Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So my day 3 went reeally well I was fingering her in the restaurant and the cab ride home....

But I really just wanted to leave as soon as it was over and it felt very very empty.

And I think that at this point I've probably had all the random pointless encounters with women that I want to have for awhile.

I really want to focus on only dating girls that are relationship material. I.E that I want to see more than once.

I've been really focused on same night lays and for awhile that was cool, but the problem with that is that every night you have to start over. And you are forced to play the game when you are tired, sick, bored, etc.

It's the reason why i moved to LA instead of Vegas.

I went to Vegas and had a week of debauchery and what I noticed was, it was all one night stands. I'd never see the girls again.
Most of the time we parted without even a phone number exchange, replaced instead by an awkward exit from a hotel room and walk through a different casino then the one I was staying followed by a swift trip to the nearest blackjack table for a Vodka and Soda.

So I decided that I would end up in AA, Obese, and broke laying in a sports book face down with a stripper's number on my forehead. And not wanting to die like that until I'm atleast 45... so I moved to LA.

And I'm really bored of it. Pick -up in LA is like shooting fish in the barrel if they are less than a 9. It's really hard to not be able to fuck a 7. However when you move up to the women of particular beauty, you will notice that suddenly the guy you are competing with to get her on a day2 is Jeremy Piven.

That's a true story, I picked up a 9.5 in the Beverly Center a few months ago as she was waiting for Jeremy Piven to come meet her. She has a book getting published in Jan. He ended up standing her up and I called her the next day and got a day2 a week or so later. The day2 was my classic 2 bars crawl . I make sure that the second bar is really gross to make it easier to get her back to my place. This time it was a no go as she had class the next day. The furthest kino escalation went was hand holding. The I was in and out of town for like a month so we talked on the phone quite a bit. I learned a lot about phone game from this sarge as I had to balance showing a lot of interest with not being around to capitalize on it. I.E you can hit on a girl harder when you are away for awhile and there are no consequences to her flirting a lot on the phone. Finally we did a day3 where I prepared some hor'deuorves and Champagne and she did coke and fucked me 15 times. I kinda pissed her off tho when I tried to take pics of her while she had her mouth full.... So no return trip, but she was hot... And consequently she blew off Jeremy Piven to go out with me that night, but when I asked if she had seen entourage she bristled....

So LA has some perks and some problems. However the last month i have spent on the East Coast makes me yearn to return to sunshine and warmth instead of freezing.



  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Cool post. Do you think you can get into a LT relationship with the true beauties/hi-status women with game only? Or do you need to create real value in your life as well? By real value I mean great job, great long term career outlook, great social life, great apt.? Does it take all that?

    Or is game enough?

  2. Hehe. Cool post!

    Here the problem is turned entirely around though. It's easy to get a HB6-7-8 into bed just as in LA, but most of the time - impossible to get out of having a day2 and after that impossible to get out w/o hurting the girl. o-course it has something to do w/ a lower skillset on my part, but i know a looot of guys here have the same problem. being naturals or just being good PUAs doesn't seem to matter...

    is it the same in LA?

  3. crypticfox8:49 AM

    Funny story with regard to celeb male competitors...

    One night fairly early in my gaming career (maybe 2-3 months in), I was with my wing down at McFadden's in Cincinnati. It's a decent joint with good crowds (300-400 people) on the weekends.

    I was gaming a 3-set consisting of two HB9's and an HB8, when about 8 minutes in, I had stolen my target's chair and was running the trust test. All of a sudden, she yanked her hands away and started yacking at her friends... "omg... Is that him? I think that's him!"

    I look over and there's some random surfer looking guy standing at the bar by himself. He was a pretty rough-around-the-edges looking guy, but I could see how he could pull some tail. He seemed confident, but I still had no idea who he was and he was blowing me out.

    I did the only thing an aspiring PUA could do. I excused myself from the girls and walked over to him. "Hey man, I'm Steve... I have no idea who you are, but my friends over here want to meet you."

    "Cool man, I'm Bronson."

    I put my hand on his shoulder and guided him over to the girls... who's jaws were on the floor... staring at me. I just kinda hung back at this point and let them talk.

    After about 2 minutes, the girls had blown him out and were back to me. Cool.

    Later I did some research and found out that the Bronson I had met and blown out was the cincinnati reds pitcher, with a $3,000,000 / year salary. W00t. :]