Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Year's resolutions...

I know that it's not New year's yet, but I was thinking about my goals for the next year and in an exercise of discipline and accountability, I want to post them, so that you guys can kick my ass if I don't get there.

1. Become as strong as an NFL lineman. At the training combine for the NFL draft Mario Williams the # 1 pick did 25 straight reps of 225 ilbs. That's my goal. By next December I will be able to rep 225 25 straight times. This also falls under my goal of becoming a beast.

2. Be able to dunk a regulation sized basketball, on a 10 foot hoop. I've never been able to dunk, and I want to be able to do that.

3. Make 100,000 dollars from a non MM source.

4. Learn how to whup some ass. I feel like there's a part of your core level of confidence that suffers from not knowing that you can kick someone's ass. And yes it is juvenile and there are real world consequences, but there comes a point where, to hold onto your frame of what's right, you have to be willing to fight. And I have no idea how to.. So I'm learning.

5. Move out of LA. I'm so not into LA anymore, yes the weather is great and the girls are hot, but it's not for me.

6. Learn how to ride a motorcycle.

7. Design at least one of my own shirts. I've been wanting to start designing my own clothes for awhile and I need to move on getting them made.

8. Make a web site for my comedy and work on having time to get jobs.

9. Have sex with a celebrity. Preferably Lindsay Lohan. Or Jessica Biel. Or Jessica Simpson. Preferably not Kirsten Dunst.

10. Write my actual book. Not about PU. I'll post about this if there's interest, but it's a pretty cool idea that I don't want stolen.

I would love it if you guys posted comments with your goals too. That way we can all work towards them together.



  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Sinn said: "Preferably not Kirsten Dunst."

    Haha. Tenmagnet, are you hearing this?


  2. 1. Improve my dance skills. Attend classes and conventions, use DVDs for practice in times when I can’t make it to a convention. At least 1 convention per month.

    2. Make $500,000 from multiple sources of income (mother’s book project, dancing, dj’ing, my book, real estate, business development, club promotion)

    3. Gain back my flexibility in my legs with daily stretching. Full chair side splits.

    4. Make a habit of every morning reading from my bible and looking at my vision board.

    5. Read a new book each month. (Entrepreneurship, Classics, Civil Rights, Biographies, Politics, etc)

    6. Learn more about politics, current events, especially relating to Jamaica & Guyana.

    7. Move to NYC, LA, or MIAMI

    8. Meet 1000 sets of new people. Become comfortable working mixed sets, and be able to connect with others. Record either with hidden video or audio, post one every week.

    9. Get signed by BLOCH, Cleartalent, or MSA for dance.

    10.Project a calm confidence and happiness in all my interactions. Develop a powerful voice.

    11. Make the CS honor roll in my last graduating semester.

  3. Nice list Frank...

    I gotta put together a vision board.

    Thanks for reminding me.

    Now make sure that you work on these.


  4. Moving out of LA? Let me know when the earliest date would be. I plan to take PI with you at the end of February, and I was going to take a few more down the road. Would it cost me extra to have you teach me privately, once you moved away from Hollywood (which is where I live)?

  5. Dude, Kirsten keeps asking about you!!!

    ... :)

  6. I am working out the sacrifices I will need to make and the path to achieving these goals. Already starting on my first convention tomorrow.

    I went to target and picked up a big corkboard bulletin board. Works pretty well.


  7. Anonymous6:16 PM

    1. get a bigger appartment downtown

    2. build a studio in it in which im better able to produce dance music

    3. Drive my own car

    4. bench 225 lbs by the end of 2007 (yeah really)

    5. improve my guitar skills

    6. start learning/recovering spanish + french language

    7. Get the first part of my psychology degree

    8. make enough money to cover everything above and a 2 day-a week sarge/night out (preferably with online poker)


  8. Professional.

    1. Revisit networking events. Redefine mission statement with my partners. Revisit the revenue plan and add a charitable donatee for all future events. Continue to recruit cute girls and quality boys.

    2. Establish customer appreciation events for salon owner. Template this and expand to multiple venues. Work with Hipster to expand this template to other markets.

    3. Work with Sinn to attend 1 bootcamp a month. Achieve Approach Coach. Pimp myself out for one on ones and phone consultations like the self serving whore I am. Continue giving quality advice and coaching to students.

    4. Maintain the day job, but don't worry about any professional changes until the rest of your life stablizies. Look into both college classes for next fall and possible career paths.


    1. Commit yourself to working out 1-2 times a week. Revisit biking, hiking and climbing activities after spring. Involve my kid in exercising.

    2. Continue with LA Weight Loss to your goal. Switch to maintenance from there and keep the pounds off once and for all.

    3. Consider martial arts, yoga, tai chi or something similiar for mental health and balance. Not sure how to fit it into your lifestyle.


    1. Build the dining room into a room for your kid. Involve yourself in his school work and weekly life, not just the weekends. Start exploring children's group for the weekends. Be the best dad possible.

    2. Continue to build my social network in Uptown. Screen individuals by their value as both individuals and network contacts. Your network is your currency.

    3. Continue integrating cold approach into your social circle game. Get a nice, stable gf. After some wild flings, of course.

    -- Cedar

  9. Mile-High9:21 AM

    1. Fly less hours. Produce more music.

    2. Improve my vocals. Better projection and better singing.

    3. Do more climbing, especially bouldering. But also socially .. :)

    4. Learn a new instrument

    5. Do 1000 day game approaches.

    6. Do some charity work

    7. Buy an apartment

  10. 1. Read my Bible every night
    2. Run a 6:00 mile (currently at 6:34)
    3. Do 25 pull-ups in 2:00 again (in college I could do 34, but I'm a realist)
    4. Convert my current sarge skills to find a quality LTR/MLTR
    5. Sell my company, start a new one with fewer idiots in the industry
    6. Make MAJOR Day Game improvements - enhanced by taking a Day Game Seminar

    Thanks Sinn - this was a great idea.

  11. switch2:33 AM

    try the steve pavlina exercise.
    'how to find the purpose of your life in 20 minutes or less'

    My purposes (basically for the next 2 to 4 years; and at the macro level for the rest of my life) are

    1) create a website that is a thing of beauty
    2) focus on girls i'm drawn to and/or vica versa and girls that make me happy

    Also, your goals are good - however they seem like deficiency goals and not self actualization goals except for the book goal.

    - switch

  12. I definitely agree with #4, about the being able to woop @$$ part and confidence. Say you're with a girl and a guy mouths off at you because he's got a friend with him. You'll be way more willing to snap back with a witty insulting answer if you know how to fight and/or are carrying weapons on you. If you don't know how to fight, you may be more inclined to say nothing, walk away sheepishly, and feel like a tool in front of your girl.