Tuesday, October 02, 2007

LR: What happened in New York?

SO I got into NY on Wednesday night but was exhausted as that happened after my last post where the girl was snoring after I layed her...

We chilled out and got some sleep, then we had to go start seminar. The group this weekend was a pretty good one, but we knew it was going to be tough running a program at all the bars where the PUAS hang out. But since the reason they hang out there is, because they can get in without having girls...

SO we didn't actually have in field Thurs night and Fader came over and we hung and played video games while Future finished a paper for school...

Friday we had another day of seminar and ended up hitting the venue. I did one set and made out with her, but she was from Long Island and left around 12... I can't leave til 2 so :( I actually got really sick in the middle of the set and had to go across the street to CVS to get some anti nausea medicine and advil...

Program went really well despite a lot of students getting called out for being PUAS... We head home and catch some sleep..

I've been having a really hard time getting enough sleep on program, in fact in NY I probably got 20 hours of sleep over 5 days...

The second night of program, the students did a whole lot better. And we were about to leave when all of a sudden Braddock comes up me and tells me he thinks he can pull his 2 set and he told them he has a hot friend...

We get up there and the friend is taliking to some chode, she won't come over even after Braddock told her to get her 3 times. I'm annoyed and don't care that much about getting laid so I tell Braddock we should roll... we decide to get a shot first, and as we are Braddock's girl rolls back over and is all up on his shit...

So she finally pulls the other girl away whispers something in her ear, and then I grab her hand and say we're leaving... Tabs get closed, and a cab is hailed. All is going well when of course the first test of congurence appears...

Girl I fucked ( GIF for future): " Where are we going?"

Sinn: "We're going to X neighborhood, you don't have to come if you don't want to." I'm in the cab sitting down as she does this and she's standing at the door.

They get in and the girls proceeds to bust on me for saying like too much ( I do) then telling me we can be friends etc...

We get back to Future's place and head inside. Future and his devil of a dog are up and waiting for us, Future takes the dog for a walk and in his very own thinks he's clever way to have a long convo with the girl he's stupidly falling in love with.

I decide to test my new physical escalation strategy of escalating touch until she stops me. I call it I dare you to stop me method :)

I make out with her no stopping, I put my hand up her shirt, no stopping. However I am in a small studio apt with Braddock and his girl 3 feet away on the futon of death and me on Future's bed...

I decide we should go to the roof...

We get up there, check out the view and I continue to escalate... I'm feeling her up when Braddock moves his girl to the other side of the roof. I put my hadn down the girls pants, and she stops me from removing her pants. I keep fingering her until she lets me pull the pants down, put her up on the ledge of the roof and fuck her...

Then we get back down to the APT and the two girls are gigling to themselves. Future asks me if I care and then tells them to get the fuck out while berating them for being rude.. It was hysterical and I couldn't look at them for fear of laughing. Braddock was doing the same thing accross the way and tried to distract himself with a DVD but the title he pulled from the shelf was deep cheeks 7( A classic but you have to see deep cheeks 6 or you"ll be like where did that Indian giant come from?)

They leave and we laugh for awhile before catching some sleep before my SNLs program.

More things that happened in NY:

I assisted Future on another Asian girl success. I opened and pumped her BT leading to her blowing Future in the car the next day.

Fader had 10 drinks and was totally coherent and sober... His drinking abilities are disturbing.

I had 5 or 6 girls ask me if I was a PUA including the girl I fucked and the girl Braddock pulled.

A student who was 50 years old bought a pair of fuzzy shoes.

I met Dr Feelgood from the lounge. Cool guy.

I slept all of about 20 hrs in 5 days while nursing a cough that could kil a horse.

I once again survived the futon of death including waking up on chewed up piza crust and having the stupid ass dog wake me up 3 times in the middle of the night.

I watched a lot of football sun night on Future's 80 inch screen.

I broke my mac laptop, by stepping on it.

That's pretty much it.

It's my Birthday on Sun and we will be partying it up in Vegas !!!



  1. ParkerK2:28 PM

    I've recently been called out a few times as well.

    You think it's the show or what? Granted, we've been preparing for this for a while now so it's not difficult to recover/brush it off, but unfortunately the newer guys will have a tougher time learning.

  2. paracal2:28 PM

    seems to be a very tough job from time to time! respect. community guys often think of instructors as 24-7 party guys, having fun, getting girls. the time spent on airports, the lack of sleep etc. is often forgotten.....

    sinn, how did you react on being called out as a pua? did you react at all to that?
    and what were the students told in case that happened?

  3. Fader5:38 PM

    Ummmm you forgot that I outshot you 31 - 7 in nhl 08 and won 1 nill.

    However, in your defense, you did 21 me in madden before the first quarter was even over. He is disturbingly good at Madden

    My favorite part of hte LR (tough cause there was a few):
    We get back to Future's place and head inside. Future and his devil of a dog are up and waiting for us, Future takes the dog for a walk and in his very own thinks he's clever way to have a long convo with the girl he's stupidly falling in love with.

    lmfaoooooooooooo I cant with comments like that I just really cant

  4. I thought you died or something. Glad to see you posting again.

  5. V wants to buy you shots in Vegas if we see you. Rest up!

  6. holy fuck its my birthday on sunday too

  7. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Hey I love reading all your guys blogs. I recently found yours and in 2 weeks read every single post on it. I hope you know that prolly only 1% of people that read it actually comment on it. So even if you get 0 comments prolly like 100 people enjoyed reading it. Its really interesting to know what you guys do on a day to day basis and your lifestyle. Keep it up man

  8. CaptinAmerica8:56 AM

    Great blog first off. I have been reading a number of times on your blog that you have been called out for being a PUA. What are your thoughts on that? Why are they inquiring about you being a pua, meaning what kind of material are you using. Also how do you deal with it after that accuse you of being a PUA. If you could write more on this topic that would be great. i know with the whole VH1 mystery bull shit allot of people have been wondering about these questions on different forums. Thanks man keep up the good work.

  9. Anonymous11:56 AM

    dude....APT is SOOO over.

  10. Anonymous5:13 PM

    I cant believe someone who is not rich and famous is actually geting laid in this town.


  11. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I cant believe someone is actually getting laid in this town.


  12. LonestarCharm8:17 PM

    Knowledge From Newbie:
    Me + opinion openers (especially stock ones) = call out, even in poe-dunk Oklahoma I got it twice. I let the first one bother me - BAD.
    The Solution:
    It was either Future or Sinn that said, 'Gaming is like gambling with house money, so man up & unf*ck your attitude'

    With that in mind (and liquid courage in belly) I turned the 2nd call out into makin out back at her place.. unfortunately I passed out before anything else happened.

    To review:
    1. Call outs are definately bc of VH1
    2. Use it against her, its just another bullshit test
    3. If all else fails:
    "So, chance of a BJ, 10 point scale?" (props to Sinn for that one)

  13. Something happened to my students when we were there at this one OVERSARGED venue last week on Saturday.

    That one place, what was it? 256 on top of the penthouse?

    It's like the NYC version of Saddle Ranch with every single PU Company including BradP, PU101, etc as well as the NYC Vybe Lair guys like Pual and Noah.

    Ah, fun times were had AMOGing those cornfed fratboys at Saddle Ranch.

    Anyways, I'm off to Australia and then moving back to my old stomping grounds of California!

  14. "deep cheeks 7( A classic but you have to see deep cheeks 6 or you"ll be like where did that Indian giant come from?" - That was one of the funniest things I've ever been apart of. Trying not to laugh almost resulted in my eye popping out of my fucking head! Good times.