Thursday, December 28, 2006

Man I'm psyched for New Year's

Me, Tenmag,Future, Neo and Savoy will be going to the most exclusive celebrity thrown party in(Undisclosed New Year's Eve Location).

I'm flying in early and hooking up with my old LTR before she goes to work. Then Future comes in, a quick trip to the Gym for Beasting up and then the debauchery will begin. Savoy and Tenmag get in later that night.

Another girl I'm seeing has a b-day party and she'll be in a limo touring the strip clubs, she invited us along.

Can't wait!

I'm really glad that I've met so many of the really great guys in the community, and I'm lucky enough to call the best of them friends.

Ultimately I have made friends that I would lay down in traffic for and who would do the same for me. And that is the best thing I've gotten from the community. I was friends with a lot of other guys earlier in my time in the community, and some of them were crazy, some of them were drug addicts, some of them were possibly gay, some were just weirdos. And over time I got to actually know them and like them. But then I started noticing things, like flying off the handle and threatening me, or saying one thing to me about someone else and then saying something different to them in 5 minutes, Always repeating themselves and talking about outlandish plans while not being able to get themselves groceries, lying a lot of lying, and some girl stealing then impregnating, and that was enough for me. But luckily at The Mystery Method there are no people like that. Savoy,The Don,Future,Tenmag,Masters,CaptainJack, I consider these guys my friends and brothers and I'm so glad that I get to spend New year's with some of my best friends in an amazing party.

Hope everyone else makes some memories too.



  1. Imagine! You had to come to the community to meet a bunch of non-weird guys! :)

    Seriously though, I feel the same way.

  2. Mystery1:04 AM

    What about me?

  3. Vegas is my favorite place to ring in New Years, but I'm just about over the Strip, some of the places on the fringe are just as cool without a lot of the hassle. The exception is when you get an invite to a killer bash, and it sounds like you guys had a blast. Good on ya.