Sunday, December 24, 2006

Real weird stuff happening tonight...

I have a girl I've been pursuing for awhile we've already gone to lmr and she stayed in my bed for like 16 hours.

She's real weird though and kinda reserved. She's a sweetheart though so when I do talk to her it's really great but then she gets really flaky or I have to flake. Like she was supposed to pick me up at the airport once and my flight got delayed to the next day when she had work. And One night I had another MLTR over so I didn't call when she asked me to.

Well the last time I flaked she met a band and now she told me that she hung out with them when she flaked on me thurs. So the part of me with self esteem says " fuck her don't waste your time" when she called me tonight and wants to meet for drinks... And Jon who likes himself felt a little better.

Then Evil Jon decided that the best way to make her learn her lesson would be to go and fuck her, then not call her anymore.

So I hatched a plot, you see she has a 2 seat car. I know because I walk girls out after they spend the night because I, am classy.

Now back to my plot to bang this chick. So it's 6:30 and I decide I'm going to flake on her unless, she comes and picks me up. So I text her:

Car is being werd, can you pick me up?

And I wait.

Her response:
What time are you gonna be here?
9 ish
Call me when you get here:
What street do you live on
Me: x at x see ya then

Now I will go win over her friend, see if there is potential for a 3some, There may be as she invited me to drinks with her best friend. And she is bi. If not then I will ride home with her and calmy remind her that the last time she was over I think she left some earrings.My other LTR just left earrings here. She'll come up and I will slam her against the wall in the elevator and make out with her throw her in to bed and ....

I am now calling the shot al a Babe Ruth. I'd say my chances at having her are 1 in 2. I'm only worried about getting her into my place. If I can do that which I think I can as long as I mention the earrings on the way to the bar. Rather than at the end of the night. I also need to make sure to kino the shit out of her.

This will be interesting, there's been a major gap and power struggle where I have been chasing a lot. Everything tells me this shouldn't work. Strictly from an MM perspective but I like my odds.

I'll report tomor.



  1. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Give the girl a break. It's Christmas Eve. You have no idea what she may be going through. It ain't easy dating a man like you. Remember the "Secret"/law of attraction? Think (and do) positive things and you'll receive positive things. So she hung out with a band to flake with you. Her lose, right? You're the PRIZE, aren't you? Or are you're the asshole that plots and schemes to hurt women?

  2. If you can't tell from the tone of my writing that it's highly sarcastic. I apologize.

    I've been really into this girl for awhile.. I'm going to see her despite all of the things she's seemingly done wrong, because i recognize that's she's cool

    ALso you probably shouldn't make yourslf anonymous when you call people an asshole. It make you look like a coward.


  3. So mate what happened?

  4. Sinn, I'm waiting in suspense. I'll be watching this.

    Top man.


    Give me 3 hours and I could teach a retarded, limbless monkey to write replies similar to Mr 'Anonymous'.

  5. Anonymous1:26 AM

    yea sinn what happened forget the first anonymous guy the PEOPLE want to know.

  6. Anonymous8:24 AM

    The first anonymous guy is actually a girl (so that should explains a lot right there).

    Apology accepted. I was never good a reading sarcasm in electronic form.

    And I didn't call you, Sin, an asshole. I asked if you are going to be "THE" asshole that makes it his mission to make girls "learn" their lessons.

    Being a girl that has "seemly done wrong" in my own ways, I can honestly say that fucking her and not calling her isn't going to teach her any lessons. It will only baffle her (trust me).

    If you're really into her, I am sure that you can come up with a less hurtful way to show her the errors of her ways.

    Besides she's not trained to understand men as you are educated to seduce women.

    If, by some strange coincident, she is part of some secret female society that gathers together to share secrets about how to date men, she's probably be learning lessons that go contrary to the lessons you're trying to teach her.

    Advice given to women about dating men is just plain awful (ex. wait 2 months to fuck him, flake on him every once in a while, etc).

    If the adage that women dress for other women is true than it could be said that men pickup for other men.

    This is ridiculous. I am trying to teach you a lesson about teaching women lessons when you are one of the best teacher of lessons to men about women.

    Happy Holidays,
    Ana (Ms. Anonymous)

    I am a cowards but I am not as retarded as a limbless monkey (even if I write like I am).

  7. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Sorry other anonymous in my experience a girl doesn't REALLY see error in her ways until AFTER you FUCK her. Sinn never said he wanted to PUNISH her anyways but if you wanted to make a girl feel stupid fucking her and flaking her is the best way.

    Sinn wouldn't do anything like that I wouldn't think. If he did then that doesn't make him an asshole he's just returning the "golden rule"

  8. Are you sure this isn't 'Shorty' expressing her opinions on what you are trying to do to her, Sinn?

  9. Sting8:54 AM

    its not a PU thing - I believe its a human thing to defend yourself when attacked.
    in PU its often dismissed as "qualifying yourself" - and we're told not to do it.

    Sinn isn't the first mPUA i've seen answer the occasional negative post while letting the positive one's slide.

    interesting - food for thought.
    in case it isn't coming through in the tone of this - i'm not being judgemental. its just a human nature thing.


  10. djfuji5:09 PM

    This reminds me of jlaix talking about how when a girl wronged him, he made it his personal quest to systematically fuck every one of her friends starting from the UGs on up. lol. Not sure if the story is true but it was hilariously funny.