Saturday, December 23, 2006

Go see Casino Royale

I have seen Casino Royale twice now and it is AMAZING!

By far the best Bond movie of all time, and I'm a hard core Sean Connery fan. I literally never thought that anyone else could have played bond besides SC.. until I saw Daniel Craig.

The movie is sooo good, it very well might be the best movie I have seen this year.

There's so much cool shit in the movie that it would be hard to pick out a few things, but I will.

The first scene in black and white where Bond suprises a corrupt government official in his office is unreal. It shows the one part of Bond that has alway been missing from the other movies( even the Connery ones) James Bond is an assassin first and foremost. His job is to kill people. In all the other films, Bond has had light hearted almost jovial quality to him. Not in Casino. He quips and banters back and forth with Vesper( the female lead) but he also kills people. Violently and callously.

There is another scene with major emotional impact later in the film where Vesper has just watched Bond kill two Arms dealers from Africa and when Bond comes back from the poker game she is sitting in the shower fully clothed. It's a great illustration of a realistic reaction that a girl would have to seeing two men killed. Unlike when Denise Richards was in a Bond film a few years back and she just chilled while Pierce Brosnan was mowing people down with a machine gun.

The plot of the movie revolves not around a laser on the moon that will destroy the Earth, but on an arms dealer who lost a lot of money shorting a stock and now needs to win it back in a high stakes poker game. There are a lot of twists and turns that happen around this plot, but nothing MAJORLY unrealistsic. It also does a great job of showing how Bond came to be. Casino is supposed to be Bond's first mission and we see a lot of charactersistcs develop that fans of the franchise will recognize.

Honestly I've seen it twice and I'm going again tomor. If you find yourself with some extra time this Holiday season check out Casino Royale.


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  1. Anonymous9:30 AM

    I loved this Bond movie also. Instead of the slightly effete Pierce Brosnan or the comedic Roger Moore, we get to see Bond for who he really is: a tough, mean bastard: a "blunt instrument" as M put it.

    My favorite line (slightly misquoted)

    M: I may have made a mistake promoting you to 00 so soon
    Bond: Well, 00's have a short lifespan so you won't have to live with it for long