Saturday, December 23, 2006

Becoming a Beast

I have recently decided that I am going to gain 20 lbs of muscle.

I used to body build fairly seriously in the early 2000s and since finding the communtiy have really let my fitness slip.

So I now am rededicated. My goal is to increase my arms to at least 18 inches (they are 15 and 3/4 now) and get to 205 while lowering my body fat from 13% to somewhere in the 8-10 % range.

I'm training really hard and eating a shitload of chicken breast, vegetables and rice.

This goal has very little to do with pick up, but I'm sure that when I gain weight no guys will ever enter my sets ever again.

Unleash the Beast.



  1. Assistance - Or without assistance?

    With assistance, you can expect to gain that 20lbs within 10 weeks. With little or no body fat increase.

    I do just the one cycle a year or Testosterone (500mg/week) for 10-12 weeks. I gain literally 10-20lbs every time... and pure muscle.

    It gives you that extra edge above everybody else. Whether down the gym. Or out in the community.

    Good luck.

  2. Hey sinn, I love your blog. The best guy i have found for bodybuilding nutrition is dr.john berardi, check his website for lots of free info. The key is to eat Big and lift big. Realizing my hardgainer status was due to undereating and not genetics was a big eye opener for me. He wrote a book called scrawny to brawny, in one year and only partially following the program and lifting sporadically,I went from 155 lbs to 181 lbs, a 13" arm to a 14' arm. I am determined to follow the program more strictly this year and lift more consistently. Sinn keep us informed of your progress.

  3. another thing, on guys entering your set. In the winter here in toronto, i wear 2 coats, a fleece shell , and a 3/4 leather coat, together they make me look much larger than i am. I notice a distinct difference in the way in which both men and women treat me when i am wearing my winter garb as opposed to a t-shirt in the summer. Size definitely matters, and countless times my bulky winter coats have intimidated and impressed the competition, and helped create a powerful first impression on women. Next summer I plan on being 200 lbs with atleast 16 inch arm (16" arm is considered a 'big arm') until then my winter coats will help me to fake it till i make it.