because I just say waht I'm thinking and trust that it will work. It doesn't always, but that's why I have recovery skills.

Too many guys are scared to start talking about things they actually care about. I still think you should avoid talking about business stuff, but if you can spin it in a way that sounds amazing or cool, go for it.

One thing a bunch of guys seem to forget( Even though I say it on bootcamp over and over) is that not everything you say is going to hit. It's ok, you also have to realize that the level of compeititon is not super interesting guys, it's the where are you from, what do you do guy...

Wrapping up, don't be afraid to put the parts of yourself out there that you'e not sure women will be attracted to. I never thought being super honest with girls about my promescuity would work, but it does... I never thought talking to girls for an hour about V for Vendetta would work either... Don't be afraid to be different. It can make you attractive in a way she's never felt before.



  1. ware_ru12:08 PM

    I constant remind myself of two things that I've gotten from your blog and it makes life absolutely lovely.

    the first is "you also have to realize that the level of compeititon is not super interesting guys, it's the where are you from, what do you do guy..."

    the other was "Every pickup goes into very counterproductive threads. Every single one. And it's your job to frame control your way out of them so it doesn't ruin the pickup."

    Also "NOBODY is actually cool"... I have to comment this. I recently came across this in the ASF archives, and it's actually a major part of what tyler and crew are recently talking about, and is probably the most potent distillation of "cool" that I have ever seen:

    TD: To me, to be cool is to have an inner game that is chilled out.
    Chilled out enough to allow yourself to pickup on a style or rhythm that expresses who you are, and to allow whatever social attention you might have placed on you to be a non-factor.

    To me, having spent lots of time in the field, I find the above paragraph to be extremely profound. It's like at the Zen level.
    -- in other words, being "cool" is a state of being unaffected by social pressure, such that your own personal style and rhythm flows out naturally.

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    I can talk about V for Vendetta, Watchmen, and Miracleman for several days. I'm so in!

    Seriously, I've heard TD talk repeatedly about just pulling the girl into your world. And your idea seems to fit in with that.

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    You buying the Jeffy show Sinn?

  4. The interesting thing is that when you get to know really cool people, they always confirm the notion of self-doubt and sometimes even self-loathing; this is especially common in women. It's especially NOTICEABLE in hot women because they are untrained to provide validation from within themselves. Again: inner game. Many hot women are DESIRABLE, but they are often "cool" as a factor of the successful/accomplished and even "cool" guys they are attached to. (But it's a circle since those guys can be readily identified, often, by the presence of hot girls.)

    Even the mightiest among us has feet of clay. From Alexander to Napoleon, men of greatness still look in the mirror and demand they rise to their own occasion.

    So it seems that the goal is to be 100% comfortable and accepting with your current feelings and past, but in the absence of that, talk like you are and act like you're always improving. Yeah?

  5. When I’m in set I usually talk about how I used to be dominated by my last GF (preselection) and how she used to whip me and step on my balls with her stiletto heels and how I used to bark like a dog for her. I then go into my baby toe nail collection DHV story and how I have people’s baby toe nails from the early 80’s which I mostly took of my girlfriend at the time while she was sleeping or unconscious. Then I just talk about how I had genital alteration and how my dick now looks like a banana split.

    I think you’re def on the money Sinn. I should maybe push my comfort zone and allow myself to be a little weird and quirky with the girls I talk to. I cant wait for my results to skyrocket!

    Thanks for the awesome blog post dude!

  6. Anonymous2:47 AM

    sounds a lot like shit RSD been saying for a while now

  7. Anonymous11:56 AM

    This goes right along with Juggler's use of disqualification as a staple tool in the field.

    A great way to build rapport is to demonstrate your genuine self to the girl, and that included both your strengths and your faults.

    Also, a truely confident person is not affraid to display their weaknesses, and accepts themselves for who they are.

  8. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Im not sure i agree with this. Im a raving weirdo and I dont get the girls...

    Nah seriously, some good points there!

  9. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Like a lot of things, how cool and attractive are overall will shape how people see your weirdness.

    If you're cool on the whole, it may be seen as a plus. If nothing else, it won't be held against you.

    If you're a creepy loser, your weirdness will be seen as yet another negative.

    It depends on how much they like you to begin with...

  10. Anonymous2:09 AM

    I think alot of the stuff that he talks about isn't really that weird or nerdy in the first place.

    I guess he means that he just goes into deep detail about little things like manners, V for Vendetta, which isn't even that quirky in the first place. Maybe if he talked about how he loves to write on his internet diary and goes into detail abou that :).