Thursday, July 17, 2008

Video Blog: Intro to Frames

Hey guys,

I did a series of video blogs explaining what the differences are between Attraction frames, Comfort frames, and Seduction frames. But then I thought " wait do people understand what frames are?" and so to make sure thta everyone's working with the same understanding of frames I am I made this video...

I'll be posting the rest of the videos over the next few weeks.

You can check out all my video blogs Here

If you like or hate the videos hit me up with comments!



  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Lol, cool intro with the book!

    Nice and simple explanation of what a frame is. Can't wait to see your next videos.

  2. Anonymous3:29 PM

    "If you like or hate the videos hit me up with comments!"

    lol! you have denied all my comments and they weren't even that bad. dont act like you accept hate comments.

    still.. you're the man and well spoken:]

  3. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Honest here...gotta say that your video work isn't great.
    Your first video was inaudible, this one is dark and has you lying on a bed.
    Write a post on your blog that you're looking for a videographer. One of the Bros in the community will help.
    You're a talented guy. This video work isn't showing you at your best.

  4. Anonymous9:30 PM

    lol that book shit was funny.

    thanks for all the free information, i really hope the other two video blogs come out! soo pumped to hear your comfort material.

  5. CaptinAmerica6:16 AM

    nice break down on frames. Looking forward to the rest of the installments. Not sure what you are using for a mic, but I have been doing audio sessions for a web site and was using a head set unlit I bought a mic, and what a difference. Just a suggestion, but I went to item #L23-8626, and it was WELL worth the money for lots of stuff other than online audio. I don't think the audio is bad but you would be surprised with the difference. Keep up the great FREE (some forget :) content you add to the community.


  6. Anonymous5:06 AM

    i'm gonna make my own post about it