Saturday, October 20, 2007

Quirkiness filtered through the main 3 attraction switches

A quick addendum as I'm on the way out to meet Shaft and Fidelio for dinner...

All of your quirkiness stuff, should be filtered through the lenses of Pre-selected by women, leader of men and protector of loved ones...

It's not cute and quirky to be de-selected by women, a loser of men and destroyer of loved ones...




  1. hahaha! "destroyer of loved ones" =D made my day. cheers :)

  2. hahahaha! "destroyer of loved ones" made my day =D cheers!

  3. Sinn,
    Thanks for your posts on quirkiness! Jonathan Hudson and others told me when I was starting out to not lose my quirkiness, but I never really understood why. I made sure to follow their advice, though, and I'm proud of some of my eccentricities now. When I share them, they act a little like vulnerability routines, which causes the HB to reciprocate the vulnerability. Money. Cheers, The Asian Rake (