Sunday, October 28, 2007

The last week report...

I've been getting out a lot recently and it's been pretty crazy.

I joined El Topo and CJ in the car close club on Wednesday night while out with Mr M, Sheriff,AFC Adam and his girlfriend and of course CJ.

Friday I pulled a 20 year old who was dressed like a beer girl and had ginormous boobs... it took me til 2 the next afternoon to close her, but I was pleasantly suprised:)

Then last night I went out with twitchy,and vodka to a bunch of places. Drank WAY too much( a theme of this entire week. More on that later) and ran into church girl and her friends early at the gay street parade(More to come here as well) and then Anna Ferris girl at the last venue. I ended up bringing her home with me against the pleas of her friends to stay with them...

Woke up this morning with a massive head ache which has confined me to the couch and the football coverage. Luckily for me I have a Pats game on.

I had a really weird dream that I lived in the same building as Bill Simmons and we hung out once and he didn't think I was cool and didn't want to hang out. It was like a nightmare, and I woke up sweating. I actually had to take a minute to make sure that it wasn't true... I read way too much about sports...

I've been doing yoga a couple times a week, and while I don't think it's a great place to meet women, I do think it's a pretty fucking cool way to exercise in addition to the weights and running I've been doing.

I'm joining a MMA class tomor so I will probably get beaten up this week in class. Joy.

I've been drinking way too much. I think I'm going to quit for at least a week and possibly the month of November. I'm actually sick of alcohol right now. And super sick of waking up feeling like crap. So no more drinking for awhile.

The redskins scare the hell out of me for some reason... I think it's because in Madden they are always WAY better than they are in real life. 3 straight first downs for the skins are not making me less nervous.

Yesterday we went to the costume parade in the gayborhood. It was great people watching, unfortunately most of the people were ugly. ALso aI get that girls think that they can just put on lingerie and cat ears and call it a costume, but A: it's still NOT a costume, and B: This does not extend to you if you are a guy who's into bondage... That's just dressing like you normally do on a Saturday night. I swear I saw soo many guys on the street just in leather and chains and shit... It's not a costume. I also wore my new Vintage 93 Wayne Gretzky Kings jersey. I developed a new game where I told girls about how it was the greatest hockey season ever by one player and they should sleep with me because of it. Not effective, but fun.

I'm working on a couple of new non seduction products which is pretty interesting, and I go back to doing bootcamps this week.

The bootcamp this week in LA will also be the beginning of the fear and respect tour 2007. CJ and I are rededicated to blowing students away with demos again. People seem to have forgotten who the best guys actively gaming are. So will help some people's memories this weekend.

We've regained the eye of the tiger. And shit is about to get crazy.

Stay tuned.



  1. I pity the females who happen to be in the bar that you, CJ, ET, Mr.M, and Sheriff saunter into. That scene should just be made into a movie or something.

  2. CaptinAmerica6:45 AM

    Great post, as was the last one. I would love to hear more about these new seduction routines, as i have been working on a few of my own. Go Sox's!!

  3. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Nice one! I had a killer weekend between the Playboy Mansion Kandy Halloween party on Friday, and The Highlands club in Hollywood on Sat...where I closed a smokin' Slovenian girl that bit me so hard I am scarred on my chest (yes!)...gonna post on AttractionForum about the weekend soon, keep an eye out.


  4. come on sinn update your blog, are you that busy at times?? =)

    I love readying your blog great information I found that helped me to improve my game....

  5. Phone call with Sinn:

    Sinn: "I ran really tight game on a hot ass girl last night."
    Braddock: "Nice, did you cloe her?"
    Sinn: "Yeah,I fucked her in my car."
    Braddock: "LOL, I'm not suprised."
    Sinn: "My game revolved around me telling her what an amazing statistical season Gretzky had that year."

    This is why Sinn is the flagship of the TMM fleet. In NYC he ran "Feel my fucking abs game," with similar success.

    Day game in my home town soon hommie???