Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Back for awhile now...

So as everyone probably already noticed, I've been off boards ad forums and everything for the past few weeks. All this pick up stuff is cool and there are so many awesome resources out there( I know I'm writing my book and citing a bunch) but I really felt stressed out and I wanted to just get away from the computer for a bit. I know some of you guys can relate to that.

Moxie finally headed back to Australia a few days ago and it's weird readjusting to living alone. It's nice to have some alone time and be abl to see some FBs and stuff I was neglecting. But most importantly I need to get back to work. The last week off was the first week I've had in like 4 years without going online to read boards or answering emails. It was a bit harrowing to come back to honestly and I still don't have internet at my apt. So here I am at Starbucks working on the backlog of crap I have to do now.

I'll be posting daily until the day before the under 21 convention which is July 24th-27th. I have a lot to post about, so in an ongoing effort to have a little more structure in my life in general I'm going to give myself a posting schedule.

Tomor- I'll be posting the funniest LR ever. It's actually not a funny pu but what the obstacle did was hilarious.
Thurs- I'll post an field report for the whole family from Moxie and I's last night in Vegas.
Fri - Will be an interesting philisophical question
Sat- A product announcement
And Sun i'll give you guys next week update. I'll also be doing a video blog on different types of frames and attitudes throughout the interaction.




  1. Hey Sinn, are you running a BC for MNVG.COM ?

  2. Anonymous12:11 AM

    good to have you back man, all your posts are SOLID

  3. active1:52 AM

    Woo! looking forward to it. Welcome back.

  4. Hey man just got back onto to the computer myself.

    I've been deliberately staying off to get work done and I think it is seriously fukken key.

    My phone is off all day as well but I keep missing all my calls... :)

    Anyway I'm leaving for South Africa in the next 24 hrs and I wasn't sure if I'd get to give you a ring so thought I'd shoot you a message.

    I'll hit you up when I get back man.


  5. Fader8:43 PM

    Orlando. hmmmmmm. Look forward to august and good talking to you tonight. I love you bro but giants 12-4 this year.

    See you next month bro. During start of football season no less... excellent, *thinks mr burns simpsons*