Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I hate day2s...

I really don't like doing day2s.

I've been sitting fat and happy in LA and have girls in NY, LV, Dal, Tor etc... so I haven't been doing that many day2s.

I've also really been focused on taking girls home on the first night a lot too.

So now the last 2 weeks I've had like 3 day 2s and a day3 tonight. And I forget how annoying it is when sex is not guaranteed.

It's like I'm just waiting for the real relationship to start, but I have to put in the time... And it's tedious and I have to pretend to care.

The girl tonight is sweet enough, but she lives in NY and she's not a keeper. I have better looking girls in the city, but Future has a date tonight so I would rather see her then go out alone.

But I'm not exactly psyched, add in the fact that we are starting at a bar and not at her house( The only legit seduction environment since i'm on Future's couch) and that she lives in Brooklyn.... Grr

Better get ready :) I'm still gonna get laid, but I'd rather be playing Madden.


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  1. truth4:36 PM

    Savoy recommended that I contact you about hired guns. He recently explained to me that it takes only 15 minutes to explain the hired gun game. I'd like to learn that, have a month to run it, and then go over my sticking points in a full blown lesson. Please let me know if that is an option.