Monday, December 25, 2006

Mission Failed... Culprit Alcohol.

So I did not close last night. Here's the story.

Let it never be said that I only post about my successes or brag.

She showed up to get me and we went to a grimy bar in Los Feliz, when we go there her friends were there. What she failed to let me know prior to getting there was both of her friends were dudes.

Well as anyone whose taken a bootcamp with me knows, I love mixed sets.I'm also really good at them. Because at the end of the day you can always talk to the guys about money, sports, cars, alcohol or other women.

So I win both of these guys over and they start telling me always these qualifying stories about themselves. Like how when he was a Sophmore in High school he got permission to bveat up a senior from the Principal of his private school becasue as he had warned the entire student body of earlier in the year. " You don't talk shit about my dad". Also did I know he had a degree in design and did a best selling line.But because of his good looks people at the MAGICK( Men's clothing conference in Vegas, don't ask I'm a fashion whore I've admitted it) conference thought he was a model which he then said to look at the size of his check and ask if he's a model....

Anyway did some great befriending even when her early 20s friend showed up with ANgelo who was obviously in his LATE 40s. They then asked me where there were dance clubs around here....

The girl we'll call her shorty was telling people we were together then told another of her friends she was with a guy, before telling me that she never introduces guys to friends.... Jon's relationship frame sense was abuzzing.

We bounced to a house party with 6 people. And played some drinking games and did a gift exchange. It was funny because shorty's friend kept asking people where they were from.. and I realized how bad of a conversational topic it is unless people are inetresting. Because when you have stories to spin off of boring topics you become interesting, as the question merely serves as a skeleton to begin an interesting routine. You can do the same thing with what do you do etc.. This is the way to fit routines into every day conversation. You can thank me later as that's brillant.

Anyway, I'm smashed out of my mind and can barely stand by this part of the evening and she drops me off. I had earlier told her that I had a Christmas Present for her. Which is true, I'm giving everyone a copy of the secret. And so when she drops me I incompetantly bring that up before stumbling into my house, and falling asleep until i woke up at 5 am and had to remember why the lights and TV were on.

Merry Christmas! Nothing says Christmas like waking up to a loud parade of Santa Claus impersonators. Gotta love Hollywood!

Anyway it's still on with shorty and I'm sure I will sleep with her eventually, as there were no real mistakes and her friends LOVE me. The old guy offered me representation as a comedian if I want it. All without even seeing my show. Her friend who brought the old guy AKA a gold digger, loves me because I talked to her and OG about football and gambling. My two favorite things of all time BTW. Trying to talk to me about Football betting is like talking to Bruce Lee about Martial Arts. And I won over the two actors( Both of whom Shorty has fucked/dated) by talking to them swapping bullshit stories that I just happen to know how to DHV the shit out of myself in them. Really it was a long group set and I won it. Shows that community skills can be used in other situations than cold approach. Had I been a guy who was a friend of the actors I would have done the same things. I made sure to tease the shit out of her until everyone else did too and ran the set.

Shorty is supposed to come over tonight to get her present, the drama continues.

Hope everyone on here ( I saw the reader #s. Thanks) has an amzing Christmas and New Year's and continues to enjoy and learn as much from reading this blog, as I get from writing it.



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  1. LOL I sent out 10 CDS with "The Secret" and "Think And Grow Rich" last week. People seem a little miffed by it, but hopefully they can recognize the power of those resources after some time. Merry Christmas!


    P.S: I'll let you know if I can come up with anything cool for your site.