Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Opener for when you go out alone

Going out alone is great, but I know what it's like to be worried about people seeing you by yourself or asking where your friends are.

So a couple of nights ago I came up with an opener in field that had a built in reason I was alone.

" Hey guys,

How do you tell someone you're not interested wthout hurting their feelings?

Ok check this out, I came out with some friends of mine and my friend Mindy is trying to set me up with her friend, and she's cute she's just not my type.

What should i say? "

Now for the rest of the night any set they see you in, they will assume is you're friends.

Also if the set stales and you have to leave you can tell them that you'll come back and tell them what happened.




  1. "Everything is a skillset..." is an awesome realization. I just wrote a post about that very thing in my blog, too.

    I'm an Inner Game minimalist which means I believe you only focus on the Inner Game issues which TRULY prevent you from executing the behaviors that we already KNOW give results.

    ~ CJ ~

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    CJ where is your blog?


  3. FullCollapse11:02 AM

    hahahha. that's a great one!. i HATE those situations. so fucking frustrating.

  4. Anonymous1:32 PM

    damn, that is a good one. I am def going to use it. It's it's... ah whetever, you guys know why it is good.

    how did you came up with this one?

  5. crypticfox7:46 PM

    I've been using a very similar opener for about 2 months now. It's a nice little mild social proof DHV too.

  6. In response to AJ's question....

  7. I have tried virtually the exact same routine as a DHV. It seems unsucessful, but I believe the lack of sucess may be an illusion (otherwise, I would have dropped it as useless without noticing). Unless someone has experience to the contrary, it implies that you can sense the subtle signals that the girl is attracted (thus you get fewer IOIs), and may stimulate a feeling that the girl should avoid showing interest.
    So, if your game is good and you don't need her to IOI for you to feel confident, go for it. At the very least, you may get a good answer. If you do, please, please tell us! I need to be able to handle this situation too!

  8. Anonymous2:26 AM

    i'm just curious -
    why do you think that you need to give an explanation for being alone?

    also is this from a frame of ' explain why i'm alone' or ' use her asking about me being alone to DHV myself'?

    - switch (seattle)