Saturday, December 23, 2006

Top 5 cities for Pick Up

A lot of guys ask me about the best cities to for lack of better wording " Pick up chicks".

So hopefully I will never have to answer that question ever again after I write this post.

1. Stockholm, Sweden. The hottest, most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life. I remember distinctly being in Solidaritet, and seeing a 3 set where the first girl was the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life, until I saw the second girl who was then for 3 seconds the most beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life, until 3 seconds later I saw the last girl who could conservatively be called a 15. Unreal. If you are serious about beautiful women, do yourself a favor and go to Stockholm. Bring heart medication though.

2. South Beach Miami. The women in South Beach are unreal, and the best thing about it is they walk around wearing nothing, or next to nothing. I hate the weather and everything in SObe is about 4 times more expensive than everywhere else in the US
(Because they add 18% gratuity)but the women are gorgeous. Unfortunately like the next entry on our list the majority of them seem to be tourists.

3. Las Vegas, Nevada. The most beautiful women in the world all vacation in Vegas. It would be # 1 except for the fact that almost 90% of the beauties are tourists. It's also a fairly easy place to do Pick up.

4. Chicago, Illinois. A very suprising entry, but the one time I was in Chicago I met one of the hottest girls I have ever hooked up with, and did 2 other sets one of which flew accross the country to see me and the other was a makeout. I'm sure the winter sucks, but summer time in Chi has some real hotties.

5. Hollywood, California. No suprise here, except maybe that it's this low on the list. Consistently has amazingly hot women and great weather. Way too many Puas in certain spots(like saddleranch) but there's a reason the women are really hot.

Hope this helps,



  1. Candyman10:10 PM

    Sinn what did you think of Australian cities? Not even close... ?

  2. I am considering wintering in southbeach, have done the vegas thing before. Sinn, you touched on how expensive SoBe is, can you expand on this thread, and more specifically on the economics of pick up lifestyle. And lastly if possible, can you divulge your own financial stats, ie: travel expenses, rent, cover charge, $spent on HB's, hotels, clothes, cars, ect... What do you consider a minimum income level to pull off the jet set PUA lifestyle?
    -Do you employ Mysterys "shared assets" philosophy?

  3. hehe. Stockholm, Sweden. the city where i live. and from what i've seen. i couldn't agree more. it is a fan-fucking-tastic city for sarging cos you're never ever low on targets.

  4. Anonymous3:58 PM

    ridiculous - these women are beautiful but NOT easy to pick up. the easiest place to pick up any woman has the highest local unemployment rate.

  5. Anonymous7:21 PM

    You are retarded. Sweden is straight up over rated (I lived there for a semester, its fucking boring and overpriced) The BEST cities for girls are the multicultural metropolises: NYC, London, and Toronto to a lesser extent. Homogenous cities can't ever compare. Scandinavia is only good for white hoes, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong are great but you can only bang Asians (lived in Asia for 3 years and was so happy to get back to the west) Sweden is average at best, Go to Russia if you want white talent. St. Petersburg had the hottest and easiest white talent I've seen.