Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Maximizing Your Time With Pick-Up

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  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    " Everyone gets rejected sometimes."

    Most guys get rejected 90% of the time dude.

  2. "I don't want to limit this to night game either as I myself have been guilty of spending 30-40 mins chatting with a chick during the day time only to find out she has a bf or husband."

    Why not just be direct and find out within 5 minutes? Or were you talking about the past you?

    #2: lol fail, why are you in anti-social mode in the first place? I mean, in the morning when you've JUST woken up, I can understand it. But at night? You've had a WHOLE day to warmup and get into social mode. Unless you sit at home all day...

    I like you Sinn, but some things are just way off about this post...

  3. Anonymous7:24 AM


    at times I've day gamed only to spend 6 hours to approach 2 girls

    time is the enemy sounds very profound

    thanks sinn!!!, i never saw it this way!

  4. Anonymous4:23 PM

    This is night game advice.Yes,at the bars and clubs abundance of choice.

    If you were in like NYC or London or Tokyo or Osaka,this applies to day game too.You can talk to girls on the street.

    In LA,day game is like Galois is saying.Beaches and some busy malls are bit different but I do believe this advice is about night game.

  5. Erik Ablaze4:20 PM

    I agree, pretty much 100% with this post, Sinn. I don't know what the people above me are talking about... This is all really sound advice and obviously based on real experience.

    Once again man, your advice is real and honest. I just read "The Game Acceleration Doctrine", by the way, and it’s one of the top 5 best books I’ve read about pickup.

    Keep it coming man. Fuck the people that talk shit about you. They may night like how crass you can be sometimes, but to call you anything less than an awesome contributor to your practice is just bullshit and anybody with a shred of real experience and skill sees right through your haters.