Thursday, December 28, 2006

Where are all the women?

I've been going out a lot recently and I can't help but wonder aloud where all the women in LA have gone.

I haven't seen a girl over a 7 in the whole week I've been home....

The Don was telling me that he was seeing really unbalanced ratios of guys to girls in NY too.

Must be the holidays.

I figure that a lot of girls get bf around the holidays to avoid being alone, but geez!



  1. Not much different over here in the UK.

    But it's reality 24/7.

  2. LOTS of 9s and 10s here in Japan.

  3. Styfus8:25 AM

    Every club, bar, lounge, etc. I've been to in NYC has been a sausage fest for the past two weeks...

  4. ye. something STRANGE has been going on. just guys out these days. where's everyone? even here in Stockholm there's been a draught. can you imagine?

  5. i saw a women once. she was in a bar.

  6. crypticfox7:42 PM

    They all came home to their families in Dayton, Ohio.