Thursday, December 28, 2006

My favorite Albums...

What's a blog without a list of favorite albums.

Atmosphere-The Lucy Ford LP
Kanye West-The College Drop Out
Panic at the Disco- A fever you can't sweat out
DMX- And Then there was X
Eminem-The Marshall Mather LP
Snoop Dogg-The Last Meal
Jay-z The Black Album, The Blueprint 1 &2
The Whites Stripes-first album forget the name...
Biggie: Ready to Die
Big L- Lifestylez of tha Poor and Dangerous, The Big Picture
Ludacris-Word of Mouf
R.A the Rugged Man- R.A The Rugged Man Must Die
Evanescese-First Album
My favorite song is still Broken by Seether and Amy Lee of Evanescese it really described how I felt when I broke up with my LTR of like 4 years. She was the girl who's stuck around the longest, but I knew it was over for real and then this song came on. It was depressing and I played that song over and over again until I no longer feel it. But it's still a great really moving song. I like the way the voices are so different yet you can feel the come together at the end of the song. I still get chills when I hear the opening.


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  1. WTF is a favorite albums list with no any Wu-Tang D12 or Royce Da 5'9"? You're might be a useful teacher but your hip hop pass is now revoked.